Let the professionals do what they are trained to do

The downing of MH17 AMS-KUL with 298 souls at 1415GMT yesterday brought unsurpassed shock through spine of hundreds of millions global television viewers, not just Malaysians. The fact that high on speculation is that the downing is believed to be caused by hostile fire, from unidentified forces on ground in the eastern most parts of Ukraine brought the complication another notch down.

Again from the experience of the missing MH370 on 8 March earlier this year, speculations are freely offered especially in the advancement of communication technology which include round-the-clock international news networks and social media.

Arm chair critics, experts and philosophers suddenly pop from the least expected corners, where Malaysians are part of them.

The fact is that, Malaysia Airlines as the commercial national carrier and Malaysian Government as the custodian and steward of Malaysian interests more over if it involve lives  and asset of GLCs, are working very hard to sort things out.

Hence, they would need time to do all the necessary in the standard operating procedure already prepared for crisis such as this. This include contacting all the families and kins of the 298 souls who are believed to have died instantly when the B777-200 mysteriously exploded at 10% short of the speed of sound, six miles above the ground almost twenty nautical miles to the Russian Federation border.

Let them sort out what they need to do first, high on the priority list. When they are ready, they would come and face the world media.

Yes, the world demand minimal answers to this shocking story. However the world should owe it to the grieving families, kins and loved ones of the 298 souls onboard before they want to satisfy their curiosity.

As for now, all the conspiracy theory about the pro-Russian Federation separatists versus the Ukranian hardliners could just wait. Remains of the 298 souls got to be sorted out first and the bereavement of the affected families and loved ones must be the priority.

This include the 22 Malaysian passengers and 15 Malaysia Airlines crew onboard.

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  1. Another tragic event in an already a tragic year for Malaysia.

    My thought and prayers goes to the victim’s families and friends.

  2. The problem will be getting an independent investigation by a team of international experts allowed by the pro-Russian rebels at the crash site in an area controlled by them. The investigation by the team led by the Ukranian Government, to which Malaysia has been invited and are sending our representatives, are certainly not adequate – the various experts like from the aircraft manufacturers, the black box specialists etc may not be there.

    A Reuter news report by journalists who are apparently in the area already says that the rebels are refusing to allow such an independent investigation by a team of international experts, linking it to the belief that the plane was shot down by them using surface-to-air missiles manufactured by the Russians.

    Good that DS Najib is calling for an Emergency Parliamentary session to get a huge condemnation against those responsible for the heinous act and, presumably, a stern demand on those concerned to allow the said investigation.

    President Obama has spoken with President Putin – who has before that blamed Ukraine – and it is uncertain whether Putin would use his influence in getting the rebels allow such an investigation, as doing it may denote guilt of association, complicity in the dastardly act, etc.

    The said investigation is of huge importance as the results would assure everybody in the world of MAS being a victim of terrorist activities while flying on a route declared safe and used by other airlines as well. Despite MH 370, MAS has no real problem of popularlty as MH 17 had 280 passengers. The world travelling public must be assured and convinced that MAS safety record is good, the accidents that happen are due to external factors, and there is no evidence otherwise even of MH370. The findings and report by such an independent team will do that.

    So, let’s call for all efforts be made by all concerned to get that independent international investigation allowed and begun as soon as possible at the crash site.


    “BUENOS AIRES: China’s President Xi Jinping called Saturday for a “fair and objective” investigation into the crash of a Malaysian airliner in Ukraine…..” – AFP

    F*****g Chinks defending Russia and the separatist/rebels for good reason. We have lost our citizen’s life, reputation, the whole country morale is down, suffer economically and our flag carrying airlines may never recover from this. Thanks to the trigger happy separatist/rebels supported by the Russian.

    Obviously the Chinese President has geostrategic games in mind. China is looking closely at what the world is doing or can do with Russian annexation of Crimea and possibly other parts of Ukrainian territory. If the world let it go with just a slap on the wrist then China will expect the same when they begin to grab other claimants territory by force in South China Sea.

    We may have shown our seriousness in handling the threat posed by a rag tag bands of criminals/terrorist/mobster in Sabah but why are we so lax when it come to threat posed by China? Is the sea not part of our territory?

    I wonder how tasty is the Chinese butt that our leadership seems to be so keen on licking, even at the expanse of this country territorial integrity.

    The reportedly RM60 million spent for the 2 panda could have been put to better use such as strengthening our defense.

    • I completely fail to understand that panda thingy. Now Ah Jib Gor should get the pandas speak to the Chinese President to use his good offices to get Putin twist an arm or two on the rebels.

  4. The problem is largely with Russia and the pro Russian separatists. There has been little progress made by international team wanting to have access to the ground zero. Why? It’s because the dimwit and insular -minded separatists won’t budge and to them anything alien is alien and cannot be allowed in, no matter how badly ground zero requires immediate attention. Russia could have arm twisted and command the separatists to relent and allow the multinational teams to come in. Russia can but why isn’t it doing anything? It has been 3 days now.

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