Paying for making the wrong choices

The current self-inflicted issue that the 673 former citizens of Malaysia, who once willingly by their own choice and accord gave up their nationality and allegiance to this tanahair for perceived greener postures abroad, would have to face the consequence of making the wrong choices.

The Star story:

Published: Saturday April 12, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Saturday April 12, 2014 MYT 11:07:21 AM

Zahid: BOC holders in for a long wait to be Malaysians again


Document in hand: Dr Ahmad Zahid showing the press statement on the status of BOC holders during the press conference in Putrajaya.

Document in hand: Dr Ahmad Zahid showing the press statement on the status of BOC holders during the press conference in Putrajaya.

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysians who have allegedly become stateless after failing to get British citizenship may have to wait at least 17 years before they can regain their Malaysian citizenship.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said this in reference to hundreds who had renounced their Malaysian citizenship allegedly in order to receive British citizenship through the British Overseas Citizenship (BOC).

The approval of Malaysian citizenship for these former citizens would also be subjected to their show of loyalty to the country and passing a Bahasa Malaysia proficiency test, he added.

“The Malaysian Government will not automatically grant citizenship to anyone who has already let go of their Malaysian citizenship.

“Anyone who wishes to re-apply for citizenship will have their application reviewed carefully while they are given only a residence pass, not citizenship or permanent residence.

“This is because there were those among them who had torn up their (Malaysian) passports with feelings of hatred towards the country and an intention to no longer return to this country – there was no more loyalty in them,” Dr Ahmad Zahid said at a press conference here yesterday.

He said 673 individuals – and not 1,000 as previously reported – had renounced their Malaysian citizenship allegedly to obtain the BOC between 2005 and 2013, ending up in this predicament of being stateless.

The British government had on July 4, 2002, decided that it would no longer consider citizenship applications involving BOC holders from Malaysia.

The BOC is a travel document that is not equivalent to British citizenship, even though BOC holders could be considered for British citizenship before the British Nationality Act 1981 was amended in 2002.

Dr Ahmad Zahid said a residence pass would permit those re-applying for Malaysian citizenship to reside in the country for up to five years, after which the pass will be up for renewal.

“These individuals should apply for the residence pass while in the United Kingdom through the Malaysian High Commission in London.

“They can only take off for Malaysia after their application (for a residence pass) has been approved by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

“A special counter will be opened at the KL International Airport on their arrival day, where the BOC document-holder will be issued with the residence pass and briefed on the rules pertaining to the pass,” he said.


Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s position on the matter is more than fair. These 673 ‘Stateless Persons’ made the choice to be disloyal to this nation and give up their citizenship and privileges, guaranteed under the Federation of Malaysia Constitution, as a condition for them to apply for British citizenship.

Their gambit backfired.

It is not the Malaysian Government obligation is any manner or count to accept them back as status quo, and re-institute them back as citizens of this nation. They should be treated as any other aliens and given the same consideration to stay in this nation, without exception.

Bernama report on Home Ministry Dato' Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's explanation of the Article 16 of the Immigration Act

Bernama report on Home Ministry Dato’ Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s explanation of the Article 16A of the Immigration Act

At best, a work permit and resident status.

This is the reality of life. There is no ‘reset button’. When one makes the wrong choices, one have to live with the consequences. Neither this is a work of fiction where these is a ‘happy ending’.

This should also be a lesson to all who are thinking and contemplating about being disloyal to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong and the Federation of Malaysia Constitution. Being a citizen is a very valuable privilege. Otherwise, this nation would not be hosting more than 2.5 million economic immigrants.

Article 12 of the Federation of Tanah Melayu Treaty inked on 21 Feb 1948 that came into force on 1 Feb 1948

Article 12 of the Federation of Tanah Melayu Treaty inked on 21 Feb 1948 that came into force on 1 Feb 1948

Continuation of Article 12

Continuation of Article 12

HRH Malay Rulers compromised Article 12 of  the 1948 Federation of Tanah Melayu Treaty to accept almost 1 million Non Malays classified as ‘Stateless Persons’ as ‘citizens’, without being processed properly and fulfilling the set criteria for consideration. It  was part of the ‘Social Contract’ for Federation of Tanah Melayu to earn Kemederkaan as a sovereign nation.

That could only happened once. It is something extremely rare and the Non Malays and/or ‘Stateless Persons’ should follow the normal process to become citizens of Federation of Malaysia.

This is a nation of law and order and proper Federal Constitution exist and enforced, on top specific regulations set for administrative purposes. The rule of law shall take precedence.

Hence, the lesson ends.

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  1. BigDog,

    Just a question, is the permanent residence (PR) different from the residence pass given to the BOC holders? I am a bit confused…tq in advance

    • Thank you.

      As we understand it, residence pass is an extended visa to live and work here, renewable in med term perioid.

      Permanent resident is a longer term residence pass.

  2. This is welcome news. No two-way about it – tearing and burning passports with the intention of acquiring another county’s citizenship is a hideous thing to do. A very clear proof of blokes with no sense of loyalty to this country.

    Should be no two-way in the sense of even allowing them back on any ground. Their tickets to UK were intended as one-way. They had landed in UK soil, mostly out in the Chinatowns (demonstrating on their plight in the streets, news reports had said), maybe only a few detained at the British airport detention centre, let them languish there.

    Citizenship cannot and must not be treated lightly. Damn those who did or do. That’s why we have so many problems of no respect for the Constitution and the laws in this country. So many blokes doing things as they please. Subversive and seditious, the Chin Peng communist type and those who caused the race riots of 1969.

    It’s he bloody British who brought their ancestors from China into Malaya during the colonial rule. When the Americans sent back the Chinese Trans-America railway construction workers by the shiploads upon its completion – even passed the Chinese Exclusion Act banning Chinese from permanently staying there – the British even twisted the arms of the Malays into agreeing that the pendatangs be given citizenship at Merdeka.

    So what’s several hundred of disloyal ex-Malaysians and “absolutely loyal British citizens-to-be” on their soil compared to the many millions disloyal or “unloyal” ones in this country. Any one wanting to dispute the figures is welcome but do provide facts and figures and valid arguments on loyalty – paying tax is not the only criterion for loyalty.

  3. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The ruling should cover all who gave up on Malaysia to pledge alleigence to USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc. They now want to come back because it is difficult to live there. After decades there, now they realise the importance of family and friends left behind, also how good Malaysia is now that it is developed. It must be made difficult for them to come back as easily it was for them to go. But there are loopholes, e.g. Malaysia my second home and Talentcorp. These two agencies can be easily fooled by them. Are there any security features that they have to ensure they are not used by these people?

    • Good points, James.

      The “Malaysia my second home” may be only for foreigners – but those who absconded long ago may want to return, carrying foreign passports.

      The Talentcorp is a stupid election gimmick. Clever disloyal guys are more harmful to the country than not-so-clever ordinary ones.

  4. The crux of the matter is this;

    “This is because there were those among them who had torn up their (Malaysian) passports with feelings of hatred towards the country and an intention to no longer return to this country – there was no more loyalty in them,”

    I don’t think we are being fair to the rest of the patriotic, law abiding citizen of this country.

    What they did was, in my view nothing short of treason. Whats stopping this group of traitors from betraying this country again in the future? If there is trouble brewing, can we rely on them to defend this country or should we expect to be backstab? I expect the later.

    We should not even consider their application in the first place!

    Furthermore let this be a lesson to those who intend to migrate out of frustration or pure hatred to this country.

    • Betul varuna. Bila mereka tak suka wahhhh kemain mudah burukkan negara. Personally kebanyakan yg lari untok “”ladang hijau”” adala org2 cina. Sedikit waspada dari pihak kita kerana selepas tsunami cina pru13 suka atau tidak suka mereka nak blk pon sbb politik d cni. Tgk sj pp dan kajang selangor. Saya sendiri teramat sayu dgn tsunami cina pru13.

  5. Hah? Tore up their Malaysian passports before and when they did not get to become orang putih, they want to crawl back to Malaysia? Such traitorously hypocritical, two-faced, untrustworthy opportunists with bad mouths, still want to apply to return to this country?

    Eh why ar? Why want to crawl back only to become a second-class citizen of an apartheid country that systematically oppress the minorities?

    Why want to crawl back to a country which is being run by incompetent Malay-dominated government?

    Why want to crawl back to a society that does not tolerate other religions? Why want to crawl back to a country that is always being mismanaged, unlike Singapore? Why want to suffer in a society that does not cherish merits but uphold affirmative action policy? Why want to suffer having to learn, write and understand Bahasa Melayu which is a national language of the only apartheid country in the world? Why want to endure the azans five times a day? Why must suffer learning Sejarah at school where communists are not regarded as pejuang kemerdekaan (and never will be)?

    And of course, why must return to become a citizen of country which they never had anything good to talk about whenever they were abroad? Tired of spewing venom eh?

    Memang dasar muka tak tahu malu! Dah meludah kemudian jilat semula. Kalau tak dpt jadi orang putih, knp tak mohon jadi warganegara singapore ke, taiwan ke, Australia ke atau pun Amerika. Paling busuk pun mohonlah ke Somalia asalkan bukan Malaysia, sbb korang memang tinggalkan pun Malaysia sampai koyak paspot. Don’t want to UBAH your taste in choosing a country meh? Memang keturunan tak tahu malu ya?

    The funniest thing is that, this DAP guy Ng Wei Aik who once told someone in Penang to ‘balik India’, now want to help these ‘stateless’ people to return to Malaysia? What for? To collectively suffer as ‘second class citizens’? Sadis ke apa? And everyone knows DAP has hardly anything good to say about Malaysia. eg. Lim Guan Eng was once exposed bad-mouthing Johor when he was abroad, and that is what we know. Bet there’s more.

    Memang dasar muka tembok, siap nak balik semula ke Malaysia. Sah tahap muka tembok setebal tembok besar cina, muka tak malu. They should realised that their right to citizenship of this country was not a RIGHT. It was a privilege given to their tongsan-mari ancestors.

    The Home Ministry and the minister responsible must move carefully. Every single Malaysians are watching this space, so jangan tersilap langkah macam kes majlis anugerah blogger hari tu ya?

    • “…..The funniest thing is that, this DAP guy Ng Wei Aik who once told someone in Penang to ‘balik India’, now want to help these ‘stateless’ people to return to Malaysia? What for?….”

      That’s an additional 673 votes for them Pwincess.

      I like the “why….” part of your comment.

      If the government entertain this request, it will set a precedent that it is OK to do such things and if it does not work out, then one simply has to put a request to return.

      Those days we have Communist Terrorist who hated us so much that they wanted to destroy everything that make us who we are and subjugate us. They failed.

      Today their descendent, hiding behind the veil of freedom and democracy accorded to them as citizen by our forefathers continue their struggle. They have not given up, make no mistake about it!

    • Right on the dot 13.51. Jika mereka yg d dlm kdn pon mcm …. mereka pon boleh migrate. Tata.

  6. What is loyalty? It’s certainly not just paying income tax. Here’s the dictionary definition of the word “loyal”:

    True, faithful, to duty, love, or obligation (to);
    faithful in allegiance to sovereign, government, or mother-country;
    enthusiastically devoted to sovereign’s person & family;
    exhibiting loyalty;
    person who remains loyal in time of disaffection

    And he definition of the word “loyalty”:

    Loyal temper or conduct. This means both thoughts and actions.

    The above means that there are millions of Malaysians whose loyalty may be suspect, aren’t there?

    Indeed, loyalty must be based on the Constitution of the country. Nothing else. It’s the august document, containing the highest set of laws in the country from which other laws emanate, democratically arrived at, tabled, discussed and passed into law by Parliament.

    “True, faithful, to duty” – what duty? Surely it’s duty as a citizen of the country, respect of and abiding by the Constitution of the country, including the sensitive Articles that are protected by the Sedition Act – the sovereign or Yang Di Pertuan Agong and all that he represents and is a symbol of, Ketuanan Melayu and all the Constitutional Articles on the position, roles and functions of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, Islam as “the religion of the Federation”, Bahasa Melayu as the language of the country, and all that those entail.

    Becoming clearer again on the number of those whose loyalty to this country is suspect, isn’t it? Read on, below.

    • Would they show allegiance to our sovereign, the YDP Agong? Those pendatang in the Opposition, I doubt. Wearing songkok and azan call to prayers also made into issues.

      Would they regard this as their mother-country? Just look at their keenness in visiting China. Or clap at anything Chinese.

      Also look at the number of migration agents in this country. When they survive, means a steady number of them migrating out. Never mind, let those agents have plenty success.

  7. “faithful in allegiance to sovereign, government” –

    Those who believe in Republicanism, or harbour thoughts on that (which may not necessarily be expressed), are clearly disloyal. Those who dislike the YDP Agong and the Malay Rulers and all that they represent, even just in thoughts, whispers, gossips, snide remarks, innuendos and oblique references. Just think of the number who are in that category.

    Note that the definition says allegiance not only to the sovereign or YDP Agong, but also to the government. It means the Government in power, duly elected via general elections, chosen by the majority, via the system spelled out in the Constitution and the election laws – the electoral college system, not the “popular vote” system. From this alone, imagine the number of “disloyal” fellows there were after PRU13. Most of them remain the same now.

    At the extreme, those who voted against BN at PRU13 may be regarded as disloyal. But we would not say that. Some may want just a change of government. But after the elections and when a new Government was formed, there is no reason for those who disagree with BN to be disloyal to it. It’s he definition – “faithful in allegiance to .. government”. It’s the system that must be accepted – that produced the democratically elected government that all citizens must, subsequent to a new government being formed, be loyal to.

    Yes, dissent is allowed. And dissent may not be regarded as “disloyalty”. But how to distinguish dissent from plain disloyalty to that government in power? This we may discuss.

    I think it can be a long discussion for those interested. But I suspect not many are. Because so-called citizens are simply not interested. Loyalty doesn’t mean much to them. So does nationalism and patriotism. That’s why I fully support the proposal that loyalty, nationalism and patriotism be taught in schools. Even made compulsory. Like History is. Maybe made as part of the curriculum for the History subject. Make future generations know what those words mean. And be inspired, become consciously loyal, nationalistic and patriotic.

    • “Those who believe in Republicanism, or harbour thoughts on that (which may not necessarily be expressed), are clearly disloyal ..” –

      Those Chin Peng communists and their supporters certainly are disloyal. They wanted to set up a republic in this country.

      Those DAP people and others who spoke for the return of Chin Peng to die and be buried in Sitiawan, or even for his corpse or ash be allowed to be brought into this country also are disloyal.

      Of course, those who dislike Ketuanan Melayu, the Agong and the Malay Rulers should simply berhijrah from this country. Shoo them out. And don’t allow those BOC fellows who have cabut from this country to return.

  8. I’m thinking these BOC rejects are of Chinese ethnicity. That’s why they are so lanxi and kiasu.

    They really hv no shame and dont know their place. They also conveniently refuse to read history and reflect how their ancestors were accorded with citizenship of Malaya more than 58 years ago.

    Earlier than that, their ancestors were economic immigrants. Few years ago, they believe that migrating is the best economic option. So, they gambled their luck cocksure the Brits, who once in 1955 refused to accept them, would do them that ‘favour’ now.

    Biggie is spot on. There’s no ‘reset button’ for this.

    Its good riddance that they, who were never loyal to us, wanted to go away voluntarily. These ppl probably arent the best talents in the first place. Otherwise, for sure the Brits would want them.

    • They not only refuse to read history, they even want to re-write the history of this country. To make it begin from the time their ancestors came to this country 150 years ago.

      So, they try to write in Wikipedia. Got so many whacks by the Wiki Editors – asking them to quote sources and authorities on what they say.

      Same thinking like the officials in the Emperors palaces of China a long time ago – re-write history. Mana boleh. Senget thinking.

  9. These are what the British colonialists called “transient” people. They tried to convince the Malays it was ok to give them citizenship right at Merdeka as they were transient, likely to migrate elsewhere in later years.

    Yes, they got Malaysian citizenship and treated it lightly, now they can stay put in Britain, let’s tell the British to let the BOC stay there because they are a transient lot. Never mind British PM David Cameron’s statement, “Multi-culturalism is dead.”

    It’s time the British also pay for their sins of not sending the Chinese cooolies home by the shiploads like the Americans did to the Chinese railway construction workers in US in the 19th Century – yes, they even passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, prohibiting Chinese from settling down in the US. All these need to be repeated time and again so that the ungrateful ingrates in this country learn to be thankful.

    They think Malaysian citizenship can just be burnt, torn? Go to hell for them, tiada ma’af bagi mu.

    No taking them back, Zahid. They’ll stab us in the back again and again from generation to generation if they are allowed back. Only God knows the kind of shit they have told the British about us Malaysians and about our country Malaysia by now. Damn them.

  10. Episod ini boleh diibaratkan macam anak yang sanggup buang saudara dan keluarga kerana ikut lelaki/perempuan yang mereka gila-gilakan. Apabila keluarga tidak merestui perhubungan mereka, sanggup lari tinggalkan rumah dan keluarga. Dek kerana terlalu cinta dan sayang, mereka harapkan kehidupan yang bakal ditempuhi indah-indah belaka. But when reality set in, only then they know they had made a huge mistake. Stripped off their citizenship hoping to be Mat Salleh abroad. It turned out, they had become persons without a country. How sad.
    Macam anak-anak kita yang dalam kesusuahan, siapa lagi yang nak tolong kalau bukan keluarga sendiri. Walau macam mana kurang ajar, biadap sekalipun mereka sebelum ini, kalau dah anak dan di kalangan keluarga kita, kita wajib tolong. Masa tu lah, mereka ini sedar, kawan-kawan yang dulu setia, dah tak nampak batang hidung dah bila kita ditimpa musibah. Teman bersuka ria memang ramai, tetapi bila kita dalam kesusahan, awal-awal lagi mereka ini angkat kaki. Kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang terkenal dengan sikap prihatin dan ambil berat kena terima juga mereka ini sebab mereka-mereka ini memang berasal dari sini. Ahli keluarga kita juga. Pernah makan budu, belacan dan ikan masin. Lahir dalam iklim tropika. Kita tidak boleh buang mereka ini. Dah memang ahli keluarga kita, mana boleh buang. Budaya buang keluarga bukan budaya orang Malaysia. Tapi tidak semudah itu. Mereka perlu ada sedikit pengajaran. Mereka perlu belajar dari kesilapan. Ya, kita bersedia memaafkan tetapi tidak semudah itu. Biarlah episod ini menjadi pengajaran kepada mereka yang lain. Mereka yang cuba-cuba untuk melakukannya lagi. Apa yang KDN lakukan adalah tepat. Itulah caranya supaya mereka belajar dari kesilapan lampau.
    Last-last Malaysia yang mereka kata ‘full of racist people’ ni kena terima juga mereka ni kannnnn….

  11. Rights as a British Overseas Citizen:


    – can hold a British passport
    – can get consular assistance and protection from UK diplomatic posts


    You are subject to immigration controls and don’t have the automatic right to live or work in the UK.

    You aren’t considered a UK national by the European Union (EU).

  12. Giving them a pass to stay in Malaysia for 5 years and a renewal after that, is too, too lenient. Don’t even consider at all should be our policy. If we want to consider, give them just a 1 year pass to stay i. e to be renewed every year. Why lepaskan anjing tersepit? We should know that they will bite our hands like they did before.

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