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Showcause 5 August 2014

Showcause letter to MB Selangor dated 5 August 2014

Showcause letter 2014 (pg 2)

Showcause letter 5 August 2014 (pg 2)

This is the show-cause letter issued to Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim by PKR party HQ, signed by PKR Disciplinary Board Chairman Tan Kee Kwong. He has till Friday 8 Aug 2014 to answer.

This is continuous political drama by Anwar Ibrahim and his band of bandits since taking over Selangor State Government 8 March 2008 has been over bearing and clearly this will clearly affect the Selangor State Government administration.

It obvious Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership and moulding of PKR has never been about the people but only for his greed for power.

The abuse-of-power-convict engineered himself for the MB Selangor job with the excuse of “Precursor to coming to Putrajaya” with the resignation of ADUN Kajang Lee Chin Cheh on 27 January 2014.  The game was spoilt when Court of Appeal overturned Kuala Lumpur High Court of acquittal two years earlier for the charge of sodomising former aide Mohd. Saiful Bukhary Azlan.

The conveniently he slotted own wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as PKR President and she won in DUN 25 Kajang by-election. There on the ‘Kajang Move’ designed by PKR Strategic Director and staunch Anwarista Rafizi Ramli had propped her up as the “Upcoming MB Selangor, replacing Khalid”.

Today, Wan Azizah admitted that she is and all the while had been a puppet. Now she is ready to the ‘MB-Puppet’.

NST story:

Wan Azizah: I don’t mind being called a puppet

5 AUGUST 2014 @ 8:07 AM

SHAH ALAM: PKR president Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said she does not mind being called a ‘puppet’ if the move to install her as the Selangor menteri besar is suc cessful.

She said that should she become MB, she would appoint her husband, de facto opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as her consultant and adviser.

Addressing party members at an event in Klang last night, Wan Azizah said the only reason she was roped in to become the MB was because Anwar had his opportunity ‘snatched away’ from him.

“We strategised the Kajang Move to make Anwar an assemblyman and later, the menteri besar but this was thwarted by the Barisan Nasional-led Federal government.

“As the Selangor MB post was always for Anwar in the first place, I would not hesitate to call on him as my consultant and advisor when I become the MB.”

She claimed that Anwar has the necessary experience to advise her as he was once appointed by Qatar as its economic advisor.

Wan Azizah also took a swipe at under-fire MB Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, saying that he should realise that he is no longer involved in the corporate sector.

She said she and Khalid had not met since her candidacy was announced.

Meanwhile, PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli, who was also present, said there was still a chance for Abdul Khalid to remain as MB if he met with the party leadership and committee to explain the accusations against him by the party’s secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

“We have little tolerance to allegations pertaining to integrity as we have always promised the people that we would be different and stand by our principles,” he said.

In a meeting on Sunday, the PKR leadership had discussed the sacking of Khalid from his party membership if he still refused to vacate his state post following the party’s re quest.

Rafizi said those who want Khalid to step down would not mind resorting to snap polls in order to make Wan Azizah the MB.


Going for a pre-mature State Elections for Selangor isn’t an opinion agreeable with DAP. DAP Strategist Tony Pua, who is Chinese Chauvinist MP for Petaling Jaya Utara felt that a snap poll would not be favourable to PKR-DAP-PAS.

The Malay Mail online story:

Pakatan likely to lose Selangor if snap polls held, Pua warns

JULY 31, 2014
KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 — If PAS stays bent on protecting Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, snap elections in Selangor would be inevitable and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is likely to lose its grip on the country’s richest state, DAP’s Tony Pua warned today.

In such a scenario, the Selangor federal lawmaker said, PAS would emerge the biggest loser of all three PR parties.

Pua said should PAS’s non-Malay vote decline by 30 per cent and the Malay vote by just five per cent, the Islamist party, which now holds 15 seats in the 56-seat assembly, would find itself completely wiped out from Selangor.

“PAS’s insistence to support Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim will inevitably lead to a snap election which will only cause PAS to lose most, if not all of their hard-won seats, and in all likelihood hand Selangor back to Umno on a silver platter.

“We hope that our comrades in PAS will be able to fully come on board the spirit of the coalition, for us to jointly deliver our Pakatan principles and promises to the rakyat of Selangor and prevent the aspirations of the people from being snuffed out before it has a chance of being realised,” he said in a statement here.

PAS has been locked in a public standoff with its PR allies PKR and DAP over the bid to remove Khalid as mentri besar, with several top party leaders insisting that the second-term mentri besar has done no wrong and should be allowed to finish out his term.

Umno has since indicated that it may take PAS’s side in the imbroglio, which means that should Khalid’s detractors choose to move a no-confidence motion in the state assembly, the House would be split down the middle with no clear majorities.

“Under such circumstances, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim will likely have his request to hold snap elections in Selangor consented by the Selangor Sultan,” Pua said.

In a state-wide election, the Petaling Jaya Utara MP calculated that all three PR parties would incur significant losses although PAS was likely suffer the worst.

He pointed out that MB crisis has already resulted in a “massive loss of confidence” for PR in Selangor.

“As evidenced by various independent surveys and our own feedback on the ground, our voters and supporters are dismayed and even outraged by our inability to be decisive in this issue,” he said.

He pointed out that should both PKR and DAP suffer a three and 10 per cent drop in Malay and non-Malay votes respectively, the parties will suffer a combined loss of seven seats out of 30 contested, leaving PKR and DAP with only 10 and 13 seats respectively.

“However, even in the most optimistic scenario where there is inconceivably no drop in Malay support for PAS, coupled with only a 15 per cent drop in non-Malay support, the party will lose seven of the 15 seats won in the last General Election.

“Should non-Malay vote drop 25 per cent which is more than likely — given the controversies involving PAS preceding the election, then PAS will also lose Taman Templer, Hulu Kelang, Lembah Jaya, Seri Serdang and Paya Jaras, leaving them with only three seats in the state assembly,” he warned.

He said PAS will be “completely wiped” out in Selangor if Malay votes decline by a mere five per cent while non-Malay votes drop by 30 per cent.

“As anyone can see from the above scenarios, it will be very unlikely for Pakatan Rakyat — if the coalition still exists in the snap election — to retain power in the state.

“The biggest winner will be UMNO, returning with up to 30 seats in the State Assembly,” he said.

Collectively, PR’s three member parties control the majority of the House with 44 seats — 15 each for DAP and PAS, and 14 for PKR.

– See more at:


All these politicking would just cause the lives of 6 million people who reside in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur to be seriously affected. Especially when strategic and infrastructure issues such as water, waste disposal, sewerage and water reticulation, affordable housing, public transportation and the logistic and supply of food items are affected when the State Administration is in Limbo and the MB Selangor has been attacked internally.

By far, the net end losers are the populous Selangor and indirectly in Kuala Lumpur. So much for the falsehood of  a party with the name ‘Justice for the People’.

*Updated 2300hrs

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  1. Kami tidak redho di ketuai oleh seorang wanita. Bala Allah sedang menunggu,

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  3. Er. You forgot to mention the rising cases of dengue in Selangor.

    Anyway, it increasingly looks likely that this will result in the Selangor State Assembly being disolved and fress state elections called.

    The Malay Mail reports:-

    “Selangor palace ‘not amused’, hires lawyers to look over MB saga”

    Anyway, as Jay Livingston’s and Ray Evans’ song goes – “que sera sera, whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see, que sera sera”.

    • TQ.

      It is was indirectly mentioned as issues such as ‘waste disposal’ and ‘sewerage and water reticulation’.

      In the posting “Scuttling the sinking ship”, it has been suggested that Khalid Ibrahim take all his protagonists to court.

  4. Waah, sounding tough Rafizi saying those who want Khalid to step down would not mind resorting to snap polls in order to make Wan Azizah the MB.

    That was meant for PAS? And DAP Tony Pua?

    Lim Guan Eng supporting the unseating of Khalid and Tony Pua saying PR would lose if snap elections, DAP lidah bercabang now?

    • Maybe snap polls has been their Plan B. After all, Rafizi is Director of Strategy. Now Kajang Move sangkut.

      So PKR Rafizi and DAP Tony Pua are bertelengkah in their stand now? Tony Pua cautioned against snap polls, takut PR kalah.

  5. Puppet Azizah, punya sayang kamu kat Bang Nuor kamu. tak kira apa dia buat pun masih anugerah Tuhan jugak lagi?

    She suffers fools, sodomists, China Dollists, you name it that Anwar is. Love has no bounds for the meek and bullied woman. Or is it just plain blind loyalty under a spell Anwar cast on her 40-50 years ago.

    God helps Selangor if she becomes MB. O God, pls don’t let her.

  6. If Khalid does not reply to the Show Cause letter, would PKR sack him from the party? If so, the Ruler might think he no longer enjoys majority support and ask for confidence vote in DUN Selangor or call all 44 ADUNs to state their stand in front of him like Sultan Perak did in 2009.

    Then the parties enjoying majority support may be asked to form the government. If so, could it be UMNO and PAS and a few PKR katak lompat?

    But Anwar warned that failure to close ranks “may warrant some difficult decisions to be made.” He did not elaborate and his office has declined comment what “difficult decisions” he meant.

    Anybody knows?

  7. Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Assoc Prof Dr Ahmad Marthada Mohamed said no end in sight for PKR crisis it was due to the obsession of the party leaders to achieve their personal political interests. I don’t mind that. Let it be. Until kingdom come. Or they are doomed.

    Ahmad Marthada felt there was no reason for Khalid to comply with the call for him to step down because he had not done anything to violate the regulation and in fact the Menteri Besar had challenged Saifuddin to report to the authorities if there were any proof of malpractices and that his integrity as the Menteri Besar had been tarnished.

    “There are two aspects why he should or should not step down. Firstly, there is no word from the Sultan of Selangor on his disagreement on Abdul Khalid’s leadership.

    “Secondly, there is no word from the people of Selangor calling for his resignation, there is no referendum from the people, what we hear more often is the voice from the PKR party leadership,” he said.

    Way to go, Professor. Let’s frustrate the ambitious gay man till his doom.

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