Aimless, Oppositionotopia

Malaysians have been hoodwinked by the Opposition in their alternative-media-charged systematic and continuous ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy which is nothing more than repackaged dramatisation of victimisation perspective, manipulated for several intents of malice.

The hard facts of Malaysian politics point that the loose coalition of Opposition in the unholy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-strange-bed-fellows got nothing substantial at all to offer but hatred towards BN’s uninterrupted success of nation building since almost 60 years ago.

They cry against malpractice and abuse of the democracy and democratic process but they themselves, clearly proven in the DAP CWC election 2012 and PKR CWC elections, twice, are marred with deception, manipulation and denial of rights.

They acuse BN of controlling and abusing the Judiciary but in reality, they are the ones who demonstrated blatant disrespect which some tantamount to contempt of court.

They can’t agree amongst themselves with issues fundamental and principle in nature. For instance is Hudud.

In the run up to the last GE, they cannot even come up with a ‘Shadow Cabinet’ where demonstrates clearly how each party distrust each other and do not have a formula to govern, if and when they can form a Federal Government.

In the ongoing Bukit Gelugor Parliamentary by-election, DAP dont really have a substantial campaign except “I am Karpal Singh” because BN refused to contest. It is the damning proof that DAP has nothing progressive to offer.

The truth is that, without doubt Karpal Singh was a very famous lawyer, did not do much for the people of Bukit Gelugor.

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