Anwar: Saya senang mengalu ngalukan Wee Choo Keong

Something of the past, to remind us what and where our future lies. This is what Santaya taught us and still relevant, then and now.

“Sahabat lama saya, saudara Wee Choo Keong”, Anwar Ibrahim.

“Lawan tetap lawan. Kita nak gulingkan Barisan Nasional. Parti Barang Naik. BN itu Bangkrap Negara!”, Wee Choo Keong. “Kertas (undi) itulah yang puak puak UMNO-Putra takut. Kita akan gulingkan, hancurkan Barisan Nasional pada hari itu!”

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  1. Macam budak kecik. BN Bankrap Negara and such stupid statements.

      Ha ha ha

  2. Not that we obsessively fear they want to gulingkan and hancurkan BN. But we have to take note of what TS Muhyiddin said about “the changing mindset among the majority Malays (that) will cut the Barisan Nasional’s (BN) popular vote in the next general election, and the ruling coalition could lose power in the future.”

    But I disagree with him saying “despite all the assistance provided and policies implemented, the Malays are still not fulfilled and it would seem that all the benefits have made no impact on their lives.” I think they do. Only that UMNO under Najib does not seem to be protecting and promoting the rights and the interests of the Malays. For example, wanting to do away with the Sedition Act which protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution all of which pertain to the rights and interests of the Malays. Very many Malays resent this.

    He cannot blame “the people and various NGOs (for being) more vocal than before, expressing their dissatisfaction with the government.” And true, “It is clear now that the support for Umno has deteriorated.” Najib has been trying to please the Opposition and the non-Malays by his words and deeds on Chinese schools etc, despite the Chinese tsunami.

    Yes, “we must consider what needs to be done to maintain our power, not just for the future but forever.” As far as I’m concerned, what needs to be done is to replace Najib.

    • Putrajaya Umno chief Tengku Adnan said despite BN’s win in the home of the Federal administration in the last elections, he feels that many civil servants are starting to turn away from Umno.

      “Maybe it is because of our own lack of approach or that we are not paying attention to the needs of civil servants that is causing this,” he said.

      No. He should be aware that many civil servants, the majority of them being Malays, have been conservative, stick to old values, look at Najib’s so-called liberalism with disdain, and are not used to such things as rushing to developed nation status. Why the rush, anyway?

      Because by doing so, the restructuring of society, certain aspects of the NEP etc, may be sacrificed. Transformasi was not pushed whole-heartedly, not understood by many of the civil servants, perhaps even boycotted (by way of “work to rule”, doing only the necessary), and Najib had to appoint a PTD Officer over the heads of more senior others as Chief Secretary to the Government. That in itself must have caused considerable resentment. And Najib had to create Pemandu to get his policies carried out speedily.

      Yes, if Najib is replaced you’d find the civil servants getting closer to, if not fully supporting UMNO.

      • Pemandu was created despite the fact that civil servants had worked effectively in contributing to policy making and implementations. Pemandu outfit itself comprises people who are clueless about public administration. They are just glorified bunch of greenhorns given power and authority. If any future BN govt were to govern the country with different leaderships , the first thing they should do is to disband and remove Pemandu and can save millions of ringgit of taxpayers money.

  3. The way Najib is helming the BN govt with liberal policies and an economy that is pro capitalist and detached from a state oriented economy that could serve the people better , I am not surprised if more and more Malays regardless of whether they are civil servants or not will move away their support from BN and UMNO. BN and UMNO have themselves to blame for not telling Najib that he had got it all wrong on many things. Rakyat tengah suffer sekarang with high cost of living and tight access to credit. Malaysians are falling back in terms of prosperity and we’ll being. We were better under Tun M and Pak Lah but really suffer under the current one.

    • * in terms of prosperity and well being*

  4. In fact, people don’t really care what plans the oppositions have concerning BN. People who have supported Umno and BN are themselves not happy with the current govt.and some of the policies esp on security and economy, so they have no mood to defend anybody, least of all the govt.

  5. Wee Choo Keong a political turn coat? Democratic Action Party (DAP), Malaysian Democratic Party (MDC) which he formed, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), now an independent, having quit PKR in 2010 – Wikipedia. Possiblle re-joining PKR?

    Anwar of course “senang mengalu ngalukan Wee Choo Keong” as Wangsa Maju MP candidate at PRU13. Will he alu alukan Wee back into PKR? Will Wee return if welcomed back?

    Anwar is currently insisting that his wife be the sole candidate for the Selangor MB’s post. Only DAP gets blinded by their crave to reach Putrajaya and continue to support him. Wee would likely not. PAS clearly has distanced themselves from him by sending 3 names.

    On Tuesday we will know if the Sultan will appoint PAS’ man as MB. I hope he does. PKR has been biadap and derhaka for refusing to abide by the Sultan’s wishes for additional names.

    • Ampun Tuanku, patik mohon lantik lah orang PAS. DS Hadi beradab, bersopan santun, setia kapada titah Tuanku.

      Atau lantik sesiapa lain dari orang PKR. Anwar biadap, derhaka kapada Tuanku, tidak patuh kapada kehendak Tuanku. Orang PKR akan setia kapada dia, tidak kapada Tuanku.

    • Suatu berita online kata “PAS state executive councillors Iskandar Samad and Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali have been granted audiences by the Sultan of Selangor “for him to assess their suitability for the top job.”

      Saya harap sesangat jangan Azmin di lantik ke jawatan MB Selangor itu.

  6. Waaaah, PAS Hadi said PKR bought the two PAS Assemblymen who threw their support behind Wan Azizah. He labelled the two as “lackeys”
    and accused them of having been bought.

    “They (PKR) couldn’t get what they wanted, they stole them from us,” said Hadi, in a scathing attack at PKR.

    His accusation comes two days after warning both PKR and DAP not to betray PAS within the tahaluf siyasi (political cooperation).

    Mesti menyinga si Anwar. Especially if Azizah does not get to be MB. Many think she won’t.

  7. This is the sort of rude, biadap statements that’ll justify Tuanku Sultan Selangor to disregard PKR nominee(s) when deciding on the MBship –

    If Azizah is Anwar’s puppet, Azmin would be PALACE’S PUPPET: PKR …
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎1 hour ago‎

    And Malaysia Chronicle is PKR party’s organ – operated by Anwar’s people and always speaking for Anwar Al Juburi.

    • So damn loose with their words and attitude, showing no respect for the Sultan of Selangor.

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