The Chief strikes back, Pt IV

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is his capacity as MB Selangor, ADUN Pelabuhan Utara, MP Bandar Tun Razak, former CEO of PNB and a holder PSM is taking The Malaysian Insider and Jahabir Sadiq to court.























IMG_3281 IMG_3282


This is not the first time The Malaysian Insider and/or Jahabar Sadiq are being sued. Two years ago, Former Malaysia Airlines Chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli sued TMI, Jahabar and another writer for RM200 million for slander and false reporting.

Former Malaysia Airlines Chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli looking at Malaysian Insider's ad in NST and Berita Harian today

Former Malaysia Airlines Chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli looking at Malaysian Insider’s ad in NST and Berita Harian today

However, this is most prolific.

Probably Tong Kooi Ong, who is behind The Edge Media Group which acquired The Malaysian Insider recently and a renown Anwarista could provide the legal assistance for TMI and/or Jabahar.

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  1. The order of the photos seems to be jumbled up. The continuity is lost…

  2. Good that Khalid sues the bugger Jahabar Sadiq and MI, hopefully to teach him more lessons.

    Last time ex-MAS Chairman Tajuddin Ramli sued him, he apologized profusely in the mass media, Tajuddin took pity of him and didn’t continue the suit until he and MI go bankrupt.

    I hope this time Khalid pursues him to lubang cacing. Sue him to the maximum, Khalid. Get him and MI declared bankrupt. You have such a background that compensation for loss of name etc should run to hundreds of millions.

  3. That looks like the same Tong Kooi Ong mentioned in the Statutory Declaration by Murad M Noor (one of former Bank Negara top executives and later Director of Rashid Hussin Bank) on Anwar amassing RM3 billion –!topic/soc.culture.malaysia/Jxot-HnyAjY

    Here are extracts:

    “5. A male Chinese named Tong Kooi Ong, is also involved significantly in raising, financial assistance for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Tong Kooi Ong is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Phileo Allied Berhad, which is listed on the Main Board of the KLSE. Phileo Allied Bank is also under the control of Tong Kooi Ong. Tong Kooi Ong came into contact with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on my introduction and they subsequently became very close.

    Tong Kooi Ong subsequently disclosed to me that in return – for the favours granted to him by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, he had established a “Master Account” – under his control. From which financial contributions could be made for the interests of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. This Master Account is to derive revenues from the holding of shares and buildings. At one point Tong Kooi Ong confided in me that the Master Account was worth RM200 million based on the values of shares and building assigned to it.

    6. 1 believe there are at least 20 other “Master Accounts” established for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim by his various cronies. I believe that the total funds in these 20 Master Accounts run into more that RM3

    Maybe Ong and/or Anwar can fork out the millions that may be awarded if the suit succeeds. But the fact that they made Jahabar and MI stooped low and apologized in the Tajuddin Ramli suit shows that they are likely going to ask them to do the same again.

    So, it’s important that Khalid not agree to mere apologies if and when he wins. The blokes need to be taught lessons that’ll make them cease their despicable acts.

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