DAP Dyana the Liar

DAP candidate for P76 Teluk Intan by-election Dyana Sofya Mohd. Daud, who is effectively Emperorissimo of Middle Malaysia Lim Kit Siang’s political concubine, clearly lied about her mother Kak Yammy Samad’s involvement in Right Wing Malay NGO PERKASA.

Unequivocally, she lied about her involvement too not too long ago.

DAP candidate for Teluk Intan Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud and mother Kak Yammy Daud, in a PERKASA membership counter at the launch of the Malay NGO website

DAP candidate for Teluk Intan Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud and mother Kak Yammy Daud, on duty in a PERKASA membership drive counter at the launch of the Malay NGO website, 21 Oct 2008

This is the true colours of Dyana and Kak Yammy. Opportunists, political failures and now being manipulated as a tool by the Chinese Chauvinist DAP to break the Malay ‘inherent taboo’ towards the party and at the same time, project the ‘New Malay’.

In reality, Chinese Chauvinist DAP stalwarts would not provide room and space of Malay leaders, except to front for specific purposes. The experience of Tunku Aziz who was once idealistic about democracy and brought in as Vice Chairman in DAP and Penang based Zulkifli Mohd. Noor, who was brought in as the front when Tunku Aziz left.

*Video and photo courtesy of bloggo-photo-journo Minaq Jinggo


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  1. She also lied about Uitm.As her mother is UMNO member,she said most of Uitm student is UMNO daughter/son U.
    Show me the data..the student intake are base on merit..I myself is the son of opposition during the day that PKR not exist yet.

    • Well done, maxime. Good of you to come out and expose the instances of lying by the young punk DAP candidate. Hope to hear more from you and any other.

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  3. Tak heran pon. Kan Presiden Perkasa tu Maharaja Katak melompat mengikut kesesuaian politik.

    Tak percaya pi tanya Presiden, ler?

  4. Big Dog, sadly to say here this Malay girlr, a liar, not a lawyer, or even if she may be a proven treansgender, whether or not she campaign for perkasa then denies it…..sadly to say here she will win because the Malays of Teluk Intan are just a bunch of morons!

  5. “Lying Eyes” a song for the occasion:

  6. I’m also a product of ITM. I enrolled for ICSA course and got accepted based on merit unlike Dyana who got in through back door. She is a hypocrite, selfish and tak sedar diri. Her mother is 2×5, sama-sama nak kejar glamour. Mereka sanggup menjual maruah kepada DAPig for their own selfish reasons in the guise of fighting for equality for all races. Dia ingat UiTM mak bapak dia punya ke? Pengkhianat bangsa Melayu!

    • ICSA is the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, right?

      I thought that once you have the minimum academic qualifications, you can apply to join the ICSA and sit for it’s exams.

      It’s a clear cut transparent process.

      So, how did Dyana get in “through back door (sic)?

      Does she not have the minimum academic qualifications required by the Institute?

      In any case, just passing the ICSA exams isn’t good enough. One has to have suitable work experience before he or she becomes a fully-fledged Chartered Secretary.

      In other words, there are no shortcuts.

      It’s much the same if one wants to become a Chartered Accountant.

      So, I am not sure what you are driving at in your post. Could you be more specific, please?

  7. Dyana is a political greenhorn, still at the stage of a child. She is so gullible and naive, any idealism that she holds is easily manipulated by DAP. And, she allows herself to be manipulated beyond belief. I pity her more than have contempt for her. She wants to be like Shamsiah Fakeh?..who sacrificed everything for communistic ideology only to be disappointed by it? So as we watched Dyana melatah by vilifying Uitm and Umno in her campaign, we watch the exploitation of a Malay in broad daylight by a party whose objective is to destroy anything about the Malays and usher in the supremacy of Chinese Malaysia. And we wonder why she had become so unstrategic in her mind, insensitive in her talks on Malays issues, , ungrateful of the Malay struggles to help other Malays, including she in the field of education opportunity, uncircumspect of the massive use of her by DAP and above all being so jack ass in fighting for DAP racist and chauvinistic ideology. So, as I search for an answer, I could see only a young 26 year old child full of socialist idealism but her mind trapped in the smoke and mirror political power play and hypocrisy of DAP. She can’t find her way home. Not yet maybe.Hope she does someday.


  9. I was struggling to find a few words to describe the ‘special relationship’ between Dyana and Lim Kit Siang. You used the term ‘political concubine’! You may be right…but I thought its much mure than that. They remind me of Saiful and Anwar Ibrahim….how someone still at ‘internship level’ being catapulted to ‘political secretary’ sort of role.

    I’m quite sure, certain ‘soft spots’ in Kit Siang, have tempted him to take in Dyana, and almost instantly promoted her to the present role. I believe Dyana was brought in by ‘back door’, without having to go thru ‘political screenings’ normally associated with prominent political posts…so much so, even caught unaware that Dyana’s mother was the first Ketua Wanita Perkasa.

    How could Lim Kit Siang be aware of that, when Dyana herself denied having such knowledge.

    One thing for sure. Dyana is a very ‘seductive’ especially to old men.

    • Interesting that quite a number of people have put out similar opinions. So does Isa, below.

      And if Dyana’s mother was really the first Ketua Wanita Perkasa, Maniam Chong’s opinion above may have some relevance.

  10. i think the corollary here is that if dyana is in wanita umno, the furthest she could go is to make tea/cofee for kak ijat?

    the ‘ole boys/girls club umno needs to take some credit too for turning former stalwarts into enemies.

    hoping that this is a wake-up call. easier said than done maybe.

    umno is in deep denial. for every 1 puteri member, ada sepuluh lagi dalam pas/pkr. this from my own impromptu test among friends. as to the ah moi, they are all red bean-certified already, tak payah cerita lagi.

    umno has 4 years left…thats 1460 days only. minus a few days for ramadhan/raya/umrah/weddings/khenduri…GE14 will come in no time..

    as for kak ijat…..i dont know why she is still there. ye lah, yang keliling pinggang u tu semua confirmed as your penyokong tetap….but you will never CONVERT the new ones. they FAR outnumber your groupies. pls get this. just take a back seat… and add new faces.

  11. Testing

  12. I’m not so sure if Dyana Sofya is just Lim Kit Siang’s political concubine. It may be more than political.

    However suited her political views may appear to DAP’s political stand, the fact remains that she is merely 27 years old, and putting her as a candidate in Teluk Intan would surely hurt the feelings of the several factions of DAP that have been reported to be vying for the seat since the previous cancer-stricken DAP MP became seriously ill and consequently died.

    At 27, Dyana is very impressionable. She herself said in one interview that she was very impressed by the Chinese pretending to be a Malay, Zairil Khir Johari (been said that he was 8 years old when his mother married the former Minister Khir Johari). She must have been much more impressed by Lim Kit Siang, swooned and swept to his feet when appointed as so-called Political Secretary to the old man, perhaps not even knowing that it was a farce, as the post of Political Secretary is usually used for those working for Ministers.

    Dyana wants success and the limelight, and looks like she wants it fast. The fact that she even supported PERKASA and attended a PERKASA function with her mother and now denies or glosses over questions on that, suggests that she is the gullible kind. There is no end to the extent she may go, being this kind. And, considering that Kit Siang has for some time been linked on a personal basis with a Mdm Foo at DAP HQ, I’m not averse to the suggestion made by some people that Kit Sing’s decision to field her in Teluk Intan may not have been necessarily political but personal.

  13. It is clear as daylight that she is in the wrong profession.

    • Her UiTM classmate even whacked her for wrongly claiming she is a lawyer, pointing out that she is only a law graduate, but without a certificate of practice and registration at the Bar Council, she cannot claim she is a lawyer.

      The thing for Teluk Intan voters to note is that she knows about that, yet claimed during her campaign speeches that she is a lawyer. Making her a liar like many DAP blokes are, and therefore dangerous to be voted.

  14. kesian,melayu bukan saja mudah lupa tapi juga mudah dibeli

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