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The idea-bankrupt IDEAS trio: Wan Saiful, Wan Firdaus and Tunku Zain-al-Abidine

Young professional Malays who are aspired to be liberal and taking on the path of ‘universal language’ of issues such as transparency, market economy, open opportunities and globalisation themselves must first be practical in the context of the realism of everyday Malaysia, before they come out to give their goodie-two-shoes one liners.

Riong Kali dot com story:

Putrajaya still seen as corrupt, as people sceptical of government’s anti-graft efforts

APRIL 29, 2014

Most Malaysians are sceptical of Putrajaya’s efforts to eradicate corruption and practise integrity despite its efforts to pursue such an agenda, an analyst told a forum today.

Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) chief executive officer Wan Saiful Wan Jan (pic) said most people were convinced that corruption and abuse of power were still a critical issue in Malaysia despite the government’s initiatives to work on them.

“Corruption is still an issue. So, despite the government’s initiatives, people still feel the country is corrupt.
“There is great scepticism of how serious the government is in pursuing this,” he said at a forum on integrity at the Malaysian Institute of Integrity in Kuala Lumpur.

He said the high level of scepticism of the government’s efforts indicated that it was because there were no real efforts to actually eradicate corruption within the government and its departments and agencies.

“It is just like when the government talked about moderation and set up the Global Movement of Moderates (GMM), which is a very good initiative to take the moderation agenda to an international level,” Wan Saiful said, referring to the think tank mooted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in 2010.

“But people are making jokes about GMM. They are saying, why promote moderation outside Malaysia when there are extremists in the country that the government is not doing anything about?”

It is also because we have strong separation of powers (judiciary and executive) as well as a strong culture of apolitical public administration. – Danish Ambassador Nicolai Ruge
Malaysians, he added, are tired of politicians from both sides of the divide who demand accountability but were corrupt themselves.

Other panelists of the forum included Media Prima chairman Datuk Johan Jaafar and the Danish Ambassador to Malaysia Nicolai Ruge, who said an inclusive political culture was one of the reasons why Denmark had the lowest corruption level in the world.

Denmark tied with New Zealand to take the number 1 spot as the least corrupt countries in the world in last year’s Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International, scoring 91 out of 100 points.

Malaysia scored 50 to rank at number 53 out of 177 countries surveyed.

“It is also because we have strong separation of powers (judiciary and executive) as well as a strong culture of apolitical public administration,” he said.

In his speech afterwards, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of governance and integrity Datuk Paul Low said the people are demanding greater accountability and transparency from the government as there is an increased awareness of corruption.

“Expectations are higher than in the past. Especially when a society is placed in desperation where the livelihood of the people is at risk through political oppression and corruption.

“The people are prepared to go to the streets to express their anger and to rise up against a failed regime. We have seen this in the Arab Spring uprising, in Greece and recently in Ukraine,” the former Transparency International-Malaysia president said. – April 27, 2014.


The fact is that many of people who grouse about ‘corruption’ are themselves are direct and indirect parties of corrupt practices. This include unfair competition and some degree some discrimination, be it monetary or no tariff.

It is the Non Malays, particularly the Chinese who are very loud about ‘corruption’ in any business scene in Malaysia. In actual fact, more often than not they are the ‘givers’ in any deal where corruption or favourtism practices are committed.

Denmark is amongst top countries on the low-corruption list, for many reasons. The country is a nation where the socio-economic system is socialist in nature and everything is provided for. Thus, the dire drive of entrepreneursim isn’t as pressing in states where the people have to survive and going into business is the only way since there are limited opportunities for them to earn from the government.

More over, it is also conveniently because very few Chinese live and do business in that country.

Wan Saiful also must admit that he was given opportunity to get education abroad with full scholarship is because he is a Malay and benefitted immensely from the New Economic Policy, something where majority of the Non Malays want to see end. He is not someone from families which is below poverty line and yet he benefitted from a policy which was designed to eradicate poverty and economic activity ascertained to a particular ethnic group.

‘Corruption’ is a a growing negative perception which had been continuously echoed if not manipulated as the Opposition propaganda. The irony is that, the Opposition themselves are not free from corruption and favourtism practices.

Take in Penang for instance. The Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who is also the Secretary General for Chinese Chauvinist DAP still has yet to prove that his administration is free from for corrupt practices, which is evidently clear in the Bayan Mutiara project.

So is the Kuala Sementa sand mining project in Selangor and the deal is not without many PKR top echelon dirty hands.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, himself is the father and lord protector of cronyism practices when he was the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister for more than seven years. IPP licenses and deals were harvested, secret deals to take over banks such as Phileo Allied Bank, Hong Leong Bank and KUBB were all engineered by him and his able lieutenants.

That is not withstanding the many deals made from IPOs, which were rampant during his days as the MOF Supremo and his cronies where the masters in Securities Commission, Bank Negara and then KLSE.

Being an undischarged convict, Anwar would have lost all his entitlement having served as Deputy Prime Minister and several Ministry as Minister in terms of pensions and other retirement benefits. And yet, he lives in luxury in a west suburb of affluent KLites and maintained a team of high value counsellors for the past fifteen and a half years of various court cases.

The NGO which Wan Saiful represented IDEAS is forever unfair and unbalanced in their opinion. Never once any of them mentioned about Anwar Ibrahim’s criminal tendencies of buggering his aides such as Azizan Abu Bakar, Sukma Dharma Saasmitatmadja and Anees Munawar, which have been proven in courts of law and propensity to abuse power.

It is a fact that Anwar also manipulated the judiciary and the process for seeking justice in all the cases which was brought by His Majesty’s prosectors against him, for various criminal charges. The latest is the sodomy case where he was charged when his aide Mohd. Saiful Bukhary Azlan made a police report for being buggered by then the Adviser of PKR.

Anwar mocked the judiciary process with all sorts of drama, in and outside the court and pre-empted every step in the case through his well networked international media is the tone and excuse that he has been presecuted because of politics. That is an absolute lie and Anwar manipulated the courts, judiciary process with his careful play of perception especially through international media, to wiggle himself out as being a political victim.

This is one of the major contributor in the diminished perception game for Malaysia, its system and the Federal Government and all its agencies.

IDEAS, which is supposed to be full of the more educated, astute and affluent Malaysians, actually failed to raise all these lies and manipulation by Anwar and his band of bandits. Instead, the NGO with limited members (only to a small group of friends) perpetuated and expanded the Oppositions’ lies and manipulation, especially through intellectual discourse.

Probably, they are naive if not actually that intellectual.

Then again, Tunku Abidin who is the co-founder of IDEAS has proven his tendencies to be obtuse-minded and getting the facts wrong especially chronologically through history in any which way he looked at it, despite being in the full means to learn the truth as it happened from living legends.

If the future of Malaysia wrest of the hands of people like Wan Saiful and his likeminded obtuse-minded dreamers, that expect a not so bright Malaysia especially for the majority who are a lot less fortunate than them.

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  1. how to combat corruptions??????….any suggestions???

  2. No way corruption could be eradicate, if focus were only to the recipient ,seems to forget and legalize the action of the giver who are actually the prime mover in this two ways action.
    No giver ,there will be no taker ,the rule is as simple as that and everybody could be treated accordingly .
    Look like ,everybody screaming about corruption ,but seems to be more of political intone ,yet no serious move towards total eradication ,they only love to scream .

    • I absolutely agree with the opinion that the giver is as responsible and despicable – if not more so – than the taker of bribes. In fact, there’ll be no bribery and corruption if there is no giver. Hell blazes forth its wrath on the taker. But the giver ought to be shot, pronto.

      I also absolutely agree that the givers of bribes in this country were started by the pendatang Chinese – hardly any bribery and corruption prior to their arrival in the 19th Century, And they are mostly the givers now, particularly the Chinese business people, and the very DAP Chinese who always shout foul yet they themselves always have RM50 notes attached to their driving licenses when handed over to Policemen accosting them for frequently flouting traffic rules, and breaking one law after another – illegal gambling, prostitution, massage parlours, Ah Longs, etc. And such traffic offenders are proud of doing such things, too, bragging about it in blogs etc like done by the Red Beans at PRU13 campaigning. .

      And while in the business of absolutely agreeing, I also absolutely agree with the copy and paste comments that had appeared here and there quoting one British Professor of Chinese history saying that corruption had been rife in China even more than 2,000 years ago, started in big numbers by the Consort families (families of the commoner wives of Chinese Emperors), and made popular and permanent by the eunuchs – male servants in the Emperors’ palaces whose genitals were literally cut off to ensure no monkeying around with the hundreds of the Emperors’ concubines).

      The lazy Emperors in China’s history ceased the practice of the first emperor, Shih Huangdi, of making periodic visits across the country, that lasted months, like the one he did and died, his corpse rotting, carried back all the way to to Beijing without the death being announced to avoid a scramble for the throne while the generals and civilian advisers were out of the capital. Officials and members of the public from all over the country ended up depending on the eunuchs for favours of getting their reports and requests conveyed in a favourable manner by the eunuchs to the Emperors who were even lazy to hold court and listen to their Ministers and Advisers. And the eunuchs being from the peasantry and the low classes of society, they wasted no time in asking for payment – mostly in gold.

      China has been having very tough laws against bribery and corruption, many of the penalties of which are death. Yet corruption continues to be rife in China to this day. Those IDEAS blokes should be focusing on the giver, think out and execute plans for reducing the number of givers, work out schemes and watch groups with the Chinese business guilds and such, and furnish information on the culprits to MACC. But these they won”t do, because they are the Al Juburi kind. So let’s whack them in here and elsewhere.

  3. IDEAS is a front for Anwar and they don’t even have the guts to admit this.

    In other words, a shill.

    Those people talking about corruption is laughable.


  4. These are fellows who missed History being compulsory in schools. Came from families that do not know hardships in the kampongs when the British built only primary Malay schools in the kampongs, far from one another, Mlay children ahd to walk 3-4 miles one way to school every day. The British refused to build secondary schools and English schools even when requested by Malays in Krian and Klang during British colonial times.

    They have no clue about bridging the economic and educational gaps between the majority population and the 23% Chinese who were mostly in the towns with schools both at the secondary level and in English, the passport to success during British colonial days. Hence in 1970, the start of the New Economic Policy, out of 10 doctors, engineers etc, there were only 1-2 Malays. But progressing on all fronts after the NEP.

    And if these fellows talk about liberalism and see the NEP as a hotbed of corruption etc, they should be given endless talks, seminars, forums and what nots about unity in the country based on bridging those gaps.

    Yes, get rid of corruption, but mind your language, identify your targets properly, take aim, don’t shoot from the hip like drunkard cowboys, DAP and the like.

    • Ah, yes, Haba – make with the excuses.

      After all, it’s way easier to play the victim and blame outsiders for your predicament, rather than to roll up your sleeves and take responsibility for yourself.

      If the Brits were conniving evil-hearted pillocks who were single-minded in wanting to “suppress” certain sections of the population in British Malaya and the Straits Settlements, they sure didn’t do a good job.

      I seem to recall that the Brits and the Christian missionaries did set up good schools in Malaya. Schools where many Malayans (Malays, Chinese and Indians) received a good English Language-based education.

      I am sure that you know, or are aware of, many Malayan Malays who studied and did well in schools like Victoria Institution, St John’s Institution, Penang Free School, St Paul’s Institution, Bukit Nanas Convent, English College Johore Bahru and Malacca High School.

      Did any of those Malayan Malays subsequently turn around and say that they were the victims of discrimination, that they were treated with contempt, that they were the unwilling recipients of an education system set up by colonialist Brits and that they regretted attending these schools?

      I don’t think they did.

      But if post-Merdeka, the decision was made to do away with English-medium schools in the throes of nationalistic fervour, then be brave enough to accept the consequences thereof.

      Instead of making excuses that people have been, or are being, left behind.

      That’s the mother of all cop-outs.

      • Yes, you Chinese been making excuses that the Mongols, a much smaller country and much smaller population, conquered and ruled you fir 80 years in the 13th Century. And the Manchurians conquered and ruled you for hundreds of years until the 20th Century. And the British, Japanese and others bullied you in between and later. Heck, Hong Kong was returned to China only in 1990.

        You fellows were in such a bad situation that communism became attractive. Your forefathers had to run away and landed on our shores some 150 years ago. Mao Tzedong messed up the country until only recently. And China was regarded by the West as a pariah state until only 1-2 decades ago.

        Then in Malaya you blokes resorted to uncouth, unfair, thuggish and gangsterish ways. Goodness, Caused the civil war in Larut until the Manteri with all his kindness was … Gawd, roll up your sleeves and take responsibility? Shit.

        Ooi, stu, don’t bullshit lah, I talked about the disparity between the facilities made available by the British in the kampongs where most of the Malays lived, compared to facilities un the towns where most of the Chinese live and only a handful of Malays benefited.

      • So, if the others keep quiet, all Malays should keep quiet? With that kind of thinking, which school you went? Chinese school? Heard of the peaceful, accomodating, silent-majority Malays who just grinned and bore it until they could not tolerate it on 13 May 1969?

        We must avoid another 13 May and you fellas must be reasonable. Don’t be ultra kiasu, not only demand, want more and more endlessly, but also expect Malays to keep quiet about their rights and interests, like you appear to expect above. You get shown the exit door doing that.

        Don’t talk about making excuses, stu. We can write yards about the excuses you fellows make. Like not respecting and abiding by the Constitution fully and showing your loyalty to this country. And don’t ever say that you are loyal just because you pay tax. Even the foreign labourer pays tax by way of a levy imposed on them.

    • “There is great scepticism of how serious the government is in pursuing this,” said one of the chaps.

      I haven’t seen cogent or valid arguments he used to support his opinion. So, his opinion remains just as an opinion. I agree that such opinions are as good as those of others who disagree with him.

      This is a free country and we are also free to pooh pooh such opinions.

      • “chaps”, eh? I half-expected you to write ” chappies”.

        Now, break out the tea and crumpets. And a couple of Pimm’s while you are about it?

      • Now you are trying to be funny in an offensive way, not respecting people’s religion.

        You know I’m Malay and Muslim from my language and arguments and why the hell you ask me to drink Pimms?

        The usual not respecting others in this country, not respecting the Constitution which defines all Malays are Muslims and Islam is “the religion of the Federation” and must therefore not be made fun of.

        Really, you should just simply pack and go. Vamoose. Get your PR wherever you can, then hand over your passport to the Malaysian Embassy. Don’t do like the BOC chaps (chappies?) did, you’ll end up washing plates in restaurants.

        This comment is called giving a dose of your own medicine. You offend others, others can also offend you. But this is more than just offending. It’s good advice. You really should go. Good for you and good for everybody remaining behind.

      • Poor Olov Skilnon, he has disappeared. 3rd day now, no response to my replies to his comments.

        These fellows should really learn to avoid speaking the DAP, Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Chronic, Tian Chua and Guan Eng ways. Caustic remarks, fish market and roadside shouting kind of way, Products of Chinese schools manner of talking.

        Occasionally you find the better educated ones, like Lee Kuan Yew. Yet seditious, even subversive at times – when Singapore was in Malaysia, he coined the slogan “Malaysian Malaysia” subtly attacking Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution, asking for equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

        And now the “young punks” in BD’s post above wanting to do a Lee Kuan Yew but without the subtleties, innuendos and covert language. Mana boleh. Even Lee Kuan Yew kena hantam, until he was kicked out of Malaysia, being called “Harry” etc – he abhors being called that name which he used for a short while as a student, his University of Singapore adversaries said.

        Thanks to NEP, there are many Malays now having the knowledge, ability and ample arguments to hit back at the pendatangs who have taken the citizenship of this country yet oppose the quid pro quo – the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras and the NEP, not respecting and abiding by the Constitution, showing lack of loyalty and patriotism. And worse still, the pseudo-liberals or liberal olok-olok Malays who are traitors kapada bangsa dan negara, like the young punks above.

        History says, during the undeclared war against Malaysia early in the 1960s, President Sukarno used the term “Ganyang Malaysia”. Now we have an undeclared war and say “Ganyang those fellows” above. .

      • Dream on, mate.

        And like I said, make with the excuses.

        Time and history will judge who’s on the winning side and who will become dispirited, feckless and marginalised users.

        I reiterate – there’s no such thing as being immune from competition.

        If you are in the “information economy” sectors, this is a given.

        And anyone who tells you otherwise, using all the hackneyed excuses of past discrimination and marginalization, is just selling goods that are way past their expiry date.

        But, then, as they say, talk is cheap. And patriotic histrionics even cheaper.

        It’s not as if they will have the responsibility to ensure that Malaysia remains relevant through the 21st century and beyond.

        So, when China, India and the US proceed to carve up the region between themselves, just recall this dialogue.

        Because, as sure as The Almighty made little green apples, pretensions and vaulting rhetoric will disappear.

        And, btw, do you have a hangup about Pimm’s? It’s the tipple of choice at Wimbledon, along with strawberries and cream.

        As, no doubt, the more Anglophile amongst our great and good can testify to!

      • I like that Olov Skilnon name. Looks fitting for a guy with no skill except to put down Malaysia from his place of banishment – maybe UK, Australia or Singapore.

        The only thing to remember about this so-called dialogue is this guy whining, feeling sorry he can’t do any harm to Malaysia, really. Obama even refuses to see Anwar Ibrahim. These no-IDEAS guys can dream on but the sensitive clauses of the Constitution, the NEP etc will continue to be there

        Malays and Bumiputras of Sabah and Sarawak will shout at them to leave the country if they talk about touching the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras – like Olov Skilnon has absconded Malaysia and told good riddance.

  5. I think Wan Saiful is a young punk, and here’s the definition of that term –

    punk – definition of punk by the Free Online Dictionary …

    a. A young person, especially a member of a rebellious counterculture group. b. An inexperienced young man.

    But this is not a counter”culture”. This is simply a misguided, low life, no-root, attention-seeking batch of young punks who hardly knows the history of this country, the realities of the huge economic and educational disparities between the 23% pendatangs and the locals, and the need for long term unity based on the values inherent in the Constitution of the country, the laws and policies that were carried out pursuant to, and based on those.

    And he’s a do-gooder, too – for the Pakatan goons, and read what Rocky Bru wrote, a post which leads to the well written, hard-hitting “belasah” by blogger SatD –

    rocky’s bru: “Does Wan Saiful know what the duck he’s …

    Wan Saiful Wan Jan is one hell of a lucky (but ungrateful) Melayu..

    (son of a Policeman, got to study in UK under the NEP scholarship, now wanting to do away with NEP … once a PAS member, chucked out for his inconsistent political stand, now presumably speaking for DAP and/or PKR) …

    Let’s forget about the cliche kacang lupakan kulit etc, let’s just point out that Wan Saiful is an ungrateful ingrate, like the pendatangs who got citizenship right at Merdeka but are not loyal / do not show loyalty to this country. Very much the DAP stand he is taking. Yet his politics, his sources of funding for running the outfit called IDEAS (or lack of them as said by some) are likely to be linked to Anwar Al Juburi. The NeoCons, Jews and Zionists of US that Al Juburi sought funds that Malaysiakini, Bersih, Merdeka Centre etc had admitted receiving. Those Jews and Zionists in US who are part of the Israeli Lobby, out to weaken Muslim-led governments all over the world. Inexperienced, narrow and shallow minded young punks unwittingly get sucked into their evil and dirty scheme that Anwar Al Juburi hideously subscribes to in his greed for power that produced for him hiccups in prisojn.

    Wan Siful and his group need to be told time and again that they are just misfits in this country. They are mere political tools of the Opposition, putting out ideas that are contradictory to those of the majority – seditious, said blogger SatD, and rightfully so, I must add. Yes, they get attention, reported on, simply because news media hardly report on mundane truths but go for sensational stories for better sales or higher ratings – even CNN, as seen from their reporting on MH370.

    We must aim at eradicating those who want NEP eradicated. Get rid of them and protect NEP one way or another. And whacking them in blogs like this well- read one is certainly one of the ways.

    • Well-written. I never like those oreos at IDEAS especially that liberal royal. He talks about free market, merit, competition etc. and yet still write so much about his royal ancestry, tradition bla-bla-bla. The words ‘royal/monarchy’ and ‘merit’ do not go well in one sentence. And that fat-face Wan Saiful is obviously a knee-jerk pseudo-intellect!

      I always hope there will be other young malay professionals who will come out with similar organisation etc. if not being articulately vocal to counter IDEAS. Pemuda UMNO and other tunjuk-perasaan prone malay groups are not suitable match.

      I wonder where is Pwincess, would love to see her comments whacking these oreos@IDEAS.


    • Oh, dear – still having a hangup about these young, liberal Western-educated Malaysian Malays, are we?

      It must be tough competing against them for good jobs in the MNCs, where privileges and quotas don’t matter.

      Hence giving rise to the green-eyed monster of jealousy.

      I am sure that the “majority” are more interested in seeing that their children get a good education, get good jobs and pay it forward for the benefit of all Malaysians.

      And I am sure that the “majority” have realised that there are others outside Malaysia who are prepared to work harder, faster and cheaper than Malaysians.

      It’s sad, in a way, that those who go on and on about “rights” and “obligations” have little or no understanding about the trends in the modern economy.

      “Capitalism” and “free markets” may be “haram” in their vocabulary, but I doubt that even the most hard-bitten among them would espouse full-fledged socialism or a “command economy”.

      • You talk so much about competition, why so many unsuccessful Chinese? How many don’t even pay income tax, how many failed Chinese businessmen? How many bankruptcy proceedings advretised in the bewspapers?

        And why so many lazy ones? Collect protection rackets, running errands for Ah Longs, doing prostitution etc? Selling fake items, running all sorts of illegal businesses, not willing or unable to compete in the normal, legal businesses?

        Do you yourself understand about the trends in the modern economy? That modern economy in the US includes affirmative action to help the disadvantaged by giving them health care, called Obamacare? You have what care? Sell land and collect commission like DAP Penang?

  6. Wan Saiful and his ilk would do well to read what Tun Dr Mahathir says, in news reports, essays and in his own blog chedet.cc/. Of course they won’t, having got attention for saying things that certainly are the opposite of TDM’s thinking.

    TDM even hit at Barrack Obama’s statement “Malaysia will not succeed if the non-Muslims do not have the same opportunity”, as reported in malaysiandigest.com/. And I would like to add to what TDM said – what in Heavens name is Obama implying no same opportunities in Malaysia? If so, how on earth can the Chinese become the richest community in this country? And, if so, how about Malays getting the same opportunities for employment in Chinese firms? Or even, how do Malays get the opportunity to compete with the Chinese in business when they don’t have a culture of doing business, don’t have a long experience, the contacts and links to production and distribution of goods and services that the Chinese have had for so long? Especially under very exclusive Chinese business practices – they have all sorts of business associations and guilds that are exclusive to themselves, that non-Chinese cannot be members of.

    According to Dr Mahathir, the non-Muslim minority in Malaysia has had the same opportunities to succeed as the Muslims in the country.

    “In Malaysia, despite our policies… do you see the Chinese as the poorest people in this country?

    “The Indians are all the lawyers in this country. The professionals (such as) doctors… are mostly Indians,” he said.

    And I agree with TDM emphasising the fact that the US is still an unequal society today.

    “The Nobel laureate in Economics, Joseph Stiglitz, pointed out that in America there is no equality at all. 1% of the population owns all the wealth and the rest are poor, which is a reason why there was ‘Occupy Wall Street’,” he explained. “So I do not agree with Obama (that Malaysia does not give opportunities to its non-Muslim citizens). I agree with Joseph Stiglitz that there is inequality in America which has caused the present crisis to happen,” he added.

    You Wan Saiful and group, do you understand? Or you understand but refuse to accept? You’d go for publicity and continue attention seeking, would you? Sacked by PAS and now PKR? I hope you won’t go to DAP to get attention, like the former Pahang ADUN what’s his name.

  7. Those who speak for doing away with the NEP must be black listed. More than that, every effort must be made to ensure they be not given an iota of benefit under the NEP. For life. Not just they, but also their families, relatives, friends and associates.

    Do like what US and EU countries are doing to Vladimir Putin’s ardent supporters, friends and associates. The guy who was Putin’s judo sparring partner and became a billionaire during the years of Putin’s rule (now number 37 richest in Russia) is the latest among those black-listed and “economically sanctioned” to get Putin to behave – by US and EU standards.

    We must do likewise to Wan Saiful and group, their families, relatives, friends and associates. The Public Services Department, responsible for scholarships, the Ministry of Education, responsible for placement at higher institutions, the Minstry of Works, responsible for contracts, the EPU/PM’s Dept, responsible for turn-key/ privatization/ huge projects, MARA, responsible for assistance for all kinds to Bumiputeras, and all others with that kind of responsibility, should keep lists of names of such people. And cross them out each and every time such names appear in lists of applicants, bidders, etc.

    Malaysia doing those should be OK by international or any standard. After all, that’s being done by US and EU countries right at very moment.

    And, mind you, if ever Anwar gets to Putrajaya, he’d probably keep a list of all those anti-sodomy, anti LBGT people – he’d probably ban many of them from this country.

    • Well, it wouldn’t take long for the US to “marginalise” Malaysia’s financial system, should it decide to do so.

      As too “freezing” ill-gotten and suspicious assets of Malaysians, as they have done to the Iranians and Russians.

      Domestic “blacklisting” can lead to international “blacklisting”. “Blacklisting” is a double-edged sword, and there are others who can wield that sword better, the Iranian and Russian economies being examples.

      • You only talk, like the Opposition guys. Forecasting like the Bomoh at KLIA on MH370. You fung shui expert?

        No talk about the ill-gotten assets of you guys?

        The usual talk nonsense, no facts, only opinions. You jual obat ka?

  8. Any official who retires from public office and has cash in bank to the tune of the total emoluments paid to him by the public purse for the duration of his service is fair game for investigation. Any other forms of cash instruments and property must be substantiated.

  9. At the current speed of Malaysia being speeded up by Najib and other wannabe Malay liberals to become a politically and socially liberal State with open and free market capitalistic economy, the more there is a growing tide in this country to search for a third way – an alternative to liberalism and socialism. The alternative maybe social democracy with social market that stress on a political and economic systems that do not create too many billionaires and millionaires but a more balanced socio economic climate that do not neglect the plight of the poor and the lower income groups. Workers exploitation in Msia through long working hours and wages that don’t commensurate with toiling for long hours is still in existence. Being capitalistic, Msia’s economic policy esp under the current PM favours big companies, big industries, big investors. At the other end of the spectrum, the people are being taxed and deprived of equitable distribution of the wealth of the nation. That will be Najib’s legacy. A subtly cruel regime. His good friend Obama being a Democrat has better touch with the American people. To generate growth he prints,more money. The unemployment rate in the US has fallen in recent months. Najib a capitalist liberal introduce. more taxes, cut subsidies, will introduce GST, block people from access to funds through credit squeeze policy, which in no time can result in a steep decline in domestic consumption and increase in unemployment. So, Malaysia at this juncture,is most unfortunate to have on their shoulder a lousy Pm and his Cabinet, and an equally lousy Pakatan Rakyat. Amazingly there are still Malaysians who call for others to prop up these bands of really inept and lousy politicians. Perhaps they are confused between politics and government. If the govt is lousy, we demand that it improves and be more sensitive and sensible in dealing with the plight of the most disadvantaged groups in the country through better thought out policies. Being liberal in matters of politics will get us nowhere. People like those from Ideas really have no idea that their causes can’t make lifes better for the people. Their causes just make them feel good about themselves being politically liberal but bankrupt of ideas of real governance to make lifes better for the most down trodden and the most disadvantage. Malaysia is still a developing country despite having 18 billionaires and many millionaires. This must be rectified first before imagining high income economy.

    • That Olov no skill guy should read the above comment.

      He won’t understand because he is no economist like postgrad I think is.

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