Aimless, Oppositionotopia

Malaysians have been hoodwinked by the Opposition in their alternative-media-charged systematic and continuous ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy which is nothing more than repackaged dramatisation of victimisation perspective, manipulated for several intents of malice.

The hard facts of Malaysian politics point that the loose coalition of Opposition in the unholy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-strange-bed-fellows got nothing substantial at all to offer but hatred towards BN’s uninterrupted success of nation building since almost 60 years ago.

They cry against malpractice and abuse of the democracy and democratic process but they themselves, clearly proven in the DAP CWC election 2012 and PKR CWC elections, twice, are marred with deception, manipulation and denial of rights.

They acuse BN of controlling and abusing the Judiciary but in reality, they are the ones who demonstrated blatant disrespect which some tantamount to contempt of court.

They can’t agree amongst themselves with issues fundamental and principle in nature. For instance is Hudud.

In the run up to the last GE, they cannot even come up with a ‘Shadow Cabinet’ where demonstrates clearly how each party distrust each other and do not have a formula to govern, if and when they can form a Federal Government.

In the ongoing Bukit Gelugor Parliamentary by-election, DAP dont really have a substantial campaign except “I am Karpal Singh” because BN refused to contest. It is the damning proof that DAP has nothing progressive to offer.

The truth is that, without doubt Karpal Singh was a very famous lawyer, did not do much for the people of Bukit Gelugor.

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  1. Bro,totally agree with you but unfortunately UMNO/BN fail to capitalise on their weakness.We cannot put our act together.

  2. testing

  3. The standard phraseology is “Cakap tak serupa bikin”. Loud and clear, proven time and again. Every weakness they accuse others of, they themselves practice. You name it and they have done it, and are still doing it. And even worse. In just 5 years in Selangor and in 2 terms in Penang. If in 57 years rule, they would have thrown the country to the dogs.

    Cronyism, nepotism, even dynasty-ism. The Lims, the Anwars, the Karpals and more. Money politics, as shouted by no less than their Selangor DAP Chief Ronnie Liu at the Selangor DAP convention a few years ago. DAP corruption led to MACC investigation of their Selangor Exco Member Ean Yong and the death of MACC witness Teoh Beng Hock, most likely pushed out of the window of the 14-storey building by the gangster-looking DAP Kajang Municipality Councillor who was the last person known to be with TBH before his death. Corruption in the form of commission, profit shares, proxy and nominee shares as said by many in the case of the DAP government sale of State land in Bayan Mutiara (RM1.07 billion), in Taman Manggis, the Turn-key sPICE Project (RM 1 billion) on Municipality land and the Undersea Tunnel whose price strangely shot up from RM4 to 6 to 8 billion even before project start up.

    Voters must be made to realize all these. The hard core members are hard headed and simply incorrigible. But the number of members reported to the RoS in connection with the unrecognized CEC Election of 2012 and CEC Re-Election of Sept 2013 was only about 2,500. Yet they managed, with their hate politics, dirty tactics, and nasty so-called Red Bean propaganda, to cause the Chinese tsunami at PRU13.

    No other way to counter them than to do the same against them, including Red Bean-ism. Unfortunately, the “liberal” (but to many perceived as pseudo-liberal) Najib said no need for all those, instead just rely on those bloggers who have large followers. Time will tell that it’s a risky thing to do only that. And in the meanwhile, we must continue whacking and wanking the Opposition as much and as often as possible.

    • Democracy is a joke but Anwar manages to create Anwar’s shenanigan by spreading more jokes over democracy. At some point, the cupidity of democracy may be of his solely political desire.

      Social media has been portraying Anwar as the popular Prime Minister in waiting. Aiming at, what is so-called, the brains evolved to such thing as public, statistics, opinion and public policy. In fact, there is no public anything! 

      We were made to believe that Democracy requires a well-informed electorate. More than that, we were told that we have a duty with the news so that we be informed and then require to votes.

      The irony, it is a presumption that people have access to some set of relevant facts. They are assume to make up their minds and cast their votes intelligently. In reality, it is nonsense. Because there are no “facts” in public life. 

      All are “facts” and widely debated in the social media as presented in Anwar’s and his gangs economic and political manifestation were hypothetical. Ironically, there is no way for the average voters to know what Anwar  really believe or which programs likely to produce betterment in their life. 

      In fact, Malaysians have absolutely no  idea whether Anwar and his gangs are warm blooded tyrants or robber barons. The fact also Malaysians could be misled by their omnipotent moral busybodies. They probaly will torment Malaysian without end. More than that, they do so with the approval of their own political conscience.

      Even though there were meaningful facts, Malaysians are unequipped for evaluation. Further, they do not known how to judge and master the “facts” with no public life of any sort is concerned.

      This is a joke about democracy by leadership. Anwar is the holiness of Tyrants. It may be a tyranny that seem to exercising good of its victims and it may be the most oppressive when he is to rule. Time is our judge.

      • please do not make all this look worse than corruption-the mother of all cancers.

  4. Hi guys, long time no see.

    Just wanna say it’s not aimless, but Opposition always got bad aims, bad intentions. The one single most important unacceptable aim is to get power to the non-Malays in this country which is made up of majority Malays and Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak who have a Special Position under the Constitution.

    Maybe they are have no viable leader to really unite them, form a real coalition, registered like BN, can easily put up Shadow cabinets and not merely live in their shadows, cannot even have a unified election manifesto, and then say election manifestos are not promises. Wirse still when the bloke goes to prison for 5 years and Karpal Singh is dead, no more “over my dead body”-ing.

    But damn it, their politics of hate caught on and they managed to get the Chinese Tsunami at PRU13. Still, they got more problems, PAS felt slighted at getting the least number of Parliamentary seats, re-ignited their Hudud calls, and are now even seen as quite well disposed to UMNO on the Hudud implementation scheme.

    Hope more voters will see the realities of all those and vote BN at Bkt Gelugor and Tk Intan. The 38% Malays in the Tk Intan constituency should really see the exploitation by DAP of the young 27 year-old they obviously want to make a tool of for their anti-Malay and anti-Islam politics that caused the race riots of 1969.

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