Semenanjung lucifers instigating Sabah secession

The Jalur Gemilang and Sabah flag

The Jalur Gemilang and Sabah flag

This is the perfect time for the Sedition Act be used against Semenanjung lieutenants of the Devil, who are actively going around Sabah and instigating the fire of secession call, in the midst of Sabahans being proud of being Malaysians.

Daily Express story:

Sabah DAP launches new movement

Published on: Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Democratic Action Party (DAP) has initiated the Post Malaysia Generation Movement (PMGM) meant to be the platform for political advocacy especially on issues affecting the natives of Sabah.

The launching ceremony of the new movement was done by DAP Adviser Lim Kit Siang on Aug 31 in Keningau. “Well-known activists Adrian Lasimbang and Kit Siang’s political secretary Dyana Sofya spoke during the event where they expressed their generation’s dreams and aspirations for the country.

“They are well aware that the future of the country depends on the young generation and they must have good, committed and responsible leaders to carry the nation forward,” said DAP Sabah Secretary and Kapayan Assemblyman Edwin Bosi.

At the same time, Bosi added, the young generations must be well informed of the political situation and wellbeing of the country so that they can help steer the country in the right direction.

“This is the right time to take the initiative to fight for the future and for the rights of the young generations,” he added. The objectives of PMGM in Sabah are to build up the leadership capacity as well as to identify and expose the talents of the young people.

It hopes to realise the concept of Malaysians Malaysia, nationalise the native issues and to bring about positive political change in Putrajaya and the country while staying true to its motto of ‘Not Just a Facebook Hero’. Lim (fourth left) during the launching of the PMGM.

Also in the picture are Dyana (third right), Jimmy Wong (third left), Chan Foong Hing (left) and Stephen Wong (second left).


Another is militant and HINDRAF extremist Wathyamoorthy and a long time Sabah secessionist Dr Jeffrey Kittingan, who is the ADUN for Bingkor.

Malaysiakini story:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Borneo nationalists mull Putrajaya protest

A group of Borneo nationalists are mulling a protest in Putrajaya on the federal government’s continued refusal to revisit the Malaysian Agreement over complaints that Sabah and Sarawak are being short-changed.

“Why not (protest)? We should do anything that will advance our cause for a solution.

“It is a choice between doing something or doing nothing,” Bingkor assemblyperson Jeffrey Kitingan said at a forum on The Malaysian Agreement 1963 in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Jeffrey was responding to a suggestion raised at the forum organised by the Sarawak Association for People’s Aspiration (Sapa) and Borneo Heritage Foundation.

Jeffrey said the forum was deliberately held in Kuala Lumpur to send a signal to the federal government.

“We are trying to send a message to the federal government to open up and respond.

“Don’t leave us hanging and boiling down there (in East Malaysia),” he told journalists later.

He added similar forums were also being held overseas to mobilise support.

Sharing his views on building political momentum, Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (PHM) chairperson P Waythamoorthy said the group should learn from Hindraf’s massive protest in 2007.

“I told them if you do this in Kuching or Kota Kinabalu, they (Putrajaya) can’t care less.

“But if you do it in Kuala Lumpur, they get worried, so it’s time for them to be worried.

“I was told that there are 120,000 Sarawakians and Sabahans in Johor alone, imagine if you can get 20 percent of them to do a roadshow or whatever,” Waythamoorthy told an audience of some 80 people.

Waytha: Sue the British government

Waythamoorthy, who served a short stint as a deputy minister in Najib’s cabinet, also suggested that Sabah and Sarawak should consider taking the British government to court for the seemingly lopsided Malaysian Agreement.

He said Hindraf is also suing the British government for bringing Indian immigrants to then Malaya without adequate protection for their rights, resulting in today’s marginalised Indian community.

Meanwhile, Sapa president Lina Soo argued that the Malaysian Agreement 1963 was invalid as Sabah and Sarawak were not independent states when they formed the Malaysian Federation.

Soo argued that under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, only independent states may enter into treaties.

She added that Putrajaya’s failure to comply with the agreement’s terms – such as the Borneo-nisation (hiring locals only) for the civil service in Sabah and Sarawak – and Singapore’s expulsion without consulting the two other partners, also made it void.

Among the other speakers at the forum were Sabah Progressive Party supreme council member Ken Yong, anthropology professor Awang Hasmadi Mois and Angkatan Perubahan Sabah vice-president Kalakau Untol.

Participants at the forum also passed a resolution on the right of self-determination for Sarawak and Sabah.

‘Form reconciliation committee’

The motion reads: “We, the peoples of Sarawak and Sabah in the Convention assembled, do hereby unanimously declare and ordain on this 15th day of June 2014 that it is the peoples’ wishes that the nation-states of Sabah and Sarawak shall seek the right to self-determination as enshrined in international law on human rights and civil liberties by people of independent states.

“And to do so would protect our citizens’ standard of living and re-secure our inalienable rights and freedoms in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which have been compromised by the rule of the Malaysian government.”

Jeffrey said if this problem was resolved and power was redistributed to Sabah and Sarawak, it would only serve to strengthen the Federation of Malaysia.

To this end, he called for a “Reconciliation and Reform Committee” comprising East Malaysian stakeholders and the federal government.

Sabah and Sarawak have become more assertive in recent years as BN has become more reliant on the two to retain federal power following declining support in Peninsular Malaysia.

BN has often boasted the two are their ‘fixed deposits’ owing to the large number of parliamentary seats in Borneo.

Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah last year called on Putrajaya to review the 20-point Agreement for Sabah and 18-point Agreement for Sarawak, which are safeguards for the states when forming the Federation of Malaysia.

Tengku Razaleigh, who is the MP for Gua Musang, said the agreements were supposed to have been reviewed 10 years after the formation of Malaysia but this never materialised. However, his call fell on deaf ears.

Msiakini News


Sabahans are not interested in all these.

They are proud to be part of the Federation of Malaysia and striving hard to make their home a much better place. Hence, they want better deals from the Federal Government on how more programs of infrastructure, development and progress in nature can could be brought and benefit the state and the proud Sabahans.

That, would naturally derive on the more opportunities for Sabahans to better themselves. The state has a lot of potential and they want these potential to be developed, so that more Sabahans would benefit from them.

In short, Sabahans are like the Scots. They want to remain in the union but getting better deals.

They want the sort of deals where more opportunities can be made available to them, from programs being developed as a mid and long term strategy for Sabah to grow.

It is not the kind which did not happen when Tengku Razaleigh was the Bank Bumiputra Chairman, Petronas Chairman and eventually Minister of Finance and Trade and Industry. It was the period where he had the clout and power to invoke changes for more than twenty years.

After all, the political failure Kelantanese prince actually had the first chance to do so in Sabah’s toddler years within the Federation of Malaysia.

Neither it is the sort of radical and hatred politics that Chinese Chauvinist Emperorissimo Lim Kit Siang trying to sow to Sabahans for an anti-Federal sentiment.

It has been a wet dream of Lim in his hard tries to sow hatred sentiments against the BN Sabah leaders. But it is proven to be very unproductive.

It is nothing but simply evil for bankrupt Semenanjung political extremists, radicals and rejects, to waltz around Sabah and instigate the rakyat to rise against the Federal Government and the Sabah State Government, which backs the Federal Government and BN strongly.

This is what the much dreaded Internal Security Act (repealed in 2011 to be replaced with SOSMA and PCA) and Sedition Act designed for. They are the true secessionists and anti-Fedralists.

Home Ministry should focus on this lot carefully.

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  1. Itu yang buruk nya di Malaysia. Ikan bilis di libas buat sambal. Ikan jerung di jaga kerana spesis nya…

    Hasutan besar tidak di bendung ! Bila mana yang kecil2 boleh padam

    Kata orang Malaysia : please something laa.. when can these buggers be charged ! U see, high tea, yamseng, cheers time is over lah ! When can gomen improve our ekonomi laaa.. please laa Najib ! Our debt 600 bil niiih. Gomen must jamin our living meh !

    Sedikit renungan :- bila Nabi Muhammad SAW di landa masaalah yang membuntukan fikiran, baginda bermunajat memohon pertolongan Allah SWT jua… mohon PM Najib mengajak semua rakyat bersama bermunajat secara ‘tuntas’ ( perkataan popular Najib )

  2. It’s within those 2 states rights to refuse admission to those Semenanjung instigators, and they have been using those privileges at times.
    If they didn’t do so, and they even let DAP take root in both states while warning UMNO of all people against involvement in local politics, shows that the local government are possibly using these issues for their own private interests and gains.
    Too bad, they still don’t realize how poisonous and dangerous for them those people are yet.

  3. Malaysian Malaysia will remove all the special rights of bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak. I guess that’s what they want? No wonder those Sabahans and Sarawakians hero worship and have eaten into the hands of DAP. At the end of it all those bumis Sabahans and Sarawakians will realise they’ve lost not only Semenanjung but everything else that they have in Sabah and Sarawak. By then it’d be too late. And DAP can migrate from Semenanjung to those 2 States, and don’t ever come back.

  4. That hindraf guy is rock solid gold. The indians that were brought here, if left in india, would most likely be sewer divers with no access to education, medicine and all the other things we in Malaysia take for granted, This guy is living proof that najib is a clown.

    DAP trying to rally support by sowing discontent and discord. I doubt they would change a thing once they get power. $$$$$$$ speaks and too much at stake to change a thing

  5. PM Najib has said not to do it. Home Minister has warned them not to do it. The IGP has said stern words to them. Police Sabah has said 3 will be arrested to day – 2 under the Sedition Act, 1 under the Police or Penal Code or some other law.

    Let’s see more arrests and charging in court. Sabah Police said the investigation into the Sabah and Sarawak out of Malaysia group are ongoing, social media being watched by them, etc. Nip them in the bud. Whack them while still embryonic.

  6. I read some expert saying there is no provision for secession under the Constitution. Singapore was “kicked out” by stupid Tengku A Rahman and racist chauvinist “Little Emperor” got that “Little Kingdom” FOC. Been causing a lot of heart aches to us since then. Damn.

    Don’t any leader ever allow that kind of stupid act of giving away our territories again. The history books should record Tengku A Rahman as a traitor. People say throughout the history of mankind, nations go to war to protect their national sovereignty and territorial integrity. No more such stupid and traitorous things again, ever.

    • Should the situation turn rowdy, the authorities should do “a Kelantan” during Tun Hussein’s time. When the politicians tried to be unreasonably funny to the peace and stability in the state, declare a state of emergency and rule it by a Director of Operations.

      Appoint the CM as Dir of Ops. He’ll have emergency powers and can kick blokes like Kit Siang and bitches like Dyana out, pronto. Not that the CM has no such powers now – he can just revoke the entry permit given to those trouble-makers. But he can use all other powers that a Dir of Ops have under those circumstances. State Assembly suspended and no noise there, emergency laws applied until everybody behave themselves.

      Note that the Emergency Ordinance that Najib abolished – together with the ISA and the Restricted Residence Act – was for ordinary criminals. Like those released from the Simpang Renggam prison. The laws allowing for declaring emergency and appointing a Dir of Operations are still there.

  7. Alamak Tengku Razaleigh cakap mcm dah tak orang UMNO lagi, apahal?

    Nak attention, nak tarik perhatian ke? Ngapa cakap pasal yang tak semenggah?

    Yeah, he could have done a lot when in power, now tarak power, don’t try to goncang perahu lah.

    • TR Mmg dari dulu tiada hati dgn umno. Bermuka2 saja. Elok le duduk rumah jaga cucu same2 like atuk anwar ibr.

  8. The Scots wanted independence because they became a member of United Kingdom under different circumstances. Read a bit of history or just watch the news during their referendum lah and you know theirs are different circumstances from Sabah and Sarawak cases.

    Sabah and Sarawak became part of Malaysia when Malaysia was formed. Various consultations and determining of the peoples’ wishes were carried out by the Cobbold Commission, the inter-governmental committees, etc.

    Now the frustrated and born losers like Jeffery Kitingan want to get support. Exploit issues that are non-starters. The Masing fellow even blame people for saying Sabah “joined” Malaysia. Aiseh, don’t think all Malaysians are well-educated to understand the nuances lah, Mister. Don’t use it as an excuse to rally support. You are a Tan Sri, don’t be subversive to the valid political entity called Malaysia.

    Bagus, the gomen takes a no-nonsense stand. Apply the Sedition Act and whatever law to put those people in their places. Tell them to complain about sensible things and take up reasonable issues.

    • Yeah, these are the kind of issue the Sabah and Sarawak – and also the Semenanjung – Opposition leaders should be taking up –

      Sabahans warned about Islamic Caliphate
      Free Malaysia Today – ‎2 hours ago‎

      The defence minister warns the Islamists’ threat to come to Sabah is highly likely because it is their struggle. isis-terrorists

      KOTA KINABALU: Sabahans have been warned not to take threats to their security lightly in the wake of reports that the Moro National …

      These people should remember that Malaysia takes care of them, Military and Police forces defending them, lost 10 lives during the Filipino Muslims incursion last time. And bloody bastak Tian Chua got charged for sedition for belittling them and offending the families of those who died.

  9. Agree with what Minister of Defence DS Hishamuddin said –

    Hisham: Secession will expose Sabah to IS threats
    AsiaOne – 1 hour ago

  10. Getting desperate aren’t we? Mereka gagal untuk “seize control” of Malaya 50-60 tahun lalu dan faham kini peluang mereka untuk mengambil alih Malaysia dah semakin tipis. It’s a number games, tengoklah statistic – pecahan rakyat Malaysia mengikut etnik. By the time next two election suara mereka dah tak relevan, marginal dan tiada impak.

    Satu-satunya jalan yang tinggal walaupun less preferred ialah cuba mendominasi dan memisahkan Sabah dan Sarawak dari Persekutuan. Di kedua-dua negeri ini secara kolektifnya mereka masih ada the ‘numbers’. I can say with high degree of certainty that kebanyakkan penduduk asal Sabah dan Sarawak tak ambil pusing pun soal ini. These small but laud minority sebenarnya bukan sahaja dihasut dan dibiayai malah terdiri dari – siapa lagi…

  11. No such thing as secession. We point out, argue and try to convince them that. Even the Scots, the majority didn’t want to move out of the entity called United Kingdom. Despite they having a different history and the UK Constitution different from Malaysia’s.

    If they still are unreasonable and make noise to the extent of being seditious, apply the Sedition Act – and don’t anybody remove that Act, for goodness sake.

    If they appear subversive, ISA no more – damn the bloke who removed it – but apply the new act – SOSMA.

    If they become too much, remind them gently that we have brigades of troops there who have been looking after their security and can also ensure Malaysia’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity is intact at all times.

    • The brigades of our (Malaysian i.e including Sabah and Sarawak) troops there have been looking after the security of Sabah and Sarawak, like from the recent Muslim Filipinos incursion in Sabah, together with our (i.e including Sabah and Sarawak) Police force.

      They are paid by the Federal Government but belong to Sabah and Sarawak as well.

      No easy job to be looking after the security of Sabah and Sarawak that have long and porous coast lines. And no small resources required to do so. Especially now that China has been saber-rattling in the South China Sea for some time. Patrol crafts, the bigger naval cruisers, attack ships and submarines patrolling the seas, helicopters, reconnisance aircraft, transport aircraft, fighter jets, in the air, armoured personnel carriers, tanks, canons, etc on the ground. Not just soldiers, sailors and airmen, rifles, ammunitions and the usual stuff.

      Remember that the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country Malaysia (i.e including Sabah and Sarawak) cannot be threatened by either external or internal factors, and must be intact at all times.

      Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and the likes of them must be told in no uncertain terms. And warned not to instigate the Sabahans or Sarawakians or anybody in the Peninsula to say or do anything that may affect our national sovereignty and territorial integrity. If they do, tell them to migrate. Or deport them for being traitors to this country.

      • Agreed. Those who want to break this country up are traitors. In war, in the battle field, they are shot, pronto, on the spot.

        In peace, bring them to Court. Or deport instigators like the racist, extremist and trouble-making pendatang DAP fellows.

        Ungrateful for their citizenship right, disloyal and no sense of love or patriotism for this country.

  12. Benda Allah ni mengarut hendakkan

    Parliaments for Sabah, Sarawak
    Free Malaysia Today – ‎2 hours ago

    Jimmy Wong pushes for equal partnership for Sabah and Sarawak with the peninsular

    Dia mimpi salepas tengok TV fasal referendum Scotland, kot.

    Takda otak nak bandingkan UK dengan Malaysia. Kebanyakan nya pendatang ungrateful ingrate DAP Cina Bukit yang menghasut tu.

    Dalam kepala hotak dia, kalau Sabah da Sarawak tidak dalam Malaysia, jenis dia boleh dapat lebih kuasa boleh buli penduduk asal.

  13. Note that BBC has just reported that an intellectual in Uighur has been sentenced to death for promoting Uighur separatism from China.

    These pendatangs in Malaysia should be told that, and be reminded of it time and again.

    More than justified that these blokes promoting separatism in Malaysia be whacked under the Sedition Act, SOSMA or whatever law applicable in this country.

  14. Those instigating Sabah and Sarawak separation must be told this again and again:

    Public must understand ISIS threats better
    Astro Awani – ‎5 hours ago

    If the Malaysian militants return from Syria or Iraq, they will do something that can threaten national security.

    No only that. Minister of Defence already said the Muslim Filipinos in southern Philippines support IS/ ISIS / ISIL. Including those who did the incursion to Sabah last time.

    If Sabah on their own, they will happily cross over the short stretch of water into Sabah in big numbers any time they please.

  15. I don’ mind it at all if Hindraf Waythamoorthy and those separatist fellows sue the British government. They, after all, have that woman with a foreign name, said to be operating the Free Sarawak or some-other-name Facebook account who lives in England. Said to be a lawyer, wonder why she did not think of that up to now?

    I’d like to see the British line up of Queen’s Counsel law experts, Westminster and Foreign Office diplomatic and international practice experts scoff at them for trying to be funny with a former British Colonial Empire. Now no more empirical but maybe the second most important peace keepers, or peace destroyers (e.g Iraq) in the world. Who cares if Blair and Bush bashed Iraq but the Courts in London are British. British nationalism and patriotism is such that people joke about the shark refusing to swallow a sailor upon seeing the Union Jack engraved on his chest.

    But Waythamoorthy so harshly hitting the Government before PRU13, then mellowed and even conciliatory to the Government nearer the elections, hit the Opposition harshly during the election campaign, accepted a Deputy Minister’s post, then quickly cabut from the government – would anybody other than the Sabah and Sarawak separatists believe in what he says?

    Would the British Courts take his testimony as reliable if a case is brought up in London? I don’t think so. They’d bash him in court to discredit his testimony. Like those fellows bringing up the Batang Kali massacre of Chinese during the period of communist insurgency, they did not win the case. Lost a lot of money in legal fees, travelling, accomodation and food expenses in London.

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