Treacherous YBs


Several elected Johor Opposition leaders were behaving like traitors and rubbishing a national EPP project, at the expense of the strategic interests of Malaysians and future economic benefits and development opportunity of Malaysia in a foreign country.

Chinese Chauvinist DAP ADUN Tangkak Ee Chin Li, ADUN Mengkibol Tan Hong Ping and ADUN Bentayan Chua Wee Beng were demonstrating infront of President of Taiwan, along with PAS Central Committee member Mazlan Aliman on 18 July 2013.

Story about true protest and demonstration in Taiwanese paper

Story about true protest and demonstration in Taiwanese paper

They also submitted a memorandum to the Taiwanese President and demanded that Taiwan’s Kaokuang Petrochemical Co. stop investing in the RAPID project. Petronas is developing the RM60 billion EPP project in South East Johor.

This is should be seen as nothing but an economic sabotage by persons who are legislators and elected representative of the rakyat.

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  1. They ask for the benefit of Singapore,this oppos. should be kick across Selat Tebrau goal post.

    • Maybe, you should ask Miti not to make nice nice with Singapore, brudder!

      What next? Potong ayer? Tutup Causeway dan Second Link?

      Maybe the “goal post” should be shifted to allow the scoring of “own goals”?

      Now, wouldn’t that be a hoot?

      • No, next is to shoo those always casting aspersions on Malaysia, even condemning this country yet at the same time glorifying and admiring Singapore to migrate there, if they have not done so.

        If they have, to tell them not to regret the decision to abscond when finding out the grass is not greener the other side.

        We’ll just keep shitting such blokes as the above. Without bothering to find or provide any justification. Because they always give opinions without any justification.

        And, as has been said here before, our opinions are as good as, if not better than, theirs.

  2. Anybody knows the grounds they use for opposing?

    Or the usual Oppo Hippo “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”?

    Many of those chingkongpong kind of Oppie blokes simply oppose for the sake of opposing. And the Mat Sabun kind of anak FELDA rubble rouser will lie on the road with with DAP SOGs, complete with jubah and serban, trying to block the Raja Muda of Perak passing through, like done a few years ago.

    • Haba, depa ni biasalah. They learn it from their master Lim Kit Sial. The job of oppositions is merely to opppose.

    • I say, man – I thought you believed in “freedom of speech”?

      So, it’s ok for some Malaysians to call other Malaysians ” pendatangs”, “evangelistas” or worse, but it’s not ok for Malaysians to protest in public against development projects in the country?

      How can that be construed as being “disloyal” or “traitorous”?

      Why, for example, is it ok to have big development projects in Johor, where the foreign involvement is sizeable, and where the benefits to Johoreans are unclear?

      If there is a pressing need to develop Johor into a high-skills high-wage economy, shouldn’t the groundwork been laid after Merdeka in 1957 or after the separation of Singapore in 1965?

      Did the successive Johor Mentri Besars and state governments drop the ball on this until the Iskandar project threw them all into a frenzy of activity?

      So, maybe you can understand why Johoreans are sceptical about Iskandar, Rapid, PIC etc.

      Does that make them disloyal or traitors to the country?

      • This bloke must be so damned stupid, and I’ll justify that allegation of mine though that kind hardly does.

        The man was asking about the grounds of protest by the so-called YBs and he was talking about “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”, stupido. Surely “freedom of speech” does not include “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”. That is damn stupid.

        I rest my case.

      • When some Malaysians call other Malaysians ” pendatangs”, they give the reasons, the justification, e.g not respecting and unwilling to live by the Constitution of the country.

        But when others protest in public without justification, they are DAP.
        Lately PKR. Not even recognizing they lost PRU13 and that popular votes never count as wins. Stupid.

      • Yes, they are “Pendatangs”.

        Read the history books. In 1955 first GE, 84% of eligible voters are Malays.

        Means only 35% of the entire persons of Chinese ethnicity in Persekutuan Tanah Melayu were eligible to be counted as ‘citizens’. The rest were, “Pendatangs”.

        Aka in today’s terms, PATI.

        Tunku Abdul Rahman and UMNO was democratically elected to power by a thumping landslide GE where 84% of the eligible voters are Malays.

        It was Tunku’s grace as a magnanimous leader of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu that he allocated 29% of the seats contested to MCA even though there’s slightly 11% of eligible voters who are Chinese.

        And in the spirit of ‘power-share’ (although it was the Malays who shared their democratic power and the Chinese had nothing in return to give), Tunku brought in some of the elected MCA leaders as his Cabinet colleagues.

        This is an undisputed fact!

        After that, Chief Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman used his charm and clout of a prince and convinced HRH Rulers to accept most if not all of them as ‘citizens’ even though they didn’t qualify, mainly in the criteria as stipulated for eligibility to ‘citizens’ in the Federation of Malaya Agreement dated 21 Jan 1948.

        Mind you, the 1948 agreement is the basis and preceding document when the Federation of Malaya Constitution was drafted. That is the basis why Federation of Malaya is defined by the provisions of ‘Islam’, ‘Bahasa Melayu’, ‘Orang Melayu’ and so forth.

        Hence, the Non Malays must be reminded that they are here because of the grace the Malay hereditary Rulers and then the democratically elected leader, who was a Malay prince.

        Today, some of them these “Pendatangs” to be funny as to loudly and sometime rudely antagonise the system against fundental points where it is the definitive basis of this nation, such as Articles 3(1), 11(4) and 153.

        And this circus stunt to demonstrate outside for something that is strategically beneficial to Malaysia and Malaysians is nothing but an economic sabotage.

        They are TRAITORS!

        They are no different to the communist terrorists who terrorise and rebel against the majority for 54 long bloodied and painful years!

        Make no mistake about that!!!!

      • Bloody good one, there, Ex-AA & Co.

        The facts and reasoning you provide should shut the hell up the ungrateful ingrate pendatangs in this country who always make wild claims and allegations.

        But I suspect this ultra kiasu DAP kind of bloke Skilganon has not an iota of air muka, shame or integrity and will doggedly try to come in with his idiotic opinions again and again.

        Let’s wank him prim and proper each time he does that.

      • Well, it’s no big deal if you wish to live in a cloud cuckoo land where, by some divine ordinance, the rest of the world owes you a living.

        May you continue to grow and prosper in a world where rights and privileges mean sweet-all nothing.

        “Traitors” or “pendatangs” – who cares?

        All this ersatz nationalism and patriotism ain’t gonna pay the bills – not when you have to go cap-in-hand to the Big Satan to protect you against the arrogant depredations of certain unnamed powers.

        So, continue demonstrating.

        And let’s see where the Johor economy lands up come 2020.

        Maybe it will be looking for bailouts a la MAS! From the moneybags from you know where!

        You brought the word “Pendatangs” to this posting. And when there is a matured respond substantiated with historical facts, you react with “Who cares”.

        It only proves that you are in these spaces to antagonise and iritate others.

        If you cannot remain intellectual in your sharing of thoughts in these spaces, then we are afraid that we have to revoke that privileges.

        Please consider this your last comment here.

        Goodbye and good luck elsewhere.

  3. Just like those UMNO fellas who are against Tuanku Sultan’s development projects with China & Singapore groups are also traitors for economic sabotage.

    Let’s be firm against those outstation UMNO fellas and their mentor!

    • And you also don’t provide reasons why or how “Tuanku Sultan’s development projects with China & Singapore groups” are good for Johorians and Malaysians?

      You “Anak Pasir Gudang” are against “outstation UMNO fellas and their mentor”? Pernah makan pasir? Or dengar orang kata silap silap nanti rakyat makan pasir?

      Pernah tanya penganalisa siapa untung siapa rugi regarding those “development projects”?

    • These Taiwanese are FDIs. They bring their money and invested in our country. FDI investment is usually about setting up facility, do the processes and value added activities and goods exported.

      The foreign currency generated from this would go into our economy’s accounting, most likely as exports.

      Not to mention peripheral businesses that could be derived and generated, would drive the local economy.

      The Pasir Gudang power plant is an award given by Energy Comm to Sultan Johor’s co. That project was supposed to be tendered by qualified bidders, which is inline to EC’s own 2012 policy.

      But it didn’t happened that way.

      On top of that, the award also stated TNB supposed to contractually buy power for 21 years from this.

      These are why even UMNO leaders objected to the project being awarded to SIPP Energy-YTL Power.

      If you cannot differentiate between the two, then your intellectual inadequacy is your own weakness.

      • Yes, and I suppose that the Malaysian government has imposed mandatory hiring quotas on these Taiwanese FDIs?

        Just asking, because everything these days is about race and religion.

        What more hiring quotas by race and religion? Why should FDIs be exempted from our “sensitivities”?

        There is no practice of hiring based on race or religious quota within the world of commercial activities in Malaysia. You are suggesting something, in the tone of instigating racial and religious bigotry in commercial practices.

        It only proves that you are in these spaces to antagonise and iritate others.

        If you cannot remain intellectual in your sharing of thoughts in these spaces, then we are afraid that we have to revoke that privileges.

        Please consider this your last comment here.

        Goodbye and good luck elsewhere.

      • A short comment for this bloke to read before he disappears –

        He said, “Just asking, because everything these days is about race and religion.”

        You ultra kiasus are the ones who had brought about the situation. You blokes act, we react. You DAP buggers have not reacted appropriately by knocking DAP ADUN Rayer’s head for using the celaka word, and the kepala lembu reaction came about.

        You should read, respect and abide by the Constitution. Article 153 clearly states the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, and Article 3 glaringly states that “Islam is the religion of the Federation” and no other religion is mentioned in name at all, merely stating “may be practiced in harmony”.

        As you appear to be grudging and not respecting the Constitution, you should pack up and go migrate elsewhere. Not just in terms of migrating with your comments, but migrate by leaving this country whose Constitution you don’t respect and abide by.

  4. This is a free country mate. You don’t really want all yes men do you ! Descending voices does not mean disloyalty. This is what makes democracy strong.

    • What “free country” you talkin’, man? Free to walk naked in the streets, to demo anything you like?

      Ever heard of the Peaceful Assembly Act? An’t it mean illegal assembly if more than a certain number of people assembling without notifying the Police? No matter whether they are YBs or not?
      In Singapore three people are considered an assembly under their laws, innit?

      It’s democracy enough that they are not arrested. But doesn’t mean they can just hold up placards, stand in line somewhere and demo without kena hantam verbally.

      More so when they are YBs – they are supposed to be lawmakers. Yes, “supposed to”, though Oppie YBs are, strictly speaking, not lawmakers, are they? They always oppose, don’t agree with the draft laws being tabled to Parliament or DUNs.

    • Can demo, but must follow the laws lah, especially YBs, as they should know the laws and they are not above the law.

      And demo must be justified lah. Don’t just simply simply demo. Be responsible lah, malu to be YBs like that.

      Sending memo to Taiwan President not to invest in Malaysia – memo my foot.

      Is that why FDI has gone down in DAP-ruled Penang by about nine times they say? Ridiculous DAP politicos.

    • They only hide behind the cloaked arguments of ‘democracy’, ‘justice’, ‘human rights’ etc., when it conveniently fit their agenda.

      Otherwise, they are first to abuse. Outright abuse and oppress!

      Look how they run their party. Any form of ‘democracy’? Can “Dissenting views be heard” without gag others?

      Hell, they can even practice the right of members/delegates properly in accordance with their own constitution and standards and did only ensure that the ‘selected spectrum’ of leaders are voted in, as what they call “Democracy”.

      No two ways about that!

      I went around the blogs. And I don’t see those who trot around these pro-establishment blogs thumping every opportunity against they possibly can against the establishment, govt, ruling party, rulers and leaders, do they same against opposition malpractices,

      That’s pro-opposition democracy for, 101.

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