Bringing back the Chinese votes

UMNO President Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak reiterated the importance to bring back the Chinese votes towards Barisan Nasional (BN) to ensure the continuity of the development agenda is strong and on the right track.

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Published: Saturday November 29, 2014 MYT 7:16:00 PM
Updated: Saturday November 29, 2014 MYT 7:18:48 PM

Umno AGM: Support of all races vital, says Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: The support of all races and communities is vital if Barisan Nasional wishes to remain in power, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“There are some delegates who say that we do not need Chinese votes. Look back at history, why did Tunku Abdul Rahman form ties if it did not benefit us?

“In 1974, why did Tun Abdul Razak form Barisan Nasional? If it was not beneficial, do you think Tun Razak would have formed the coalition?

“After that, Tun Mahathir, Pak Lah and until today, we defend BN. Why is that?” asked Najib.

To elaborate his point, Najib gave the example of the time former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamed had lost an election because word had spread that Mahathir did not need Chinese votes.

“Let that be a lesson. When I went to Pengkalan Kubor, we had 1700 votes from the Siamese community. The votes are not much, but had they voted for PAS, we would have suffered. Do not win the battle but lose the war (Jangan sampai menang sorak, kampung tergadai). We must use our brains. This is why we need to take care of Barisan,” he said in his winding up speech at the Umno general assembly.

Najib, however, stressed that in protecting the coalition there should not be a sacrifice of the principles close to the heart of the Malays.

“Everyone says the Malays are a fair and firm people. We must be firm but fair to others as well. We do not just want to win the elections but we need to also build a successful country,” he said.

Najib also added that there was a need to look after all leaders despite their mistakes if the leaders were looking to strengthen their parties.

“They are all human and none of them are perfect. If they make mistakes, we should correct them, but in the right manner,” he said.


Prime Minister Najib refutes the call of certain quarters who are fed up with the Non Malays especially the Chinese which include their voice via BN component parties such as MCA and Gerakan, that voraciously raise very sensitive issues which are very close at the heart amongst the majority of the Malays.

Prime Minister Najib who is also the BN Chairman also stressed the point that no one should freely question provisions in the Federal Constitution such as the role and position of Islam as the religion of the Federation, Malay Rulers, Special Malay Rights and the Royal Malay Regiment.

It is true many Non Malays especially question these sensitive subjects in very challenging or even seditious overtones. However, the matter grew rapidly only in specific quarters but not wholesomely at large.

It is believed that main issues about the grouses of the Non Malays especially the Chinese are not centred on those mentioned by Prime Minister Najib. Instead, the starting point is the abuse of power and blatant corruption which causes grave leakage on Federal Government spending and strategic investments.

This failure of good corporate governance and practices spiralled into grave integrity issues where UMNO leaders themselves have been proven to be involved.

Yet, some of these UMNO leaders are still very much comfortable in their strategic position in the party and even Federal and State Governments.

Many UMNO leaders use the excuse of their party position to ‘canvass for projects, contracts, concessions or jobs’ to finance their ‘Grass-root politics’. They also conveniently use the new found wealth build their ‘fortress’ and fortify themselves in their positions.

That did not stop there. They flaunt their wealth indiscriminately considering that some of them are not known to be professionals nor posses entrepreneurial skills and experience prior to them being alleviated in positions within the party of government.

This is the single most grave perspective towards UMNO, BN and the Federal Government by many of the Non Malays especially the Chinese, who are the mainstay of the Malaysian economy which is based on commercial and entrepreneurial activities.

UMNO leaders are very edgy when these issues are raised against them if not in denial, hoping the Malaysian public would buy into their make-believe story which could never hold water right from the start.

If Prime Minister Najib is serious about bringing back the Chinese votes, then he has to be very serious about addressing the corruption issues. Without a doubt, he must be bold enough to bite the bullet and get rid some of the UMNO, Federal and State Government leaders.

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