Nentanyahu’s Butchery

The ultimate arrogance of the zionists in their zest to butcher the unarmed civilian Palestianians in Gaza, mainly women and children is demonstrated when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nentanyahu telling off the American allies in the midst of international outcry against the merciless slaughter. So far over 1,700 souls perished in 17 days of brutal military operation.

The Daily Main online story:

Netanyahu warns the US: Do not ‘ever second guess me again’ on Hamas

The Israeli Prime Minister hit out after a truce was broken Friday morning
In a phone call with U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro, Netanyahu vented
He said Washington should trust his judgment on how to deal with Hamas
He now ‘expected’ the U.S. and other countries to fully support Israel’s offensive in Gaza
PUBLISHED: 09:10 GMT, 2 August 2014 | UPDATED: 15:37 GMT, 2 August 2014

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the White House not to force a truce with Palestinian militants on Israel following the quick collapse of the cease-fire in Gaza,
Sources familiar with conversations between Netanyahu and senior U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, say the Israeli leader advised the Obama administration ‘not to ever second guess me again’ on the matter.
The officials also said Netanyahu said he should be ‘trusted’ on the issue and about the unwillingness of Hamas to enter into and follow through on cease-fire talks.
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, at the cabinet meeting at the defense ministry in Tel Aviv on Thursday. On a phone call with the US Ambassador Friday, shortly after a cease fire was broken, he vented his anger and said he expects US support on how he chooses to deal with Hamas
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, at the cabinet meeting at the defense ministry in Tel Aviv on Thursday. On a phone call with the US Ambassador Friday, shortly after a cease fire was broken, he vented his anger and said he expects US support on how he chooses to deal with Hamas
The Obama administration on Friday condemned ‘outrageous’ violations of an internationally brokered Gaza cease-fire by Palestinian militants and called the apparent abduction of an Israeli soldier a ‘barbaric’ action.
The strong reaction came as top Israeli officials questioned the effort to forge the truce, accusing the U.S. and the United Nations of being naive in assuming the radical Hamas movement would adhere with its terms.

Congress backs Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense with $225 million package
Obama warns he’ll act on immigration ‘with or without Congress’ as lawmakers prepare to leave town for August without funding his multibillion-dollar wish list
The officials also blamed the Gulf state of Qatar for not forcing the militants to comply.
With the cease-fire in tatters fewer than two hours after it took effect with an attack that killed two Israeli troops and left a third missing, President Barack Obama demanded that those responsible release the soldier.
Obama and other U.S. officials did not directly blame Hamas for the abduction. But they made clear they hold Hamas responsible for, or having influence over, the actions of all factions in the Gaza Strip.
The language was a distinct change from Thursday when Washington was focused on the deaths of Palestinian civilians.
‘If they are serious about trying to resolve this situation, that soldier needs to be unconditionally released as soon as possible,’ Obama told reporters.
President Barack Obama spoke on Friday afternoon, in part about he Middle East. His administration condemned ‘outrageous’ violations of an internationally brokered Gaza cease-fire by Palestinian militants and called the apparent abduction of an Israeli soldier a ‘barbaric’ action
President Barack Obama spoke on Friday afternoon, in part about he Middle East. His administration condemned ‘outrageous’ violations of an internationally brokered Gaza cease-fire by Palestinian militants and called the apparent abduction of an Israeli soldier a ‘barbaric’ action
He added that it would be difficult to revive the cease-fire without the captive’s release.
‘It’s going to be very hard to put a cease-fire back together again if Israelis and the international community can’t feel confident that Hamas can follow through on a cease-fire commitment,’ he said. His comment reflected uncertainty in the U.S. and elsewhere that Hamas was actually responsible for the incident or if some other militant group was to blame.
At the same time, Obama called the situation in Gaza ‘heartbreaking’ and repeated calls for Israel to do more to prevent Palestinian civilian casualties.
Despite the collapse of the truce, Obama credited Kerry for his work with the United Nations to forge one. He lamented criticism and ‘nitpicking’ of Kerry’s attempts and said the effort would continue.
Kerry negotiated the truce with U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon in a marathon session of phone calls over several days while he was in India on an official visit.
Kerry had spent much of the past two weeks in Egypt, Israel, the West Bank and France trying to mediate a cease-fire with Qatar and Turkey playing a major role because of their close ties with Hamas.
A Palestinian supporter of Hamas holds the Quran as others shout slogans against the Israeli military action in Gaza, during a demonstration in the West Bank town of Tulkarem town on Friday
A Palestinian supporter of Hamas holds the Quran as others shout slogans against the Israeli military action in Gaza, during a demonstration in the West Bank town of Tulkarem town on Friday
Man tinkers with unexploded Israeli shell after bombardment

Those efforts failed with Israel saying it could not trust Hamas and some Israelis and American pro-Israel groups complaining that the U.S. was treating the group — a foreign terrorist organization as designated by the State Department — as a friend.
Late Thursday, however, Israel accepted Kerry and Ban’s latest proposal, despite its reservations. Once the truce was violated, though, Israeli officials hit out at not only Hamas, but the United States and Qatar for its failure.
An Israeli official said the Netanyahu government viewed both Hamas and Qatar as having violated the commitment given to the U.S. and the U.N. and that it expected the international community to take practical steps as part of a ‘strong and swift response,’ especially regarding the return of the abducted soldier.
In a phone call with U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, Netanyahu vented his anger, according to people familiar with the call.
Netanyahu told Shapiro the Obama administration was ‘not to ever second-guess me again’ and that Washington should trust his judgment on how to deal with Hamas, according to the people.
Netanyahu added that he now ‘expected’ the U.S. and other countries to fully support Israel’s offensive in Gaza, according to those familiar with the call.
They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter by name.
They said Netanyahu made similar points to Kerry, who himself denounced the attack as ‘outrageous,’ saying it was an affront to assurances to respect the cease-fire given to the United States and United Nations, which brokered the truce.
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Even Jewish British politician Ed Milliband is attacking British Prime Minister David Cameron for the nonchalant attitude on the incessant but heavily indiscriminate massacre of Palestinian population in Gaza.

Another Daily Mail online story:

Miliband and PM in war of words over Gaza conflict: Accused Cameron of ‘silence on the killing of hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians’


Ed Miliband accused Cameron of ‘silence’ regarding death of Palestians
Remarks sparked angry response from Downing Street amid claims Prime Minister’s views had been misrepresented
Labour leader has called on UK Government to condemn the escalating violence on both sides

PUBLISHED: 23:31 GMT, 2 August 2014 | UPDATED: 23:31 GMT, 2 August 2014

Ed Miliband last night sparked a furious political row over the conflict in Gaza by accusing David Cameron of ‘silence’ regarding the death of Palestinian civilians.
In an outspoken statement, Mr Miliband said Mr Cameron’s ‘silence on the killing of hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians caused by Israel’s military action will be inexplicable to people across Britain and internationally’.
The remarks sparked an angry response from Downing Street, with aides accusing the Labour leader of misrepresenting Mr Cameron’s views.
David Cameron, pictured, was accused by Ed Miliband of ‘silence’ regarding the death of Palestinian civilians
David Cameron, pictured, was accused by Ed Miliband of ‘silence’ regarding the death of Palestinian civilians
The No 10 spokesman said: ‘The Prime Minister has been clear that both sides in the conflict need to observe a ceasefire.
‘We are shocked that Ed Miliband would seek to misrepresent that position and play politics with such a serious issue.’

‘It’s like the Apocalypse’ says British doctor in Gaza: In a harrowing dispatch, heroic NHS surgeon describes horror of treating child bomb victims… during a ceasefire
Dark shadow of the Great War: Tomorrow marks 100 years since Europe plunged into the war to end all wars. But as this brilliant analysis argues, we are still living with its appalling legacy in Ukraine and Gaza
‘If we don’t get our soldier back we should start levelling Gaza’: Palestinians face new wave of bloodshed as ceasefire breaks down after Israeli soldier is ‘kidnapped by Hamas’
Mr Miliband stressed that he was ‘a supporter of Israel’ but branded its military actions in the past two weeks as ‘wrong and unjustifiable’.
He called on the UK Government ‘as a whole’ to condemn the escalating violence on both sides.
Yesterday, in the 26th day of the conflict, Israel carried out fresh attacks on Gaza while militants launched more rockets into Israel as a hunt continues for missing Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin.
The remarks by Ed Miliband, pictured, sparked an angry response from Downing Street, with aides accusing the Labour leader of misrepresenting Mr Cameron¿s views
The remarks by Ed Miliband, pictured, sparked an angry response from Downing Street, with aides accusing the Labour leader of misrepresenting Mr Cameron’s views
Palestinian officials said 55 people had died in Israeli strikes on Saturday, most in Rafah. Some 1,655 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 66 Israelis, all but three soldiers, have so far died.
Last night Israeli officials said they would not attend truce talks in Cairo, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the operation in Gaza would continue ‘if required’ after the demolition of Hamas’s tunnels.
So far some 31 tunnels have been destroyed under the border with Israel.
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Seasoned British politician Lord Paddy Ashdown felt the extreme Israeli Forces handedness against the Palestinians in Gaza would escalate the problem further.

The Daily Mirror story:

Gaza crisis: Paddy Ashdown brands Israel’s attacks ‘foolish and disproportionate’

Aug 02, 2014 11:24 By Nina Massey
Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Lord Ashdown also said that neither side could simply ‘blast their way to victory’
Flynet / BarcroftLord Ashdown’s says Israel and Hamas need to sit down and talk
Former Lib Dem leader Lord Ashdown has branded Israel’s attacks on Gaza as “foolish” and “disproportionate”, saying both sides need to talk to each other.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the peace envoy also said that neither side could simply “blast their way to victory”.

He compared the situation to the conflicts in Bosnia and Northern Ireland where peace deals had been brokered.

Lord Ashdown said: “Neither side can blast their way to victory, so there is only one way to get peace now, and that is for the sides to sit down and start talking to each other.

“Hamas has to be at the table. Who’s firing the rockets? It’s Hamas, and so you have to talk to them… If an individual or an organisation has the support of the people who it represents, in the end you have to talk to them. We had to talk to the IRA, for goodness’ sake.”

Lord Ashdown also said there was “no question” that Israel’s military action was “disproportionate”, telling the show: “Is it disproportionate? Yes it is, there’s no question about it.

“Israel makes the excuse that because weapons are being fired from civilian areas, it’s entitled to use indiscriminate total force against civilian areas. No you’re not.”

He added that had British troops retaliated to civilian attacks in Afghanistan and Northern Ireland, they would “have been guilty of a crime”.

The former Lib Dem leader continued: “To have accidentally, in the course of trying to be careful, hit a single UN school and haven, you could put down to an error in the process of trying to be careful. But to hit six, you have to conclude that’s either criminally careless or carelessly indiscriminate.”

Lord Ashdown described Israel’s military action as “really foolish “, adding that its actions had “created hundreds if not thousands of terrorists, created the enmity of the entire Middle East and lost the support and sympathy of world opinion”.

“That doesn’t seem to me to be a very good dividend from military action,” he concluded.
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Lord Ashdown is right. Apparently, Anti Semitism feeling in Europe is rising and more and more Europeans condemn the brutal Zionist Israeli Forces massacre against Palestinian civilian population in Gaza.

The New York Times story:

Anti-Semitism Rises in Europe Amid Israel-Gaza Conflict


Protesters in support of Palestinians in Gaza last weekend displayed a swastika at a Paris rally. The demonstration had been banned by the government and prompted deployment of police. Credit Etienne Laurent/European Pressphoto Agency
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BERLIN — Across Europe, the conflict in Gaza is generating a broader backlash against Jews, as threats, hate speech and even violent attacks proliferate in several countries.

Most surprising perhaps, a wave of incidents has washed over Germany, where atonement for the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes is a bedrock of the modern society. A commitment to the right of Israel to exist is ironclad. Plaques and memorials across the country exhort, “Never Again.” Children are taught starting in elementary school that their country’s Nazi history must never be repeated. Even so, academics say the recent episodes may reflect a rising climate of anti-Semitism that they had observed before the strife over Gaza.

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An unexploded bomb drew Palestinian onlookers on Friday on a main road in Deir el-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.Gaza Fighting Intensifies as Cease-Fire Falls ApartAUG. 1, 2014
Lila Faria, 19, at her home in Maplewood, N.J. Ms. Faria, a student at New York University, recently returned from a trip to the Middle East with the Taglit-Birthright Israel organization.Birthright Trips to Israel Continue Despite Mideast ConflictAUG. 1, 2014
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators at the Place de la République in Paris on Saturday. Letter From Europe: Gaza Conflict Seen as Providing Cover for Anti-Semitic Attacks in FranceJULY 28, 2014
Tiffany Taieb Nizard, right, with her mother, Martine Gabay. Ms. Taieb Nizard is leaving France for Israel partly because of concerns about anti-Semitism.Number of French Jews Emigrating to Israel Rises JUNE 20, 2014
Jews in Europe Report a Surge in Anti-SemitismNOV. 8, 2013
This week, the police in the western city of Wuppertal detained two young men on suspicion of throwing firebombs at the city’s new synagogue; the attack early Tuesday caused no injuries. In Frankfurt on Thursday, the police said, a beer bottle was thrown through a window at the home of a prominent critic of anti-Semitism. She heard an anti-Jewish slur after going to the balcony to confront her assailant, The Frankfurter Rundschau reported. An anonymous caller to a rabbi threatened last week to kill 30 Frankfurt Jews if the caller’s family in Gaza was harmed, the police said.

The string of incidents comes after Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned anti-Semitic chants from pro-Palestinian demonstrators and President Joachim Gauck called on Germans to “raise their voices if there is a new anti-Semitism being strutted on the street.”

But even as the police have clamped down on demonstrators, banning slogans that target Jews instead of Israeli policies, a spike in violence has spread fear among Jews, not only in Germany but also in other European countries.

More Jews have begun leaving France in recent months, following anti-Semitism that has spilled onto the streets since the start of the Gaza conflict almost a month ago. While most of the pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been peaceful, a small number of violent protesters, many of them young Arab men, has targeted Jewish businesses and synagogues.

French authorities have strongly condemned the violence and, citing public-safety concerns, have refused to authorize a small number of pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Others have spoken of a need to counter anti-Semitism among certain segments of the country’s Muslim youth.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls spoke last week of a “new,” “normalized” anti-Semitism. “It blends the Palestinian cause, jihadism, the detestation of Israel and the hatred of France and its values,” he told the National Assembly.

Even in historically tolerant Italy, anti-Semitic smears have appeared on the streets of Rome. Jewish shop windows in several neighborhoods were defaced this week with swastikas and tags reading “Torch the synagogues” and “Jews your end is near.” Police suspect that right-wing extremists, possibly along with pro-Palestinian activists, carried out the acts.

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Riccardo Di Segni, the chief rabbi of Rome, said he believed that the threats were linked to tensions in the Middle East. “There is cyclically a common thread running between the dramatic tensions in the Middle East and the increase of anti-Semitic episodes,” he said.

In Austria, a preseason soccer match between the Israeli team Maccabi Haifa and Germany’s Paderborn was moved to a more secure location last weekend after a group of youths bearing Palestinian and Turkish flags stormed the field and attacked players during a previous match.

Prominent newspapers, politicians and popular stars in Austria and Germany have responded to the anti-Jewish outburst with a campaign called “Raise Your Voice,” in support of their countries’ Jewish communities. But Samuel Salzborn, a professor of political science at Göttingen University, does not believe that the effort has shifted public opinion.

“The official line of the German government is happily, clearly against anti-Semitism, but that is resulting in far too little,” Mr. Salzborn said. “There is a startling indifference in the German public to the current display of anti-Semitism.”

To many of the more than 100,000 Jews in Germany, the outburst of anti-Semitism since the conflict flared in Gaza has a troubling undertone and has stirred especially painful memories. The Central Council of Jews in Germany has received hundreds of calls from members asking whether they should pack their suitcases and leave the country.

“I have not heard that for many years,” said Dieter Graumann, the council president. “When calls for Jews to be gassed, burned and murdered are bawled on the streets of Germany, that no longer has anything to do with Israel’s politics and Gaza. It is the most abhorrent form of anti-Semitism.”

Academics who study anti-Semitism say the acceptance of disparaging remarks about Jews has become increasingly common in the educated middle class over the past two decades. Especially on social media, where hashtags such as #HitlerWasRight have appeared, there has been a significant jump in slurs against Jews.

Monika Schwarz-Friesel, a cognitive scientist at Technical University, has spent 10 years tracking anti-Semitic comments from educated Germans in letters to editors, in Internet chat rooms and on social media. She said such comments in public forums had served as kindling for the most recent outbreak.

“Violence always starts in the mind,” Ms. Schwarz-Friesel said. “Attacks like that on the synagogue in Wuppertal are not just pulled out of thin air.”

Carola Melchert-Arlt, an elementary school principal in Berlin and mother of three, said she felt afraid for the first time in her decades of living in Germany. She said her mother had asked her to stop wearing a Star of David, a family heirloom from her grandmother’s bat mitzvah, around her neck.

Friends have taken down their mezuzas, Ms. Melchert-Arlt said, and she no longer stifles a smile when a fellow Jew wonders if they are really welcome in Germany.

“We have all always felt the latent anti-Semitism here,” Ms. Melchert-Arlt said. “But what we have experienced in recent weeks and days, not only in Germany but across Europe, is a prevailing mood of outward anti-Jewish sentiment in the streets.”

Gaia Pianigiani contributed reporting from Rome, Katarina Johannsen from Berlin, and Aurelien Breeden from Paris.


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  1. Saya perlu nyatakan saya punya benci kpd Yahudi Zionis Setanyahu dan yang seangkatan dengan nya begitu meluat hingga tiap kali saya nampak gambar dia dll di TV, saya tukar saluran. Hingga kehabisan saluran berita.

    Gila, 800 Arab Palestin mati banding dengan 33 Yahudi mati pada satu peringkat yang saya baca. Sekarang dah beribu Arab Palestin mati di peristiwa betempur kali ini.

    Yang jahat busuk hati tu biasa nya Yahudi Zionis, bukan Yahudi biasa. Yang aktif dalam atau menyokong tegar politik Zionis Israel, yang menduduki secara haram tanah Arab Palestin, di biarkan dek British salepas perang dunia ke 2, kemudian di buat mereka Zionis macam macam sehingga mengikrar dengan sendiri (inilateral declaration) penubuhan negara Israel dan di bantu dek Amerika. Jahanam.

    Di perang tahun 1967, Israel telah mendudukki kawasan Arab Palestine di West Bank, membina perumahan kediaman Yahudi di sana sini tak berhenti henti, membuli Arab Palestin yang membaling batu dengan menembak senjata, meriam dan missile mereka. Hingga sekarang. Cilaka.

  2. Mereka melanda landa sebab apa yang saya baca begitu kuat kuasa dan pengaruh NeoCons, Yahudi dan Zionis di Israel Lobby di US. Hingga dapat menarik hidung si bodoh George W Bush mengebom Iraq mencetuskan Perang Iraq 10 tahun lalu.

    Mereka lihat Barrack Obama sekarang tidak begitu tegas, tidak menampar mereka saperti yang sepatut nya di buat, jadi si Setanyahu naik kurang ajar hingga mengata kapada US, “Do not ‘ever second guess me again’ on Hamas.” Bukan main kurang ajar lagi binatang itu. Pada hal Israel mendapat bantuan kewangan dari US berpuluh juta tiap tahun, dan berbagai bantuan ketenteraan dll.

    Saya harap sentimen anti-Yahudi Israel yang timbul di Eropah dll itu akan merebak sehingga Setanyahu di tampar, di tempeleng dan di templak sehingga tidak lagi kurang ajar dan bertindak berpatutan dan tidak “disproportionate”, jangan asyik membuli Arab Palestin.

    Dukacita saya cakap dengan keras dan tegas dalam perkara ini, tapi saya amat marah dan bosan dengan Yahudi Zionis itu.

  3. For so long as the NeoCons, Jews and Zionists in the Israeli Lobby are functioning in the US, every US President will be beholden to them. And exploited, even told off, by Netanyahu and the likes of him.

    Due to their strong influence, every Presidential candidate will be made to visit Israel, stand if not pray before the Wailing Wall at the Temple Mount beside the Al Aqsar Mosque in Jerusalem.

    That’s the Mosque from which Prophet Muhammad SAW ascended to Heaven and back within the flick of the eye, according to the Islamic tradition.

    The Mosque was built by the Muslims after the Jews were vanquished long ago. Roman Emperor Titus invaded the Jews then in control of Jerusalem, ransacked and burnt the city in AD 90. They were similarly treated by Emperor Hadrian later in history.

    The fact that they were vanquished several times in the past means that they could be brought under control again and cease bullying the Palestinians. Time will come when that will happen. They are not the strongest by any means. While the Palestinians have been suffering, the Zionists and the Jews have, too – they have never had peace and security in that illegally occupied piece of land they call Israel.

    • In 613, the Jews revolted against Byzantine rule. It culminated with the conquest of Jerusalem in 614 by Persian and Jewish forces and the establishment of Jewish autonomy. It ended with the departure of the Persians and an eventual massacre of the Jews in 629 by the Byzantines ending 15 years of Jewish autonomy.

      As part of a military conflict between the Byzantine Empire and the Muslim Rashidun Caliphate, the Rashidun army besieged Jerusalem in 636. After six months, the Patriarch Sophronius surrendered.

      The Muslim conquest of the city solidified the Arab control over Palestine. Thus, it came to be regarded as a holy site by Islam, as well as by Christianity and Judaism.

      Following the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem, Jews were once again allowed to live and practice their religion in Jerusalem, 8 years after their massacre by the Byzantines and nearly 500 years after their expulsion from Judea by the Roman Empire.

      The Crusade which began in the late 11th century changed the situation again. But the Al Aqsar Mosque remained intact to this day. And the Jews’ Wailing Wall allow them to wail at the rear of the mosque.

  4. Bloody arrogant talk Netanyahu warning the US, “Do not ‘ever second guess me again’.

    No wonder they have been hated throughout history. All over the world, too. There are many who don’t mind Hitler killing 6 million of them in World War II.

    And the Jews exploited it, propaganda-ed it to get sympathy, thru all kinds of media, even films. Even Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism, she said out of sympathy regarding the Holocaust.

    But the Zionists twisted President Harry Truman’s arm to get US support when they made a unilateral “declaration of the existence of the Jewish state Israel” not long after the War.

    They were called the first terrorists of the world when they carried out acts of terror, even bombing the hotel which the British used as their HQ as administrators of Palestinian lands after World War II.

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