“They pander to their readers’ prejudice”

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  1. I think many people ceased reading newspapers since Tun Dol’s time after Dato Kadir Jassin left the New Straits Times and the ex-Singaporean Riong Kali took over.

    The views of and coverage on people like Tun Dr Mahathir were sidelined so much that Tun turned to blogging, whacking Tun Dol and his administration until Tun Dol withdrew from the UMNO Presidency and resigned the PMship.

    Now, at the closing of PAU a few days ago, DS Najib blamed bloggers who have been slogging to defend UMNO, protect and promote Malay rights and interests that UMNO was sworn to do when formed 65 years ago. As a result, there have been more calls for him to resign and for UMNO to replace him.

  2. Not just the newspapers, more so the so-called pro-Pakatan news portals, that are neither news nor portals, have been pandering to their readers’ prejudices. Even MCA-owned The Star has been said to have been infiltrated by pro-Pakatan blokes such that some reports have in fact been slanted in favour of the Opposition.

    Yet, instead of asking MCA to pull up those culprits, Najib chose to whack the pro-Establishment bloggers. He must really have become desperate, perhaps momentarily lost his sanity, like cicak putus ekor. He should really admit that bloggers are protecting UMNO and hitting at him so that he’d withdraw.

    He has displeased the Malays by wanting to throw out the Sedition Act that protect the sensitive Articles of the Constitution that include Malay rights and interests, and now he has displeased the non-Malays by deciding to retain it. De ja vu all over again. Flip flopping, to use Tun Dr Mahathir’s words against Tun Dol, who resigned some time after the 2008 (9?) PAU. Najib should really resign and let others run UMNO after the recent PAU.

    • He should not have decided to throw out the Sedition Act in the first place. Now many have been asking to bring back the ISA which Singapore still has.

      Even the US still has ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay. 160 prisoners still detained there without trial for so many years now. Despite Obama saying he’d cease Guantanamo Bay detention. He released a few of the prisoners but 1-2 joined back Al Qaeda and renewed terrorist activities.

      But so long as Najib still there, no likelihood for the ISA to be brought back. People like Kit Siang and Tokong Lim happy. DAP keeps calling for bloody communist terrorist leader’s ashes to be allowed into the country.

      And the pro-Oppo newspapers catered to that. Using words “returned” or “brought back”. When the words should be “brought in”. Because the dreaded terrorist bugger was not even a citizen of this country. Applied, but did not attend the citizenship interview. So said Professor Emeritus of History TS Khoo Kay Kim who checked the records at the relevant department.

  3. This narration defective posting is undoubtedly an example of the product of the right dosage of pure British wit in sarcasm.

    BD is hitting out against his blogging brothers right on their reaction after the “Siapa bayar mereka semua? Ni bangang!” faux pas by PM Najib at the closure of ‘this year’s awfully bland Umno annual assembly.

    Indeed they are pandering to their readers’ prejudice. And those who use these reactions to further riddicule them in the writings, is also pandering to their captive readership’s prejudice.

    There are obviously many real worthy take aways from last weekend’s PAU. Like the loaded Deputy Umno President’s opening salvo.

    Instead, they chose to highlight the little snide jibe made in a humourous tone in their serving as rapporteur to their readership’s digestion. Also that poor Farhana girl, who is still a student in Mother Russia somewhere.

    • Maybe you like to say in simpler language who and what you meant. Some of us not so good in English. I like the BBC Yes Minister etc series but I can only copy from somewhere the following expression that I like –

      “the narrowness of the territory that separates caustic British wit from tiresome British obnoxiousness.”

      You said, “the little snide jibe made in a humourous tone in their serving as rapporteur to their readership’s digestion.” Pardon me, but are you saying ““Siapa bayar mereka semua? Ni bangang!” was said in humour and might refer to the student Frahana? If referring to pro-UMNO bloggers, I have not seen any proof that any blogger or blog owner is paid, even if owning a BMW.

      But I agree fully that the Deputy President’s opening salvo was loaded and that the delegates should dwell and exploit on it. Of course, at the PAU, cousin Hishamuddin was well chosen to ensure that the “guidelines” given to speakers were strictly adhered to and hard stares, even eye-squinting winks made at any of them straying into Najib whacking. I would have liked the whacking. I think he deserves it.

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