Profiteering from misconduct

The Instagram of the passenger onboard MH20 KUL-CDG which arrived on 4 August 2014, believed to be Laura Bushney

The Instagram of the passenger onboard MH20 KUL-CDG which arrived on 4 August 2014, believed to be Laura Bushney

The woman believed to be the passenger onboard of MH20 from Kuala Lumpur to Paris Charles De Gaulle on 4 August 2014 who made a complaint about “A Chief Steward attempted to rape her during flight”, is probably making financial demands to get her to shut up.

AFP story on the ‘Sexual assault onboard MH20’:

Malaysia Airlines steward ‘sexually assaulted’ passenger

Published: 14 Aug 2014 at 18.45 | Viewed: 922 | Comments: 0Online news: AsiaWriter: AFP

KUALA LUMPUR – A Malaysia Airlines cabin crew member has been detained in France over allegations that he sexually assaulted a passenger who was scared of flying with the disaster-prone airline.

File picture taken on May 14, 2014 shows a Malaysia Airlines staff member walking up to a flight prior to departure at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang

The case, involving the chief steward of a Paris-bound flight, is the latest setback for the struggling national carrier, which was struck by twin tragedies this year when one of its passenger jets went missing and another was shot down over conflict-torn east Ukraine.

The airline said in a statement Thursday that French police had detained a crew member for questioning following allegations by a passenger of “inappropriate sexual behaviour” on flight MH20 from Kuala Lumpur on August 4.

The Australian passenger complained to authorities about the incident after touchdown at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, saying she had told crew at the beginning of the flight about her apprehension of flying with the airline in the wake of the two disasters.

The steward sat beside her and sexually assaulted her under the pretext of “comforting” her, she said, according to a source close to the French probe.

Malaysia Airlines vowed to assist French authorities in their investigation, adding “the safety, comfort and well-being of our passengers is always our highest priority”.

“Malaysia Airlines expects and accepts nothing short of the highest standards of conduct from its crew and takes any such allegations very seriously,” it said.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared mysteriously in March with 239 people aboard, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. No trace has been found and the airline was widely criticised for its handling of the crisis.

On July 17, MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, with 298 people killed.

The airline stands on the financial brink after the disasters.

State investment fund Khazanah Nasional, which has controlled the airline for years via a 70 percent ownership stake, said last week that it plans to buy all remaining shares and de-list the company before undertaking a “complete overhaul”.


The Star report:

MAS crewman held over sexual assault

Friday, 15 August 2014

KUALA LUMPUR: A cabin crew member of Malaysia Airlines has been detained for questioning by the French police for alleged inappropriate sexual behaviour towards a passenger.

The alleged incident occurred on Flight MH20 that was travelling from here to Paris on Aug 4.

MAS expects and accepts nothing short of the highest standards of conduct from its crew and takes any such allegations very seriously, the airline said in a statement yesterday.

“We will naturally assist the French authorities as they conduct their investigations and would stress that the safety, comfort and well-being of our passengers are always our highest priority,” the airline added, confirming a report by French news portal FranceTVInfo that a MAS crew member was being investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting an Australian passenger.

The incident purportedly happened when the passenger expressed nervousness about flying following the disappearance of Flight MH370 in March and the downing of Flight MH17 in July.

The report stated that the crew member sat next to the passenger under the pretext of comforting her before “sexually assaulting” her.

AFP reported that the passenger lodged a report with the French border police upon her arrival in Paris and the crew member was detained on Aug 7.


The Chief Steward, believed to be a cabin crew by the name of Mohd. Rosli Abd. Karim, is now under custody in a Paris lock up pending investigations. Non relatives have been denied access to the accused.

It is believed that lawyers reprising the passenger, probably someone by the name of Laura Bushney and believed to be an Australian, was said to have demanded £300,000.00 from the accused for the case to cease from proceeding any further.

It is believed that Bushney would appear on Channel 7 Australia on the evening of Sunday 24 August 2014, to tell her story.

Sydney Morning Herald story:

Laura Bushney breaks silence over sexual assault on Malaysia Airlines flight

August 22, 2014

Tom Decent

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Laura Bushney tells of her alleged sexual assault.

An aircraft steward believed he was comforting an Australian woman when he allegedly put his hands down her pants on a Malaysia Airlines flight, the female passenger has revealed.

Channel Seven’s Sunday Night will air a tell-all interview with 26-year-old Laura Bushney, who recorded the moment Mohd Rosli Bin Ab Karim, a married man with three children, put his hands under a blanket and down her pants while working.

Mr Rosli allegedly touched Bushney’s upper thigh before putting his hands under her clothing after being under the impression he was “comforting her”.

“He’s massaging my legs, I’m so scared I just want to get off this plane,” Bushney can be heard saying on the recording. “I don’t want to see you, go away, you give me the creeps you dirty old man.”

Bushney was travelling by herself when the 54-year-old steward allegedly sexually assaulted her, causing her to “freeze in panic”. Bushney recorded the incident on her iPhone under a blanket as well as another face-to-face altercation after the incident when Rosli realised he had been in the wrong.

“I just keep saying, ‘Why didn’t I scream, why didn’t I shout?'” Bushney told Sunday Night reporter Ross Coulthart. “I am a strong person because I can do that, I know I can. But when I was in the moment, I couldn’t. I felt so scared and so petrified.”

After MH20 touched down on August 4, Mr Rosli was detained by police at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and remains in custody after making admissions relating to the sexual assault.

Given the disappearance of MH370 in March and the MH17 tragedy last month, Malaysia Airlines confirmed the allegations but has done very little to improve its tarnished image after making no attempt to offer compensation or counselling to the victim.

“Malaysia Airlines can confirm that the following allegations by a passenger travelling on flight MH20 from Kuala Lumpar to Paris of inappropriate sexual behaviour by a member of the cabin crew, the member of staff has been detained for questioning by the French police,” said the statement.

“Malaysia Airlines expects and accepts nothing short of the highest standards of conduct from its crew and takes any such allegations very seriously.”

Sunday Night airs 8.45pm Sunday, August 24 on Seven.

Read more:


If the French Police and authorities is still investigating the case, then it is unsure why Bushney is going in front of Australian TV to bare all about her alleged rape cry against Chief Steward Rosli.

Unless she and Australian media have ulterior motives to paint the picture against  Chief Steward Rosli and/or Malaysia Airlines.

An Instagram account believed to be Laura Bushney

An Instagram account believed to be Laura Bushney

Searches shown that Bushney is a person of dubious morality. An Instagram believed to be hers, shows that she is someone who is willing to share her lewd photos in public domain.

If Chief Steward Rosli did commit the ‘sexual assault’ as alleged, the he should be charged and tried under the French law. He must be allowed to defend himself. After all, as a National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM) Exco, the union should step up to assist him.

Search on Laura Bushney's Instagram

Search on Laura Bushney’s Instagram

Many wondered where exactly onboard the A380 aircraft that Chief Steward Rosli could progressed so far in ‘Sexual assault’ on Bushney, without the risk of someone ran into or saw them. Especially when she is an economy class passenger.

It is also funny if Bushney couldn’t cry for help when she was onboard, that she is courageous enough to appear on Australian national TV to tell her story.

A note from "Gran" to "Laura" in the Instagram

A note from “Gran” to “Laura” in the Instagram

Then again, there is a suspicion if not the possibility that Bushney through her lawyers is trying to profit from a case which has yet to be proven through the means of the legal system, including French.

That is immoral.

*Updated Monday 25 August 2014 1100hrs

Refresh on the Instagram account strongly believed to be Laura Bushney’s shown that all the photos, featured here as screenshots over 30 hours ago have been deleted.

The Instagram account strongly believed to be Laura Bushney's have been wiped clean after this blog's posting on her

The Instagram account strongly believed to be Laura Bushney’s have been wiped clean after this blog’s posting on her

That is a demonstration that Laura Bushney isn’t a credible person.

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  1. Are we expected to believe that she was so paralyzed by fear that she couldn’t say or do anything yet had the presence of mind to hide her cell to ‘record?’ Sounds premeditated to me and smells fishy.

    • Exactly, it smells very fishy.

      This woman expressed nervousness flying with Malaysia Airlines because of the two air disasters? Well, if that is the case then why did she chose MAS in the first place? She can’t pick any other disaster-free airline flying to France? Pick Qantas lah or singapore airlines that claimed never to fly over Ukraine (only to be proven otherwise).

      She was nervous about the flight to the point of ‘froze in panic’ and yet she can record the whole ‘panicky’ situation? Wow!

      Well, she’s an Australians and SOME Australians have very strange habits. They knew that they cannot smuggle drugs into Asian countries and yet felt that they can get away smuggling weeds into Bali for example, only to be caught red-handed and resorted to a theatrical performance of their innocence. They used Thai woman as a surrogate mother then only picked a healthy baby and dumped the Down syndrome twin with the Thai mother. They think we Asians are incompetent lot with human right records and yet they’re the one who send boat people to Nauru or Papua. Oh, and they think everything is funny even to the point of making prank phone calls to a hospital in the UK about the Cambridges which lead to a nurse committing suicide.

      And now this. Seriously?

      • Are you serious brining race into this? Because you have forgotten to mention all the money we have sent overseas including to the poor Asian countries or when they have had a natural disasters, we have brought people over to Australia so they can have medical treatment. When the Australian people heard about the surrogate mother issue they raised 1000’s of $$ as for that poor boy and were horrified that the wife (Asian) agreed to have children with that man. Lets look at Bali how many poor Australians were killed over there with bali bombing and what was there punishment a slap on the wrist but the Asian countries will kill someone for bringing drugs into there country but we are the strange ones? We also wont mention how many Asian people are caught brining drugs into our country then get get paid money whilst been locked up in our prison. If our people are guilty of anything its been to soft hearted!

      • She is one of those descended from convicts of old Australia, the British penal colony.

      • She was born in South Africa NOT Australia.

      • Maybe that made it worse. Very few are of Nelson Mandela caliber there.

        But I want to have it on record my appreciation for Australian leaders, helping on MH370, etc.

        But the suspicious-intention Australian or South African woman what’shername I have no sympathy for.

      • So you are criticising all Australians on a few bad ones. Why don’t you concentrate on the good things Australia and Australians has done? Or are you one of these people that would love to live here and have been knocked back? If that’s all you have on Australians then they are doing pretty good considering the pure evil in some other countries. Your comment is actually very funny, that’s all you have on a country that is a more than 2 centuries old. You must be so young, if not then you’re very naive.

    • I think we can all expect MAS stewards to remain professional and not put their hands down womens panties no matter what.

      If this guy gets away with it, then all the perverts of the world will book their next flight on MAS and start putting their hands down everyones pants.

      However, judging by the booking lately, there won’t be many people on the flight. in fact, theres hardly anyone now. the whole plan is flying empty.

      • You sound like some one who is bitter against MAS and Malaysia. Talking as if you are not a Malaysian.

        You have migrated to Australia? You must be very sore about many things in Malaysia.

        But your last paragraph sounds like you are a loony. Saying “judging by the booking lately” – you saw it in the crystal ball?

        “the whole plan(e) is flying empty”? – you saw the Malaysia Chronicle photos? You don’t know that all kinds of digital photos can be made and displayed in the Internet by a nasty Opposition blog like Malaysia Chronicle?

        You didn’t see the kind done by the so-called Red Beans of the DAP etc during the last general elections in this country?

      • I have no concern about the crappy politics in malaysia. I don’t even know who your PM is. But what I do know is that we need to respect women and not put hands down their pants. This is especially so for professional airline stewards no matter which airline no matter which country.

        Its kinda shocking to know the attitude prevalent in malaysia to this kind of action. I mean like I said, if its okay to do this on any airline from any country, perverts will be booking on that airline en masse.

        Its just bad luck that it happens to be MAS. but the attitude displayed by the malaysians to this suggest that maybe its more cultural. Maybe its just the MAS way? or Malaysian way?

        As long as women has given me invitation or open her legs, I can do this in malaysia right?

        just asking.

      • chip,

        You are a liar saying not concerned about the politics here. The entire thrust of your comments in here is politics, whacking MAS, Malaysia, the government led by the Malays/ Muslims. You even used the word Muslims a few occasions in your tirade, you being the non-Muslim and non-Malay DAP kind.

        If not, you wouldn’t have gone at great lengths to come in with comment after comment, replying to almost every counter-comment levelled at you. Disregarding what others have said, shitting your nasty comments at MAS etc.

        And now you have gone to the stage of saying “As long as women has given me invitation or open her legs, I can do this in malaysia right?” This sounds very much a Malaysian Oppo Hippo. A fitting reply to that is for you to open your legs to Anwarul Al Juburi, the Sodomist Opposition leader who’ll do you up face down on the floor.

      • I don’t think it matters to me which party in malaysia is in power, because I just don’t have an interest in your country. What is of interest to me is that women don’t get sexually assualted and if there are cultural differences that make it more likely in Malaysia, then we need to educate the people to ensure we get an equitable outcome for women.

        Women are your mothers, your wives, your sisters and daugthers. Its only natural for people like me to protect them.

        Now I don’t think this is about muslims or christians or martians. In christians countries, women are still struggling for equality and respect and it makes no difference. We should all be striving for justice. Justice against sexual predators like this steward.

        I don’t know how politics work in malaysia but if it seems that the opposition in malaysia are more interested in womens rights than how does that describe those in power?

        I don’t care who you are, you don’t put your hands down the pants of a female, especially if you are an airline steward. I don’t care who you are as long as you are not promoting the acceptance of sexual assault. You all need to be educating men to understand that women dont want you to put your hand down their pants.

  2. Looks suspicious to me.

    Weren’t there other passengers who witnessed the steward allegedly sitting next to this woman?

    If she was so nervous about flying Malaysia Airlines, why did she not refuse her ticket in the first place or refuse to board the plane?

    The articles describing this incident referred to here don’t reveal much about the incident but include irrelevant stuff like MAS being taken private Khazanah and so forth.

  3. I just noticed that all of her pix, including the ones of her topless have been removed from her Instagram account. IMHO, posting pix like those from the screen shot above proves that she is not exactly the shy, paralyzed type that she is posing as. Airing her accusations in the media the way she is doing it is a dirty trick. This amounts to a trial in the media which is unfair. I say the accused is innocent until proven otherwise. I believe she is trying to cash in on some $$. Someone needs to send the above screenshot to the NUFAM [MAS Flight Attendant Union]

  4. My bad. I must have mistyped her handle. Her instagram account is still there, in all its glory. Kudos bigdog for finding this!

  5. And international media sided with an immoral and criminal blackmailer

  6. The authorities should look into her background.

    Taken as a package, the tragedies befallen on MAS may point to a premeditated sabotage. Possible enemies: a neighbouring competitor airline, domestic competitor airline, Gazan occupiers (prompted by Malaysia’s support).

    This on top of Lahad Datu, Bershit 1,2, Blackout505, Reformasi …..

  7. She is not beautiful at all, is she? In the face and elsewhere.

    That, to some extent, tells her character, doesn’t it?

    Bloody hell, if there was no witness, surely the testimony of the MAS chief steward holds sway.

    But bloody hell, if prosecuted, under French law, you are guilty until proven innocent. Btw, is the steward prosecuted yet?

    • you rather believe a MAS chief who is on tape crying like a beggar not to be reported or his testemony admitting to those charges?

      He’s already confessed. He’s now trying to explain himself.

      MAS is already trying to distance themselves from him.

      Poor guy with a wife and child is now stuck in prison far far away cause he put his hand down someones pants

      • You really are having a field day to day, commenting all over the places, saying all sorts, eh?

        You must be feeling you are a hero of sorts. But I must say you are beginning to make me think you are being childish. You might even really be a child.

        “a MAS chief who is on tape crying like a beggar”? Who is the “MAS Chief” you are referring to? Loose gun, shooting from the hip, glib, saying anything you like, eh? Come on, boy, be serious, be responsible in your statements. Who are going to believe you talking like that?

        All the rest of what you say is not worth commenting on because you don’t sound responsible in your statements.

      • I take no pleasure in my stance for women, because there are half our society and deserve respect.

        What if we live in a world where women just come up to us men and sodomize us with no respect because we bend over to pick up something.. And if we complain, we are labelled liars.

        You think that would be a good world for men.

        Think about if that women was your wife, or your mother, or your sister of daughter? how would you feel? You would be mad as hell. Well that most of my people would be. I don’t know about malaysia.

      • “most of my people would be.” Who are “your people”?

        You talk about culture and such yet you are not telling us what your “culture” is.

        I want to know the extent of respect your people have towards women.

      • you are trying to judge a book by its origins. thats not nice.

      • Chip, you must be joking…
        This is MAS chief steward – you don’t get to be THAT if you are not good. He is almost retiring and also one of the top union member. He has a wife and 3 children waiting at home. Why would he do that? What motive? Seriously, Laura Bushney looks near 40 and I’m sure more than half of the females in the flight are better looking than her.

        And I don’t see any evidence of him confessing, if anything, he denied all her allegations and apologised (kudos to him for being professional and be so polite, even though he has been accused of something he didn’t do).

  8. Aren’t planes equipped with CCTV? No point digging up dirt and casting aspersions.

    What a waste of time and shit stories.

    • Are you so bodoh as to ask, don’t wait for the answer, then make a wild accusation of “shit stories”?

      You DAP Cina Bukit kind who always make wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations, ha?

      Good that bigdog puts your comment in here for us to smash you back.

      Do allow such comments from time to time, BD, for some amusement, especially on the weekends.

    • Dandy,

      Would you read what Stephanie Yu, a Malaysian based in Hong Kong, said in my comment below?

      That’s what being a responsible Malaysian citizen is, one who has feelings for and loves her country. And comes out defending fellow Malaysians, MAS, the national airline of the country, even when residing abroad.

      Wise up, man. Don’t think or sound like an ungrateful ingrate DAP Cina Bukit.

  9. With a face like hers and with a background like hers, if not for the likelihood of making money from the claims she made, she’d be enjoying every bit of the alleged groping.

    She’d probably accuse the man for cruelty for not continuing the groping until kingdom come. Or until whatever comes.

    • With an attitude like this, I worry about the women of Malaysia.

      Men must really think western women want their hands down their pants

  10. Allow me to copy this report that shows even a Malaysian lady thinks the Aussie woman is behaving funny –

    Stephanie Yu, a Malaysian based in Hong Kong, who found out about the interview had reservations about the claims made by Bushney.

    “I watched the preview video and something didn’t seem right about the girl and her story. That’s when I decided to do some investigating and I found her old Instagram account. I was really disgusted and at the same time angry. “

    “It’s clear that even if the MAS steward did do something inappropriate, I bet she led him to do it and only started crying afterwards. She is obviously doing this for personal fame or money or some ungodly reason. I think as Malaysians we have been through enough this year,” said Yu, a Malaysian citizen currently residing in Hong Kong.

    “We don’t deserve this. MAS don’t deserve this. People need to see the type of person this victim really is and then decide for themselves whether she is telling the truth or it’s just a bunch of lies. That’s why I decided to get in touch with the media (saying these),” she added.

    • I don’t think that its the people who should decide. The court should decide based on all presented evidence. Just because someone has a topless photo on instagram doesn’t mean it gives the right for other people to sexually assault her. On the other hand no one has the right to falsely accuse any one else too. Let the court decide who’s wrong or right…

      • The allegation is not that because she has indecent photos available to public, everyone has the right to sexually assault her. It only gives an idea that such an indecency might be telling of her character, takes her credibility away as there is a possibility that an indecent person may fabricate such an incident. Of course it is never anyone’s right to sexually assault anyone. We are questioning the legitimacy of her claim. Not awarding the steward the right to sexually assault her because she’s a shady character herself. The video (perhaps I have only seen a part of it) shows the steward denying what the woman claims, he only said he was comforting her (in whatever sense, we do not know from the video). He did not admit to putting his hand down her pants.

      • Only the court has the right to judge ones legitimacy in this case. I was just wondering why would someone fly on an airline that he/she is not confident of ?

        Just a few $$$ of savings doesn’t justify the inconvenience and the risk. At least that’s how I think.

        For me I ptefer to pay amd fly a more reliable airline (in my opinion) and have a peace of mind and a relaxing and safe journey.

  11. Well, let the French authorities conduct their enquiries and let the chips fall where they may….

    One trusts that the French authorities will conduct a fair, unbiased and neutral hearing and go strictly by the facts.

    As for comments that the woman in question somehow “invited” the incident to happen (either by dress or behaviour) begs the wider question of why women are judged by different standards (i.e. if they suffer rape or molestation, it must be something they did).

    That is reminiscent of certain parties in India who say that gang rape is acceptable because “boys will be boys”.

    What a load of crap!

    • The same load of crap applies to those with the view (never mind straits or crooked, haha) that strange behaviour and funny sounding statements cannot be walloped.

      Especially when they tend to worsen an already suffering image of our national airline, largely due to the gullibility of people like you.

      And you will “let the chips fall on your head” when blokes blame us for MH 370 disappearance or for not producing the aircraft remains until to day?

      • “Already suffering image of our national airline”….. now who or what is responsible for putting MAS in this dire predicament?

        Even Dr Mahathir, who’s so with it with the clever quip or the scornful put down, is silent as to exactly what he did for MAS during his premiership.

        Nobody wants to compare MAS with SIA, which both started off around the same time.

        Be that as it may – those in the aviation industry know what’s what, what is sustainable and what is not.

        Coming back to the subject of this thread, are you suggesting or implying that the French authorities are incapable of uncovering the truth?

        And why should this woman be judged by her persona in the social media?

        What was that about letting those without sin being allowed to be the first to cast the stone?

      • I say, old boy, if you want to compare Singapore and Malaysia, why don’t you start by the land size, the population size and diversity, the length of roads and highways they have to build, the suing to bankruptcy of the Opposition politicians, etc etc.

        You sure you are not in Jln Straits View having run away from intolerable, rigid society that Singapore is, are you? Ridiculous blokes wanting to compare the Red Dot with the whatever.

        “why should this woman be judged by her persona in the social media?” Yes, why the bloody hell you doing that? Double standards? Read the 3rd and 4th paras of your original comment.

        Why are you defending her after saying let the French conduct their own enquiries? Are you also not judging her by saying those? You should just have shut up after your 1st para.

        And when you defended her, others have the right to say otherwise, don’t you know that?

        And why can’t you be like Stephanie Yu, the Malaysian based in Hong Kong, who said,

        “I watched the preview video and something didn’t seem right about the girl and her story. That’s when I decided to do some investigating and I found her old Instagram account. I was really disgusted and at the same time angry. “

        “It’s clear that even if the MAS steward did do something inappropriate, I bet she led him to do it and only started crying afterwards. She is obviously doing this for personal fame or money or some ungodly reason.”

        And if you don’t think or feel like her, why do you have to load your crap in here or try to glorify Singapore, especially when the chips are down with Malaysia facing MH370 and MH17? And if you think the Malaysian authorities are responsible for the accidents, why don’t you cross to Singapore and quit Jalan Straits View?

    • Haiya jsv

      Singapore Airlines Profit Down 71%

  12. today, she deleted all her nudity pictures in her instagram account. luckily i print screen.. she cannot run away. cheap slut!

  13. I sometimes wonder why some people are quick to judge other’s intentions whenever a comment is made as to know the truth of what happen.

    When a crime is committed by a Malaysian which is a serious allegation and when it involves tarnishing also the country’s name like the NZ case and now MAS, the act of defending the accused or tarnishing the victims even before it has gone to court just shows the kind of mentality some Malaysians have. It’s absolutely disgusting to most fair minded Malaysians. They are known as the ugly ones.

    Added to that, commenters are then judged as their political opponents or belonging to a certain race. What sort of cow dung brain is that?

    • The cow dung brain is precisely like yours.

      Saying “a waste of time and shit stories” before you get your answer in your earlier comment is very much that – cow dung brain.

      Then you have the audacity to ask “why some people are quick to judge other’s intentions whenever a comment is made ..”

      No, you are not fair minded, mate. You are the queer one. And they are not the ugly ones, but you are.

      Read back what you wrote in your 14:36 and your 10:01 comments, see how cow dung-ish they are. Try that, ok.

      • why are you defending a sexual pervert?

      • Who is? Dandy is?

  14. its most likely that MAS flight was near empty given the current events, so hardly many people witnessing. Check the flights online, heaps of people tweeting pictures of empty MAS flights.

    Also, women who like to go naked doesn’t mean they are willing to accept rape or sexual assault or are blackmailers.

    Men in muslims and asia have a very different view on this subject and are mostly against women rights as opposed to views in the west. They think women from the west are sexually open.

    anyway, there is recorded evidence of the steward confessing and knowing what he did was inappropriate. He is a sicko.

    • Where is proof “most likely that MAS flight was near empty given the current events ..” Just saying “most likely” only, eh? No proof.

      “..heaps of people tweeting pictures of empty MAS flights.” Where got? What proof those pictures are MAS flights?

      Where is the “evidence of the steward confessing and knowing what he did was inappropriate”? Why you don’t give links even? You are the sicko?


        why don’t you google. its all over the news here. they are mas flights because of the color and pattern of seats on plane and picture of guy with tickets.

        come on. 2 crashes in a few months. who wants to fly with MAS. MAS is dying. MAS is the unlucky airline. MAS is cursed.

        now MAS has sexual predator for steward. bad news all around

      • Ooooooo you are quoting Malaysia Chronic News ha? The so-called news portal that are neither news nor portal. Lies, deceits, twists and spins, lorr.

        That’s Pakatoon propaganda mouth piece, ma. Associated with Mister Al Juburi who said not me, not me, my stomach is smaller, my Omega watch with Jijah, etc, etc. And with Tian Chu a a who has been charged in court for sedition.

        You Pakatoon ha? If so, who’s going to believe what you say? They don’t even believe what they say among themselves. Some say want Jijah only, some want Azmin oso as Selangor MB.

        Btw, PAS deciding to day after Hadi angry they twisted what he said about PAS also wanting Azmin – decided already or not by now arr?

      • Yes, they still disagree among themselves –

        13 PAS reps won’t sign SD supporting Wan Azizah, says Mustafa Ali
        The Malaysian Insider – ‎2 hours ago‎

        PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali (right) says the Islamist party will leave it to the Sultan of Selangor to determine the Selangor menteri besar‎ position.

    • He didn’t confess, he said he was sorry but didn’t say what he was sorry for. That is not a confession.

      • He definitely did not confess. Watched many times – no confessions made.

  15. Let me get this straight because this lady has photos of her boobs it means she deserved it? Because she didn’t scream but managed to get evidence she must be lying? Are you guys for real this man had a job to do as an airhostess did Malaysian airlines teach them as part of there service you put our hands down the passengers pants and put your fingers inside them? They were not allegations he admitted to that he said because she didn’t say stop he thought it was okay he said that not her. Now lets hear your excuses about that.

    • You also sicko? Not giving the source “he admitted to that he said because she didn’t say stop he thought it was okay he said that not her”? Your source is DAP Red Bean issit?

      “managed to get evidence ..” – what evidence? Photo showing his hand on her thigh? I’m not a lawyer but I think evidence is not just cakap cakap.

      • In the tape you can see him begging her not to report him begging him like a poor beggar. He has done something wrong, thats why he is acting that way.

        “please don’t report me, I am a married man, I have children”

      • Still no source quoted, eh? Whatever quoted elsewhere was not a reliable source, a bunkum, irresponsible Opposition party mouth piece. How to believe what you say?

        Btw, what “chip” are you? A microchip or a chic’s chip?

        I’m a haba haba. hehe.

    • The whole point is that she planned the whole recording thing. She started recording herself ‘BEFORE’ the alleged incident, where she is crying that she is so scared, wants to get off the plane etc etc. By her own admission, those were things she said at the beginning of the flight. Then later, supposedly ‘during’ the incident, she claims she was frozen/paralyzed by fear and could not say anything. Well, she somehow managed to hide her cell, press record and give her little narration DURING. NOT the actions of someone who was paralyzed by fear. As for not judging her in the media, she started it all by selling her ‘tale’ to the news outfit. And that’s exactly what she is trying to do to the Steward before the courts decide, based solely on her accusations. And I watched the entire video several times [which they took down yesterday for folks outside Australia] and my ‘take’ on the Steward is that he denied it, and says he is sorry – which I believe just refers to her being upset. As for her supposed witness, the girl admits that she was sound asleep, that she didn’t witness anything. She is merely parroting what the alleged ‘victim’ told her. Then she has the nerve on the news video to say yes – he is the guy who raped the accuser. Here in the US her testimony would be thrown out of court as hearsay since she did not witness the alleged incident. This whole thing is unfair and a one-sided attempt to crucify the Steward and MAS. Plenty of folks get accused like this but not all are guilty. It’s all about the money and some time in the limelight. I am glad there are several screen shots of her instagrams floating around now. Kinda suss that she took them down now when they’ve been there over 2 years.

      • The point is MAS already has a bad repitation before this latest case. Few other airlines have had the same fate as MAS and some of them already went under.

        I mean C’mon somebody shoots down their plane and they cant do nothing about it!!

        They didn’t even boycot russia for their part in the downing of thw plane whereas the rest already did.

  16. 1. She let all the crews know that she was SO terrified to fly with MAS. Maybe hoping that the crews will give her a free upgrade to Business or First class. Sorry, no luck. I remember once that i was very sick while flying and remained in my economy class.

    2. She kept saying she was too scared to say anything but she had the time to arrange the phone to tape the incident and say to the phone “he is rubbing my leg”. Reality show or what?

    3. In AUS, many woman have sex with their partners and turned around the next day and claim they got raped. This is happening all the time! And the woman always win! Was she thinking to do something similar to that?

    4. Too scared to stand up and walk away, too scared to tell him to stop but not too scared video tapped the incident and then appear on the media.

    5. Funny part is, after being “raped” and feeling so “devastated”, she remains in France for her holiday.

    6. The TV journalist kept saying that MAS refuse to make any comments. This is simply because this is under investigation, they are not suppose to say anything.

    7. Even the french authority told her to consider to drop the allegation, it is quite obvious that they too think this is way over the top.

    Honestly, watching her said whatever she said, i got really angry. 7 TV is reporting only one side of the story, it is more like a gossip stories on one of those glossy celebrity gossip magazine. That is not real journalism.

    • Good one, Jhodi.

      I like that No. 7 – even the French authority told her to drop it.

      • french authorities have not said such things. where is the source for that. They are still investigating and they have a confession from him and its recorded on tape also, so the truth has already come out. He’s quilty. The cops still have him in jail. they have not released him since the incident. tells you something is very wrong.

      • If you people can twist, spin and slant all the time, you no like when others do so one time? Even so, the guy may provide his source later on.

        The French law is different – you are guilty until proven innocent. So they don’t just charge people, they take a longer time to investigate.

        What is very wrong in this country is the Opposition. Even the sun rising in the East every day they blame UMNO/BN, hehe.

    • you got angry cause you are taking it personally and as a slight against your country or race. That is not what this is. Its simply a case of sexual assault and as a steward, they shouldnt be doing that no matter whether they are invited or not.

      MAS already said they hold their workers up to high standards and this is not high standards.

      why are you defending this sexual predator? He has already confessed to police. he thought it was okay to put his hand in her pants. Is that common in malaysia?

      • You don’t belong to this country? From Mars? Egg-shaped head?

        Not taking about race lah, Mister. It’s about right or wrong, it’s Malaysia’s and MAS, the national airline’s image.

        What “confess to the Police” you talkin’ about? Like that Suaram Kua Ka Soong who was in France sending “news” to KL about an ongoing French Court trial on corruption relating to the sale of the Scorpene submarines to Malaysia. Until no less than a French Public Prosecutor, in KL for an anti-corruption conference, saying there was no such trial there. What utter shame.

    • Jhodi, you said :3. In AUS, many woman have sex with their partners and turned around the next day and claim they got raped. This is happening all the time! And the woman always win! Was she thinking to do something similar to that? Where on earth did you come to that conclusion, please do yourself a favour and educate yourself on other countries, what you said is a load of crap. In fact, give some examples, name the women who you think call rape after having sex with their partners, name the date too.

    • Jhodi, I agree with you 100%. Thank you for stating it so well. I read that the French police took DNA samples. I sincerely hope that the media provides us with the updates/outcome since they dangled this out there. I feel that she is acting. Notice how she tried to force the tears during the news taping.

      • While waiting for the court ruling I just hope another plane don’t go missing in bermuda triangle or makes it a target practice.

  17. This Bushney woman seems to be sly, if not dodgy.

    She claimed to be “Pertified when the Chief Steward took advantage of her” that she cannot scream.

    Yet, she allowed her legs to be opened wide enough for him to put his hands in her knickers and take her phone out to record it.

    • do malaysian women allow men to do this to them?

      pretty sick that guys in malaysia don’t respect women.

      • You playing reverse psychology, are you? Or believer in offence being the best form of defence? Offend us to avoid having to defend yourself, eh?

        Pretending not to know but you are among the most despicable in not respecting women.

        Which newly independent state did you say you came from?

  18. who cares what it is, you cant change the truth. Truth is MAS crashed plane twice. mas steward sexual predator. who cares if girl make money from this. truth is truth.

    I love and respect women. we need to and malaysia need to respect women more also.

    • Childish talk la, lu.

    • so loving and respecting women is childish?

      what do your parents teach you in malaysia?

      • They teach us to be polite, be sure of our facts before we speak, don’t allow ourselves to be influenced by all kinds of gibberish on the Internet, give opinions in a respectable manner, etc.

        Your parents don’t teach you anything? No wonder the locals in Australia etc dislike the immigrants. We read and hear a lot about that. But we don’t mind those non-respectful among us to migrate.

      • This isn’t about Australia or Russia or Mars. This is about a MAS airline pervert who got caught. Who confessed like a little beggar cause he has a wife and child.

        Nothing to do with the womans nude photos cause lets face it, there are so many pretty western models who go nude to make money. Does that mean muslim men allowed to put hand down pants?

        So all those playboy models better watch out when flying MAS.

        This is about a pervert who didn’t learn right from wrong. A pervert whose parents didn’t teach well.

        Anyone who is with this pervert is also a pervert.

        We must not allow our daughters or sisters to be sexually assaulted by anyone. That is something malaysian parents must teach their boys. Hands down pants is no no.

      • Now you sound very much a Malaysian Opposition party member or supporter. Like the very undemocratic Democratic Action Party, DAP.

        Deny as much as you like. It’s ingrained in my mind now. And in the minds of many others, I think.

        The one who’ll try to win your arguments no matter what. Who’ll never let go of any argument. Who’ll keep on and on shouting the same line, the same tiring points.

        One who doesn’t care about all the other points put out by others in here. You re out to put down MAS, Malaysia, Malays and Muslims – “muslim men allowed to put hand down pants”, you said. So you’ll crucify that steward till the end of time.

        One who asked but just ignored the answers given – about being taught “to be polite, be sure of our facts before we speak, don’t allow ourselves to be influenced by all kinds of gibberish on the Internet, give opinions in a respectable manner, etc.”

        With some slight provocation, he’d degenerate further into racist and chauvinist attacks. Just watch his comments after this.

      • I think the steward already crucify himself with his begging and confession on tape.

        not much I or you can do about that.

        I’m out to put down all perverts who insult our wives, mothers, daughters and sisters by putting their hands down the pants.

        have those perverts no same and have those people who support those pervert no shame?

        I think most of us are polite and civil and he will have his day in court, but from the tape evidence, I don’t think he will change his confession. Its going to be more a case of was it a small crime or a large crime. was it a small deal or a large deal.

        Its funny how people are calling me chauvinist since I am protecting womens dignity. Protect the clean men that don’t do such disgusting act like putting hand down womens pants.

        Its funny people calling me racist cause I use the word muslim. If I use the word christian, it would be inaccurate. The word muslim is not a racist word. What is racist is protecting a pervert who does not deserve it. What he did is a shame in any religion be it christian, or buddhist or martian

      • Yep, I seccond that.

      • Awwww chippy, you are shit –

        SYDNEY: A chief steward with Malaysia Airlines allegedly put his hand down a woman’s pants during a flight to France and then pleaded with her not to report the incident, Australian Laura Bushney told Australian media.

        It was that dastardly woman who claimed / alleged that the steward pleaded with her. And who would believe her except you and the likes of you.

        And stupid you now say he “confessed like a little beggar cause he has a wife and child.” Little beggar? And you a miniscule punk?

        Come on, own up, you miserable twit. The cat is out of the bag. It’s not the French Police who said the man confessed, eh? It’s that bitch of a woman who claimed he did. And you exploited it fully. You son of a …..

        See, I put the link to the article that points out so.

        Yes, I agree, very clear now this chippy bloke is a bastak Malaysian Opposition bloke. Exploiting every little thing he can find against MAS, the Malaysian Government led by the Malays/ Muslims.

      • at 18:22 chip said:
        bla bla bla

        at 18:25 Roy said:
        Yep, I seccond that.

        Are you two sitting next to each other? Or one and the same person? submitting comments one supporting the other 3 minutes apart?

        Likely to be the latter, eh? So very often the DAP Oppo Hippos or Red Beans do that in Malaysian blogs.

        Masquerading, pretending, using so many names, to make it appear there are many of them of the same mind.


      • Actually, what I find pathetic is that lady’s decision to be flying on MAS when she was clearly not confident of that airline. Who would ?

        There are plenty of better airlines to choose from.

      • Another one –

        On August 25, 2014 at 16:43 chip said:
        why? coz her is a pervert

        On August 25, 2014 at 16:44 chip said:
        I mean “he”

        On August 25, 2014 at 16:48 Roy said:
        Maybe, the person who posted those pics are trying to imply that …

        Supporting he other, 4 minutes apart. Hoodwinking readers.

        Crazy bastards.

      • Haba

        you are getting too emotional. You cannot be rational in your judgement when you are emotional. We are talking about a sexual assault here. We are not talking about malaysian politics as I have no concern about malaysia.

        Its quite a big concern world wide at the moment with MAS as this is a string of very dissappointing events for the airline.

        The bitch you call has already done her part and that is report it to the authority. She can’t make any money from it now. The steward is too poor to pay any compensation. remember he has a wife and a child to feed. Also in a matter of weeks, the airline will be too poor to pay her either. So its not about money, she just wants to save her dignity. you can’t put a price on that.

        Seriously, I have no interest in malaysian politics. Don’t care who wins or loses. I’m very apolitical cause where we are from, politics is just plain boring and malaysian politics is all foreign to me. I mean, who really cares.

      • Me emotional, chippy boy? Yet you are the one using all those damning words against MAS, Malaysia and all those that the airline and the country represent. You must be the most screwed up and obnoxious bloke around.

        Now pretending to be on the moral high ground saying cannot be rational in your judgement when you are emotional. Don’t be stupid chippy, you run down MAS and Malaysia with very weird judgement, warped thinking and demented mind yet want to talk about rational judgment?

        No, it’s not a sexual assault, stupid. It’s “alleged” sexual assault, do you understand that, stupid? Yes, let the Court decides, but until that time comes, it’s a mere allegation by a woman of some repute, d’ya hear?

        Don’t give me that crap about no concern about Malaysian politics when you go out beyond all proportions of reasonableness to put down MAS and Malaysia. Very much the Oppo Hippo DAP kind.

        What “big concern world wide at the moment with MAS as this is a string of very dissappointing events for the airline”? You saying the two accidents are anybody’s choice, stupid?

        What “The bitch you call has already done her part”? Why has she a “part”? She merely reports what she alleges and nobody can say it’s the steward’s or MAS’ or Malaysia’s fault until the Court decides, do you know that, stupid? What else to address you as except stupid with all the explanations I have given.

        And you keep putting down the airline with your wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegation, like often done by the Oppo Hippo DAP blokes. Saying “in a matter of weeks, the airline will be too poor to pay her either.” What utter stupidity in saying that, you moron.

        No, you have every bit of interest in malaysian politics, you want to put down the Government any way you can, never mind whatever pretending, you said. And saying “where we are from, politics is just plain boring” but not saying where – you are likely a DAP bastard in a crooked corner somewhere, and when you go out of the norms of commenting decency, I’ll whack you as much as I can, remember that.

    • Whoa! get off your high horse.
      1. MAS did not crash MH17. In case you missed it, it was shot down. Clearly NOT MAS’s fault.
      2. We don’t know what happened with MH370. IF it was hijacked, you can not blame MAS. For instance, if someone steals you car and has an accident, it’s not really your fault.
      3. The courts have not declared that the Steward is guilty. It’s based on an accusation that is highly suspicious and the accuser is trying to ruin the guy in the MEDIA. Lots of folks get accused of lots of things, but many are found to be innocent. He deserves the benefit of the doubt at this point.

      • I think that russia is relieved that it was only a Malaysian Airline owned by some puny country on the other side of the world. if it was an American owned airline they could be in a much serious trouble.

  19. malaysia chronicle shows pictures. pictures don’t lie.want to see MAS crash in ukraine? still think that is a lie?

    pictures tell a thousand words.

    • Very childish.

  20. I don’t understand your actual reason of posting her nude images her? Are you trying to tell people that, because she posted nude and that’s her lifestyles and she’s liar? Or maybe she made up the whole stories Or maybe not? Hey, I’m not judging anyone here.. Either her or MAS steward. But didn’t I read somewhere that he already confessed that he did touch her and he admitted that she didn’t resist?? For me, Everything isn’t right on his side as well. The disturbing thing is, why everyone ignore the fact that..his at that age with wife and kids, in a uniform ..and a muslim man, does he knows that he isn’t allow to touch or massaging an opposite gender ..a stranger ? What is his real intention ? If he really wants to calm her, why didn’t he call out for his female colleagues to help him massaging her? Why he volunteered himself to do it? The woman on the other hand, she was probably in a state of shocked or disbelieved that it happened in a flight or maybe she’s more concerned on the bumpy flight?

    • why? coz her is a pervert

    • I mean “he”

    • Maybe, the person who posted those pics are trying to imply that because she had her personal topless photos on instagram automatically make her a liar or she brought this problem on herself. I think that society in those countries are brought up to think that way.

    • Problem is, no one has heard his side of the story. It’s all an unfair one-sided accounting, fed by the medai. We don’t know that he even touched her, do we? Just because she says it is so, does not mean it’s the truth. As for posting lewd pix of yourselves on the net, that just speaks to the morality of the accuser.

      • Aha hete comes the morality thing. I kinda knew this was coming up. 🙂

        Well, I suppose the russians don’t give a rats behind about that. 🙂

  21. the discussion in the comment part is so political-oriented… urghh…

    about the issue, so one-sided story… cant really derive a conclusion from it… if it’s true, have to let the court judge on it…

    agree on some of the comment here, no matter how her instagram post seems ‘immoral’, if the steward is the one at fault, it does not justify the wrongness…

    on the other hand, if the woman is the one at fault, they way how she already tarnishing the steward name and MAS image is a serious issue also. need to be taken seriously…

    so just let the court decide…

    • Let the court case commence. If the steward is found guilty then the airline can be sued for millions of dollars and if the woman is found spreading false info then the airline can sue her for damaging their business.

      I’m glad the the person is actually caught so the court case cam commence.

      • I don’t think she can damage a business thats already pretty dead. the reputation of MAS is now in the toilet. Not my doing. Its not my wish, but that is the worlds verdict after 2 disastrous plane crashes. No other airline has ever faced such a series of calamity in such a short time.

        I wish it was different for Malaysias premier airline, but what happened has happened and people are now too scared.

      • I personally have never used MAS and I don’t need to.

      • What do you use to fly, Roy? A bat? Hehe

        Btw, chippy boy, make sure you read my damning comment calling your bluff a few comments further up there, will you, nasty Malaysian Oppo Hippo pretending to be an overseas commenter?

      • What I use to fly ? Definitely not MAS as I prefer to pay more for a better and reliable airline such as Lufthansa, Emirates, or SQ if in ASEAN countries.

      • Happy to have a debate with you Haba, but please don’t get personal with your name calling. Makes you sound like a boy or girl and not a civilized man. We need to have a civilized debate.

        It doesn’t matter what I pretend to be, what matters is the truth and that women from all nationalities and religions are protected and not sexually assaulted.

      • “It doesn’t matter what I pretend to be,” you said?

        Are you a communist? Or a thug and gangster? Spreading lies all over the place and saying it doesn’t matter what you pretend to be? You must be half mad. Go see the psychiatrist, man.

        No, I’m not happy to have a debate with you though you may be happy to have one with me. Because you have no principles. You lied and spread lies. Against my country and my country’s national airline. You may be an Oppo Hippo but if you have scrammed from this country or planned to vamoose, I’ll whack you each and every time you do those in here. And I’m here only to put down blokes like you.

        And what “don’t get personal with your name calling” are you talking about? I haven’t started to call you a crook, a coyote and a trouble maker, have I?

        But are you not one when you spread lies and put down a national airline of a country and put down the country itself also? Talk being a civilized man and a civilized debate? When you lied and spread lies, you call that civilized? And saying “It doesn’t matter what I pretend to be.” What kind of a bastak are you?

      • I’m not a communist, I’m a fiscal conservative, but also a defender or my wife, mother and children.

        You say I have no principles, but I thought the principle of not sexually assaulting women was a principle that everyone should be glad to have.

        When you are righteous, you can’t be wacked down. I stand for women right to dignity. What do you stand for? Allowing men to put their hands down womens pants?

        You shouldn’t be calling people names, you should be engaging in debate. civilized debate. Calling people names is when you have lost the debate.

        I can’t put down MAS any further than it has already gone down. No one can. The airline did it to itself. I didn’t shoot the plane down. I didn’t make the steward sexually assault that girl. How can I possibily put MAS down? Its already pretty low.

      • Woi, communist, the principle is don’t lie and don’t spread lies.

        The so-called confession, the “begging” not to be reported etc appear to be lies. They are alleged by the woman. Not said by any one in authority or a reliable third party.

        Yet you misled readers here into thinking they were the gospel truths that came out of a Police report or something like that. You have no principle when doing that, too.

      • What civilized debate? You are not debating when you hurl all sorts of abuses, lies and untruths.

        Saying MAS flights these days full of empty seats when the MAS flight from London this afternoon was full, the one to Frankfurt 6 days ago was also full. I know those because my relative was on those flights.

        When you lied and lied, how can people be engaging in debate with you without calling you names? You shouldn’t say “Calling people names is when you have lost the debate.” You should realize that you can never win a debate when you lied and lied. Instead you get called names. Serves you right.

      • Excuse me ? You’re talking to me ?

        I don’t care if MAS is empty or not cause I personally have never used their services and I don’t intend to in any forseable future.

      • You obviously are a lost, a gone case, Roy. People talking about civilized debate which you didn’t and were not involved in, yet you think people are talking to you. How to get a civilized debate like this?

        Of course you just want the excuse to butt in with putting MAS down. I think MAS should reserve a special seat just for you – the kind that fighter jets use, ejaculated seat, and I control the lever.

      • I think MAS reputation is already down long before this latest case. One plane goes missing and the other shot down by some russian backed terrorists and Malaysia can’t even do anything about itand as a matter of fact i see the dutch and the australians were actively confronting russia. Now this latest issue.

        Theae kinds of things would definitely destroy any airlines reputation.

        So there’s no point in denying it and no matter what you say people is still gonna distrust this airlines. I personally would.

      • Hoi Roy

        Do read this link. Try not to act TOO smart.

      • Read my previous comments. I dont use “crappy” airline whether it’s Malaysian, American, or any other.

        There are plenty other BETTER airlines to choose from. In US there are MANY airlines to choose from. I’m sorry if in your country the choices are limited. To bad for you then.

  22. People are just reporting the facts and the news. Here is the original news about the empty seats.

    bad news isn’t putting MAS down. bad news is bad news.

    TWO crashes is fact and very bad news.

    How can I make this up? How can anyone.

    Sexual Assault allegations is fact. The video confrontation is fact.

    check it out. At 0:19 you can see his hand clasped together begging her not to report him.

    It doesn’t look good. Also, the steward is still detained by the police. So they haven’t released him. If there was insufficient evidence, they would have released him by now. However, they have his confession, so thats why hes been detained pending trial.

    Now if I had not had these images and video then my allegations might not have the evidence required and some of you Malayasians might have a case that I am making it up.

    But the evidence here is overwhelming.

    • You are so damn stupid, chippy boy. You rely entirely on what that woman of some repute said and come out with all sorts of accusations against the Steward, MAS and Malaysia.

      What are you? A school boy? A manual labourer some place, unable to tell facts from fancies? Even accusing MAS at fault for the two air accidents. Until one commenter shitted you out up there.

      And a Canadian, eh? A citizen or Permanent Resident? That’d tell the kind of bloke you are.

      But you don’t sound a foreigner. You blogging during normal Malaysian day or night hours. This morning you came out at 07:50. In Canada that’d be night time. Yet yesterday you ceased commenting after 19:17. If in Canada, you’d be busy banging on your keyboard until the wee hours of Malaysian time. But you slept during the wee hours like most Malaysians do, didn’t you?

      You the usual Malaysian Oppo Hippo DAP Cina Bukit lying here, manipulating there, making all sorts of wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations, eh?

    • And you son of a gun put out a video that showed an animation of what happened. Not even the voices that the woman was supposed to have recorded, with one commenter saying she had all the time to put her hand into her frontal receptacle to recover her phone camera from there and to record at least the voice.

      I have promised to whack you each time you come out. And whack I will. I must not allow anyone to destroy the livelihood of a MAS steward unless proven guilty by the Court. Or put down MAS and Malaysia’s name like you are doing. I’ll shit you until you disappear. Or comment responsibly and sensibly, d’ya hear?

      It’s my country, my national air line. And the Malaysian Government is going to re build its image, fund it adequately, bring it to private enterprise, taking it out from the Malaysian Stock Exchange.

      • Dude, you serioisly think thay MAS name is not down already way before this case ?

        Are you serious ? Where have you been living ?

        Non of the people that I know would touch that airline even with a yard stick.

      • And now you are using the name Roy to support you. You have not denied the accusations on you doing those written yesterday.

        What a despicable bastak.

      • I’m not supporting anyone. I’m just pointing out the facts of how bad MAS reputation is outside. It has been the talk of the people for a few months now.

      • If you are not the same bloke as that who uses the name chip, I’m not interested in hearing from you and no need for you to “chip” into my conversation or walloping of the bastak chip, d’ya hear?

        You can’t even tell that people were not addressing you in the “debate” yesterday yet you interfered and were shooed out.

        I still maintain there is only one bloke and will wallop only the chip bastak’s words.

      • You don’t have to listen to me that’s your right. I have the right to post my opinion regardless.

        You don’t have the rights to tell me what to or not do.

    • You must really be a damn stupid bloke, not reading, understanding or commenting on what others have pointed out in the above comments – that French law is quite different from British or other laws.

      A person is assumed guilty until proven innocent under French laws. So they have so many Public Presecutors who are themslves qualified as Judges. They decide whether to prosecute or not. They take time to decide, because they must have strong and sufficient evidence before they prosecute.

      Yet you repeatedly said “If there was insufficient evidence, they would have released him by now.

      There is no end to your stupidity, is there?

      • And again you said, “they have his confession, so thats why hes been detained pending trial.”

        Stupid boy, the Police in any country don’t have to have a “confession” to detain anybody. They can detain on grounds of “probability”, i.e if they think it probable that the person has committed a crime.

        And the video giving a narration of what was alleged to have happened – narrated by some one else. Based enntirely on what the woman alleged. That you call a “confession”?

        How stupid can you be.

  23. So this Big Dog is already a Judge, Jury and Executioner based on the Title “profiteering from misconduct”.

    That chip guy is talking about respect for women and the other guy Haba and his patriotic followers of Agama, Bangsa Dan Negara is talking about politics, patriotism and defending MAS, Country and what not.

    Usually if a person is a sexual pervert, it would definitely not be the first time. I am sure he would have many victims espeicially among those women serving with him or other airline passengers before this.

    How about putting his photo with his name tag all over the media and get all his previous victims to come out and talk about it? It would give a better perspective of things as what this blogger Big Dog is trying to do instead to the so called victim.

    Just cut the crap about defending MAS, religion, race, country etc ok?

    It makes other Malaysians cringe in shame at such displaced patriotic fervor.

    Go get a life!

    • If I were the owners of that airline I would’ve dissolved it, rebranded it, and start fresh. It’s just futile to try to defend a brand that’s clouded with such a bad reputation.

      But as I understand that it’s a national carrier so I suppose they’re just using public funds to plug their sinking ahip. MAS woudn’t be the first national carrier of a country with bad reputation there are a few other African ccuntries national carriers which people wouldn’t touch to.

    • How about you putting your full name, IC numbers, photo etc for us to guess from those whether you are a boy, a DAP kind, an Anwarul Al Juburi pack member.

      Your comments are not worth 2 sen. Will be shitted all the same – for making such silly remarks as “cut the crap about defending MAS, religion, race, country etc”.

      You have no clue about loyalty to country, about patriotism etc. Like the DAP ungrateful ingrate pendatangs.

  24. Chippy boy,

    Your entire paragraphs, even your entire comments, are shit. Lookee your paragraph here –

    “Sexual Assault allegations is fact. The video confrontation is fact.
    check it out. At 0:19 you can see his hand clasped together begging her not to report him.”

    What in the blazing head that you have made you say that “”Sexual Assault allegations is fact.” Don’t know there’s such things as contradiction in terms? The term “allegations” simply contradicts the term “fact”, stupid.

    Hope BD and readers here will tolerate me using that word stupid on this chippy fellow often. There’s no other way to describe him but that.

    Yet he needs to be told so to make him realize the futility and shame of him making a nuisance of himself in here. At the expense of the image of our country, our national airline and a poor miserable soul whose deed or “misdeed” is not yet determined by a Court.

    • And the chippy boy said,

      “The video confrontation is fact. check it out. At 0:19 you can see his hand clasped together begging her not to report him.”

      What utter nonsense. He doesn’t even know the word “confrontation” – there’s nothing that shows it in there.

      The fact that the video shows a man with his hands clasped, nothing else, nothing said etc, means “begging her not to report him.”

      And is there proof that that image is the steward?

      This bloke chip must be a boy or a demented, warped thinking bugger, no logic and irrational.

      Nevertheless we must disabuse his abuses in here. And abuse him in the process if that’s necessary – to let the audience laugh at him.

    • When an allegation is made. The allegation is factual. That is to say, I did not make that allegation up.

      Thats not to say that the allegation is true or false.

      It is just a fact that the allegation has been made.

      Hope you understand the language used here.

      • First of all, I didn’t know that those asian airlines were providing free on-board massage services. I saw plenty of those kinds of services in Thailand though.

  25. The video is a re-enactment based on the evidence the media and the public know about the case so far.

    I don’t know french law, but these are serious allegations of sexual assault. Putting your hand down the pants of a women is sexual assault. Its very very very serious.

    I don’t know how you guys get to talk about politics here. I thought this case was sexual assault. Its not a case of Malaysia on Trial. Its a case of a pervert steward on Trial.

    Since its been alleged that he has already admitted to the allegation, the police now detain him for Trial. At Trial he will probably plead guilty to receive a lenient sentence. It would be difficult for a judge to swallow a not guilty plead since he already confessed.

    Haba, you shouldn’t get angry. This is not about Islam, or Malaysia. Its about a pervert steward.

    Now there is going to be some reputational damage to the MAS brand because of this, but with 2 crashes in the space of months, you can only hope for the best right now.

    Brand Malaysia is still intact but no tourist wants to fly MAS to get there.

    • You can talk about the alleged sexual act all you want, boy.

      But the problem started when you don’t use the word “alleged”, instead made wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations that have been the habit, nay, the trademark of the Opposition parties in this country, especially the DAP.

      I think you know those but I’m explaining those for the benefit of foreign readers in this blog. This is a highly popular blog, visited by so many millions – see the Visitors counter figures. So, those making loose, unverified and irresponsible comments must be hit back.

      Those responsible ones are welcome.

      You don’t even know the words “evidence”, “fact”, allegations”, etc. Go look tehm up in the dictionary and make your comments based on those.

      • PS:

        Those “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations” you people made are not just on the steward but also on the national airline MAS and on the country.

        No loyal and patriotic Malaysian will take those lying down. Most are busy but others who can spare the time will hit you back.

      • You think that you can fix the reputation of a product/services by hitting back on consumers ? Seriously ?

    • Traveling to exotic places in Asia is fun but one must always be caredul there cause those countries laws and police are dodgy at times and if you get yourself at the wrong situation things can go bad. The best practice is always inform your nearest embassy/consulate upon your arrival and if needed you call them for assistance.

    • A 2nd read of your comment shows that you are looking for trouble.

      After the many bashings you got, you still come out with

      “Now there is going to be some reputational damage to the MAS brand because of this, but with 2 crashes in the space of months ”

      Now, why must you rub it in? Why can’t you just let it go? Haven’t you said enough already? Or you looking for an endless fight?

      The way you said the above implied that MAS or Malaysia are responsible for the crashes. If not, you would have expressed some sympathy in one way or another. A quick read of what you wrote since yesterday didn’t show you sympathize with us at all.

      I’m beginning to think you deserve what you got.

      • PS:

        My above comment is meant for chip.

      • The allegations are out there. Everybody knows its been alleged, so there is no point prepending the word “alleged” after every sentance. You are not given readers much credit.

        However, when you add the video and the fact that the pervert steward is still detained, you know where my money is going to be on.

        I don’t see your hit back as having much effect when you lace it heavily with so much personal insults. Readers have to look to hard for the meat of your argument or reason.

      • Isa boy

        If you guys are bashing me, you are all doing a lousy job.

        How can I be rubbing it in when I’m just stating the facts. You are just getting to sensitive.

        I have alot of sympathy for the people that have died on the flights, but no sympathy for a sexual assault and the people that support them.

        Also if I deserve what I got, then give me more.

      • You are betting even on such a serious case as this?

        Still not saying which country you are from, who are “your people”, as asked by one comment I read?

        If not, don’t blame those who think you are a member of the Malaysian Opposition.

        But why hide your origin?

      • chip,

        Looks like this part of my comment needs repeating –

        “Why can’t you just let it go? Haven’t you said enough already? Or you looking for an endless fight?”

      • Isa, you are also Halim. Cause you didn’t ask me about my origin originally.

        If I reveal my origin, you will use it for character assasination. That is not helpful for the debate.

        Maybe you can consider me an eskimo.

        Also, you can’t let go in the pursuit of justice. This is not a fight for fight sake. Its a fight for justice and decency for women and civilized people.

      • Chip saying “you are also Halim. Cause you didn’t ask me about my origin originally” without no logic or sense is making me think it’s wasting time to engage him any further.

        And saying “If I reveal my origin, you will use it for character assasination” is without any basis and childish.

        The final straw is his saying, “Maybe you can consider me an eskimo.”

        Good bye, chip boy. I’ve wasted some time over you but I think it has added to the efforts in making you look stupid – I agree on what has been said of you earlier.

  26. Loyalty to country or country’s name, reputation or organization bearing the country’s name by defending an alleged sexual pervert ain’t called patriotism.

    What perverse logic is that?

    I hope if there are previous victims to please come forward or assists the French courts in gathering the profile of the alleged perpetrator. It will help determine whether he is really a sex pervert and put these protectors of Agama, Bangsa, Negara types to shame on their perverse logic.

    Thumbing down others ain’t going to save any sexual perverts and stop hiding behind Patriotism. It’s so ugly, shamefull and Malaysia will be better off with blind defenders like these around.

    • You won’t believe the propaganda done by the govt. of these small asian countries. They can actually put thier people asleep and obluvious of whats going on in the world around them.

    • Dandy,

      Now you also sound not understanding or refusing to read the explanations given that those who defended the steward, MAS and Malaysia and mentioning loyalty to country and patriotism were due to the “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations” usually made by the Opposition parties who lack such feelings.

      You also don’t want to let go this matter and want to go on hitting the steward endlessly?

      Whatever happens to the principle that a man is not guilty until proven so by the Court? Why don’t you let the French Court decide, as suggested by a few in here already?

      • The allegations appear to be substantiated by the video and allegations seem to be justified if the woman believes that the Sexual Pervert was this steward. Its difficult not to know who your attacker is when he has his hands down your pants.

        You can’t go blaming the other Stewards.

      • I think the best course of action for travellers is to avoid using airlines who’s going bankrupt anyway.

        Stay away and stay safe from those kinds of airlines.

      • This part of my earlier comment also needs repeating:

        “You don’t even know the words “evidence”, “fact”, allegations”, etc. Go look tehm up in the dictionary and make your comments based on those.”

        There is no “justification” when all you have is the woman’s allegations. There is no fact, no evidence at all. Read the dictionary definition of “fact” and “evidence”.

        Among them are:

        “thing certainly known to have occurred or be true”
        “the realities of a situation”

        Only the woman said it’s true. Can that be a “fact”? That’s an allegation. No witness.

        evidence –

        “facts for making of conclusion”
        “information drawn from documents tending to establish a fact”.

        But then I think you are going to interpret those according to your convenience.

        Which makes me wonder whether there is any use in carrying on arguing with you.

      • I was thinking about taking advantage of MAS predicament since now they have to offer really really cheap fares. I’m okay with flying in an almost empty plane. Means more food and drinks to myself.

        And also, you have to assume that some of the people at MAS have taken safety a little more seriously right? I know its tough to tell, but they must have learnt something right?

        However, I don’t think my insurance will cover airlines going into administration. This is the only think that would prevent me from flying MAS on the cheap.

      • 11:01 chip, where do you put your brains (if any), inside your rear receptacle?

    • dandyrandy

      The meaning of “alleged” is “doubtful; suspect; supposed”. So where is the CONCRETE proof that he is a pervert. That animated video?? Please lah don’t insult our intelligence. Or are you a fan of that DAP-produced Rosmah video?

      The accusation came from an exhibitionist, so any RATIONAL person of intellectual disposition MUST side with the accused UNTIL solid evidence proves otherwise.

      Meanwhile do not be TOO quick to act like you are in cahoots with Malaysia’s enemies.

      Do remember that both MH370 and MH17 tragedies are not MAS personnel’s fault.

      • Ray, Well said! That news video was definitely all hype and it was all chopped up and edited in order to fit their story line. Its whole purpose was to malign both the Steward and MAS. I can not believe the news outfit went along with this charade. I can guarantee that if her allegations had been made against any other airline in the world, it would not have made the news. I personally feel that the whole thing was contrived by someone hoping to extort $$ from MAS, hoping they would pay her handsomely to shut her up. I am sure the news media outfit she gave the exclusive story to has also paid her big bucks already. It is wrong and immoral to try to convict him via the media before the trial has even taken place. Whatever the outcome of the trial, she has already ruined the Steward’s reputation and his life and she has also hurt MAS in the process. I happen to be an American, a fan of truth and justice and I feel so sorry for both the Steward and MAS in this. I only hope that if he is shown to be innocent that the media will give equal time to his side of the story and that MAS and their lawyers sue the pants off this gal. [pun intended] Folks need to stop and ask themselves – what if this was my father or brother and he was being wrongly accused? Would I be so quick to rush to judgement? How many of us know someone personally who has been accused of a crime but later was exonerated? P.S. I watched the entire video several times [before Australia closed it to those outside their country] and no where did I ever see or hear any admission of guilt. What I did hear was her obnoxious one-sided bullying of the poor Steward who was probably in shock at her accusations. I hope we all hear the outcome of this.

  27. Correction. Malaysia will be better off without defenders like these!

    • Nahh … Malaysia would definitely be BETTER off without closet enemies like candydandy, chipmunk and toyrjoy …

      • Maybe the travellers would be better off without malasian airlines ? At least they would reach their destination safely in one piece.

    • toyroy

      Did you just crawled out from under that coconut shell?? For your free IQ upgrade …

  28. Isa

    Tell me what you would do if you were a women and some pervert steward put his hands down your pants?

    would you like it and tell him to continue?

    or would you do what she did and report the steward to the authorities.

    What would you do?

    • Read my earlier comment a minute ago saying it’s wasting my time engaging you any further, Chip boy.

    • Isa

      I was hoping we could get more insight into why you support a pervert or why you feel you can do anything you want with women.

      Is the chief steward a hero for you and your peers?

      • chipmunk where is your SOLID and CONCRETE proof that he is a pervert?

        It was just a convenient “accusation” from an exhibitionist.

        The more lethal enemies are those carrying MYKADS but obviously in cahoots with the enemy.

      • Good one, ray

      • chippy, don’t want to tell your origin as it would tell your peers?

        DAP, eh?

      • my proof is the video and the steward pervert clasping his hand in begging for forgiveness.

        What more proof you want chipmunks of the world.

        My origin is NOT malaysia where sexual assault is not taken seriously.

      • I think the problem with the Third World countries such as Malaysia and other asean countries is that they are lacking in laws for Consumer Protection. In developed countries these laws are strictly enforced.

        On several occasions i’ve also seen businesses in these countries passing on fake products as originals with no repercussion.

      • Your standard of proof do you use, aboriginal?

      • DAP standard of proof? Mat Sabu?

  29. Can someone then tell me why this blogger Big Dog comes out with this shit story of “Profiteering from Misconduct?”

    Isn’t it some cheap attempt to disparage the alledged victim?

    Or is it some other perverse logic?

    • big dog is speculating that she could earn money.

      In his world, every women that claims rape is lying.

      The proof you need from the pervert is not just a confession, which he doesn’t believe, and not just video.

      I don’t know what other proof they need. Maybe he needs the Malaysian Govt to comeout with a press statement

      • BigDog is a “he” bahlol!

        Even a simple fact like that can escape your substandard yucky goo in a shrivelled vacuum cranium. How then do you EXPECT decent folks to be convinced by your vitriolic, toxic, venomous, lethal, contaminated outpourings.

      • Another good one, ray

    • Can someone then tell us why this dandyrandy even BOTHER to INVADE a decent intellectual blog just to DISPLAY his stupidity to the whole wide web??

      • Also good one, ray.

        The word stupidity appears to be the common denominator among those goobledeeguks.

      • intellectual blog need more intellectual discourse.

        Not insults or “good one Ray!” or “bahlol!”

        but real intellectual discourse. Such as Where? How? Why?

        Why is steward a pervert?
        How did he get himself into such a job working for MAS?
        Why is MAS in a bad spot?

        intellectual discourse needs more of the above. less of the below

        oh you dumb!
        you really stupid
        good one ray!

      • What nonsense, chipo. You don’t even know what is proof, what is evidence, what is fact, what is allegation.

        Big joke you talking “intellectual discourse”. You provide good humour for readers here.

        I’ll enjoy knocking you on the head for a while.

      • Please don’t forget that in France the accused is obliged by law to proof his innocent. Down there once you got yourself caught by the police you are automatically presumed guilty until you’re proven innocent.

        So do we have any proof here that steward is innocent ?

      • So you know the word “bahlol”, eh?

        Easy to catch you being the DAP kind, idiot.

      • Hoolaa, to the other idiot,

        The steward is not yet charged, stupid. So he is not yet presumed guilty until proven innocent under French law.

      • And of course you’re the professional in french law, right ?

        BTW, the Rssians did shoot your plane down and you can’t do nothing about it but write blogs. Congrats… 🙂

      • No I don’t have a clue what that word means.

        I just though its what monkeys say

        goo goo ga ga bahlol.

        Like I said, proof is in the video and the steward looked very guilty and begging for forgiveness. You don’t do that if you are innocent.

        Now in france, the steward might have to prove thats not him in the video. Good Luck

      • Utterly, ridiculously stupid, chipo. It’s simply idiotic to say,

        “proof is in the video and the steward looked very guilty and begging for forgiveness.”

        You going by tribal, Cina Bukit definition of proof issit?
        Read the dictionary definition of proof lah.

        Now pretending dunno what bahlol is. Very funny lah lu.

        Hahaha, hihihihi, huhuhu.

  30. I am in utter agreement to the fact that if the Steward of the flight is charged in court for misconduct and others, he deserves his punishment. However, his actions are NOT a reflection of MAS, and he has NOT been charged.

    In the same way many stanky ‘commenters’ (Isolated Commentary from 3rd party observers) vehemently condemn MAS, Malaysians and Malaysia in general, and yet so lost in their delirium and emotions, they forget the use of rational, logic or common sense. Let me briefly remind others to take a look at Australia’s own national history of high profile Mile High club wannabes and other trash talk.

    Lisa Roberston – sub-par human looking Qantas air hostess who received a proper banging from A-list star Ralph Fiennes in the lavatory from their Darwin to Mumbai flight. She’s now homeless, bankrupt and in personal shambles. Ralph Fiennes went off to make millions from his acting career and probably sleeps -very- comfortably at night.

    Virgin Airlines Head Honcho Richard Branson – Although not Australian, he claims to have joined the in-flight funk service at the tender age of 19. Virgin Airlines is a major airline service provider in Australia and culturally immersed into the lack of culture that is Australia.

    Did Qantas pay a cent to the poor mother, sister, grand aunt, niece, other female relatives, lovers, friends of Ralph Fiennes? Does Virgin Airlines encourage post-teenage airline sex?

    Most of the ‘Did-not-read-can-only-respond’ commenters, e.g. morons, use loaded questions and rhetoric to judge the scenario here, yet dodge the point entirely. For the monkey translation, I took a banana, ate the banana, but questioned on how apples are either red or green.

    Recently, a possibly homosexual fellow who is also an Ex-Qantas Airlines Steward, Mr. Owen Beddall released a book on his experiences as a flight attendant serving in the first class. He even shared his guide on how to have the no-pants-dance at 10,000 ft above. He specifically mentions that “Sometimes we look at these couples and think, ‘Wow, I might try and join in,’ but mostly we will turn a blind eye.”.

    So the moral pony knights who defend this clearly attention whoring woman and yet look down on this Malaysian Steward because what, he’s ‘yellow’ skin? He has no place in the world? yet none of you blink and eye or skip a beat when a woman is brutally raped, beaten and left to die on some disease ridden ally elsewhere in the world – YOU people allow these sort of things to happen, 1st World females are more important than 3rd World females? And they say Chivalry is dead.

    Some bastard talks about politics in Malaysia, yet taking a look at Australia, if the wild-life doesn’t kill you, the government will. Take a look at your own backyard, bogans. A country based on proactive ignorance of culture, yet promotes “Multi-culturism”…or Cultism. Keep things in context thanks, Australians needs South East Asia more than ASEAN need Australia.

    Where the bloody hell are the intelligent, hard-working and honourable Australians that I grew up with?



    Lastly, dedicated to the Anti-fans of Malaysia, MAS and my Malaysian Brothers and sisters – take it away Lily Allen!

    • Missed reading your comment earlier on, Angry Man August 26, at 12:03.

      Txs a heap for your chip in. That idiot chip o should read and watch that video you put in again and again and I’m gonna address him below, as well as copy this comment at the bottom of this page.

      Well, Chipo,

      see how the images in the video can be digitally altered. Can it go into your idiotic head that the video said to have come from that Bushney woman has also be digitally altered – if that man clasping his hand is really the MAS steward?

      In any case, no words were uttered and it was just a fleeting few seconds image of the man, cannot tell at all if he was pleading not to report him, as you stupidly claimed.

  31. chipmunk or choc-chip or chip-of-the-old-blockhead

    Intellectuals usually have a cool and confident demeanor not a jack-in-a-box jumping, like monkeys infected with AIDS diseases.

    Seriously, do you even UNDERSTAND the meaning of intellectual discourse? hmm??

    Actually your comments and your “arguments” here provide us readers with a much-sought-after comic relief … hee hee

    P.S. Any Prof would grade your intellectual discourse with “F9” in a blink of an eye. We pray for your IQ upgrade.

    • He might have a PhD or two – the tipu variety. His kind, Yap Tien Sin, President of Dong Zong Administrators of Chinese schools, uses two fake PhDs.

      Said so in the mass media during he Dong Zong Rally in Kajang about a year ago. His thinking, logic etc exactly the same. Anti-national fellows.

  32. I must say I’m enjoying knocking the heads of this chipo fellow.

    And his alter ego. Or sidekick but appearing also hollow.

    I don’t have to provide logical arguments. Coz they never do, also.

    • Consider doing something about those guys who shot your plane down instead of barking around with your tails between your legs and whimping out.

    • No, malaysia can’t do much about this unfortunately and that is why I can understand the frustration felt by most malays because of the inability to do much at all.

      I think after losing the first, losing the chinese market – and their fear of flying MAS was understandable given that another plane crashed justified their fear – and then obviously another plane crashed and this put the fear into every other traveller and malays themselves. There is a frustration I am feeling from our Malay friends.

      • I mean c’mon those guys poofed their plane out of the sky man and these so called malaysians are to coward to do something about it. Geez.

        Not only that, they also piled up the dead bodies like a peice of junk and still northng fron the malaysians. Geez.

        I also heard that the malaysian dead bodies were the last to be sent back.

      • Now talking Malays and non-Malays, eh? Yet denying you are a DAP goon, pretending to come from a tribal kingdom somewhere.


        And the bastard (or you using another name) starting to talk about Malaysian bodies without respecting the dead – he’s just dead as far as I’m concerned. Not worth to respond at all. He’s animalistic. He’s shit.

      • And what makes you think that a weak country like yours deserve any respect ?

  33. If you guys think that your petty insults and name calling is working, then thats dumb! Makes you look like monkeys.

    Its not about who can insult someone the best. Cause I think I have to surrender and admit that you guys are better insulters than I am.

    This discussion is about sexual assault by an old Islamic Malay MAS chief steward. Hope I got the classification right. I don’t want you guys accusing me of being wrong. or racist.

    Its about justice. Now we gotta give the steward the benefit of the doubt, but that train already left the station when he got caught begging for forgiveness and for her to not report him. Begging because he has a wife and a child. A wife he never respects because why would he put his hand down some other ladies pants. A child he doesn’t care for, cause he’s now in prison awaiting trial.

    Yes his family have suffered due to his poor judgement.

    On top of that, MAS has suffered too becoz of his poor judgement. They already lost 2 planes and countless customers, and now they’re alienating every female passenger with their actions or lack thereof in regards to this chief steward.

    If I was running MAS, I would have fire the chief steward. I would have discounted heavily and I would hire foreigners to be chief stewards, so that we can restore confidence to the MAS brand once again.

    • The monkey is you Chipo boy. Endlessly wanting to pursue the allegation against the steward. When enough has been said already.

      Me? I’m just here for the beer, so said the drinkers. Since I’m not one, I’d say I’m here just to jeer at you and get fun out of it.

      • Sure, enjoy your beer while someone shoves a rocket up your behind and still too coward to di anything about it. 🙂

      • Feel humiliated, eh? Being jeered and laughed at?

        Hahaha, hohoho, hihihihi.

      • Hmmmm… who got blown out of the sky and got pilled up like rubbish ?… 🙂

  34. What intellectual discourse is this blog and his backup commentator promoting?

    Doesn’t it look more like promoting scandals, slander, self glorification, Hitlerism, sexism and with his backup commenters who does not understand discussion and debates in civility without calling other commentators stupid, communists, dumb, bastards etc

    It must have been the failed education system in Malaysia to have produced such glorified interlectuals.

    Maybe, just maybe the subject of respect towards the female gender was never taught in the education system.

    Or maybe, sexual perversion is the norm in their families, communities, society or organisation?

    And to top it up, such interlectual comments are glorified as so called Patriotism.

    What a joke. Go get a life. Most civil people are not convinced by such idiosyncratic interlectual comments.

    • They’re just a bunch of cowards who cant actually do anything even when someone poofs their plane out of the sky. What more you expects ?

    • You blokes have said “Go get a life” a few times. You blokes must have been missing a lot in life to want to say those often, eh?

      Problem with you blokes is the narrow mindedness of your outlook towards life. You don’t understand a lot of things and yet pretend you know a lot. Sad. Very sad.

      And you don’t accept the norms of behaviour. With warped minds, you developed funny values, strange thinking and not even respecting laws, local and international.

      Proof being the fellow clasping his hands and the like – what utter rubbish.

      • At least we’re not cowards to lwt people shoot down our planes without any repurcussions dude. Face it you’re just WEAK thats all… 🙂

  35. The circumstances makes me believe such incident is a set-up and an “inside job”. When I said an “Inside Job” its referring to Bushney actions of deleting the pictures that may compromised her case against the MAS steward.

    My guts is telling me, the “inside person” follows this blogs and reported it to their paymaster and the paymaster caution Bushney about it. Why? Simply because why on earth a slut such as Bushney (or anyone close to her) read this blog? (Assuming most of the Big Dog followers are Malaysian or at least related to Malaysia and assuming Big Dog is the one that discover the Instag account).

    I think you should alert MCMC to track down those who has visited your blog starting from the time you expose the nature of this slut Bushney. NUFAM should gear up, appoint a very a good litigator and tear this Bushney motherfucker on the stage (make sure she revealed who is her paymaster).

    • Interesting, meleis, interesting.

      Wish the Chipo fellow and his sidekicks (maybe he even kicks himself by commenting under more than one name) would realize this.

      But being communist like, hard-headed like granite, they’ll surely doggedly go on with their idiotic thinking.

      • Even the Socialist China is much stronger than malaysian weaklings. Enjoy the rocket dude. 🙂

      • You DAP applauding the rocket political party symbol, eh?

        Utterly idiotic again, comparing Malaysia with China. No end to your stupidity, issit?

        Readers here must be enjoying the kind of stupidity you endlessly exhibit.

      • Whats this DAP thing anyway ? Must’ve affected the brains eating to much rice huh. 🙂

      • Rice eaters are smart. Non rice-eaters who try to denigrate rice eaters eat shit. Shit eaters are dumb and idiotic. That’s why they write idiotically here.

        Hahaha, hohoho, hihihihi

      • Well, the russians did make you eat your OWN crap. Didn’t they ? 🙂

        Rice eaters a WEAK and gets kicked on the but by those russians… 🙂

      • Hahaha, I’m liking this. Very enjoyable this time.

      • They write no argument, I write no argument.

        They write shit, I laugh at them shittingly. Nice. Very nice.

      • Nope, those russians are the ones having the last laugh… 🙂

  36. Dumbass! In-flight catering caters according to passengers’ load cheopo!!! Even if you are the only passenger on board you’ll only be served similar to a full load flight, nothing less, nothing more….you are not a well travelled person nor familiar with the aviation industry, avoid making yourself look ‘stupider’!
    Passengers like you are one too many when they fly, wanting and demanding for everything…..we can do without you….go fly kite!!!

    • Well said, MH-J.

      The more you can say it the better. These are idiots, they take ages to understand.

      • Oh we understand perfectly that you’re a third world weak country who cant do shit.. 🙂

  37. I’m usually a serious fellow. But those idiots touch my funny bone to day. So you readers get a lot of my hahaha, hihihihi, hohoho to day. On those idiots.


    • Go plough your rice fields. You dont want to mess with those russians. They will kick your behind… 🙂

    • funny is all you know.

      sexual assault is funny to you.

      disrespect women is funny to you.

      • Oooooo our comments crossed.

        Bu never the mind, our tots never crossed. Your idiotic thinking is miles away from mine.

      • Well, what do you expect from people who can only talk in blogs but is to coward to take actions in the intetnational fields ?

      • Endlessly pursuing the subject when enough as been said since yesterday is hugely funny.

        Especially when it’s done by idiots like you.

  38. That Chipo fellow disappeared?

    Gained some wisdom after being idiotic so long?

    Cannot stand the ridicule?

    • I don’t redicule him cause he has the guts to say out loud what he believes. Unlike those people who’s scarred shitless to confront those russians who shot down their plane.

      Frankly, the US of A, The European Union, and Australia have shown their guts to confront putin as they have their people dead on that plane. Unlike the country of origin of the airline who has their own people dead and their own plane are to scarred shitless to do anything about it. How about that ?

      • You can’t even spell, idiot.

        Which farm do you come from, farm boy?

      • Thats why they call you Third World.. Weaklings.. 🙂

  39. ToyRoy

    Tsk tsk tsk … the first thing you NEED to learn is to spell words correctly. Abundance of misspelt words proves that you have not achieved a standard proficiency of the language.

    Which in turn, is a clear reflection of your substandard IQ. Got it?

    scarred shitless
    cant do shit
    Rice eaters a WEAK
    eating to much rice
    to lwt people shoot
    poofed their plane
    like a peice of junk
    still northng fron

    Where did this toyroy learn his English language? His teacher must feel utterly disgraced and irreversibly ashamed.

    • The first thing your country needs to learn is how not to let other countries rocket their peoples behind. If they do then what the country will do to bring those responsible to justice.

      What I see happening here is despite other country already screwed you with a rocket your govt is to WEAK to do anything about it. How about that huh ?

      That makes your country a tiny little NOTHING in one corner of this world.

      • Waahhhh so impressive lah, toyroy got a “brilliant” solution.

        Wonder where he got such inspiration, hmmm, maybe from a comic book! hahahaha

      • Hmmm.. maybe since you still don’t get that concept thats why you’re still a Third World country… 🙂

      • Aiyahh Loy arr, go eat Lice lorr…

  40. Missed reading your comment earlier on, Angry Man August 26, at 12:03.

    Txs a heap for your chip in. That idiot chip o should read and watch that video you put in again and again and I’m gonna address him below, as well as copy this comment at the bottom of this page.

    Well, Chipo,

    see how the images in the video can be digitally altered. Can it go into your idiotic head that the video said to have come from that Bushney woman has also be digitally altered – if that man clasping his hand is really the MAS steward?

    In any case, no words were uttered and it was just a fleeting few seconds image of the man, cannot tell at all if he was pleading not to report him, as you stupidly claimed.

  41. That Chipo fellow is now dead? I’m yearning to shit him again.

    No fun shitting the bloke who can’t even spell.

    • Cant spell is much better than a weak country who cant even protect thwir own people and have no dignity at all. I’m glad I didn’t come from that part of the world where losers live.

    • When you have low education and nothing to say about the main topic, you ridicule.

      I don’t believe in ridicule. Thats why I don’t need to ridicule monkeys.

      happy to talk about the girl or the pervert, but all this attention on me is flattering but getting boring.

      maybe Malays forgot about the sex assault?

      • Whats there to talk about the girl or that guy ? Let the police and the courts in Framce do their job.

        Your crappy airline has a bad reputation way before this.

      • Boring, eh? Why don’t you just die? Calling others monkeys ain’t get you what you want. So, just die, ok? Quietly. Promise, I won’t tell others.

        Talking Malays again, eh? You should not have mentioned that word at all. You are supposed to be from some tribal kingdom somewhere.

        You so idiotic, before this use the word bahlol. It tells the Cina Bukit-ness of you. You got brains the size of monkeys’ arr?

      • Frankly, if you guys were smart down there you’d probably followed other airlines and avoided the route over war zone. There were plenty of other airlines ALREADY avoiding that route prior to MH17 incident.

        But I feel that you guys are so used to nickel and diming everything to save fuel (over the safety of thr passengers) you decided to take the same usual route. What a crap..

        Read –

      • LoL. Some crappy perasan Mat Salleh cakap pasal hak2 wanita, when they themselves are full of shit. Oi baabii2 and anjing2 penjilat jubo DAP! Shooh shooh blah and pergi mampus pleasee Hahahaha.

      • Encore, encore, meleis.

        Although I think the bloke is not Mat Salleh, not even Chong Salleh, but purely DAP crap Ching Kong Pong.

      • Bro, babi2 ni… otak dia semua besar testikel anwar berahim. Takder kerja datang sini and cakap pasal nak perang ngan russia bila siasatan pun tak conclusive lagi.

      • Depa jenis kominis, nak mengapikan kita dengan kuasa lain, mengharap dengan itu depa dapat apa yang depa rancangkan. Jenis laknatullah amat sangat. Jumpa ular dengan depa, bunuh chipo tu dulu, hahaha.

      • Hahahah tu la si buduh cipet. Diorng ingt pegi mengadu kat US,UK and superpower diorang nak layan? Puiii… geng2 superpower pun kalau boleh nak evict jenis diorang keluar daripada negara depa.

      • British PM David Cameron dah lama kata “Multi-culturalism is dead.” Tak lama berikut nya British Police dok perhambat depa yang overstaying etc di Chinatowns di Britain. Jenis ultra kiasu ungrateful ingrate sesungguh depa di mana mana pun.

  42. Tis Woman of 26 yrs old can bare it all n let all her frens n family see her nipple
    then she had polluted my eyes seein her topless
    . She think touchin her leg is a rape to her.. n her lawyer demanded 300k pound sterlin to cease tis case??
    She looks more keen on money than wants justice !!!

    • Yes even in my country it can be regarded as sexual harassment and you could end up getting sued specially if its without the consent of the lady. This applies regardless she has her nude pics or not. These things could lead to lots of trouble.

      Its not like that in your country ? Strange!!

      • Where is yr country, idiot?

      • That’s none of your business.

      • You really are a mad bastard, innit?

        If you don’t want people to know, why the hell you said “even in my country it can be regarded as sexual harassment ..”?

        You a communist or somefin’?

        You should die with the chipo fellow.

      • Never give out personal information on the net.

      • Aaaaaaaa. that’s one indication you are not rational minded. Mentioned something about your country, then don’t want to tell what country.

        Tg Rambutan country? Tampoi in Johore country?

      • There have been many instances when our airlines were sued by us until yhey bankrupt cause they screwed up. Thats why competition down here between airlines is tough cause they all want the business and tries to provide the best services. Besides that Consumer Protection Laws are strict here.

        I’m sure you dont have nothing like that there right ?

      • So in your country, it’s normal for a woman to accuse a man of sexual assault and then ask for money as compensation? What’s to stop a woman from your country to do that just for the money even when no one has assaulted her?

      • Yes, there has been cases like this before where a woman “accuses” the man for raping her and regardless whether the accusation is justified or not it all depends on the jury’s verdict. There were people sent to jail for that and there were people acquited of the charges.

        The point is in our country we have to “be careful” of what we do because shit can hit the fan and cause all kinds of problems.

        So if “massaging” is not in the SOP of MAS then their crews shouldn’t be doing it.

    • Can we get the source of the info “n her lawyer demanded 300k pound sterlin to cease tis case”?

      If true, that’ll shit all those speaking for her, including the 1-2 idiots in here.

      • It’s not about people are for her or not. It’s about a crappy airline providing in-flight massage services (first time I heard it) who got sued for “alleged” Sexual Harrasment . If not fot anyfhing else that airline will deffinitely pay for their lawyers. So like it or not money will be changimg hands. 🙂

      • So, having said that so many times, what else do you want for endlessly raising that point, idiot?

        Prove to us you are not mad. There are indications already that you are mad. Are you?

        Note that I have a new medical technique – asking a suspected mad fellow if he is mad. The response will tell more than a Psychiatrist’s diagnosis.

        Trust me, answer me. How about it, eh?

      • You see if you were in my country I could sue you for what you said. I’m sure it doesn’t apply to your under developed country.

      • Again sounding not rational minded. Whatever country, you can’t get the particulars of bloggers to sue. Yet you are talking of suing.

        I’m beginning to think that you are not well mentally.

  43. Toyroy

    Special reading for you …


    • I suppose they were lucky enough not to be shot down. There are other airlines who already avoided those regions way before the MH17 incident. I guess they were smart then.

      • Now that Cipo is dead, I’ll spend a bit of time on you, idiot.

        Tell us, why are you being so busy body in here? What do you hope to get?

        If you say that’s also not our business, that’ll confirm you are a mad fellow. You should be seeing the Psychiatrist.

        I’ll wait for you reply

      • Why are you so disturbed by other people giving their personal opinion ? Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      • Rational opinion, ok, no problem. Not rational one, I want to diagnose if you are mad. If so, I’ll let readers know. Then up to them whther to respond to your comment. Or let you die quietly. Like Cipo.

        How about that?

      • So who gave you the right to judge peoples opinions rational or not ?

        Rational by who’s standard ? Yours ?

      • There goes another comment that suggests a mind that’s not healthy.

        Keep on talking, idiot. I’ll be able to diagnose you in time to come.

      • Toyroy, you purposefully avoided the issue of LYING!

      • Lying about what ? For what purpose ?

  44. I’m placing my earlier observation here, in a group, for ease of observing the idiot Roy’s state of mind, mad, near mad, disturbed, rational or not.

    Here goes the earlier one that he has not responded:

    On August 26, 2014 at 19:02 Anti-Idiot said:
    Again sounding not rational minded. Whatever country, you can’t get the particulars of bloggers to sue. Yet you are talking of suing.

    I’m beginning to think that you are not well mentally.

    • You see, you are just proving how under developed your country is that’s why you think like that. In my country people can track down IP’s of user to the businesses who provide the service. We can sue that business for letting people misuse their system. 🙂

      Frankly, it would be easier to sue the business than the individusl who might not have the money to pay anyway. But at least he/she would serve time.

      • This is another indication of your not being rational.

        If you want people to believe what you say, you tell the country. Then people can gauge from whatever information they may have whether what you say is true or not. Or whether you are bullshitting.

        You have been bullshitting a lot already. But go on, talk. We’ll see up to what point I can diagnose your mental state.

      • Nope, I’m not obliged to give out any personal information and I really don’t care if someone from a little asian country beluves me or not.

    • Another indication of your mental state is your frequent use of the laughter symbol. Often you use it when saying things that are not funny, serious even.

      But keep on talking, I’ll observe and evaluate your mental state as we go on.

      • I smile cause for me its amusing playing you along… 🙂

        I don’t care what you think… 🙂

      • So you think you played us along? Despite we didn’t bother about you until Chipo went dead and we wanted a replacement to our source of amusement?

        But you are smiling because mental patients do smile to themselves

      • I’m smilling becaue I’m sure even now the MAS legal team is definitely negotiating with that lady. Maybe pay her a little and close this matter down quuetly. That would be the smartest thing to do.

        MAS dont need the uneccesary attention being drawn to them giving them a bad publicity.

        With MAS loosing US $1++ million daily its to their benefit to close this down ASAP and get along withctheir restructuring program.

        Oh plenty of people will definitely loose their jobs in MAS.. 🙂

      • Saying you “don’t care what (we) think” is another proof of your sick mind.

        There was the occasion you butted into a “civilized debate” between Chipo and one other, asking if the other was addressing you, even when clearly he was not.

        You are getting sicko, farm boy.

      • So what ? I can debate for fun and still wouldn’t care.

        My freedom of speech is protected by the constitution and nobody can deny me that.. 🙂

  45. Hahaha, “My freedom of speech is protected by the constitution and nobody can deny me that..”

    Caught you there, Chee Kong, you are a Malaysian, living in Malaysia, claiming protection from the Malaysian Constitution.

    Shit bugger, pretending to be from a tribal kingdom somewhere, not telling where, yet you are cooped up in some DAP cage somewhere in Malaysia, lying and bluffing about your identity and whereabout, like DAP Red Bean have been doing all this while.

    So, DAP Cina Bukit ungrateful ingrate, not only you have a sicko mind, you also are a cheat and a liar. Bastak you.

    • Malaysian ? Thats an insult… ha ha ha ha

      I cant imagine myself living in such countries. .. ha ha ha ha ha ha

  46. Now the Chipo is dead, the cheat and liar sicko bagero is stripped naked,

    No more fun to comment. Good night everybody.

  47. @a-idiot and other malays, you gotta stop getting so angry. When you get angry you start talking in strange gobble-de-GOOK language.

    goo goo ga ga yang yang koala umpa lumpa.

    I don’t understand monkey language. Please speak english. It would be more helpful for all of us.

    @Ray, you and other malays need to stop comparing yourself to singapore. SIA lied in there facebook page, doesn’t come anywhere close to losing 2 planes, 500 passengers and the whole world market.

    Only passenger game enough to fly MAS are the perverts of the world. They can’t wait to put their hands down the pants of women on that flight. This is something we haven’t fully address yet in this blog or in this debate.

    We must stop getting too personal and start talking about the sexual assault and how we can prevent this happening by malay male stewarts, so we can restore the reputation of MAS. restore the reputation of Malaysia, so that its not a country with a bunch of monkeys running around putting their hands down the pants of women.

    Women’s dignity must be protected, and this includes Malay women.

    • yo chipmunk,

      You are very sure I am Malay huh? Any concrete proof? Oh I forgot you have seen a video somewhere that tells you I am Malay, right?

      See chipmunk, “lying” reflects a certain defective gene, shows a lack of integrity and honour, especially when it happened at a time of another’s tragedy.

      Having a plane shot down means being victimised. The criminal here is not MAS, got it?

      This female exhibitionist is obviously not shy, so how come she can claim fear and then recovered totally and quickly to video that poor man clasping his hands, while accusing him in a harsh tone.

      Nowhere in that video showed the scene when his hands were supposed to be in her pants. She is also fully aware that MAS is facing unprecedented challenges.

      So we can safely surmise that she may be an opportunist besides being an exhibitionist.

  48. Also, I think Roy wins and a-idiot loses because Roy knows a-idiots origins, but a-idiot doesn’t know Roys origin.

    And a-idiot is dying to know, so he can tailor his insults.

    • Aaahhhh … suddenly chipmunk has self-elevated itself to be judge and jury, in which court I wonder?


      • No. Malaysia

    • CHIP one day you’ll be accused of assaulting too.. Then i know how it felt to be charged for something u didnt do. Ohh you will.

      • If only the steward put his hands in his own pants, then all this wouldn’t have occured.

  49. Chips and Roy
    Both of you are Dum..b, ugly POS, racist , with your heart filled with hate.

    As far as this case – This Australian piece of thrash is a S L U T…which can be seen frm the way she has exposed herself and from the way she wanted confession from the guy to sue the airlines for money.

    I am sure women like this works as a whore or hooker doing escorting services to feed their drug habits…a pure evil that wants to screw up a family mans life, his children’s future . May she die of pain and rot in hell.

    Hope this slut fails and it will be a lesson many other sluts who are palling to do this shit.

    • with a name like Slut hater, I don’t think you have much credibility calling anyone a hater.

      I know you guys hope that this woman fails, but seriously, are you Malays that lucky?

      MAS not have much luck lately.

  50. Chips and Roy,
    My middle finger for you both.
    We all know how racist Australians are, have read in news about the murders that were committed on immigrants and you ppl have bad karma that’s why most of your family are dysfunctional .

    Your culture has marriages that last few days and you as men never know when your own slut wife will sue you.. Pathetic life..

    Pig mother repeats itself in pig daughter ..everyone knows which is the only culture that comes out wearing make up saying that I am raped in front of the whole world for money….you guys stink …go be proud.

  51. From his 21:21 and earlier comments, it’s clear that the bloke hates the Malays. I agree with the opinion that he is a Chinese ungrateful ingrate pendatang, a Cina Bukit, member or ardent supporter of DAP that has been anti-Malay and anti-Islam since its formation nearly half a century ago and caused the race riots of 13 May 1969.

    He uses the name chip and Roy, one supporting the other, often appearing a few minutes of the other. This has been the characteristic of the so-called DAP Red Bean, aimed at showing numbers and the appearance of support for the non-mainstream views they express.

    To understand why this bloke and those like him think and behave the way they do, given below are a series of copy and paste comments that have appeared here and there in blogosphere:

    “You people keep making fun of the Malays, mamaks, etc, what about you Chinese? What’s the equivalent to call you all also having mixed blood? Now, now, don’t say you people are pure Chinese.

    Here is what Professor C.P. Fitzgerald says in his book, “A Short Cultural History of China” (600+ pages) – he lived in China for 5 years to research and gather material for that book:

    The phrase “origin of the Chinese people” is in itself misleading.

    1. Chinese culture took root in the plains of Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II

    2. The northern provinces “have always to some degree been mixed with peoples from the Mongolian steppes”. (Hence they are also referred to as the Mongoloid race).

    3. The southern and central provinces of China were, before the northerners moved southwards, “covered” by non-Chinese, the Miao, small in size and who the Chinese were contemptuous of.

    4. The south was occupied by “aboriginal tribes which once occupied the whole of south China”. The ancestors of most of the migrants to Malaya/ sia came from the south. The Professor said, “A large proportion of the population of the south calling itself ‘Chinese’ is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races” – page 6. “The southern people were then treated (by the northerners) as barbarous” – pg 32. Even in modern times, in Yunnan and Kueichou, tribesmen number half the population.

    The southerners comprise the following major groups:

    a. Fukienese (Hokkien), “a separate stock, mixed with immigrants from the north and the Yangtze Valley” and speaking “a peculiar dialect”.

    b. Cantonese, also speak a somewhat alien language, a form of old Chinese – the south was colonized by the northerners, colonization completed in the 7th Century – some 800 years after China was formed as a political entity by Chin Shih Huang Di.

    c. Hakkas, of Kuantung province, known as “guest families” – they speak a peculiar dialect, despised by the Cantonese and do not inter marry. These people were said to have come from the north, running away from frequent Mongol invasions that culminated in the conquest of China by Genghis Khan in the 13th Century.

    Another Professor, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,

    “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).

    Remember, the Professor said, “A large proportion of the population of the south (where your ancestors came from) calling itself ‘Chinese’ is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races.” So, if any of you are referred to as descendants of the Miao (who are aborigines and non-Chinese), or other aborigines or hill tribes of south China, don’t blame me, I’m just a messenger of the news. You can’t also blame Professor Fitzgerald any more because he died some years ago.”

  52. Here’s another one:

    “Practically all Chinese in Malaysia are descended from southern China. Many are law-abiding and Constitution-respecting. But a sizable number does not respect the Constitution and have been anti-Establishment all along. This is perhaps traceable to the fact that their ancestors in southern China have always been anti-Establishment, resentful of those who ruled them, of those other than their own kind. The Mongols, the Manchus and others.

    They themselves were descended from “aboriginal tribes which once occupied the whole of south China” – Professor C.P Fitzgerald, History of China, pg 6. And those from the north who ran away from incessant Mongol incursions at the border with Mongolia, like the Hakkas.

    The southerners resented being ruled by foreigners for stretches of up to hundreds of years. The Mongols under Genghis Khan conquered and ruled China for 80 years in the 13th Century. The Manchurians conquered China and Manchu Emperors ruled it from the 17th until the 20th Century. Hong Kong was ruled by the British and was returned to China only in 1990.

    The Manchu invasion of China was helped by the treachery of one Chinese General. During the rebellion against the Ming Dynasty Emperor, a Chinese General, Li Tzu-cheng, had captured Peking and proclaimed himself Emperor in 1644. But Li took the concubine of another rebel General, Wu San-kuei, into his harem. Because of the girl, the embittered Wu refused to recognize the new Emperor Li, opened the gates of the Great Wall at Shan Hai Kuan and let the Manchu Army in, conquered it and the Manchus started ruling China – Professor C.P Fitzgerald, History of China, pg 542-3.

    In this context, watch out the guy with a Rainbow in Penang who has been glorifying Sun Yat Sen of China (officiated the opening of a building named Sun Yat Sen) and trying to get other Chinese in this country to look to China. And note that the British first entered Perak due to the treachery of the Kapitan Cina in Larut who, together with 44 gangsters, signed a petition for the British in Penang to assist them recover tin mines lost to rival gangs that have been fighting endlessly under the Ghee Hin and the Hai San banners, and those led to the British sending troops under Capt Speedy etc, ending in the Pangkor Treaty of 1874 and the bloody British ruling Malaya as colonizers. How treacherous those Chinese were.

    Here‘s Professor Fitzgerald’s account of the Manchus’ attitude towards the Chinese (he stayed in China for 5 years to study the language and dig the records in the Chinese archives):

    “The north was loyal, and was trusted – up to a point. The south, embittered and rebellious, was … mistrusted, and oppressed … the ever hostile south. “ – pg 545.

    Disloyalty, rebellions, treachery, then foreign wars and more rebellions (Chinese secret societies, thugs and gangsters originated from south China), suffering and misery in the 19th Century, many absconded China and found their way to the shores of Semenanjung Tanah Melayu.

    Those who don’t respect and refuse to live by the Constitution of this country carry a hangover of the mental attitude of the southern Chinese. They need to be brought into mainstream Malaysiana, but those who persistently refuse to respect and live by the Constitution, including the sensitive Articles, need to be told to migrate elsewhere, like has been said even by well-known personalities in this country.”

  53. And another one:

    “The Myth of the Chinese Cultural Pre-eminence
    Ancient Chinese records claim they are the “Middle Kingdom”, the only one civilized, others even in Europe they called “barbarians”. They aggrandized Chinese culture while at the same time denying the achievements of other cultures and races. But Chinese historical documents had often been re-written, making it difficult to ascertain the truths. These have been said by many Professors of History.
    The burning of the books occurred not just over 2,000 years ago during Emperor Chin Shih Huang Di, but also in the 1960s during the so-called Cultural Revolution planned by the communist leader Mao Zedong to shore up his popularity after a series of setbacks starting from failed economic reforms called the Great Leap Forward that led to 30 million Chinese dead due to starvation, endless communal fighting for food and stipend, and the intra-factional fighting among the Revolutionary Red Guards.
    Those thinking theirs is a higher culture and others have a lower one must read what History Professor Wang Gung-Wu (formerly of Universiti Malaya, now in Singapore) said in his essay “Early Ming Relations with S.E.Asia” pg. 36:
    “ … All peoples who believed that they alone were civilized did so because they thought their neighbours less civilized than themselves. This view was often proved wrong by subsequent contact with other civilized peoples.”
    Another Professor, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,
    “For a long time, it (Chinese culture) was taken to be older, and possibly also richer in original features, than in fact it is”. (Pg 25).
    “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).
    According to Professor Wolfram Eberhard, in his book “A History of China”, 1977, writings about ancient China were inventions of a later period, what were said to have been done by the Chinese rulers and the dates they were said to have been done appeared to be even later still. All these indicated that historical writings in China were meant to serve certain politico-ethical objectives.
    These are the words Professor Eberhard himself wrote:
    “Furthermore, we can now state with certainty that the historical data which were given in written documents for times down to 1,000 BC are false. They are the result of astronomical-astrological calculations, made by specialists of later times who pursued their own special political aims by doing these calculations”. (Pg 1).”

  54. And yet another:

    Professor C.P Fitzgerald said in his other book on China, “A Concise History of East Asia, pg 13-14:

    “Archaeology has recently shown that the Chinese had very little reason to take up the superior attitude”. The Chinese were not “the Middle Kingdom”, not the only one “civilized”, and the others were not “barbarians”.

    Professor Charles Holocombe, in his book, “The Genesis of East Asia”, 2001, pg 60 said that other Chinese even called the original state of Chin as “barbarian”

    Professor Wolfram Eberhard, wrote in his book, “A History of China”, 1977, pg 60:

    The Chin Dynasty (221-200 BC) which first unified “China” had a ruling class which was not purely Chinese but an admixture of Turks and Tibetans.

  55. And still another:

    “More for the DAP Chinese bastard who tried to demean the Malay race in here:

    Practically all the Chinese in Malaysia came from south China. Here’s what History Professors have written:

    Originally, only the northern part of China was occupied by Chinese. Even then, there was an “admixture of Turks and Tibetans,” said Professor Wolfram Eberhad. Central and south China were clearly not inhabited by Chinese. The Yangtze River valley and lands south of it were settled by various ancient non-Chinese Asian races such as the Tai, the Tibetan, the Miao, the Yueh, the Yao, the Yi and others.

    The southern part of China was long inhabited by various ancient hill tribes. In all these lands, there were no Chinese. So the pendatang from south China must really be descended from the hill tribes. That’s why the uncouth, ill-mannered, rough talking, subversive, seditious, non-Constitution respecting, anti-Malays and anti-Islam DAP fellows have been called “Cina Bukit”. They caused the race riots of 1969.

    Lim Kit Siang was ISA-ed for a few years for being subversive to the national interest. Lim Guan Eng was called “biadap” by no less than DAP Vice-Chairman Tengku Aziz as he stormed out of the party about a year ago. They also have been called “Cina Bukit”.

    Professor Wolfram Eberhard wrote comprehensively about the original settlers of the central and southern China in his book, “A History of China”, 1977.

    So, those who think of demeaning the Malay race must know that they are descended from the hill tribes of China, the “Cina Bukit”.

  56. I don’t hate the Malays. I want to free the malay women from their repression and set the malay men into more civilized constructive world stakeholders.

    Malay history is making me sleepy. ZZZzzzzzzz

    lets talk about something else. Like why malays are so sensitive about being called malays? Or how about talking about the sexual assault?

  57. or lets talk about why Malays are lazy and poor?

    or lets talk about the coming 3rd plane to go missing.

    anything except boring history

  58. Very clear now the bastard is a Cina Bukit DAP Chinese ungrateful ingrate pendatang masquearding as all sorts.

    The way he talks above, he ought to be shot. Or dragged to the Jinjang Police Station, remanded for 1 week, interrogated unil his balls grow to one tenth size, then dragged to the Court, charged for sedition.

  59. first I am this then I am that, then I an roy then I am this then I am that, then I am here then I am there. Then I am Martian.

    Am I the one doing all the whacking?

  60. Chipo,

    Here’s a sampling of your most recent nasty comments, mainly those you made this morning:

    “SIA lied in there facebook page, doesn’t come anywhere close to losing 2 planes, 500 passengers and the whole world market.

    Only passenger game enough to fly MAS are the perverts of the world.

    restore the reputation of Malaysia, so that its not a country with a bunch of monkeys running around putting their hands down the pants of women.

    I know you guys hope that this woman fails, but seriously, are you Malays that lucky?

    Malay history is making me sleepy. ZZZzzzzzzz

    lets talk about something else. Like why malays are so sensitive about being called malays?

    or lets talk about why Malays are lazy and poor?

    or lets talk about the coming 3rd plane to go missing.”

    As this post has been overtaken by another – latest – post that readers will go to from now on, and since you persist in trying to demean the Malays, Malaysia and MAS, DESPITE MY COPY PASTING A SERIES OF ARTICLES ON THE ORIGINS OF YOU CINA BUKIT DAP UNGRATEFUL INGRATE PENDATANG in the hope that you, knowing those, would check yourself from further behaving like your forefathers, and since you don’t appear to have been influenced by those, let’s continue the talk in the latest post that BD has published.

    Let’s go over there, shall we?

    • go where?

      you have to speak english. I don’t undestand your monkey talk.

      I’m the only one standing up for Malay women, so I accord women of your country utmost due respect.

      • Scared to comment in the new post of this same blog? Knowing so much space and not crowded with comments in there? That the whackings on you will be fully digested by readers there?

        Kamon, boy, don’t be a coward. You are a culture of secret societies, thugs and gangsters any way.

        I’ve written some stinging comments against you there. Be a man, don’t continue being a boy all the time. Go and talk in the next post.

      • whats wrong with this blog, its perfectly fine

      • You write about me, because you have no brain to write about the subject matter.

      • Don’t pretend you don’t understand that what I meant is the same blog as this one. And that this blog has different posts written by the blog owner/ operator.

        And that I have challenged you to comment in that new post of this same blog.

        And don’t plead stupidity by thinking that when I said comments about you are all personal matters about you. It’s comments against your arguments, what you said, etc.

        Still no balls, eunuch-y?

  61. Hahahaha

    chipmunk finds history boring but sexual assault super interesting!

    That goes to show his level of IQ …

    • I find the sexual assault of our mothers wives daughters and sisters disturbing and something needs to be done about it.

      if we can connect the historical context as to why it happens so much in Malaysia, then I’ll be interested in Malay history. Sometimes we need to know our past in order to understand our future.

      Other than that, Malay history is as boring to me as American Indian history or Aboriginal history, or African History

      • Refusing to understand and accept your past as written in the series of articles quoting various professors, above?

        No balls to engage in the next post’s comments section? You descended from the eunuchs also?

        Show us you have balls and counter the comments against you that have been published in the next post’s comments section.

  62. Mengaku kalah, ha, Chipo?

    No balls to go to the next post, eh?

    • I will consider your request.

      Of course I understand you want help from your fellow malays.

      which new post? link please.

      • Now you know about “links”, eh? Which you pretended not to know and didn’t use to substantiate your nasty comments in the past.

        Anyway, here is the link –

        And no excuse not commenting there, eunuch-y ha?

      • I have even tested the link. just press it and you’ll get there.

        You can say what you want in there. I have written quite a bit against what you said and will get back there after i attend to some other matters.

        Let’s see your balls there otherwise you are admitting defeat.

      • “Of course I understand you want help from your fellow malays.”

        Is that why you also comment using other names? Pretending you have help from fellow DAP blokes?

        So far now, there’s no other person commenting there. About 10 comments there now, all from me, mostly countering your allegations.

        So don’t chicken out, ok?

        If you don’t come in, I’ll take it that you admit you lose.

        Like you tried to say you didn’t last night.

      • Dude, steward is going to trial in 6-7 months and if convicted a 15 years jaul term. He will be detained at least for 7 months before the trial.

        I told you that he will be charged and they did… 🙂

        In these kinds of cases money will definitely change hands… 🙂

        Read -

      • Bluff ha, Chipo. Read the search results below:

        Search query

        We did not find results for:

        And you still no balls to comment in the new post? Under whatever name?

        Admitting defeat, eh?

      • Comment in what post ?

        I’m only interested in this case cause I know how it will end… he he he he

      • Pretending you didn’t read the comments above, eh?


      • Why do I need to pretend ?

        I’m just posting to inform you that your Perverted Ugly Countrymen is charged and awaiting trial in 7 months…

    • Kakakaka chipap tau maksud mengaku kalah kot bro. Cina bukit masuk perangkap.

  63. a-idiot, you must be a retard. Asking me to comment in a blog about Malaysian Communications and Multimedia.

    Your comments there have nothing to do with the Blog.

    I’m not interested in Malaysian Communications and the comments there should be reserved for those that are interested in posting about that topic. Not your personal crusade to show the world how retarded you are.

    Wow, you really are a retard.

    • Did you read my previous post ? They charged that guy already and he will be detained for at least 7 months pending trial.

    • I hope our Malay friends aren’t to dissappointed that what they claim as fiction is not indeed fact. He’s been charged. Bad Luck Malays, Bad Luck.

      Don’t feel as though the world is against you.

      • I knew from the beginning that they would charge him, because, they can’t detain him without charging him.

  64. In Jail the pervert is going to be able to put his hands down the pants of other inmates as well as his own for the next 15 years. Maybe he feels lucky that way.

    There is no way he can buy his way out of this.

    reason 1 – hes to poor.
    reason 2 – they have the video
    reason 3 – its out of the girls hand.

    goes to show you shouldn’t act like a beggar on video.
    “please don’t report me, I have a wife and a child”
    “why would you do this”
    “why! why!”

    • But I feel MAS will negotiate and pay some amount to that girl to cover this case.

      MAS is alrwady in a bad shape losing US $1++ million per day. They don’t need any additional destruction of their image.

      So I suppose from now on no more inflight massages then… ha ha ha ha ha

    • The courts can still compel the women to come and testify. If she already left france then there might not be much the french can do.

      It would be a smart move for the airline, but it won’t be a good day for justice though. The women deserves justice, but not money.

      • The court cam summon her through the embassy and it’s cumpulsory to heed a courtd summon.

        But before trial usually the court will give a chance for both parties through their lawyers to reconcile. But in these types of cases usually the lawyer will inform the defendant that if he confesses to his crime then the court would probably be much lenient on him.

        In either case, MAS will have to take out money to pay lawyers and compensations.

      • Cheap price to pay to get MAS out of the current news cycle. Just means that more people like the pervert will just keep doing it.

      • I personally wouldn’t recomend using these shoddy asian airlines. But to be fair there are some OK asian airlines out there such as SQ, Cathay, Korean Air, JAL, even Thai Airways.

      • BTW, I also wouldn’t suggest western tourist visiting countries such as Malaysia for the risk of personal security and injury or death.

        You might have read the recent case of the stabbing of british students. So I suggest stay away from those countries.

        Read -

      • Don’t forget about the killing of a french woman there in malaysia by a malaysian man just because she refused to have sex with him.

        Read -






    • What are you talking about dude ? Are you mentally alright ?

      Geezzz man… You guys are really depressed down there… Gotta chill out more dude… he he he

  66. Everyone that has visited that Blog has seen how crazy An-Idiot is, posting his non sensical monkey talk. He’s the only one there commentig.

    Even normal Malays would agree with me. He’s gone off the reservation.

    Glad I didn’t comment in that Blog.

    So now An-Idiot has given up. If he was a troll, he’s a pretty pathetic one.

    • One thing is for sure, those malaysians should learn that they just can’t do whatever they want outside their own country. Just see how they nabbed that pervert right off the plane.

      Now he will rot in jail there in france.

  67. yo chipmunk and toyroy aka the terrible twins

    Have you “learned” guys heard of Defamation Law?

    Defamation Per Se refers to defamatory statements that are so vicious and the harm is so obvious, that malice is assumed, and proof of intent is not required for general damages (i.e. falsely accusing someone of committing a crime involving immorality; claiming someone has a repugnant, contagious disease; or statements claiming that the individual is unfit or unable to perform his employment duties.) Most states specifically recognize these categories of false statements as defamatory per se. Libel per se is also referred to as libel on its face, meaning it meets all the required elements without further proof.

    Happy reading! hehehe

    • What laws ? Your country and your laws is just valued as crap abroad.

      BTW, I wad reading this beautiful personal experience about your crappy country…

      Happy reading -

      • Sorry toyroy

        That link is just sour grapes based on ONE miserable person’s opinion. Nothing based on solid data.

        Check this out:

        2013 – Tourist Arrivals 25.72 MILLION @ RM 65.44 BILLION

        You are one frustrated, incorrigible, biased, unprincipled, uneducated ignoramus.

        Jangan marah ya … heh heh

      • I’m sure you’ve never travelled before caused in the travelling world personal opinions is a big thing between travellers. Thats how we learn about orhers experience in other countries.

        But I can understand someone like yourself from a low income third world country most probavly haven’t seen much of thus world.. have you ?

        Regarding this case we’ll just have to wait 7 months for the trial and in the mean time I hope that guy likes the jail food.

      • Oh BTW, I wouldn’t trust anything coming out of your Moullahs Govt.

  68. Hi OP, so Ive been posting this to a lot of videos/new websites related to said incident

    Captain research here, a little googling brought up there results,

    she has/had a instagram account called Loskoplololo on which she posted numerous nudes for whatever reason (note she had only 1 follower and the account was public, and also note the dates of which the pictures were posted which means the account is not a fake and has been active way before the related incident)

    Google searching “Loskoplololo” also turned up a ” Sophie Tomas” on the google results page which strangely also includes said link exposing her scam

    Sophie Tomas :

    Google results :

    There is some obvious cloak and dagger going on, anymore info on said topic would be very welcome :)


    Laura Bushneys twitter account is also Loskoplololo

    Earliest twitter post was 2009, so its definitely not a fake

  69. I think the real tragedy here is that she shows off her breasts, and they’re a pair of shit. Nearly burned my eyes out of their sockets. I have seen better in the dens of Phuket. And thank you Chip and Roy for making us see that idiots are not exclusive to Third World countries.

    People who want to do the upstanding thing say we should not judge her by her shit pair of jubblies. And then in the next breath condemn the MAS steward as a pervert even before the court case has even begun. You like hypocrisy for breakfast, do you?

    • Who cares what you think her tits are like. It doesn’t lend any credibility to what you have to say.

      You want to carry forward a reasonable argument on one hand then you blabble on about not judging a person by her pair of jubblies.

      you sir are the idiot. Its too bad you can’t take back what you’ve said.

      • Yawn … so boringly childish rebuttals – no substance, just imbecile toxic venomous vomit!

        Once born an IDIOT will always be an IDIOT and will definitely die STILL AN IDIOT.

        P.S. your cheapskate paymaster should sack both lamebrain twins (chipmunk and toyroy) and perhaps recruit intellectuals like most of us here.

      • So who’s the actual idiot ? The guy who’s now in jail charged for sexual assault, the guy defending the accused regardless he’s guilty or not, or the normal joe who’s saying that people should be careful how they conduct with other people ?

      • Yak yak yak. That’s all you do. If you had reasonable arguments in the first place, people might respond in the same manner. Not a shining example of purportedly First World thinking, you are, no.

    • Maybe to others she was ugly but maybe to a perverted ugly old man she was not ? Maybe she made him horny ?

      30 years of mw flying aroynd with countless airlines I’ve never seen any stewart doing any kind of massage inflight.

      I would assume he’s a mouslim man, so is a mouslim man “allowed” to give masages to ladies ? There were other ladies stewardess onboard and if a so called “massage” is needed cant he tell one of the lady stewardess to do it ? I guess not, cause, then he woulsn’t have the chance to touch that ugly womans thighs then… 🙂

      • Waahhhahahaha

        mw flying aroynd
        any stewart
        mouslim man
        masages to ladies
        lady stewardess
        woulsn’t have
        ugly womans thighs

        chipmunk is super stressed … yo chippy dude, go back to your studies and tell your paymaster that your “1st world brain” CANNOT achieve a decent standard of proficiency in the English Language.

        You should just write in the alien language, perhaps your intelligence might just peep through!

        Jangan Marah ya ….. LOL

      • Really ? You malaysians are really that srupid ? Amazing !!!!!

      • “srupid” ??? hmmm …

        must be the latest flavour of syrup created by cupid for toyroy who is suffering from neglect and devoid of intellectual propensity

        Kalau Marah Kena Jual Murah ….. LOL

      • One thing is for sure I’m not losing a member of a family because of using a crappy asian airlines runned by crappy people who needs a stool just to talk eye-to-eye.. isn’t it Brownie ? 🙂

        But I’m sorry for those who did….

      • You’re really a shit ambassador for your First World nation, Roy. Wherever that might be. I suspect in your home country people deem you a hickster. You’re “arguing” (a) based on hearsay, (b) hearsay coming from just one side at that, and (c) hearsay from a woman so petrified yet had the presence of mind to not just record, but narrate her ordeal.

        Like I said. You’re full of shit, Roy.

      • What made you think I’m arguing about that woman ? Those frenchies can handle that themselves… 🙂

        All I’m saying is that cabin crews shouldn’t be giving passangers for whatever reason personal massages…

        Its that simple…

      • hmm …

        frenchies – a new flavour of french fries ??
        passangers – pasta burgers ??

      • Hmmmm… I’m not into fast foods….

      • Hard to argue with simpletons, Roy. We don’t wrestle with pigs, they drag you down and beat you with experience. Or is that how it goes. Anyway. Enjoy your first world comforts. Be sure to contribute to them once in a while.

      • Firstly, never arguce with consumers they are the king. Second, to be a better business you have to have higher standard standard than other businesses.

        Travwllers safety, confidence, and wellbeing should be priority above the airlines personel jobs.

    • Tembuni,
      Thanks for a sane view of the ‘alleged’ assault. I do not know the Steward nor have I ever flown with MAS. However I feel that the Steward has been given the bum’s rush without benefit of a fair trial. What is going on in the media is a one-sided attempt to convict him. The motive is fairly obvious and I for one am sick of seeing headlines stating that her version of the ‘story’ is fact. We have heard nothing on his version nor from any legitimate witnesses which is as it should be during an ongoing case. Poor girl lost her voice yet was able to narrate her little trap. What I find most annoying is how the news channel presented the whole thing. Her own recording of her badgering and bullying the poor Steward and trying to put words in his mouth for our benefit makes me sick.

  70. […] the said family friend commended me on my argument, so I moved on. After that my mom linked me to this blog which albeit is written in poor English, the popularity of this blog has allowed the post to […]

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