Violating the Federal Constitution

Just like the 1960s Cold War strategy  ‘Salami Tactics’. First the got Selangor. Now, they are taking the rights of the Malays, bit by bit. The Selangor State Government SELCAT have to really explain the Auditor General’s Report about 24.08ha Malay Reserve Land be given to Non Malays.

The Star story:

Published: Monday June 16, 2014 MYT 10:44:00 PM
Updated: Monday June 16, 2014 MYT 10:49:06 PM

A-G’s Report: Probe how non-Malays given Malay reserve land

SHAH ALAM: The Auditor-General has suggested that Selangor Land and Mines Department and district and land offices carry out an investigation to identify the causes behind the giving of ownership of Malay reserve land to non-Malays.

They should also look at how to prevent the transfer of ownerships of Malay-held land to non-Malays from further taking place and make appropriate cancellations and replacements of Malay Reserve lands, the Second Series of the 2013 Auditor-General’s Report said.

The report revealed that 24.08ha of Malay Reserve land in Selangor were now owned by non-Malays.

A review on 129 official search of the ownership documents found it involved 18 (13.9%) land ownerships in the Klang, Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam districts.
This adversely affected the interests of Malays and the size of Malay reserve land which could be given ownership to the Malays was reduced, it said.

Based on a feedback, dated April 7, 2014, the Kuala Selangor District and Land Office (PDT) stated the owners of the land were non-Malays.

According to the Klang PDT, this took place because the land was involved in a demarcation process with the endorsement of Malay reserve land not included when new ownership rights were registered, resulting in transfer of ownership to non-Malays.

However, Klang PDT did not furnish proof to support the dealings in ownership transfer, according to the report.

The report also revealed that Malay reserve land in Ampar Tenang, Sepang and Sungai Lang, Sabak Bernam were occupied and worked on by non-Malays.

They opened food stalls, car workshops and constructed buildings on the Malay reserve land.


This is already ‘Thinning of the wedge’. The ‘Writings on the wall’ was apparent when the 3 Aug 2011 JAIS raid on Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) in Section 13 happened.

Chinese Chauvinist DAP’s mouth piece charged that Majlis Agama Islam Selangor backing of Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor’s (JAIS) raid on Bible Society of Malaysia earlier this year and confiscated a few hundred bibles, is unconstitutional.

The fact is that BSM violated Article 3(1) and  11(4) of the Federal Constitution and the Propagation of Non Islamic Religion to Musilms Enactment 1988.

The Chinese Chauvinist DAP have been for years wanted to take control of Selangor. To be exact, 45 years last month. Now that they have got Selangor, they want to strip the Malays of every bit from what is rightfully theirs. More over, provided in the Federal Constitution.

First they lied. Even though the damnest evidence has prevailed. Like the rampant prosetylsation of Malay-Muslims in Selangor, proven in the 3 Aug DUMC raid. Now, its time to steal from the Malays.

A famous Malay rhyme goes

‘Siakap, senohong, gelama, ikan duri

Bercakap bohong, lama lama mencuri’

Soon, they would just grab what ever they want, right under the nose. They would have little conscience about taking what doesn’t belong to them, nor does it violate the rights of the majority. And they would be combative about it.

Make no mistake about that.

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  1. Melayu gadai hak Melayu, all for the sake of securing and holding on to power. Better ask the Melayus involved to explain.

    • Siasat dan tangkap yang di Pejabat Tanah yang ada kuasa menukar butiran hakmilik tanah di komputer tuh. Dan ambil tindakan ke atas ketua nya, ADO Tanah dsb nya, yang bertanggung jawab fasal itu.

      Dah lama dulu kan ada berita mengatakan tanah si polan di Johor ke mana ke di dapati di pindah milik dengan tak tahu menahu si pemilik. Mengarut punya keadaan.

      Yang di pindah milik berdasarkan kelulusan Exco, UMNO perlu jeritkan sekuat kuat nya dan seberapa selalu yang perlu supaya di hentikan dan di pulihkan keadaan mengarut ini.

  2. The Selangorians only have themselves to blame. They’re the ones who voted those guys into power. They thought the opposition would be just, fair-minded and equitable when they came to power. But once they’re in, hands stretch out wide grabbing everything. Knowing kiasu, once given, it’s going to be extremely difficult to get it back. There is no such thing as bumi rights and privileges anymore as stipulated in the constitution. To them it is just a piece of paper which means nothing to them. With the power they have, they now could do whatever they wish. Land grab is the order of the day.
    Now reality comes to bite the Malays hard in the arse. It’s worrying isn’t it?The decision they had taken in the last two GE were costly. Those now in cohort to slowly driving the Malays out to the edge. With rampant unremitting property speculation, property prices soar high in Selangor; with no effective government policies in sight to reign in. In the end, it is the Malays in Selangor on the losing end. Seeing things around them now owned by local foreigners. At the end of the day they have to live in the jungle pakai cawat. The case of menang sorak, tanah tergadai.

  3. Dah bertahun tahun melayu gadai hak melayu apa nak heran, Salahkan siCIna.? PR Selangor ada ramai Melayu PAS dan PR apasal senyap? Samajele dg UMNO. Dua kali Lima jadi four point 5.

    • Sape nak bangkang silakan. Masa BN memerintah pun perkara ini berlaku. Bukan d Sgor saje. Jgn mudah lupa pulak. Jd, pada hemah saya, kalau dulu2 tak ambil tindakan, skrg pun x ambik tindakan, sape plak kita nk persalahkan … ? Kdg2 sy pun bingong kes tanah simpanan Melayu ni.

      • Benar da berlaku di pemerintahan BN juga, tapi ha nya 1-2. Jika ada banyak, sila beri bukti.

        Dan beri bukti bahawa kes kes yang lalu tidak di ambil tindakan. Sebab biasa nya Ketua Ketua Jabatan di so’al, di minta siasat, ambil tindakan dan di buat laporan kpd pihak atasan.

        Tindakan ke atas yang buat salah ada lah tindakan disiplin dan hukuman nya termasuk di tukar atau di buang kerja. Dan biasa nya tindakan itu tidak di hebohkan. Tidak bijak mengatakan kes yang pemunya tanah menuntut ganti rugi puluhan, malahan ratusan, ribu ringgit akibat pindah milik tanpa alasan di biarkan sahaja.

        Tapi pindah milik tanah Rizab Melayu kpd bukan Melayu berdasarkan keputusan Exco lain cerita. Namun demikian, perlu bukti tak ada tindakan supaya kita boleh jeritkan dan laungkan di sini. Sekarang Laporan AG itu membuktikan di Selangor banyak kes begitu, ayoh kita hentam, bidas, jerit dan laungkan supaya berhenti dan di pulihkan keadaan begtu.

        Kita juga mesti jesitkan dan laungkan kapada UMNO dan ADUN2 UMNO di Selangoor supaya melompat, menjerit, berteriak dsb nya supaya kerajaan Pakatan akyat di benci pengundi, terutama nya pengundi Melayu kerana berbuar begitu.

        Kerana laporan thestar itu kata “The report revealed that 24.08ha of Malay Reserve land in Selangor were now owned by non-Malays”, perlu juga UMNO Selangor periksa jika ini termasuk penyelewengan setaf Pejabat Tanah yang buat demikian akibat rasuah. Dan jika sistem bagi menukar butiran pindahmilik dalam komputer di Pejabat Tanah itu sekarang foolproof atau tidak.

  4. Grabing lands , including Malay reserved land by the Chinese , does not seem happened in Johore only ,now we also heard it’s happened in Selangor too ,and wounder where else it did happened ?.

    How does it happened,
    Why it’s happened,
    How come it was let to happened .

    Are we continuously wants to put the blamed to the Chinese ,who at any opportunity will grab anything they can , or the Malay themselves (and the Malay authority involved) who had no sense of preserving what they had,may be to the extend of selling off this nation.

    Malay had only themselves to be blamed .if one day the woke up ,the National radio playing different national anthem , no more NEGARAKU.

  5. Does the act of propagation (Art.3(1) 11(4) happen before JAIS raided BSM office and that someone has reported it? And to stretch this further, is JAIS empowered to raid any houses that possibly keep a Bible with the prohibited word? Though JAIS jurisdiction does not include non-Muslim, the Court sweeping ruling that the prohibited word was never part of Christianity vocabulary aids JAIS. The situation took a strange twist when the AG announce that JAIS should return the Bible possibly because of Najib’s 10 point solution with Sabah/Swak when part of the confiscated Bibles are in Iban language? If you hold steadfast to your religion, no amount of propagation, proselytication can sway your belief.

    • What’s the Bible got to do with the price of salt in Timbuktu?

      Keep your frozen thoughts in Eskimoland and put them out when Big Dog talks about ice in here.

  6. Sungai Petani,the most robust and busiest town in Kedah , most of the land are being taken over by the Chinese developer and the houses are no more cheap because they carter for the Penang Chinese.What happen to the MALAYS,they are pushed to the kampung areas such as Bukit Selambau, Tanjung Dawai and Pantai Merdeka areas.The MB knows about it but what can he do ? kata orang kedah ‘ AYAM PATUK ITIK SUDU ‘

    • Kebanyakan ini berlaku di zaman Kedah di bawah MB PAS, di perintah Pakatan Rakyat. Mereka mesti di kutuk, di keji dan di caci sapenuh penuhnya.

      Kalau ada berlaku di zaman pemerintahan BN, sila beri bukti, sekurang kurang nya butir butir lanjut yang boleh di percayai, supaya boleh di periksa dan di kutuk sapenuh penuh nya juga.

  7. The Malay politicians in Selangor should know that Malay reserve land is Malay reserve land and they have no right to steal these land with their dirty fingers to give for free to the non Malays. Such acts of treachery reflect the stupidity of the highest order of Malays in Pas, Pakatan and even UMNO. If they cannot be trusted to uphold the Fed Constitution, then we the Malays in this country have a big problem. We are being betrayed by stupid Malay politicians hunkering to get votes from the non Malays and playing the kesamarataan cards, at the expense of all the rights and special positions of Malays as guaranteed at the point of independence by the Fed Constitution. The Malay politicians must wake up and realise that the Malay reserve land are not their grandfathers property to be given to the non Malays to please their non Malays political partners. It is so unfortunate that at the present time UMNO has to be led by you know who. Weak, stupid, needs advisers to surround him, open Malaysia’s economy to the vagaries of vicious free market capitalism, allowing the useless credit rating agencies to operate in Malaysia and swallow what the rating agencies have to say like as if the rating agencies opinion are godsent by angels. Why are these Malay politicians sheltering under UMNO. They are misfits and dont uphold the aspiration and struggles of agama, bangsa dan negara. Why dont they have their own liberal free for all party and return UMNO to true Malay heroes and warriors.

  8. Yada yada yada. Take a look at the mirror.

    • And see your gruesome face?

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