Yellow-bellied ferral boar

The Facebook posting depicting disgusting portrayal of four strategic Malaysia Government office bearers

The Facebook posting on 27 September 2014 depicting disgusting portrayal of four strategic Malaysia Government office bearers

This is the work of a very coward ferral boar, who was not even man enough to face the music like a real man.

This wasn’t Alvin Tan’s first venomous posting in his Facebook account since arriving in the United States recently, after jumping bail and soon to be classified as a fugitive for scooting away from criminal charges current in the court.

The Malay Mail online:

Fugitive sex blogger Alvin Tan again under sedition scope

SEPTEMBER 29, 2014
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 29 ― Already deemed a fugitive for skipping town and violating his bail terms, Malaysian sex blogger Alvin Tan is now facing yet another probe under the Sedition Act back home ― this time for criticising the country’s leaders on Facebook

According to Astro Awani, Deputy Federal CID chief Deputy Comm Datuk Amar Singh confirmed today that Tan is being investigated under the 1948 law for criticising, among others, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

“Members of the public have lodged reports against Alvin Tan. Upon this, we initiated an investigation under the Sedition Act,” DCP Amar was quoted saying by the news portal.

Asked how the authorities plan to bring Tan, who is now believed to be in the United States, back to Malaysia to face his charges, DCP Amar said: “Let us complete the investigation first. Then, we will liaise with the Attorney General’s department to decide the next course of action.”

Tan, who is now seeking asylum in the US purportedly to escape Umno, recently took to Facebook to vent his frustrations against the government’s recent sedition crackdown on dissenters.

The controversial sex blogger also referred to IGP Khalid as the German nazi commander Heinrich Himmler and said Zahid was “the closest thing to true evil”.

A Twitter user was charged earlier this month under the Penal Code for “deliberately humiliating and provoking” Khalid when he too likened the IGP to Himmler.

Yesterday, IGP Khalid vowed to search every “wormhole” for Tan until the blogger is found, saying the youth’s repeated insults against the authorities on social media is “unforgivable”.

Tan, the fugitive Malaysian blogger slapped with multiple charges over his now-defunct sex blog and controversial Hari Raya greeting involving pork dish “bak kut teh”, resurfaced in cyberspace recently, saying that he is now seeking political asylum in the US.

Singapore media agency Channel News Asia (CNA) reported Tan as saying he is fleeing from Umno — the mainstay party of Malaysia’s ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN), and had applied for asylum in the US in May.

Tan and his ex-girlfriend Vivian Lee May Ling, 25, were hauled to court last July 18 and slapped with three charges, but the couple known as “Alvivi” managed to get the court to struck off a charge under Section 298A of the Penal Code.

Tan and Lee still face a charge under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act for publishing a seditious photograph and the words “Selamat Berbuka Puasa” (dengan Bak Kut Teh…wangi, enak, menyelerakan!) [Happy breaking fast with bak kut teh…fragrant, delicious, appetising]” on their Facebook page last July 11 that also showed a halal logo.

They are also being tried for a second remaining charge under subsection 5(1) of the Film Censorship Act 2002 for displaying pornographic images on their blog,, between July 6 and July 7 last year.

The court had previously ordered the duo to surrender their passports and allowed them to be released on bail, but allowed them to temporarily take back their travel documents on May 18 this year to travel to Singapore to shoot a documentary.

Only Lee returned the passport on June 3, while Tan failed to show up on the scheduled date and went missing, leading the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court to issue an arrest warrant and forfeit his RM20,000 bail.

Interpol are also reportedly on the hunt for Tan.

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Apparently, there are so many Malaysians like this. The come out from the woodworks and antagonise the majority as they like, with all sorts of excuses. When the law is thrown at and against them, they cry foul and as if as the majority is out to oppress and persecute them.

Alvin Tan's Facebook posting 26 September 2014

Alvin Tan’s Facebook posting 26 September 2014, which was mentioned by IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar

Aren’t they the sort who consciously and intentionally utilise free-to-use medium for public exposition to make many people anguish and sow hatred?

This is why there is the Sedition Act. It is not mere intellectual irritation. This is an example of continuous irritation that unless dealt with, would compound into hatred.

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  1. Thats the reason why we need to strengthen the sedition act. The fences that prevent the intruders – the wild wild boars…

  2. Here’s my suggestion.
    1. Boycott him – just thumbs down anything on the news pages to do with him, unfriend him or whatever it takes not to give him any recognition. Just totally ignore this attention-seeking, pathetic excuse of a human being. Thank god he is soon-to-be NOT a Malaysian

    2. File a complaint with Facebook –

    I think if enough people write to FB to complain on the offensive hateful nature of his postings, FB may take his page down.

    • Agree with you on this. Now when the IGP says he’ll get INTERPOL’s help to catch Alvin, this idiot will just post another incendiary status to further goad the IGP and PDRM.

      Ignore him. Let him be with his “freedom of speech” because it’s not worth it to waste resources to bring him back and trial him again. Even if he gets jailed, the first thing he’ll do once he’s released from prison is to go on Facebook and spout his hatred.

      • After prison he will think many times if he wants to do that again. He will think for as long as his prison time.

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  4. It’s not “would” compound into hatred, it’s already hatred. In my mind. In my bones. Anger. Resentment. Revulsion. Utter contempt. Against the bugger. No bloody respect for law, for authority, for the public in this country, no upbringing, no decency, pornography, etc, etc

    I feel like making Police reports but enough already made by others, I won’t waste Police time as they are busy investigating him and looking for wormholes where he’s in and then legally drag him back, tried and imprisoned.

  5. He probably hired a ghost writer to spew his evil and vile remarks. The language flair and grammar seem perfect. This bloke has a mind so screwed up with himself he is now experiencing a form of psychosis i. e no matter how badly he behaved, how badly he treated other’s faith, jumped bail, fled the country like a coward with his tails between his legs, he still thinks he is the victim. His character stinks to high heaven and he still thinks his rights are more important than the rights of others. He tries to teach and preach others about individual rights and freedom without realising he has violated and infringed on the rights of others. Come to think of it this Alvin fella should be made a persona non grata. He should be barred and black listed from rentering Msia.

    • Agreed. But declare him persona non grata after his prison term. Get him, try him and imprison him.

      When imposing sentence, the Judge should state that the bastak is to be deported and banned from this country upon completing his prison term.

      This is to send the message to the Malaysian public and make other anti-national blokes shiver.

      And the Judge should not use the words persona non grata – the buggers tak faham one, hehe.

  6. The concern is why was the approval for him to regain his passport TOO EASILY given?

    And to film a documentary in Singapore?

    How come the warning signals were not activated by the relevant authorities?

    Was there an interference?

    • Maybe there are judges keen to show they are fair. Wonder how judges are selected.

  7. Wonder what kind of upbringing these people had. If any. The girlfriend said she “had learned a lot from Tan, whom she called “a charming man”. Ridiculous sense of values.

    She said she is working at an office job, which she declined to elaborate. Wonder what kind of office takes her as an employee.

    If she works as a social escort or at a brothel, sure the porno video would bring her clients.

  8. Can somebody get the Alvin fellow to go see the ISA-like detention centre in Guantanamo Bay before he is extradited?

    And interview the Chinese in as many China towns as possible to know the racial profiling they do there.

    So that he can get a proper perspective of US. Before dumping him in jail in Malaysia.

  9. His blatant arrogance might be the result of “political support” for his efforts at Malaysia bashing.

    Surely there are hidden hands to get him that documentary filming in order to reclaim his passport and later escape to USA.

  10. Yes, there are many Malaysians who are seditious. That’s why don’t discard the Sedition Act. If discarded, all hell will break loose. Those are not my own words. I read them somewhere.

    I don’t want to see another May 13 happening again. I was not around when it happened in 1969. But I read from the National Operaions Council booklet, they were terrible.

    The good thing was that the NEP came out of that. Now only 20% Malay corporate wealth. Not known in other sectors of the economy like commercial building and residential properties.

    Some say maybe achieve target and in all sectors of the economy if another happens. But I don’t want target achieved through another black episode in hour history. I want it achieved through peace and prosperity.

  11. I think it’s naive to expect the Alvin bloke to want to return to Malaysia voluntarily. However hard he may be provoked. Like said in this news heading:

    ‘Sex blogger will return to face charges if he is brave’
    AsiaOne – ‎1 hour ago‎

    KUALA LUMPUR – Sex blogger Alvin Tan Jye Yee would not leave his former partner alone to face charges relating to their alleged seditious postings on Facebook if he was a brave man, a deputy public prosecutor told a Sessions Court here.

    The bloke is damn downright criminal in his thinking, behaviour and action. He would not bother about his girl friend. Her statements to the media have indicated so. No other way but to use the clout Malaysia may have over the US to get him extradited.

    They are interested in terrorists whose activities may harm US interests all over the world. Quite a number of those blokes are in or pass through Malaysia. There’s strong co-operation with US on such matters. Use that if there is no Extradition Treaty between Malaysia and US.

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