Missing the sight on MCMC

It is never about the right of bloggers to question and raise of the integrity of a Federal Government agency, which is known to be wealthy with tonnes of cash provided by an act which designed to tax at source from the industry.

However, if the basis of the questioning is wrong and without facts but only based on perception and hearsays. then probably the credibility of the so-called self professed cyber champion would erode, especially when it is against agencies such as Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

In his latest posting of Former MP for Wangsa Maju and notable lawyer Wee Ch00 Keong who once defected out of PKR in favour of the ruling BN Federal Government half way through the term, raised very damning issues. Probably blinded by ignorance or poisoned by perception, Wee chided at Minister of Communication and Multimedia Dato’ Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek for some unsubstantiated allegations of improper conduct.

Though Wee did not particularly mentioned projects and/or specific programs undertaken by MCMC, it is clear that he is out to create a fresh incessant lashing in his brand and solo effort of championing corrupt practices and abuses.

Typically, all tenders in MCMC are open tenders, especially in the appointment of vendors. USP tenders for towers are also open, but only to licencees.

There are however instances of tenders being closed or restricted tenders or direct awards but they are rare and usually relate to something strategic or are security-related matters.

In all matters, approval of the full Commission is still required as Chairman cannot decide alone, other than for amounts below RM1m. If the amount is between RM1m and RM5m, the Commission’s approval is required.

If the amount is above RM5m, then the approval of the Minister and the concurrent approval of Minister of Finance is required. This last one is by law under the Multimedia Commission Act.

All USP tenders go to the Commission for approval, including the towers and the undersea cable.

It should have been said that for the tenders of RM5m above, it is the Commission, the Minister and Minister of Finance, altogether. So, one man cannot decide. In most Ministries, KSU’s can decide up to RM50m.

Unless Wee can state all these corrupt practices and abuses of particular personalities within MCMC, even acting on behalf of certain leaders which include the Minister, then he should cease these attacks. Recently, he started a voracious unsubstantiated attack against CELCOM which opened a stream of unsubstantiated attacks against a corporate man’s personal life.

Maybe he could channel all  his free time no longer as an elected representative to value add and productively promote progress, in his own to assist Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to move Malaysia forward.

*Updated Wednesday 27 August 2014 0200hrs

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  1. The idiot Cina Bukit DAP Chinese ungrateful ingrate pendatang is trying to demean the Malay race and is continuing his nasty habit in the previous post.

    As that post is now overshadowed by this new post, and readers tend not to go into previous posts any more, I’m seeking BD’s permission to continue the arguments and counter his comments in here. I have submitted one comment there just now to counter what the incorrigible and nasty bloke says.

    He is incorrigible, even communistic and anarchistic, and will not be swayed. But we need to prevent the casual readers from being badly influenced by the bugger.

    I’ll wait until 9 am to see if BD has any objection. If none, I’ll continue shitting the bloke against his seditious statements that denigrate the Malays as lazy, poor etc, in here.

    He even implied that Malay men are uncivilized – despite my having submitted a series of c&p articles that includes one on “The Myth of Chinese Superiority”, claiming only those in the “Middle Kingdom” being civilized, others including Westerners as “barbarians”, etc.

  2. I hope BD will excuse me for posting this one which is not related to the post article, but is connected with the denigrating of the Malays and the “mocking” of race.

    The Army sways: Insulting royalty not an act we take lightly. “The monarchy is one of Malaysia’s pillars, along with race and religion.

    “It is our duty to defend our country’s royalty. If we do not take this responsibility seriously, there will be parties who will mock the religions, race, and the Rulers of all Malaysians,” said the the Chief of the Armed Forces.

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Armed Forces has warned that it will not take lightly any insults made against the Malay Rulers of the country.

    Its chief Jen Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin said insults made against the country’s royalty was equivalent to insulting the military.

    “Our country’s royalty is a sacred institution that played an important role in the military. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, while other Sultans serve as captains-in-chief or colonels-in-chief in the Navy or Air Force.

    “Every regiment and corps in the army is entrusted with the royal banners. Therefore, it is their duty to defend the Rulers. The banners are their symbols of loyalty to Malay Rulers. In whatever situation, all Armed Forces personnel will continue to defend the sacred and royal banners,” he said during the Armed Forces Academic Excellence Award Ceremony here yesterday.

    “If there is an attempt to insult the Malay Rulers, we will see it as an element to weaken the Armed Forces. We will not once take these insults against Malay Rulers lightly.”

    He was responding to questions on recent insults and criticism against Malay Rulers on the social media.

    • Typo:

      Obviously the words “The Army sways:” should be read as “The Army says: ..”

  3. Chipo,

    Here’s a sampling of your most recent nasty comments, mainly those you made this morning:

    “SIA lied in there facebook page, doesn’t come anywhere close to losing 2 planes, 500 passengers and the whole world market.

    Only passenger game enough to fly MAS are the perverts of the world.

    restore the reputation of Malaysia, so that its not a country with a bunch of monkeys running around putting their hands down the pants of women.

    I know you guys hope that this woman fails, but seriously, are you Malays that lucky?

    Malay history is making me sleepy. ZZZzzzzzzz

    lets talk about something else. Like why malays are so sensitive about being called malays?

    or lets talk about why Malays are lazy and poor?

    or lets talk about the coming 3rd plane to go missing.”

    As this post has been overtaken by another – latest – post that readers will go to from now on, and since you persist in trying to demean the Malays, Malaysia and MAS, DESPITE MY COPY PASTING A SERIES OF ARTICLES ON THE ORIGINS OF YOU CINA BUKIT DAP UNGRATEFUL INGRATE PENDATANG in the hope that you, knowing those, would check yourself from further behaving like your forefathers, and since you don’t appear to have been influenced by those, let’s continue the talk in this latest post that BD has published.

    • Chipo,

      You said, “SIA lied in (their) facebook page, doesn’t come anywhere close to losing 2 planes, 500 passengers and the whole world market.”

      What in the blazes are you trying to do saying those? Son of a b…. you. No other words to describe you except that unprintable word and a few others.

      Not even recognizing that SIA even lied taking that over-Ukraine route that you buggers criticized MAS for taking and got shot down? You are so squint-eyed that you don’t even see that MAS had used the same route that many airlines have been using, ha?

      And you sound even gleeful and clapping your hands in saying MAS “losing 2 planes, 500 passengers and the whole world market.” You are an animal, heartless, sadistic, taking pleasure out of others’ pain. Really, you should be shot.

      In China you would be, in Papua New Guinea you would be eaten alive by the Highlands tribe that still practice cannibalism to this day. Alas, in here, you will only be whacked to kingdom come for having such a nasty and caustic mouth.

      But we’ll never know if the Police Special Branch or the MCMC are watching you, would we? All we know is that there have been seditious and bad-intent buggers hauled in by the Police and the MCMC, dragged to the Police Station, kept there for several days of interrogation, and later dragged to the Court and charged under the Sedition, the Police Acts or some other laws.

      We have established that you are a Malaysian, living in this country, talking (under different names) of your “right under the Constitution” and shit, and most likely to be the usual Cina Bukit DAP ungrateful ingrate pendatng. Don’t you start pretending or saying again that you are not.

      • Well, SIA is profitable while MAS is not.

        SIA is standing firm financially and product-wise while MAS has to be rescued (again).

        Seems to me that that covers a multitude of alleged sins. On the part of SIA, that is.

        As for your other comments, it looks as if this “Chipo” person has succeeded in arousing your ire.

        Whether that ire could be more usefully employed in equipping Malaysians to be able to better compete against other Asians, Latin Americans, Africans and Eastern Europeans remains an untested proposition.

        There’s no mileage in winning a skirmish (sarcastic putdowns of “disloyal” Malaysians) while losing the wider battle of a competitive and globalised world.

        Because that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

        The deep-seated fear of being sidelined and made irrelevant while others in Asia move on…..

        Hence the need to plead perpetual victimisation and to hunt down scapegoats!

      • JalanStraitsview,

        You do have a narrow view, don’t you? All is about profit and money to you? If so, why is Singapore not a happy place to live for many? Why do so many Singaporeans migrate out of the country?

        And you? Where do you stand in all these? On the Causeway? Or across, on the other side? No problem, it’s a free country as you people say. If so, why don’t you join them, move over to the other side?

        If you are a Malaysian, what have you done in terms of “usefully employing your time in equipping yourself and Malaysians to be able to better compete against other Asians, Latin Americans,” etc? What precisely have you yourself done? Or are you just an armchair commentator, supposedly a Mr Know All but doing nothing positive, constructive and productive for the country? What have you been doing that we “sidelined” and “victimized” people have not been doing, pray tell.

        Precisely, “There’s no mileage in winning a skirmish (sarcastic putdowns of “sidelined and victimized” Malaysians), while not being bothered about the needs of a society that is trying to grow on the basis of a history with immigrants forced upon the locals by the colonial rulers and a Constitution that was drafted taking into account the culture and the ways of people who have been in this country well before the large scale immigration started some 150 years ago.

        How much have you read the history of China? With a huge country and the largest population in the world since thousands of years ago, and with a totally homogeneous society, the Chinese have not won “the wider battle of a competitive and globalised world”, China getting to No. 2 only 1-2 decades ago, correct? So, what are you talking about, man? .

        No, that’s not “what it’s about.” That’s your skewed way of looking at this country whose colonial past has turned it topsy turvy in many ways and whose leaders have been grappling with unity issues that failed with the race riots in 1969 and that, with the kind of thinking people like you have, may breakdown again in the future, might it not?

        The deep-seated arrogance and thoughts you have of being on the moral high ground, without any contribution at all in nation building (except in paying tax which has only been at 40% of the total for so long) is not wanted at all by the country. Grow out of it, man.

        Be constructive, contribute to Malaysian society and unity, other than paying the 40% tax which, incidentally, the GLCs like Petonas etc also pay 40%.

      • And Singapore government bodies don’t suffer losses? What about Temasik etc that were reported to be suffering some time back? Have no time to Google for now but perhaps some readers would do it in due course.

        Do you have selected memory? Or you are so against the “sidelined” and the “victimized” community in this country that you want to talk only about the losses experienced by Malaysian bodies?

        If you are a Singaporean, I might understand. If so, why the hell do you stay in Jalan Straits View?

        If you are a Malaysian, why are you picking on MAS? Or on Malays, the “sidelined” and the “victimized” community? You also among those who think MH370 and MH17 are deliberately done by Malaysians? Or by Malays? That’s warped thinking and a demented mind, isn’t it?

      • Yes, JalanStraitsview, answer those responses to your comments, will you.

        After that, I also would like to chip in my views.

        Glorifying Singapore and anti-Malaysia fellow. Member or supporter of DAP anti-Malay, anti-Islam and causing the race riots of 1969, eh?

        Got citizenship right but not honouring the Social Contract, eh? Ultra kiasu wanting more, more and more, never mind the share of the cake that’s meant for others? Don’t like history because not proud of your own history issit?

        You write elsewhere against affirmative action etc, so let’s hear you say it out here as well. We sure would like to teach you a few things here.

        So, how about it? Of late there has been a challenging mood in here. Would you accept the challenge? Let’s trash our differences out for a better understanding of the issues between us.

      • Isa & Haba

        I am not in the habit of backing down from challenges.

        Just one question for now: how did the US get to where it is THE acknowledged superpower?

        Wasn’t it built on successive waves of immigration, initally foisted on the native American Indians?

        Didn’t it gain it’s independence rebelling and taking up arms against the British monarchy and parliament?

        If that happened now, wouldn’t it be accused of sedition?

      • Pls see below, for wider-column discussion.

      • JalanStraitsview,

        Seems to me you are using the reverse psychology when implying the Malays fear being sidelined.

        It’s pure stupidity to think that. The Malays are 60% of the population. It’s plain ridiculous to suggest they fear being sidelined.

        Of course you pendatang Chiese fear of being sidelined. No doubt you are the richest community in the country. But even billionaire Robert Kuok, the richest in the country he is twin footed – he put one foot in China. Many others are doing the same. In time to come they may have both feet in China. The idea of dying in China has not died out, pun intended.

        So, you all might be side lined, made irrelevant and victimized in the future. That already has been done. For a long time gangsterism, prostitution, gambling etc have been associated with your kind. Nobody thinks of the Ah Long business being done by other than your kind. So, racial profiling also done to your kind.

  4. The bloke Chipo finding excuses not to come and comment in here. I’ve challenged him as follows:

    “Scared to comment in the new post of this same blog? Knowing so much space and not crowded with comments in there? That the whackings on you will be fully digested by readers there?

    Kamon, boy, don’t be a coward. You are a culture of secret societies, thugs and gangsters any way.

    I’ve written some stinging comments against you there. Be a man, don’t continue being a boy all the time. Go and talk in the next (this) post.”

    • Looks like the Chipo fellow mengaku kalah.

      No balls to come in here.

  5. He comes or don’t come in, here are a few more counter-comments to what the Cheapo bloke said –

    The Malays have not been lazy. The Malays mainly did not have the opportunity.

    The British colonial government were not interested to educate the Malays or provided them with much opportunity. Professor Zainal Abidin Wahid, then of UKM, had researched and found that the British had intended that the Malays were only “to look after the food production of the country” – hence let them continue being rice farmers and fishermen.

    So the British provided only primary schools in the rural areas where most Malays lived. Only 4 years of schooling, schools fa in between the kampongs. such that Malay school pupils had to walk for up to 4 miles one way to school, tired, hungry and couldn’t concentrate in classes.

    But the British colonialists, wanting revenue to be sent back to their mother country, wanted businesses and enterprises of all sorts carried out by the Chinese – they are known for doing businesses since that time. So the British provided both primary and secondary education in the towns where most Chinese lived. Not only those, they also provided schools in the English language, the passport to success for those 80 years or more of British rule and a bit thereafter.

    But when the Malay-led Government after the race riots of 1969 started the New Economic Policy of assisting the disadvantaged Malays, they did comparatively well. From having a meager 2% wealth of the country and less than 5% professionals as doctors, engineers etc in 1970, they have now acquired over 20% wealth and many thousands of medical doctors, engineers, PhD graduates of all sorts.

    Many are now able to shit back the nasty comments like those made by the racist chauvinist Chipo.

    • The Chinese are also lazy. They work as prostitutes, massuese doing all kinds of massages from foot reflexology to whatever, hang around brothels and massage parlours.

      They gamble and hang round illegal gambling dens not just in China towns but practically everywhere, looking out for enforcement officers doing raids etc. All sorts of gambling for the lazy bastards, easy work just printing or handing out bits of paper.

      And many are engaged in the so-called Ah Long illegal money lending, taking huge interests like the Jews doing usury assisted by the Jewish mafia, and the Chinese are assisted by members of secret societies, thugs and gangsters. And a recent news report says even a 17 year old is doing that in Sabah, caught and wanked by the Police into the lock up.

      So the Chipo says Malays are lazy? Damn him for not looking over his nose and seeing his kind around him being lazy like hell.

    • I like these explanations. And the defence of the Malays that the chip bastard tried to demean.

      Maybe he is scared to comment in this post comment section seeing the kind of explanations are hard hitting on him and his kind.

    • Kasi saja sama diorang, tuan. Saya sokong saja.

  6. II have just declared a win over the stupid Chipo bloke in the Comment Secton of the previous post, as follows:







    So, over to you, folks.

    My job is done for the time being. The Cina Bukit DAP ungrateful ingrate pendatangs have for some time known – and now reaffirmed – that they can no longer say anything they want without being challenged and shitted upon.

    The Chipo bloke may continue crying and yelling in the previous post, let him do it – under one or as many names as he likes.

    • Mereka ini byk berpura yg saya sendiri sudah slalu terkena. Nak benda menyengeh2 mcm siput lepas tu dah dapat apa yg mereka nak buat2 tak kenal. lahanat betul. Back-stabbers

  7. Surely tenders, however restricted or closed they may be, follow procedures. At MCMC and elsewhere. And where the size of projects dictate it, the Treasury representative is always there on the Tender Committee deliberating on the award.

    Additionally, after the decision of the Tender Committee is made, that decision is submitted to the Treasury for approval by the relevant, higher, authority – right up to the Minister, where relevant. There are therefor levels of checking and counter-checking before awards are made.

    Where the higher-priced tender may be accepted or recommended to he Treasury, the grounds for the choice are usually given. It usually is based on delivery capability and schedule proposed by and expected of the contractor, compared to the lowest priced tender.

    So, if the area of possible hanky panky is not stated in detail, the fuss may be much ado about nothing.

  8. Wee Choo Keong may hv been expelled from DAP a long time ago. However, the Chinese Chauvinism is deep and thick within his system.

    Look at his postings. Incessant lashings against Malay corporats figures.

    Amokh, AJ, Shaz Paqia and now Sharil Botak.

    Almost nothing at all about the Tan brothers, Yeoh bros, all the Lims, Lees, Ongs and even Kueks or Kuoks.

    How about the Foochows?

    Be fair la. Chinese business community continuous willingness to corrupt is why graft, abuses and favourtism is kept alive and getting fatter!

    Wee also never once attacked all the oligopolists and cartels, who are the root of Malaysia’s sharp rising of cost of living.

    Not to mention the sharp escalation of retail price and speculative market of property, especially in major urban areas. More importantly, the problem is spirally chronic and getting more and more beyond the affordability of middle income.

    In the final analysis, it is the Malays are the largest net losers!

    Wake up and smell the swines!

  9. JalanStraitsview,

    Good that you are not in the habit of backing down from challenges.

    If rebelling and taking up arms now, Sedition Act may not be applied – worse laws will be wanked on such buggers – rebellion against the YDP Agong, like PAS MP Khalid Samad is being proposed to be hauled in for rebellion against the Sultan of Selangor, I think, kurang ajar for asking curbing the powers of Mais, the Islamic body directly headed by the Sultan, for which the Sultan has expressed displeasure publicly.

    So, don’t anyone ever think of that, man. Read that news about the Armed Forces Chief saying the Army does not take lightly any attempt at weakening the institution of the Rulers in this country? Saying the Armed Forces are sworn to protect King and country, the Agong is the Chief of the Armed Forces, the Sultans are honourary Colonel in Chief etc of the Army, Navy and the Air Force.

    It will be even tahi kering habis when the Army comes into any situation, man. Read about and remember the 13 May 1969 riots? The Army was called to help restore order, curfews were imposed and they were out patrolling with no-nonsense kind of Standard Operation Procedures or instructions. I can imagine that they could have shot any one breaking curfew during the tense situation.

    Don’t any one be funny with the Army, they are never funny guys, trained to defend the country, and dealing with internal rebellion is also their role – remember the Malayan Communist Party that were hounded by the Army until they cabut and were ensconced in the Betong Salient, south Thailand?

    And remember the Army saying before the Bersih demos etc that they were ready to help any time if called?

    • Attempts to be kurang ajar to our Sultans will be met with stiff resistance, deplored and reported to the Police –

      Police report against MP over blog post about Sultan

      KUALA LUMPUR: A police report has been lodged against PAS’ Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad over his blog post which allegedly questioned the powers of the Selangor Sultan under the state constitution.

      The report was lodged by Azam Aziz and Co Advocates and Solicitors’ lawyer Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz at the Dang Wangi police headquarters at about 11am here yesterday.

      In the entry titled Video: Sidang Media Nama MB dan Kuasa Sultan (Press Conference MB’s Name and Sultan’s Powers) posted on Friday, Khalid allegedly questioned the state constitution for giving Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah the power to have a say on who should be appointed the new mentri besar.

      Mohd Khairul urged the authorities to investigate the case under Section 121 of the Penal Code and Section 3 (3) of the Sedition Act 1948 for waging war against the Agong and sedition.

  10. Come in with as many questions as you like, JSV.

    On how the US got to being “THE acknowledged superpower” – it was not on successive waves of immigration, True, initially the Orang Putih came and killed the Red Indians, pushed them out until the “Indian Reservations” through all sorts of lawlessness, savagery, trickery, and utter greed for land occupied by the Indians since time immemorial.

    But it didn’t happen in this country, did it? True the bloody British brought in the Chinese “coolies” and Indian railway workers, but there was no lawlessness and wanton killing of the locals like in the US. Trickery and treachery there was when the Kapitan Cina and 44 gangsters in Larut in the 1860s petitioned the British in Penang to come into Perak to help recover tin mines lost to rival gangs of the Ghee Heng and the Hai San clans, and the British used it and the endless Larut Wars caused by the Chinese thugs and gangsters as an excuse to enter Perak, ending up with the Pagkor Treaty signed under the barrel of the gun and the British started colonizing this country n 1874.

    Yes, the Chinese treachery caused the British colonization of this country. And bloody Chin Peng tried that sort of thing again after the 2nd World War but the mainly Chinese communists got plonked on the heads, bullets into their bodies etc and did not succeed in trying to bring this country under the suzerainty of mainland China.

    After that, bloody Lee Kuan Yew tried to be funny when Singapore was in Malaysia in 1963, hogging the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, wanting equality without simultaneously acknowledging the Ketuanan Melayu and the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. He and Singapore got kicked out of Malaysia in 1965.

    Then DAP took on and hogged that slogan. More, below.

    • In UK, the white Britishers are now said to be paying for the sins of their British Empire-days forefathers. They colonized so many countries, when those countries are in turmoil later, the citizens and permanent residents ran to Britain – Ugandans, and other black people, making some parts of UK nearly full of them.

      Indians, Pakistanis, Middle Eastern Muslims and even Chinese flocked there over the past many decades and British China towns have been full of over-stayers and criminals of all sorts,

      British PM David Cameron must have been so fed up that a few years ago he said, “Multi-culturalism is dead.” And British Police started rounding up the over-stayers and criminals in British China towns after that.

      No such thing as “successive waves of immigration” bring superpower status. A lot of criminals, yes.

      • The Muslim immigrants in US helped Al Qaeda planners to blow up the New York Twin Towers on 911. After that the US authorities enacted the Patriot Act, curtailing freedom of movement of Americans and others.

        That’s stepping backwards. Who said “successive waves of immigration” bring superpower status.” even in US?

  11. Don’t know if you have any thoughts of applying the “gain it’s independence rebelling and taking up arms against the British monarchy and parliament” in this country, Mister. My advice to you is to quit any such thought.

    If you do, you’d be whacked and wanked to smithereens. Like communist terrorist leader Chin Peng – not only shunned into the jungles of south Thailand for the rest of his life, he was not allowed to enter this country, nay, not even allowed to be buried here or his ash brought in.

    You need to remember that wars of independence etc are a thing of the past. No one talks about it any more. Malaysia has been independent for 57 years. If any one dislikes the government in power, try to get that power thru legal means. The Arab Spring produced chaos and disorder. 3-4 years in Egypt, they still have not got even a new Constitution in. Suffering and misery of untold proportions all these years, worse than the pre-Arab Spring times.

    And the Arab Spring was not about independence – it was about wanting to change the government in highly illegal ways. Anyone trying it here would meet the wrath not only of the Police but also of the Military. Don’t even think of that in this country, Mister.

    More, another time.

    • Protest and demonstrations must be within reason, within limits. There is freedom but not freedom to shit by the roadside. When expressing or pursuing our rights, must also think of the rights of the others.

      Too much protests and demos made countries like China backward for thousands of years. Only very recently becoming strong. Conquered, ruled and bullied by foreign powers for hundreds of years. Like the Mongols, the Manchus, the Japanese and the British. Hong Kong was returned to China by the British only in 1990.

      Now southern Chinese want to protest against Beijing enforcing the use of Mandarin, the official language. In south China the Chinese protest against Mandarin in Malaysia the Chinese protest wanting Mandarin. How?

    • They say the southern Chinese always protesting since ancient times. They were originally not Chinese. But an assortment of people called Tais and hill tribes.

      The Chinese expanded from northern China and engulfed them. They became Chinese but of hill tribe ancestry, referred to in this country as Cina Bukit.

      Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng were often called those, always protesting, complaining and exploiting any weakness of the Government. Though they themselves have shown that they have and practiced each and every weakness they accuse others of. They have been called Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin fellows.

      I think this country will never become great with them and the likes of them around. Many have called for those who don’t like this country, don’t respect and live by the Constitution to migrate. I support that.

  12. Hello JalanStraitsview,

    Where are you?

    I popped in yesterday since afternoon despite being busy but found you did not come in to engage so many opinions expressed against yours.

    What happened?

    You said you are not one to back down from challenges. A lot of challenges on you there, mate.

    Do come in and counter-argue. Otherwise it looks like you agree or cannot find arguments against what have been said about you and those you try to defend or promote.

    I also have a lot more to say in defence of the Malay race that the pendatangs often try to denigrate.

  13. Aiseh, JSV, your one question attracted so many answers. You are popular, man.

    Give more questions lah.

    Now the race that’s don’t fear of being sidelined or victimized has more and more having higher education and can reply well.

    Don’t worry about unintelligent replies like by chip and Roy of the previous post that I read and often shook my head in disbelief.

    You’ll be assured of meaningful replies here.

  14. Even during lunch break, JalanStraitsview does not come in. He seems to have chickened out after seeing the solid kind of arguments put out in here in defence of the race that he says fears being victimized, marginalized, etc.

    And, in defending, they touched on what has often been referred to as “the ungrateful ingrate pendatangs” who “make wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”. With solid and cogent reasons, too.

    Maybe I should put some questions on behalf of the now-shy JSV. Then answer them for his benefit and the benefit of those like him.

    Questions on the alleged laziness of the Malays have been answered above. And the alleged laziness of the Chinese pendatangs have been touched upon in about the same breath.

    Next questions maybe on corruption, cronyism and nepotism. These are the favourite issues of the Opposition, especially the Cina Bukit DAP because of guioy conscience – they are doing those themselves.

    Will be discussed shortly.

    • Unlike DAP which has many secret societies, thugs and gangsters among its members and supporters, UMNO has none to protect leakage of corrupt practices. So, while DAP people are not often in the news for corruption, UMNO people are.

      But who started corruption in a big way and who are often the bribers? Corruption was rampant in China even over 2,000 years ago, even became part of their culture or way of life. Made rampant by the eunuchs – male servants in the Emperors’ palaces whose genitals were literally cut off to ensure they didn’t mess around with the Emperors’ hundreds of concubines. They became conduits between the government officials and the ordinary citizens who wanted one thing or another from the lazy Emperors and the eunuchs demanded payment for their services in gold.

      Corruption was unknown in this country even during the Malay Sultanate days in the 15th – 16th century. But when the Chinese pendatangs were here in big numbers in the 19th Century, they started bribing the authorities to get whatever they wanted. They still do it now, in large numbers, offering bribes all over the places.

      In Penang they even take bribes as they run the State Government there. A lot has been said about the RM1.07 billion sale of Penang State land at Bayan Mutiara (commission alone said to be about RM30 million), at Taman Manggis, and the huge projects like the RM1 billion sPICE Turn Key project and the RM6-8 billion undersea tunnel.

    • Cronyism – Yes, UMNO practices cronyism. Their friends and ardent supporters get plum jobs in government, GLCs, etc. But they are the ones who got voted into positions in the UMNO party machinery. And tell me which political party in the world does not reward their loyal supporters with one appointment or another.

      But DAP got their loyal members and ardent supporters into posh positions in the Panang government and their Central Executive Council by undemocratic ways. Their party elections were bogus, a sham. Since 2012, the DAP CEC has not been recognized by the Registrar of Societies and has been illegal until now.

      DAP top people ensured that those not loyal to them don’t get notices for Conventions to elect party leaders. So many complained to the RoS of not receiving notices to the conventions. Some 700, some people said, in respect of the 2013 convention. Even former DAP Vice Chairman Tengku Aziz said so, and he had called the party boss Lim Guan Eng “biadap” as he walked out of the party.

      And so, cronyism is practiced in DAP, too. All who are loyal to Lim Kit Siang and son Lim Gan Eng got cushy posts. Teresa Kok, Tony Pua, Zairl Khir Johari, the Chinese in a Malay name, etc.

  15. For once, I like to see wee not whack at only malay corporate or political personalities.

    Chinese are equally corrupt as the giver of corruption. They are guilty of enticing malay civil servants and politicians.

    Be malaysian la wee… be fair to all races. The givers are more corrupt then the receivers.

  16. Nepotism – JalanStraitsview, can you or any one tell us here who in UMNO high positions now gets his close relative appointed into high positions in the governent or GLCs or given NP/ DUN seats to contest?

    Tun Dr Mahathir’s son Mukhriz is now Kedah MB, but TDM did not put him there, DS Najib did. If TDM had allowed Mukhriz to be active in politics and contest high UMNO posts during his time as UMNO President and PM, Mukhriz would have been a Deputy Presiden/ Deputy PM, or at least a senior Federal Minister now.

    And what about Lim Kit Siag, Lim Guan Eng, Guan Eng’s brother what’s the name, Betty Lim, Guan Eng’s wife, a Malacca ADUN who lived in Malacca while Guan Eng had Rainbow, they said,

    And Anwar Al Juburi as PKR Ketua Umum, wife Azizah as Presiden, daughter Nurul Izzah as Vice-President. Democratically elected at the party onvention, you would say? You must have read the hoola baloo on PKR party elections which took 6 months to complete and which Zaid Ibrahim, a former UMNO Cabinet Minister got so disgusted about the previous that he cabut lari from that party.

  17. JalanStraitsview,

    “Not in the habit of refusing a challenge”, eh?

    Cakap tak serupa bikin, eh?

    Takut ka? Baling batu, sembunyi tangan, ka? Ngaku kalah, ka?

    Shame on you, old fella.

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