Disini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke 57. May God preserve the Federal Constitution and the spirit, values and virtues that it stood for then and now.


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  1. Amin …….

  2. The Constitution is the foundation of the country. No Constitution, no country. Just people living under the laws of the jungle where the strong bullies the weak, the cunning exploits the disadvantaged, hunger, suffering and misery all around.

    The Constitution is the highest set of laws of the country. Other laws emanate from it and cannot contradict it. With the Constitution, there is a system of governance, of the maintenance of law and order, of justice and fair play. The Police maintains law and order, the Courts determine justice and fair play.

    People can enjoy freedom, rights and liberties within the limits that are spelt out in the Constitution. The Constitution of all democratic countries state such rights and liberties, as well as their limits. In enjoying one’s rights, one must always consider the rights of others, especially those that are also spelt out in the Constitution.

    Under military rule, like in Thailand, the Constitution is suspended and country is ruled by military decrees. No two ways about things. Obey or you face the consequences.

    The Military are sworn to protect King and country. The King is the Chief of the Armed Forces and the Malay Rulers are Colonels in Chief or its equivalent of the Army, Navy and the Air Force. The Chief of the Armed Forces recently made reference to the irresponsible talk affecting the image of the Sultan of Selangor and said that they do not take lightly such disrespect to a Malay Ruler.

    Therefore, it’s the duty of each and every citizen to protect the Constitution and ensure its continuous existence in the country, respect it and live by it fully. It is only fair that those who don’t should migrate and live elsewhere.

    To all loyal Malaysians who have genuine feelings for this country, best wishes on this auspicious day.

    • Well said.

  3. Loyalty and patriotism are words and feelings that hardly exist among the ungrateful pendatang. The British colonialists have observed as long go as the 1950s when persuading the Malays to agree on citizenship for them, saying that they are “transient, anyway”.

    True, many left after independence. But a significant percentage stayed back. Unlike in the US where the Americans sent the Chinese back by the shiploads and even enacted the Chinese Exclusion Act prohibiting them from permanent stay, in then Malaya, the bloody British didn’t want to spend the money to send them back.

    Like in US where the Chinese behaved badly to the extent the Americans deliberately introduced laws against them staying, in this country the Chinese behaved badly by forming the Malayan Communist Party and tried to bring down the government by force and bring this country under the influence of communist China. The fights against the communist terrorists, who were mainly Chinese, lasted some 40 years

    How does one get loyalty and patriotism from those pendatang with that kind of history. The communists terrorized fellow Chinese against supporting the government. And they, coming from south China where resistance against established authority has been their nature throughout Chinese history. Books have been written about that and the Chinese, especially the DAP members and supporters do not like History, opposed History being made compulsory in schools. But the Government simply cannot backtrack on that (watch Najib and the Sedition Act), and good that TS Muhyiddin is now asking the higher educational institutions to get students to learn History.

    The Government must now ensure that the History taught in schools includes the subject of loyalty and patriotism. One shudders at the thought of hearing about conscripted Malaysian soldiers shooting sideways, instead of in front where the enemy is, in times of armed conflict with foreign countries.

    • One possible step is to abolish the vernacular schools, and implement Satu Sekolah untuk Semua. The only problem is that leaders lack the guts to justify this measure, in the name of nationalism.

      But they shout “1Malaysia” when the underlying problem is the diversification of young minds through the different school systems.

      • Yes, indeed, absorb the vernacular schools into the National Schools or Sekolah Kebangsaan system.

        Physically, it’s not that difficult. Just get them to use BM as the medium of instruction and use the national schools syllabus. It’s unfair under the present system whereby the Chinese schools use a slightly different BM syllabus and the standard of passes is also slightly lower.

        Teaching and other staff can also be absorbed into the national school system, arrangements be made for adjustment courses and the like. As for assets like land, school buildings etc, they can be negotiated with the government for valuation, refund, etc.

        As far as the “will” for that is concerned, we have to rely on continuous explanation for the need to do those, persuasion and the emergence of a strong and courageous leadership in this country. We must not wait for the total breakdown of goodwill and harmony among the citizens like on 13 May 1969.

      • ray,

        This has been long overdue ,slogan wont solve the problem .

        Bersatu dan maju, has been P Pinang theme ,for this year merdeka celebration ,difference from the rest of nation , one day they might change the date too. Najib 1 Malaysia , has not only failed to unite the people but the state as well.

      • ikut janji masa merdeka, sekolah jenis kebangsaan akan dihapuskan sepenuhnya dalam tempoh sepuluh tahun selepas 1957. selepas tahun 1967, hanya dua aliran sekolah yang ada iaitu kebangsaan dan Inggeris. selepas 1975, sekolah aliran Inggeris pula dihapuskan. maksudnya, selepas 1975, hanya satu aliran sekolah yang sepatutnya wujud di Malaysia, sekolah kebangsaan.

        dahulu alasan tak mau mansuh sebab ada mca (dan gerakan) dalam kerajaan. orang cina dalam kerajaan pujuk2 kerajaan maka kerajaan tak (berani) mahu mansuh sebab nak kekalkan sokongan. pada pru-13, cina sudah paling tadah. hampir 100% tak undi bn. dalam kerajaan pun tak ada menteri mca dan gerakan. tapi mnajib masih sayang sekolah jenis kebangsaan, bagi bantuan macam-macam. kalau tun mahathir masih perdana menteri, peluang selepas pru-13 akan digunakan sepenuhnya untuk mansuhkan terus sekolah jenis kebangsaan. kita lebih sayangkan negara kita daripada bangsa yang tak tahu membalas budi ini.

        sehingga pru-14, peluang itu terbuka untuk mnajib melaksanakan langkah 1Malaysia yang tulen iaitu hapuskan sekolah jenis kebangsaan, cina dan tamil, demi perpaduan negara. roti telur atau roti kosong?

      • Tak perlu mansuhkan – setuju dgn cadangan supaya di “serapkan” sahaja ke dlm sistem Sekolah Kebangsaan dengan menukar bahasa pengantar kpd Bahasa Malaysia.

        Perkara 152 Perlembagaan ada mengatakan bahawa Bahasa Melayu perlu di gunakan dalam segala urusan resmi dan sekolah ada lah urusan resmi mana mana negara.

  4. Very strange perception of loyalty and patriotism by what appears to be Opposition party people that we sometimes come across in blogosphere.

    Paying tax is loyalty and patriotism, using the blogging name Malaysia and shouting out I love Malaysia are also loyalty and patriotism. Yet they don’t respect and live fully by the Constitution of the country.

    I agree that loyalty and patriotism must be taught in schools. The criteria to be used in determining loyalty and patriotism must be spelt out.

  5. For people who have the habit and the tradition of protesting and demonstrating, very difficult to get loyalty and patriotism out of them.

    Even the educated and richest man in this country, Robert Kuok, told the press in Kajang some time back that he is “twin-footed” – one in Malaysia, another in China. Can there be half loyalty?

    Maybe the idea of dying and being buried in China still lingers in their minds. Communist terrorist leader Chin Peng wanted to die in Malaysia. Maybe that’s because he was not Malaysian. If he was, he might have wanted to be buried somewhere else, just in protest, maybe.

    But because he has done so much harm to this country and its people, even his ashes were not allowed to be brought into this country. That should teach a lesson to the disloyal blokes.

  6. Saya fikir selagi ada Cina DAP saperti Lim Kit Siang dan Lim Guan Eng, tidak akan timbul suatu bangsa Malaysia yang kukuh dan bersepadu.

    Mereka jenis yang tak mahu terima Perlembagaan Malaysia sapenuh nya – Perkara 152 Bahasa Malaysia, Perkara 153 Kedudukan istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak dan lain lain Perkara yang membayangkan Ketuanan Melayu, saperti kedudukan, fungsi, peranan dan tanggung jawab YDP Agong, Raja Raja Melayu, Majlis Raja Raja dan sapertinya. Sehingga Pegawai Tertinggi Angkatan Tentera mengatakan pihaknya tidak pandang ringan terhadap usaha usaha mempertikaikan pernanan dan fungsi Sultan Selangor berkaitan jawatan Menteri Besar Selangor bahru bahru ini.

    Mereka tak suka sejarah sebab sejarah mereka tiada yang membanggakan, membantah Sejarah di mestikan di sekolah sekolah, jadi bagaimana mahu memahmi latar belakang Perlembagaan itu di rekakan.

    Setiap tahun menyambut Merdeka akan ada kerenah mereka, saperti tahun ini timbul tingkah laku PPS yang di tangkap di Penang dan Kit Siang mengata macam macam fasal iklan berkaitan Merdeka pun.

    Perlu di kikis pegaruh mereka. Bagus KPN tangkap PPS di Penang itu.

  7. Tsunami Cina pada PRU13 adalah alasan yang KUKUH untuk menghapuskan sekolah Cina dan Tamil.

    Sepatutnya harus terbit kesedaran, bahawa Cina tidak lagi sokong PM yang terlalu suka dipuji. Mereka anggap pemimpin yang sering syok sendiri adalah pemimpin yang lemah, yang senang dipujuk rayu dengan kata kata manis saperti “I love PM” dan “We support PM”.

    Namun PM masih berkhayal apabila dia mengatakan bahawa kaum cina tersilap nasihat.

    Jelas PM sanggup bersamfu merah, mengetuk gendang, mengiklankan Tahun Baru cina, lengkap dengan isyarat tangan budaya cina. Dia juga sanggup berkemeja jalur hitam putih berkepit dengan isteri berbaju coklat – mirip Marty zebra dan Gloria hippo dalam filem Madagascar.

    Maka satu kesimpulan dapat dibuat oleh rakyat, bahawa PM senang dimanipulasi.

  8. Saya merasa amat kecewa dengan Najib. Bukan sahaja dia tidak buat apa apa dari segi Sistem Sekolah Satu Aliran, atau Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua, dia layan pulak kehendak mereka yang mahu memanjangkan hayat sekolah vernakular.

    Dulu dia ada kata di blog 1Malaysia nya bahawa Sekolah Satu Aliran akan di laksanakan “bila rakyat mahukan nya”. Tapi nyata sekarang bahawa dia cakap politik sahaja. Di beri macam macam bantuan kpd sekolah Cina semenjak masa itu.

    Nyata dia di eksploitasi. Sekolah Cina Rasa di janjikan nya bantuan wang untuk ubah suai di kemepn PRK Hulu Selangor. Nyata dari peti undi kawasan itu bahawa pengundi di situ tidak undi BN. Tapi Jawatan Kuasa Sekolah itu jumpa Najib, di beri nya juga RM2 juta. Saya tak faham langsung pemikiran dia. Lain lain tempat pun dia beri.

    Pihak pembangkang pun mintak itu ini. Termasuk buangkan “archaic laws”, konon nya. Di layan nya juga. Di hapuskan nya ISA, Emergency Ordinance dan Restricted Residence Act. Naik peratus jenayah akibat nya. Dan sekarang dia mahu singkirkan Akta Hasutan. Saya harap UMNO akan singkirkan dia.

    Ini lah yang paling sedih saya di hari Kemerdekaan ke 57 ini. Saya fikir Najib tidak memperjuangkan hak dan kepentingan Melayu. Di panggil Ah Jib Gor, dia lemah lutut dengan apa yang Cina minta. Walau pun di beri Tsunami Cina di PRU13. Pemimpin UMNO tak buat apa. Sebab nak jaga periuk nasi dan habuan yang di harapkan. Saya sokong UMNO tapi amat kecewa. Rasa nak menjerit selalu.

  9. Alhamdulillah masuk tahun Ke-57. Sama-samalah kita tingkatkan semangat dan tindakan Patriotik mengikut undang-undang demi agama, bangsa dan negara.

    Selagi orang seperti saudara-saudari ada dan terus mengetengahkan suara hati umat Melayu marhaen, insyaallah sukarlah puak-puak anti Melayu, Islam dan perlembagaan untuk bertindak sewenang-wenangnya di bumi bertuah ini.

    • Saya tak yaakin. Kalau Najib nak buangkan Akta Hasutan, mereka pendatang akan berlanda landa mengungkit itu ini, termasuk Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu, Ketuanan Melayu, kedudukan Islam di negara ini dsb nya.

      Sekarang pun sudah bertalu talu, lantang dan menyakit kan hati selalu di keluerkan mereka berbagai kata kata di Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysia Kini, Malaysian Insider dsb nya. Itu yang berbahasa Inggeris kita boleh baca. Yang dalam bahasa mereka, lagi teruk.

      Yang sikit menyejukkan hati ia lah berita

      “Home Minister wants AG to act swiftly against those who abuse social media

      Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says the trend of insults is the price Umno leaders have to pay for Malaysia’s democratic and liberal stance.

      “He also can not be selective when charging high profile cases or the credibility of our government will be in doubt,” said Zahid when opening the Segambut Umno division meeting here today.

      Zahid said his ministry was also monitoring those who had insulted Malays and Islam in other languages like Chinese and Tamil, among others.

      “We have the intelligence to monitor that as well, so don’t think you can escape because we don’t understand your language.”

      Zahid promised to give bodies like the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) police assistance in investigations if they needed help.

      Saya harap orang saperti Ahmad Zahid atau Muhyiddin Yassin jadi PM.

  10. Ini lagi kata kata Ahmad Zahid yang menyenangkan hati kita sikit. Sekarang kita nak tengok tidakan di ambil mengikut apa yang di kata nya:

    Action against those who insult Malay rulers, Home Minister warns

    Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says action can also be taken against those who question provisions in the Constitution, including the position of Islam as the official religion.

    Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi warned he would not hesitate to act against anyone found insulting the Malay rulers or questioning their powers.

    He said as heads of Islam in the states, the powers of the Malay rulers must be respected and held in high esteem.

    “If any of the Malay rulers are insulted, I will take action in accordance to the law against the culprits.

    “Action can also be taken against those who question provisions in the Constitution, including the position of Islam as the official religion of the federation or Bahasa Melayu as the national language,” he said when opening Tanjong Karang Umno’s delegates meeting here today.

    The Umno vice-president’s warning came hours after he revealed that he had asked Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail to take swift action against those who use social media to insult Islam, Malays as well as other races, and not be selective with his prosecution.

    He said this in response to the growing grouses expressed by Umno grassroots who believed there was an imbalance in the prosecution of Malays and Muslims compared with non-Muslims.

  11. 57 years of merdeka, Malaysia has never been more disunited than it is now. The arrogance of the Chinese in Penang has become so apparent with them discriminating the Malays and defying security laws such as the emergence of PPS to act as protector to the Chinese leaders there. Of course it uses euphemism like community work , protecting the community and some other haram jadah reasons. Others may not agree but my observation shows the Chinese in Malaysia with the DAP leading the pack are taking advantage of the weak and accommodating government to undermine and subvert unity as a way to sow seeds of hatred among races.and brainwashing the Chinese that Malays are racists , Perkasa racists , police and civil servants are inefficient and corrupt. This scenario is real and has become like a self fulfilling prophecy. Typical of urban communism operating among modern society to achieve its political objectives. Frankly, I have no high degree of optimism that the state of race relations in Msia will get better. The govt who has become sensitive to criticism of its weakness, has to be bold and firm about tackling race relation problems. Never sweep rubbish under the carpet. Instead take the bulls by the horns and brave enough to put a stop to acts of defiance towards the Constitution, security related laws, disrespectful of the monarchy. Don’t be too liberal until it becomes festered with pus and poison. Because if it is left till it reaches that stage , it’d be too late. No one says governing a country is easy. It is not. It is not for the faint hearted and the indecisive ones. The Malaysia that was once the leader of the developing world, respected, with stable economy, people happy and prosperous and proud to be Msia has slowly retreated into the horizon.
    What we see now is a pro US Msia that is enamoured with economic neoliberalism that prop up the capitalist and the rich, and talking about saving the future by punishing the present Msians through high taxes, GST, curbing access to borrowings and a sleuth of other unfair and unjustifiable economic policies. 57 years of independence, but Msia weeps at the plane tragedies, high cost of living, bad state of race relations and a govt so detached from the plight of the people. Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta is a fantastic slogan and theme, but many Msians don’t even know or appreciate its meaning. And we more or less know who they are.

    • I agree that “the Chinese in Malaysia with the DAP leading the pack are taking advantage of the weak and accommodating government to undermine and subvert unity as a way to sow seeds of hatred among races.”

      And I agree that they are “brainwashing the Chinese that Malays are racists, Perkasa racists, police and civil servants are inefficient and corrupt.”

      Visit those blogs frequently visited and commented by the Chinese, Opposition blogs in the English language – all are like those. Your guess that they do the same in the Chinese language will be correct.

      We need to keep on counter-arguing them. We must keep urging the Government not to repeal the Sedition Act. Bad enough already with doing away with the ISA. I believe hell will beak loose if the Sedition Act is removed.

  12. Cinta yang luka. Tidak seharus nya demikian. Kita telah di celakakan dek Penjajah British. Di bawa nya masuk pendatang dengan ramai. Tak di hantar nya pulang saperti pekrja Cina di Amerika Syarikat. Salepas Perang Dunia II, baru mereka tahu. Di serang mereka dek pengganas kominis yang kebanyakannya pendatang Cina. Mereka cuba guling Penjajah British.

    Berbagai helah di buat dek Penjajah British saperti General Gerald Templer yang memerintah negara ini di atas nama Pesuruhjaya Tinggi Briitish. Termasuk memujuk, menseliuhkan tangan Raja Raja dan pemimpin Melayu yang mahukan Merdeka, nak merasakan pegang kuasa dengan cepat. Setuju dengan tekanan British supaya pendatang di beri hak kerakyatan di negara ini.

    Punca luka nya cinta kita terletak di situ, di tindakan Geral Templer. Tempat berkelah yang bernama Templer Park itu perlu di tukar nama. Kikis nama Templer dari pemikiran orang kita. Sejarah negara ini perlu tunjukkan punca luka nya cinta kita itu.

    Sekarang berbagai biadap dan kurang ajar di lakukan oleh pendatang DAP. Lihat sahaja pendirian dan kata kata Lim Guan Eng, Phee, Ayer dll berkaitan usaha usaha Polis membubarkan persatuan haram PPS di Penang. Berlaku di hari menambut ulang tahun Kemerdekaan pula.

    Kita ha nya boleh cuba menyejukkan hati dengan memikirkan ada negara negara yang lebih teruk lagi di buat dek Penjajah di seluruh dunia. Di Fiji, Penjajah British benarkan pendatang menjadi majoriti di negara itu. Mereka menang pilihan raya. Tapi tak merasa kuasa. Askar rampas kuasa.

    • Namun demikian, cinta nya iitu tidak terhingga.

  13. I wonder if the DAP members and supporters really value our independence and have unquestionable loyalty and love for this country.

    They dislike history, protested History being made compulsory in schools. They appear not to have pride in their own past, maybe because of their character and origins, said by professors of history to have descended from the hill tribes of south China. They appear to have the character of generally not respecting laws, even parts of the Constitution. The DAP-led Penang State government wants to take the law into their own hands by having what appears to be a private police force by setting up the PPS. Told that the the law allows only the Federal Government to do that. they challenged the IGP.

    The Federal government must try to get the message across to the rakyat about loyalty to and love for country or patriotism. The DAP even criticized the BTN civic courses but they must be disregarded. Continue with the BTN and, in addition, have other courses carried out by others, perhaps by selected, people-friendly NGOs, to carry out such courses.

    • We have been very lax in our attitude. Agreed to the pendatang being given citizenship. After Merdeka, issued certificates of citizenship quite freely, dispensing with the rules like ensuring language proficiency.

      Now people are not respecting the laws, even the highest set of laws in the country – the Constitution. That must not be allowed and I agree that the Government must find ways to instill loyalty and patriotism to King and Country.

  14. These people wanting the Sedition Act repealed, what could be their motive? What kind of loyalty to King and Country do they have? Do they really love this country and appreciate the peace we have every year on Independence Day now?

    I doubt it. “King and Country” the Westminster or Monarchy system of Parliamentary democracy that we have, I don’t think they are keen on it. They may be thinking of the Republican system. The country headed by a President.

    If so, they may not want the Monarchy, the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers whose roles, functions and responsibilities are spelt out in the Constitution and protected by the Sedition Act. If so, they may want the Sedition Act abolished for that reason.

    If so, they must be protested against, prevented from getting what they want. The country will go into turmoil if the Sedition Act is removed and people become free to talk against the Monarchy, the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, etc.

    The Sedition Act must be retained. It must be used as often as the need arises. Like now, when people talk about secession, having a private security force, etc.

  15. According to Bernama, Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said that Umno divisions nationwide have asked the government to retain the Sedition Act and restore the Internal Security Act (ISA).

    According to a survey by Umno, 161 out of the total 191 Umno divisions have been voicing the matter.

    Shahidan said there was a suggestion that the Sedition Act be amended to ensure stiffer penalties were imposed.

    I support that suggestion.

    • Agree.

      Najib should realise by now that those who seek the abolition, are not behaving responsibly. Freedom of speech is tied closely to social responsibility.

      If you use loudmouths LGE and LKS as a gauge of responsible behaviour, you MUST conclude that they have not reached the level of political/intellectual/social maturity YET.

      As with all anak abu’s, retain the ROTAN for discipline. Once they reach “adulthood” then perhaps you may wish to amend whatever acts you deem archaic.

      Judging by the oppo’s behaviour, that may only be possible centuries later.

      Note: Any changes to it will require the “Consent of the Conference of Rulers”.

    • I support the suggestion too. Hope Umno top leaders have the sense to pay attention to the voices of Umno grassroots.

    • Najib should now resign. Tun Dr Mahathir should now repeat what he said about the need for the Sedition act to continue.

  16. Yes indeed, may God preserve the Federal Constitution. There must be no attempt to change it, suspend it or do away with it. And we must do our part to preserve it.

    Changing it can only be by legal means. Through Parliament. Within the limits allowed. The sensitive Articles must not be changed. They are protected by the Sedition Act. Which means that even discussing to change those sensitive Articles is seditious. That’s why the Sedition Act must be retained. Now 161 out of a total 191 UMNO Divisions want it retained. So, those wanting to change it should be changed.

    Suspending a constitution usually occurs when a military coup d’ etat takes place. Like in Fiji where the British colonialists allowed the pendatangs to become the majority. They won the general elections but could not take power. The Army grabbed power.

    The pendatangs in this country are only 30%. Pendatang DAP’s attempt to gain power on their own had not succeeded for 40 over years. They tried to do it with the divisive Malays in 2008 but also failed. If they had gained power they would have changed the Constitution drastically. Then their leader tried a “katak lompat coup d’ etat”. But it also did not materialize.

    So, watch out and stop those who want to amend or remove the sensitive Articles of the Constitution. And remove those who want to remove the Sedition Act thereby allowing those be done.

    • To get Chinese votes, DAP promote the hate-Malays propaganda. Use Red Beans and all. “Over my dead body” to Hukum Hudud and such.

      To get Malay votes, they use the “divisive” Malays to hit Umno. Now the “divisive” Malays are themselves divided. PKR wants Wan Azizah as MB Selangor, PAS doesn’t want, strong fight now on may lead to Pakatan break up.

      Thank God. Otherwise, they may busy themselves with changing the so-called archaic laws. Including the Constitution, the highest set of laws, which is now 57 years old.

      Don’t let them. Upheaval in the country if that happens.

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