Bringing back the Chinese votes

UMNO President Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak reiterated the importance to bring back the Chinese votes towards Barisan Nasional (BN) to ensure the continuity of the development agenda is strong and on the right track.

The Star story:

Published: Saturday November 29, 2014 MYT 7:16:00 PM
Updated: Saturday November 29, 2014 MYT 7:18:48 PM

Umno AGM: Support of all races vital, says Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: The support of all races and communities is vital if Barisan Nasional wishes to remain in power, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“There are some delegates who say that we do not need Chinese votes. Look back at history, why did Tunku Abdul Rahman form ties if it did not benefit us?

“In 1974, why did Tun Abdul Razak form Barisan Nasional? If it was not beneficial, do you think Tun Razak would have formed the coalition?

“After that, Tun Mahathir, Pak Lah and until today, we defend BN. Why is that?” asked Najib.

To elaborate his point, Najib gave the example of the time former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamed had lost an election because word had spread that Mahathir did not need Chinese votes.

“Let that be a lesson. When I went to Pengkalan Kubor, we had 1700 votes from the Siamese community. The votes are not much, but had they voted for PAS, we would have suffered. Do not win the battle but lose the war (Jangan sampai menang sorak, kampung tergadai). We must use our brains. This is why we need to take care of Barisan,” he said in his winding up speech at the Umno general assembly.

Najib, however, stressed that in protecting the coalition there should not be a sacrifice of the principles close to the heart of the Malays.

“Everyone says the Malays are a fair and firm people. We must be firm but fair to others as well. We do not just want to win the elections but we need to also build a successful country,” he said.

Najib also added that there was a need to look after all leaders despite their mistakes if the leaders were looking to strengthen their parties.

“They are all human and none of them are perfect. If they make mistakes, we should correct them, but in the right manner,” he said.


Prime Minister Najib refutes the call of certain quarters who are fed up with the Non Malays especially the Chinese which include their voice via BN component parties such as MCA and Gerakan, that voraciously raise very sensitive issues which are very close at the heart amongst the majority of the Malays.

Prime Minister Najib who is also the BN Chairman also stressed the point that no one should freely question provisions in the Federal Constitution such as the role and position of Islam as the religion of the Federation, Malay Rulers, Special Malay Rights and the Royal Malay Regiment.

It is true many Non Malays especially question these sensitive subjects in very challenging or even seditious overtones. However, the matter grew rapidly only in specific quarters but not wholesomely at large.

It is believed that main issues about the grouses of the Non Malays especially the Chinese are not centred on those mentioned by Prime Minister Najib. Instead, the starting point is the abuse of power and blatant corruption which causes grave leakage on Federal Government spending and strategic investments.

This failure of good corporate governance and practices spiralled into grave integrity issues where UMNO leaders themselves have been proven to be involved.

Yet, some of these UMNO leaders are still very much comfortable in their strategic position in the party and even Federal and State Governments.

Many UMNO leaders use the excuse of their party position to ‘canvass for projects, contracts, concessions or jobs’ to finance their ‘Grass-root politics’. They also conveniently use the new found wealth build their ‘fortress’ and fortify themselves in their positions.

That did not stop there. They flaunt their wealth indiscriminately considering that some of them are not known to be professionals nor posses entrepreneurial skills and experience prior to them being alleviated in positions within the party of government.

This is the single most grave perspective towards UMNO, BN and the Federal Government by many of the Non Malays especially the Chinese, who are the mainstay of the Malaysian economy which is based on commercial and entrepreneurial activities.

UMNO leaders are very edgy when these issues are raised against them if not in denial, hoping the Malaysian public would buy into their make-believe story which could never hold water right from the start.

If Prime Minister Najib is serious about bringing back the Chinese votes, then he has to be very serious about addressing the corruption issues. Without a doubt, he must be bold enough to bite the bullet and get rid some of the UMNO, Federal and State Government leaders.

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  1. There is no doubt that UMNO Warlords NEEDS the Chinese not because of their Votes but because of huge Payoffs that they can get for getting projects or Licenses for the Chinese Towkays. More importantly these Chinese Towkays are either nonpolitically affiliated Chinese who have no contacts or low ranking MCA members.

    • Which is why the Asset Declaration for all politicians is critical.

  2. Bringing back the Chinese votes must not be done at the expense of the rights and interests of the Malays. Placing the NEP “at the back burner (to quote Tun Dr Mahathir) to bring back Chinese votes is utterly abominable and intolerable. UMNO should replace such a leader.

    The rush to developed nation status at the expense of the rights and interests of the Malays is also unacceptable. UMNO was sworn to protect the rights and promote the interests of the Malays at its formation 65 years ago. Abandoning those is a huge sin. Keeping silent and not promoting those in the name of attracting foreign investments and achieving a developed nation status is also a serious mistake.

    I have yet to see cogent and acceptable reasons for the rush to developed nation status, and explanations as to what happens to this country if that status is not achieved by 2020. Neither have I read about who decides and what criteria are used to determine developed nation status. Any one in the know may please explain here, quoting reliable authorities.

    I suspect this rush for developed nation status is merely a personal goal of PM Najib. He wants to enter history as the PM who brought that status to Malaysia – his legacy. I dislike it completely when it is at the expense of the rights and interests of the Malays, UMNO and the country. How it affects the country? The economic and educational gap between the Chinese who are 23% and the Malays who are nearly 60% of the population will be widened and no long-term peace and harmony can be achieved – those gaps were the underlying causes of the race riots of 1969.

    • Agree totally. Najib appear clueless. His rhetoric is usually contradictory, He claims to listen to the rakyat but when bloggers voice their concerns he calls them bangang.

      This behaviour of his reveals that he belittles the small man’s opinion.

      He calls on all to “tegur menegur pemimpin” but then he insists on “solidarity”. This could just be another phrase for cronyism and nepotism.

      He should seriously STUDY the constitution that never guaranteed vernacular schools, just the assurance of mother tongue learning.

      • Dia dah macam cicak putus ekor le, bro.

        Sekarang dah kena marah dua pihak. Dulu pihak Melayu saja hentam dia for wanting to discard the Sedition Act that protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, including the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumipueras of Sabah and Sarawak. Now that he has announced the SA will be retained and “enhanced”, those fellas he sought to please by removing the Act also angry at him.

        Very poor assessment of the sentiments of UMNO. Good of UMNO grassroots, Branch and Divisional leaders speaking up. Get back the Chinese votes some other way. Agree that he must make the MCA and Gerakan fellas get more seats at PRU14.

      • And absorb the Chinese schools into the National Schools (SK) system of education by instructing them to use BM as medium of instruction as well as the SK syllabus. Mandarin and Tamil can be taught as elective subjects at all SKs, which all SJKs will also be.

        No need to close those schools. Just continue under a different system – a Single Stream system of education. Not 3 like now.

        Agree with the proposal that after making the decision, re-train the vernacular school teachers and absorb them as well as the school support staff into the same scheme of service as the SKs. Then negotiate on the schools assets – land, building, equipment etc.

        Nobody will lose anything. Except fake PhD holder Yap Tien Sin, President of Dong Zong, and his “multi-nations with a nation” nonsense. Mana boleh. Even British PM David Cameron has long said that “Multi-culturalism is dead.” Also German Chancellor Angela Merkal and other EU leaders.

        Difficult to do? If so, Najib should make way for Muhyiddin to do lah. He already made History compulsory in schools. A huge landmark and extremely meaningful decision for nation building.

  3. Yes, get back the Chinese votes. But get the BN component parties to work their asses off. They cannot be passengers in the bus to Putrajaya, MCA bringing just 7 Parliamentary seats nonsense.

    Instead of shitting at DAP relentlessly and endlessly, they have even made snide remarks or even plain questioning of some BN government policies. That’s utterly ridiculous. The MCA-owned newspaper, The Star, has even been said to have pro-DAP personnel. The reports are sometimes slanted to put a bad light on the BN government and in line with the Opposition views. What nonsense is that.

    Yes, sorting that kind of problem and the getting rid of he Chinese tsunami is easier said than done. But aren’t those the job and the responsibilities of the politicians, especially those in MCA and Gerakan who have positions of power and influence? Anything they want, are not satisfied with, should be discussed through the proper channels, not aired in public. Even on matters of Kalimah Allah and Chinese schools.

    Najib must really get the right basis for his actions. No such things as rushing to developed nation status at the expense of the rights and the interests of the Malays. No such thing as muting the NEP. The Malays must get the NEP target. Not just in ownership of publicly listed companies (which fluctuate) but also in other aspects of the economy, like commercial buildings and residential properties. And if the citizenship right is permanent, why can’t the NEP, which was derived and inspired from the quid pro quo – Special Position of the Malays – be also permanent?

    • Actually the chinese could see through Najib. He is easily won over by “I love PM” banners which expose his weakness.

      He readily produced the Chinese New Year advertisement. He is also given the affectionate AhJigGor. And then he throws a round BR1M.

      This is a celebrity not a leader. He confuses himself all the time. He gets caught between UMNO president and Malaysia’s PM. He also gets distracted between a prudent finance minister and a populist PM.

      He indulges in sordid gossip but failed to list concrete steps to achieve his aims. Unlike Muhyiddin with his clear and doable programmes and Zahid with his keris 2314.

      Many others are just hot air reruns of unachieved promises.

      • Agree with you on Muhyiddin and Zahid.

        While in the business of agreeing, I also agree with what Tun Dr Mahathir said before – that Najib is even worse than Pak Lah. He got less seats than Pak Lah. Now wanting to get back Chinese votes by rushing to developed nation status where the Malays will fare worse than now.

        Good old Tengku Razaleigh said as a Finance Minister over 20 years ago that if Malaysia is made to develop too rapidly, the Malays would be left behind. Agree with him on that though me no like him now.

    • Here is a glaring example of MCA working against BN. What the hell is MCA leadership doing against this Penang MCA liasion committee secretary? Dia sudah minun air kecing DAP ka?

      MCA: Investigate Mohd Zaidi for sedition

      PETALING JAYA: The police should investigate and deal with Permatang Pauh Umno division chief Datuk Mohd Zaidi Mohd Said under the Sedition Act 1948 for claiming that the “Chinese are getting rich through illegal activities”, said Penang state MCA liaison committee secretary Dr Tan Chuan Hong.

      The above was reported by By the pro-DAP elements in there ka?

  4. I find it difficult to believe people say Najib just follows what his consultants and those “advisers” around him say.

    I think he wants liberalism, allows people to think that his liberal-ist or populist policies were the advice of others. I think those around him dance to his tune.

    Any one has information that says otherwise?

  5. Habislah melayu dan bumiputra macam ni kalau harapkan undi kaum cina…

    • Tak habis. Pemimpin UMNO kena fikirkan strategy baru. Tukarkan Najib, lihat bagaimana Muhyiddin lakukan.

      PRU13 ada tsunami Cina pun, BN masih menang. Dapatkan Melayu bersatu, UMNO kerjasama dengan PAS umpama nya, boleh menang lebih.

  6. najib ni macam willy wonka. siap amek potshot kat Dr.M lg. kerek sngt lah najib ni. mcm bdk kecik nak main balas2. najib ni pathetic sbenanye. langkah dia suma takleh harap. sbenanye dia ni blur. dia tak boleh think on the spot. orang macamni, kita letak jadi operatior kilang je entah macamana naik sampai premier post. dah la dengan sikap dan perangai dia, dia sendiri yg men-downgrade kan premier post dia. malaysia ni dah macam saing2 sierra leone je dari permainan dan corak politik umno a.k.a umngok. lagi satu nak tanya, blog kau ni temasuk dlm list “bangang” tu ke. sbb dari seksyen comment kau, suma kritikal of najib. tapi itulah, ruangan komen kau ni banyak betul dari salah. friendly fire pun si jib gor tak appreciate, dia nak suma orang stuju jeeeeeeeeeeeee ngan dia. embarassing

    • Bila hang taip “umno a.k.a umngok” saja, dah tau le hang ni jenis Anwar main pungkok.

      Pastu dok tanya pulak, blog kau ni temasuk dlm list “bangang” tu ke. Kecik sunggoh kepala hotak hang. Ada 5 gram saja kot. Kesian. Tu lah, hang bercampoq dgn depa Pakatoon, hang jadi bodoh benaq noooooo. Sedih.

      Malaih la aku nak cakap panjang dgn hangpa yang otak kecik tuh. Selamat malam kat hang.

      • boleh bagi skit research kau dari mana kau dpt fakta orang guna “umngok” suka main lubang jubo macam abg non kunyit? tak eok generalize it aint good.
        soalan aku tak valid ke. biar la tuan badan yg jawab blog dia ada atas payroll ke tak. takde sapa kata salah being on the payroll pun kan?
        ye selamat malam bang. semuga sihat selalu

      • Gini, Mamat,

        1. umngok tu rhyme dgn pungkok
        2. tarak kata hang suka main lubang pungkok, hang saja yg kata “suka main lubang jubo(q)”
        3. hang kata “macam abg non kunyit”, sapa abg non tuh? Cara hang cakap mcm hang sayang kat dia, betui ka? Tak salah aku tanya, mcm hang kata, kan?
        4. valid tak valid so’alan hang, aku curiga maksud hang. Cuba hang kata apa maksud hang tanya tuh?
        5. cara kat sini, sapa saja boleh komen atau jawab mana saja dan sapa saja punya so’alan. Dn biasa nya pemunya blog nih tak jawab so’alan macam hang keluaqkan tuh.

        Sama lah, aku juga ucapkan selamat malam kat hang. semuga sihat selalu.

  7. Najib represents Pekan but his mindset is too bandar.

    He said rakyat diutamakan but his policy is making the majority (do I need to tell who they are) suffer and feel denied.

    He tries to create program to buffer their suffering with British dole-like system but rakyat know it can be taken away like fuel subsidy. What they want is the opportunity they are not getting.

    He preached meritocrasy and competitiveness will bring out the best out of Bumiputera but as raised by TSMY from the book Colour of Inequalities, free market is a facade and excuse to discriminate. It actually perpetuate monopoly, make UMNO leaders (not the party) more corruptiible and made M’sia haven for chinese controlled underworld black economy.

    He just cannot appreciate (though he know and maybe understand) the rakyat predicament because he is too aristocratic and upper class. He thinks his policy is the answer but he has no way of really knowing it’s effectiveness than what Idris Jala tells him.

    He is too bangsawan to truly feel for the rakyat. At the end he will give priority for his social class first before the rakyat just like he literally campaigned to save Hishamuddin. This remajakan UMNO is to make way for Hishamuddin and kJ, just like the new voting system for UMNO saved Hishamuddin.

    Time to give it back to members to decide and stop the backroom powerplay to manipulate results. Let the people get what they wish and not determined by war lords and RM.

    Najib must go down to really hear the pulse, understand and translate the aspirations of the rakyat like what Jokowi did. That is where the solution lies and not over reliance on his advisers whose walking among the cloud than on solid ground..

    The direction of the economy is making rakyat suffer and he is no more in the position to reverse.

    He has allowed too much capital market play and free market roam free than actually creating real economic growth from industries and subsectors. Capital market prefer retrenchment and efficiency than job creation and nation building.

    With young voters already decided to try something new and the tie of dependence between Malay with UMNO and government severed by UMNO led govt themselves (and Najib was adamant with his liberal policies), where is Najib getting the votes to win?

    He cannot get chinese votes and malay support is slipping away. Najib seemed to not have any idea convincing enough to recapture chinese votes and retain malay votes.

    Najib’s 5 years only made life worse for his malay supporters. So is solidarity the solution or desperation?

    • Good one, Sir. More, please.

  8. As a non-malay, I would like to share my view.
    Bukan orang cina tak mahu sokong BN. Masa zaman Semangat 46 and reformasi in the 80s and 90s, when malay votes were split and malay support for umno/bn was weak, it was the chinese votes that gave bn victory. Masa Badawi’s first term, the chinese all rallied behind him and gave him a landslide.
    But what did bn do with all that support? Chinese vote based on performance. They evaluate what u do with our vote. When AAB had a landslide majority, what did he do? how did he perform?

    The nons didnt just wake up one morning and decided, “hey lets not vote bn anymore”.. they woke up when they saw their vote going to waste by mismanagement. It has nothing to do with Malay rights, malay privileges etc. Zaman Tun M , zaman AAB dulu pun all this rights were already there. But the chinese accepted it and rallied behind umno BN because a well managed economy will always please the chinese. It is that simple.

    Cina dah bagi chance, kat belah sini tapi di tikam, di barua kan di jadikan boogey man. Masa UMNO tengah susah by split votes (S46, Reformasi) cina yg tolong umno get back to its feet. We just want to see the economy thrive, leakages plugged, corruption reduced and a well administered country. Trust me, once UMNO BN can do that, the chinese votes will come back. We dont vote based on sentiments, we vote based on performance. Hope they will take note of this.

    • Welcome to sharing views here as far as I’m concerned. But how come you use the name Gangga Negara? If Indian I understand. But you are explaining the Chinese stand.

      I disagree with you on Chinese votes making BN win during Tun Dol’s time. You have to produce facts, figures, links and authoritative sources to support that opinion.

      The 2/3 majority Dol got was a hangover of Tun Dr Mahathir’s performance. Agree that Dol messed things up. Allowed incessant wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified propaganda, seditious statements etc against BN. And he lost the 2/3 majority. Then Najib tried to be liberal. Now he got wanked by both the non-Malays who want freedom to question the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, and the Malays who want the Sedition Act retained to protect the sensitive Articles, especially those that comprise the rights and interests of the Malays enshrined in them.

      Mismanagement occurs everywhere. Ronnie Liu complained publicly about DAP money politics (also corruption, like in UMNO) at a Selangor DAP Convention a few years ago. Tokong Lim sold Penang State land at Bayan Mutiara for RM1.07 billion, instead of making the Penang Dev Corp develop it and build some low-cost houses for the rakyat. The commission alone is around RM30 mill but DAP thugs and gangsters protect info on whose pockets the developers paid it into. The RM1 bill Turn-Key sPICE project on Municipality land tender was also mismanaged. Like the RM4 billion Undersea Tunnel project whose price changed to 6 to 8 bill even before project commencement. Again, the DAP thugs and gangsters would bump off any attempt to squeal who benefited from commission, kickbacks, free share and profit shares from those projects.

      Would the Chinese then kick DAP out of the Penang gomen? No, you fellas would say no proof. Even Tokong Lim’s purchase of a Mercedes when his Toyota Camry was still new, the Chinese close their eyes on what is also mismanagement. In short, whatever weaknesses BN have, Pakatoon and DAP also have. But the Chinese swallowed DAP hate, hate, hate propaganda hook, line and sinker. And delivered a Chinese tsunami at PRU13.

    • Yes, everybody wants to see the economy thrive, leakages plugged, corruption reduced and a well administered country. But note that corruption etc exists everywhere. You must know that among the Chinese, corruption was rife even 2,000 years ago, made so by the eunuchs at the Emperors’ palaces. And no need to argue who started corruption in a big way in this country.

      And corruption is not just the takers. The givers are also at fault. Some even say no givers, no corruption. So, how to “Trust me, once UMNO BN can do that, the chinese votes will come back”, you knowing that the givers will never cease. Some Malays have now started to talk about going it alone. And mentioning the fact that in Fiji where the pendatang were the majority, won the elections but could not taste power. The Army grabbed power. The pendatang left the country in droves until they no longer are the majority. Many would not want that in this country as democracy ceases in that event.

      The Malays expect understanding and co-operation on the corruption and mismanagement issues. They have agreed to citizenship right for the non-Malays at Merdeka. Now we ask for co-operation from the Chinese not to offer or give bribes. When corruption is reduced, mismanagement will also lessen. Amacam, bole?

      • Well said, sir.
        And, might I add, after what the Chinese did to the BN during the last general elections, how can the Malays ever trust them again?
        Look back at history, said Najib.
        I just did, and should I say, once bitten twice shy.

      • With due respect to those like Tun Tan Siew Sin, the MCA President in the 1960s who said the Malays have been kind enough to agree to citizenship right to the non-Malays at Merdeka and to the issuing of citizenship certificates by relaxing the rules for them, it must be stated that those Chinese who have not said or felt so must really show that they appreciate all those and reciprocate the kindness shown by the Malays.

        Remember, it’s heaven for the Chinese and others out here. In Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia, they have to forgo Chinese names, their language, their ways of dressing, celebrating new year etc. They got assimilated.

        In this country, all they are asked is to integrate. Be together. Not isolate themselves in Chinese schools wanting Mandarin as the medium of instruction, etc. And, when asked not offer bribes to reduce the Opposition charges, they must show so-operation. I agree that without offerers and givers, there’ll be no corruption.

        And don’t do a Chinese tsunami ever again. I agree with the opinion that it’s difficult to trust them again after that. And respect the Constitution, the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, the quid pro quo for the citizenship right. It’s not nice to hear but it’s been said, rather justifiably, that those who don’t respect the Constitution should migrate.

      • I must clarify that by asking not to do the Chinese tsunami again, I do recognize that it’s their right to vote any one they please. But this is a request, not an ultimatum of anything like that.

        A request made in consideration for the Malays having been kind enough like said by Tun Tan Siew Sin. Yes, I’ve seen replies like they don’t care about him, it’s not their President or that it was long ago. But those were from the so-called Red Beans of the DAP, known for their ultra kiasu-ism, ungrateful ingrate stand and the politics of hate, hate and hate, until they caused the race riots of 1969.

        But I believe the majority of Chinese are not DAP – DAP reported to RoS of having only about 2,800 members who took part in voting their CEC. Many of those who went Chinese tsunami at PRU13 were not DAP, may not even be DAP supporters. They voted the Opposition simply because of what Ganga Negara said above.

        But they should think hard of the points stated in response ot GN’s comment above. Let’s have peace and harmony in this country. The Sedition Act is retained but let’s not have too many seditious statements made. Really, there should be gratitude shown to the Malays and UMNO who really were the ones that greed to the British proposal for the Chinese and others be given citizenship right at Merdeka.

    • GN

      So you voted Pakatan Rakyat. What performance has DAP achieved? What milestones have PAS and PKR cemented all this while?

      Before PRU13, the chinese were clearly seen to have supported Najib – complete with all kinds of banners. You even gave him the affectionate name Ahjibgor.

      Then sneakily you created the chinese tsunami! Also explain how is it possible, even with non-performing UMNO, the chinese are still the richest in Malaysia.

  9. Times have changed where the attitude and sentiments of the non Malays in Msia are concerned. They have been convinced by DAP especially that dumping Malay political supremacy is the only way for them to achieve total control of the nation with Pas and PKR being nothing more than their means to an end. Not an end in itself. The writings are on the wall. Instead of strengthening Malay unity, Najib as Umno President and PM went on a kowtowing approach to ‘ win the Chinese votes’ without realising that it is a list cause. The die is cast. The roosters have come home to roost. Any excuses given by the Chinese and Indians to reject Umno led govt and BN are cleverly chosen i. e corruption and their continued harping on what they perceived as the incompetent Malay led institutions like SPRM, PDRM, civil service as a whole etc. Their excuses are neither incidental nor sincere. Corruption is a universal disease and it inflicts individuals and institutions regardless of race, position and nation.

    The race relations problem runs deeper than Chinese seeing the govt as corrupt. The failure of the govt to openly discussed and try to resolve the problems is certainly not helping. The rejection of anything that show Malay dominance and supremacy is so prevalent now in the country. The weak national integration and unity due to the liberals controlling the nation threatens to drift the Chinese further away from the centre. Their kiblats are Singapore, HK,.Penang, Taiwan and maybe Jokowi’s Indonesia. The failures of the current govt to take concrete steps and measures at national integration and unity could prove to be its own undoing.

    • If Chinese think that they can hope to rule this country, need to remind them the facts about Fiji that have been said here and there –

      The pendatang there were allowed by the British to become majority, won the general elections, could not taste power. The Army grabbed power. Hordes of the pendatang migrated until they are no longer majority.

      After 6 years or so, few months ago general elections the party of locals won, the Army relinquished power to them.

      Just stating the facts up there.

      • Yah, mebbe so, but look at where the Fiji economy is now.

        What are their main exports? Coconuts and rugby players!

        Their main industry? Tourism.

        Maybe the Fijian government is hoping for big investments from China.

        In exchange for allowing China a strategic foothold in that region.

        That will be the excuse for the US and Australia to instigate another regime change in Fiji.

        And there’s not a damn thing that the Fijian Army can do about it, should it happen.

        The power of impotence growing out of the barrel of a gun!

  10. Correction: * lost cause *

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