The Stand-Up Comedian cum President

Americans must really enjoy stand up comedy gigs. It is reflective when President of the United States of America Barack H. Obama did a very good comedy gig the day before at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2014, in wit and sarcasm.

It is the annual dinner where the White House honour the press corp, via the White House Correspondent Association. It is also to mark the press association’s 100 years anniversary.

His light side is the Obama-signature, where he warms people up with the minimal-protocol as shown during the State Visit to Malaysia last weekend.

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  1. What crossed my mind when watching that video is Lim Guan Eng doing an Obama. The building will fall – not in stitches of laughter but out of the shouting and jeers at the racist, extremist, seditious and subversive jokes I imagine he’d try to put out.

    He’d make fun of the Malays, NEP, Islam, Hudud and what not. Of PAS, of Hadi, his endless repetition of denial of Hadi’s claim that Hudud was agreed to by Pakatan leaders at one time in the past, of lost limbs, of amputations without anesthetic, contradicting the Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar’s proposal of amputations to be done by surgeons, pointing out that one Islamic doctors group saying the original Hudud intention was for amputations to be done without anesthetic as the purpose was to deter Muslims from crimes.

    Imagining those of Lim Guan Eng is not an offence, is it? And I like the term I come across here and there in the Internet – Pakatoons.

    Others may have imaginations of Anwar Al Juburi’s attempts at making jokes and I’d love to hear them. And I suppose a lot will be about the Al Juburi part of his name that Mat Sabun used against him (said to be the first one to do so, the originator of that title), long ago, before Pakatoonship came into being.

    • Why not target those who called Tony Fernandes “a pariah” in certain blogs?

      Are your sympathies reserved for those with a certain skin hue (to riff on MatRodi’s attempted takedown of a recent commentary by Bloomberg’s William Pesek) or those with a certain mindset, philosophy and world view?

      • Wei, Olov Skilnon, not skin hue, man, just the yellow Guan Eng and his DAP politics.

        Why you going straight for skin colour – you a racist?

        Certain mindset yes, philosophy – you sure what that word means? World view – not you and your anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti-Malaysia, always running down the Malays, their religion, the country and its sensitive-Clauses Constitution.

        Yet you won’t even dare admit whether you are a Malaysia misfit run-away to Singapore abscondee, a BOC stranded and hiding in UK Chinatown restaurant, or a Chinaman in Adelaide that the local Australians call by all sorts of names.

      • Skillnone Cinabeng,

        What world view do you have anyway? One where everything goes your way? You take, take, take and give nothing in return? You took Malaysian citizenship but not willing to even honour the quid pro quo – accept and respect the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak? In parts of Africa they’ll skin you alive for doing that sort of things. In the highlands of Papua New Guinea where cannibalism is still practiced, they’ll eat you alive.

        Heard the statement, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”? Or you the kind where when the going gets tough (can’t get everything you want), you get going, abscond, migrate? Or you the one who’ll shout, “My kingdom for a horse”, willing to sell your country out of frustration or anything of that sort? Ever heard the words “loyalty” and “patriotism” that are often commented on in here?

        Or you do not belong to this country but write nasty comments in here merely to spite Malaysians for one reason or another? But on all counts you are persona non grata to this country, do you know that? I agree with others who have told you that if you are in this country, to vamoose or scram. From your many past and recent comments, you don’t appear to be respecting and abiding by the Constitution of this country, a criterion for loyalty, as has been pointed out many times here and elsewhere. .

      • Well, I did read that blog where Tony Fernandes is called “a pariah”. And worse.

        Where were the Habas and the Isas when people posted these vile and racist epithets on that blog?

        Are they pleading ignorance now, or saying that such comments are justified?

        I believe that what Skilgannon is saying is that every country will be scrutinized for the way it treats it’s citizens. Being under the microscope, so to speak.

        Just as the US, China, Russia, India etc are under the microscope too.

        And why duck the point that it’s the US that is being called upon to do it’s sheriff act in the region, protecting the weak against the thugs and gunslingers out there?

        Is that so unpalatable to digest?

        Straight answers, please.

      • Kineas,

        I won’t make fun of your name as you have not offended me, so far.

        “Straight answers”? What are “Straight answers”? Those that please you fellas? And where there is a doubt on your respect for the Constitution of the country – that you try to bend and tweak in interpretation – how can any answer be straight to you? And why should I give you straight answers when you put out bent questions.

        And why the hell should I be going to blogs I don’t care for where people call Tony Fernandes “a pariah” whatever. Do you go to the many so-called news portals and Red Bean blogs where all sorts of seditious statements are made and counter them in the interest of responsible “journalism” and blogging?

        Or you are the one “saying that such comments are justified”? Chiisshh.

        It matters not what you and Olov Skilnon believe – so long as you don’t accept and respect the Constitution of this country, the draft of which was tabled, debated and approved by Parliament, has the sensitive Clauses, to hell with the thinking of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton etc who, after all, placed on the pedestal the law-breaking lawyer Ambigaga who held so-called Bersih street demos without Police permits.

        And who is ducking the point that it’s the US that is being called upon to do it’s sheriff act in the region? I myself want that “protecting the weak against the thugs and gunslingers out there” – China and its muscle flexing and sabre rattling.

        So, what is it that’s so unpalatable FOR YOU to digest? Or you are unable to fathom or accept my arguments, so unable to digest?

      • Olek Skilgannon,

        Could this be the reason why Tony Fernandez was called a pariah?

        On the low-cost airports congestion, Immigration Dept issued the following statement:

        “The Government had directed operations at KLIA2 to start on May 2 and for LCCT to cease operations. However, AirAsia announced that they would only move on May 9,”

        “The congestion was expected if the officers from government agencies had to man two airports (LCCT and KLIA2) simultaneously. AirAsia had acknowledged this.”

        Yet AirAsia group announced that it would be staying put at the LCCT after Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Aziz Kaprawi said that KLIA2 would open as scheduled and the LCCT would no longer be operational after May 9.

        More than that, AirAsia appealed to PM Najib to intervene on issues relating to the move from the LCCT to KLIA2. Arrogance? Intransigence? Bloated sense of self importance?

        Air Asia is aware of its unfavourable image – the Chief said, “From the published articles, it might be perceived that AirAsia is deliberately not moving to KLIA2 or being difficult on purpose …”

        How about you saying a few things to the Tony guy? Last time his arrogance took the form of moving out Air Asia operations to Jakarta, bringing along only his Indian pilots, he said. Did he find the Indonesians treating him nicely, I wonder. And remember the heavily criticized MAS-Air Asia share swap that led to PM Najib reversing the decision? And he, on MAS Board then, spent a lot of money on jerseys for his favourite British football club.

        Would you like to defend those in the blog you referred to rather than here?

    • In any case, Obama can be the subject of comments (acid, racist or ribald) by talk show hosts, comedians, polticians and any ordinary Joe.

      In the US, that is.

      Would the same latitude be permitted in Malaysia, say, for a sitting or ex Head of State or Head of Government?

      Or in China, or anywhere else, for that matter?

      It must be the “Asian values” thingy writ large.

      Yet, when push comes to shove, much of Asia, including Malaysia, looks to the POTUS to pull the irons out of the fire.

      And that is pitiful, any way you look at it.

      • Olov, give up trying to compare US, UK etc with Malaysia. You had the stroke of luck your forefathers ran away to the Nanyang, otherwise maybe still having to harvest lettuce leaves by spreading human manure in a far-flung village in the Chinese mainland.

        You like the words “push comes to shove”, eh? You often got pushed and shoved? Pity.

        My free advice: don’t be racist and quit trying to be a smart Alex, ok?

      • Well, Haba – why don’t you bend your considerable intellect to answering the questions posed by Skilgannon?

        Is that too much to ask?

        And is Malaysia a shining exception to the great mediocrity of Godless nations out there?

        That’s strange when the government itself sets great store on all these international rankings that show Malaysia is “doing good”.

        Do you mean that there are things that Malaysia cannot be judged on? Really? That there is some sort of Divine Dispensation in force that Malaysia can take advantage of?

        Btw, Skilgannon – that’s a nice nick that you’ve chosen. You must be a fan of the late David Gemmell. Not that Haba would know any different!

      • Kineas,

        These days of Anwarism and sodomy-ism, you talk a lot about bending, don’t you. I wonder why.

        “bend your considerable intellect”? Txs for the compliment but how to bend, man? I fervently believe in my country, in the Constitution of this country and, like hell, I’ll whack any bloke who does not respect and abide by it. I certainly won’t bend to anybody and certainly not to answering the questions posed by olov that are of questionable intention.

        Yes, it’s too much to ask when the bloke tries to unfairly compare Malaysia with US, UK etc. Kamon, man, UK had Parliamentary democracy since many hundred years ago, even the US was only half civilized and shooting Red Indians, until the ideas of liberte, egalite and fraternite went across the Atlantic Ocean from France, but even so, they have been practicing democracy for a few hundred years. Malaysia baru 57 tahun lah, lu tatak tau ka? Apa mau compare compare dengan US, UK etc? .

        And what Godless nations out there you talking about? China? Didn’t read about them practicing three different religions all at the same time and yet the likes of you still accuse others Godless? What, man?

        You sound like Olov Skilnon stating opinions without justification, not even any explanation. What “when the government itself sets great store on all these international rankings that show Malaysia is “doing good””?

        And you are also aping Olov by repeating that David Gemmell. You wanna sound great ha? But have you read the works of Kiwata Ojishama? Or Kurambe Odinga?

      • “Do you mean that there are things that Malaysia cannot be judged on?” –

        Judged by whose standards? According to what laws? Using what criteria?

        Simply state wild opinions like Malaysian Opposition parties do? No substantiation, no justification, at times not even any explanation? Surely no, not acceptable, but rebuttable, damnable and whackable. In the same fashion, even worse where necessary.

        You people think US is the most liberal country in the world. But you are blind to the fact that US still has ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay whereas Malaysia has thrown out ISA. And US is worse – they enacted the Patriot Act after the New York Twin Towers bombing and has been restricting free movement into and within US.

        And you people dislike it when told you are stupid or ungrateful ingrate.

      • “Would the same latitude be permitted in Malaysia, say, for a sitting or ex Head of State or Head of Government?”

        ex Head of State means a Malay Ruler, a former YDP Agong … “be the subject of comments (acid, racist or ribald) by talk show hosts, comedians, polticians and any ordinary Joe”?

        You are being damn nasty. Kurang ajar. Biadap. Like DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz said of Lim Guan Eng as he stormed out of the party. Much more than that, you are damn seditious.

        You should be charged in Court, like Teresa Kok was slated to be charged yesterday. Like Tian Chua was charged and found guilty. Like Karpal Singh was found guilty questioning the prerogative of the Sultan of Perak that is spelled out in the Constitution of the State. He died before execution of sentence that he appealed. You want the same to happen to you?

      • It’s confirmed that Teresa Kok was charged with sedition –

        Updated: Tuesday May 6, 2014 MYT 10:33:56 AM
        Teresa Kok charged with sedition over controversial Chinese New Year video

        KUALA LUMPUR: Seputeh MP Teresa Kok was charged with sedition by the Session Court here over her controversial Chinese New Year video.

        Teresa claimed trial on Tuesday to publishing a seditious video

      • It is said she insulted Muslims and the nation’s leaders, made fun of a variety of issues including last year’s Lahad Datu intrusion for which Tian Chua was also found guilty of sedition.

        The video sparked outrage among a group of Muslim NGOs “who staged a protest against the Kok” (note that the word “the” was exactly in the news report), claiming she was using current issues to fan racial hatred.

        The same group also slaughtered chickens and smeared blood on a poster of Pakatan Rakyat leaders as well as issued a RM1,500 reward for anyone who succeeded in slapping Kok over her video. If only she was slapped …

        Under Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act, Kok faces up to five years prison and risks losing her MP seat, if found guilty.

        I wish to goodness she would be imprisoned.

  2. God Bless America. Which God?

    • A God that allows freedom of religion? In all aspects, including standing up for LGBT rights?

      • You have religion, Olov? Are you not one of those they say practise THREE DIFFERENT RELIGIONS ALL AT THE SAME TIME – Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, as triple insurance against calamities, making you having a fourth religion – ULTRA KIASUISM.

      • Go back to a Theology 101, mate.

        Confucianism isn’t a religion.

        And Taoism and Buddhism are different from the Abrahamaic faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

        Strange how the latter two can’t seem to get along with each other!

        It must be all these evangelistas and jihadis pushing their views on the unsuspecting.

      • Aiyya Kineas, why you want to split hairs arr? Who wants to talk theology and argue Confucianism is not a religion, man.

        And which religions “seem to get along with each other”? Do you know that there are so many disagreements within each religion in this world such that the Protestants alone has more than 140 sects and sub-sects at the last count long ago? And that the last Roman Catholic Pope resigned and among the undeclared reason being the inability of the Vatican to bring the Christians of the world together?

        Did you read about the gay bloke leading a Church in Petaling Jaya or somewhere, proudly announcing to the world that he was flying to meet his boyfriend in New York and getting married in California?

        Wat you talk one?

  3. Tosonyap si skilganon & si Kineas. Kono belasah kiri kanan. Sampai tak ado hujah nak menjawab de eh. Dio ingat Melayu ni bodoh. Kono berlepuk lepuk ikau. Padan muko ikau tu ha.

  4. How I wish we have in this country a press corps as responsible as the Foreign Correspondents at the White House and elsewhere. That doesn’t include “reporters” of “news portals” that publish neither news nor portals, that are described as doorways or gateways to truths, facts and verifiable information, and not just opinions based on half truths, twists and spins.

    I know we can’t expect to have all the things that US and the advanced countries have. And, frankly, I don’t know, but I believe the corps of foreign correspondents in this country are of high standing, just as a number of local correspondents are. But I shudder at the thought of those fellows who report 250,000 when the Police estimated only 25,000 attended Bersih 2.0 Rally, and 15,000 were “massing up” at 11.30 am during the 1 May rally, which was supposed to start at 2 pm.

    And the kind of fellows allowed to attend the MH370 press conferences who asked badly intended questions. I know even CNN Jim Clancy got told off politely (he was an “anchor” or news reader, not usually a correspondent) but a few of the reporters of the so-called news portals must have got into such PCs, once I heard a not-so-polite sounding reply was given to such a fellow.

    True, there was a lot of sensationalizing of MH370 news reporting both in KL and in Perth, but I think it would not have been so bad if the real professionals like those of the White House press corps had been covering such PCs. Yes, I think even the CIA, FBI etc my be involved in the screening of those who apply to be accredited to the White House, and a really professional and experienced moderator conducts the proceedings. But, with our limited resources, we can only afford to employ an Information Department Officer to do it. We can’t really complain, and I’m just expressing a wish to have better in the course of time, as the country progresses along.

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