Public opined limiting freedom of expression

Apparently, those who are enjoying their freedom of expression in presenting their case, is inhibiting the Prime Minister from doing exactly so.

First it was the “Haram jadah“.

It was when some of the FELDA settlers and probably some of the FELDA authority employees were systematically sabotaging the listing of FELDA Global Ventures Bhd. (FGV), which was Malaysia’s largest IPO.

Now, it is “Bangang“.

Some people especially a handful of pro-UMNO/Government supporters are making an issue about Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak for leeway to express himself, in a candid and colloquial manner even though he was on an official platform.

Prime Minister Najib was taking potshots on some of pro-UMNO bloggers and social-media activists who lately have been on the track of lambasting his leadership, some of his Cabinet colleagues and government policies.

In the age where sometimes so many are oblivion by design or otherwise, no longer understand innuendoes and sarcasm, then it is probably more practical to be direct.

That is exactly what Prime Minister Najib is did.

It is very true that many pro-UMNO and/or UMNO-leaders paid bloggers do ever so often the very subject what Prime Minister Najib described; bangang.

They no longer stay on the course, they have very little understanding what is their purpose within the ambit and context of party information dissemination role. Worse of all, many are too trivial and lack of relevant substance, arguments and angles.

Then again many UMNO leaders got too comfortable with many of these lot, who came out of the woodworks after UMNO realised that they were grossly deficient in the cyber-sphere war during the 12GE which saw the ‘Political Tsunami’.

Almost all of them were not trained writers and ever had a stint in any media. Nor do they have strategic thinking ability or were exposed to the game of strategic communication. Yet, many UMNO leaders threw money indiscriminately for the cause, which drew more to jump into the bandwagon.

One even was a Policeman who was sentenced to jail for accepting a bribe in lieu of letting of a drug addict caught with a needle of heroine. Two of the UMNO Vice Presidents had a pally-pally relationship with this blo-gang.

The learning curve was steep and the tactical purpose is somewhat met in a short time but it had minimal strategic value nor effect. The effectiveness of pro-UMNO blogging quickly waned and eventually became a trap after the trolls were no longer fed.

The UMNO politicians who was playing the upmanship game of ‘contributing’ to this cause quickly cooled away. Soon enough, many of these bloggers were left ‘unattended’ simply because their handlers and minders were actually bangang and did not have a strategic plan.

These trained cybersphere warriors now have potent tools and trained their guns against UMNO leaders. It was actually nothing more than bangang begets bangang.

Never the less, there are more than a few members of his own Cabinet who often enough issue statements that should be in the bangang category as well.

This very much include people who serve the Prime Minister is his private offices and specific roles and functions.

Probably for the purpose of keeping up appearance, Prime Minister Najib is unable to call in public his cabinet colleagues as “bangang”.

Prime Minister Najib is far too gentleman as compared to prolific leaders like Gen. George S. Patton, who slapped his own soldier in a field hospital in Sicily or the arrogant war time British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Not with standing that, Prime Minister Najib should thoroughly do the necessary internal ‘witch-hunt’ and ‘ethnic-cleansing’. In this context, those who belong to the bangang ethnicity.

Some of these bangangs include those leaders who have made fortunes through doubtful means after they have assumed position within the party and some in the government. Worse of all, they flaunt their wealth indiscriminately and indiscreetly.

Prime Minister Najib should be made to feel that he had to be over diplomatic with all these bangangs, be it the blo-gangs or the newly bankable-bangangs.

*Updated 1530hrs

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  1. To remove deadwoods and warlords, Najib has to legislate Asset Declaration for all politicians.

    Any mismatch in their assets – to be screened by MACC. Those who seek wealth through political involvement will soon be weeded out.

    Appropriate and firm actions must be taken to clean-up UMNO. KJ who was found guilty of money politics must be sacked from the party. Others with tainted reputation must also be fired.

    • I think not likely to happen under Najib, bro. He did try to curtail money politics at the beginning of his term. Some like Isa ex-NS MB got suspended from holding party posts, Khiary Jamaluddin was only censored by the Disciplinary Committee.

      He didn’t give Khairy a job for a long time after winning the Youth Chief post. Unprecedented, but people liked that. Then his liberalization policies became unpopular, there was even talk of the UMNO Presidency being contested at the last party elections. He got desperate. No long before that he gave Khairy a Minister’s post and the Lembu-Kondo Shahrizat a glorified position as Women Affairs Adviser in PM’s Dept. Pemuda and Wnita did a lot of canvassing for Najib and he won the Presidency uncontested.

      Many pro-UMNO bloggers hit at Najib because they want him replaced, though they continue supporting UMNO. Najib used the word bangang out of frustration though I’m not sure how many of those hitting at him are paid by UMNO leaders or whoever.

  2. Are there really UMNO-paid or “UMNO-leaders paid” bloggers? I sincerely want to know if that’s true. Can any one indicate to me what kind they are, give some idea which ones are paid?

    I believe the DAP Red Beans are paid, said to operate from Komtar, under Lim Gun Eng’s Poliical Secretary. Anyone who thinks not is free to say so stating some facts and arguments in here.

    Paid or not paid, if Najib used the word bangang on pro-UMNO bloggers, I think he sounds desperate.

  3. Assuming there are only UMNO leaders-paid bloggers and not UMNO-paid bloggers, why doesn’t UMNO organize openly a team of properly selected bloggers, fully paid, on a monthly basis, trained and co-ordinated to counter comment those Pakatan comments in selected blogs, however nasty of Red Bean-ish they may be.

    Set up guidelines for them to follow, appoint a chief to lead and control them, reporting to UMNO Information Chief Ahmad Maslan.

    Those pro-Pakatan so-called news portals that won’t publish pro-UMNO/BN counter-comments can be responded to by copy-pasting their comments into a newly established blog, like Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Chronicle etc, and countering them in such a declared pro-UMNO/BN blog.

    Any minus points for doing those?

    • Where is Ahmad Maslan in all these?

      To be fair to him, he has organized chats among UNPAID pro-BN bloggers in several centres. Given talks and verbal guidelines. But those are voluntary pro-BN bloggers. No obligations, no strict rules.

      Yes, UMNO should have a group of well selected, full-time paid bloggers, trained and experienced in the methods of countering Opposition lies and slanders, co-ordinated, checked and supervised, penalized if not towing the line, etc.

      Read about the Republican Party in the US even having a secret “Dirty Tricks Department” which burgled the Democratic Party offices for secret opposition plans etc, uncovered by the Washington Post that led to President Nixon resigning the Presidency.

      Not too high a risk if such Dirty Tricks Dept is limited to handling jobs like katak lompat. But an open, declared “UMNO Information Dept section” with paid bloggers “disseminating information” is no harm at all.

  4. Only bangang will employ a bangang .

  5. I like the statement ‘Probably for the purpose of keeping up appearance, Prime Minister Najib is unable to call in public his cabinet colleagues as “bangang”.

    But I think many of them are confused. With Najib’s liberalization. Liberal this and liberal that. He didn’t want to license the pro-Pakatan so-called news portals like Singapore did. And they show seditious and defammtory tendencies against UMNO/BN in what hey publish.

    On top of that Najib wanted to abolish the Sedition Act. I think a few of his Ministers also joined the call by the 170 out of 191 UMNO Divisions, Youth and Wanita wings for the Sedition Act to be retained.

    So, I suspect even the Ministry of Information, the national news agency Bernama etc have to tread carefully in putting out government or official news. That may be the cause of a few of them and other image-seekers in the UMNO top hierarchy wanting to pay those untrained, unco-ordinated bloggers who Najib called bangang.

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