“Moderation is the best solution versus Extremism”

In the wake of recent brutal shooting of journos of Paris-based left wing caricature weekly Charlie Hedbo, many quarters especially were quick to give a blanket blame that Muslims as being intolerant, anti-freedom of expression and resort to extremism.

The fact is that, some people especially in west took the democratic principle of freedom of expression to the extreme end, which include the right to criticise and insult Islam and personalities revered by Muslims aka Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Foreign Minister Dato’ Seri Anifah Aman addressed the United Nations 67th General Assembly more than two years ago, having  to include the current issue at hand and the Muslims were wrongly portrayed for the stance and values, as his theme.

“Why is it when Muslims are stigmatised, it is defended as ‘Fredoom of Speech'”?

The fact this was raised more than two years ago is still very much relevant on present day.

Prime Minister Dato' Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak's tweet, condemning the attack on Charles Hedbo editorial office

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s tweet, condemning the attack on Charles Hedbo editorial office

Foreign Minister Anifah described those who intentionally provoke the 2 billion Muslims with materials and issues such as the one did by Chalrse Hebdo or other work of arts, as  “Extremist”.

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  1. No two-way about it – mocking and caricaturing Prophet Muhammad is an offence to Islam and should be to all Muslims. It is an act of extremism, of no sense of decency and decorum, to say the least.

    They may make fun of politicians, or their mothers and fathers, but not Islam, the religion which has become the second most popular in the world for some time already. Despite being in existence about 600 years later than Christianity and much later than Judaism (the Jewish faith) which existed hundreds of years before Christianity.

    Yes, we must not condone terrorism but we must also not excuse those extremists who made fun of Islam and Prophet Muhammad. I want to hear what the so-called group of 25 think on this.

    I like very much and fully support what Tun Dr Mahathir said of those cartoonists in Paris. I cannot say the same of what DS Najib said regarding it. Be moderate yes, but the other side must, too. And any calls for moderation must be aimed at and said clearly to both sides. Otherwise one side will get emboldened over the other and that worsens the situation.

    • Benar apa Tun Dr Mahathir kata – akhbar tribune.com.pk/ pun kata begitu:

      Charlie Hebdo had long courted controversy with satirical attacks on Islam as well as other religions.

      Takda sebab mengapa mereka perlu menghina agama orang lain.

    • Ada juga kesan nya:

      Danish newspaper says won’t print Prophet cartoons
      By Reuters Published: January 9, 2015

      COPENHAGEN: Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which angered Muslims by publishing cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 10 years ago, will not republish Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons due to security concerns, the only major Danish newspaper not to do so.

      “It shows that violence works,” the newspaper stated in its editorial on Friday.

      Masih nakal juga lagi mereka – mengata “violence works”. Itu lah, bebas sangat. Saya pun nak dengar apa yang 25 orang tu kata.

      • Does the woman former Malaysian Ambassador to Holland now a spokesperson for the group of 25 not know the Danish newspapers were publishing humiliation against the Islamic religion since 10 years ago? She was so close to Denmark when in Holland. And no Dutch newspapers doing so, too?

        Or she thinks it’s ok for them to do so but not ok for Muslims in Malaysia to stand up against the Christians wanting to use the kalimah Allah? She has double standards?

        Look at the report in the above comment – even Reuters show respect to Prophet Muhammad by placing (pbuh) after this name.

  2. The Westerners seem to say “Do as we say, not as we do” – mana boleh?

    And what are the other cartoonists and journalists trying to do by reportedly going to the Hedbo offices supporting the cartoonists who had blasphemed the Islamic religion and Prophet Muhammad, and announcing they would print 1 million more copies of whatever.

    I hope it’s not 1 million copies of the same cartoons that humiliated the Muslims before.

    Responsible leaders the world over must tell everybody to cool down and avoid further confrontation.

    • Yes, avoid it. It’s a costly confrontation, 17 (is it more?) lives lost in total. 88,000 security personnel deployed.

  3. And what is Defence Minister Hishammuddin trying to do, saying the terror attack against the French Charlie Hebdo that left 12 dead could happen in Malaysia? – http://www.todayonline.com/

    And it was reported and exploited by Oppo Hippo Malaysiakini, too. Saying he had a discussion with intelligence agencies in Paris and London last month, he added, “Don’t take it lightly that what that country (France) faced is not impossible for us to face (here),” It may be taken by those jihadists as provocative.

    He was reported as saying Malaysia should boost security measures, especially on Sabah’s coast, which has been breached by militants from the southern Philippines. But that’s not related to cartoonists making fun of the Islamic religion. He could get funds from cousin Najib – allocated in the Budget anyway, and just boost those security measures according to plan, why link it to what they did to Charlie Hebdo.

  4. Key members of the French government will meet tomorrow to decide on new measures aimed at thwarting a repeat of the attacks in Paris.

    But we can’t expect them to tell the Hebdo and such people to cease the kind of acts that led to the attacks, can we? It’s freedom, they say. Freedom to laugh at others’ religion and at Prophet Muhammad.

    And so, they will just find ways to observe the activities of the 5 million Muslims in France (the largest number in Europe) – where they have to curtail freedom, they’d rather do so on the minority, the Muslims there.

    Yet the ungrateful ingrate DAP minority in this country accuse the government all sorts. And the so-called 25 intellectuals – are they not blaming the Muslims for the rise in extremism in this country? No mention of the DAP? If so, how come they are skewed in their thinking?

  5. This is definitely not an act of freedom of speech. In fact it must be labelled as Hate Crimes.

    A hate crime is a crime that is motivated by intolerance towards a certain group within society. For a criminal act to qualify as a hate crime, it must meet two criteria:

    • The act must be a crime under the criminal code of the legal jurisdiction in which it is committed;

    • The crime must have been committed with a bias motivation.

    “Bias motivation” means that the perpetrator chose the target of the crime on the basis of protected characteristics.

    A “protected characteristic” is a fundamental or core characteristic that is shared by a group, such as “race”, religion, ethnicity, language or sexual orientation.

    The target of a hate crime may be a person, people or property associated with a group that shares a protected characteristic.


    • ray,

      I presume you are referring to the act by the cartoonists making fun of the Islamic religion and Prophet Muhammad.

      Wonder if the cartoonists are Jews. President Hollande said it’s anti-Semitism. That has been on the rise in France in recent years.

      Wonder also if all those hate against the Jews arose from Zionist Israel occupying Palestinian land, endlessly building Jewish settlements on it and bullying the Jews.

      But anti-Semitism has been deep-rooted and well spread. Adolf Hitler killed 6 million of them during World War II.

      A friend said if Israel is not there, half the problems of the world may vanish. Wish Israel can simply be wished away.

    • In her New Year’s address Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Germans to be wary of people with “hate” in their hearts. But, as the opposition to Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident). builds, so does its support.

      As German authorities struggle to house rising numbers of asylum seekers from Syria and elsewhere, Pegida has used the issue – and the supposed threat of “Islamisation” – as both calling card and battering ram. In a few short weeks it has become an anti-establishment mouthpiece for Germany’s disenchanted.


      2015 onwards may not be happy years for race/ religious relations the world over. We need to do whatever we can to to avoid confrontations.

  6. Among the points stated in the article in irishtimes.com entitled “why jihad came to Paris”:

    1. Many times Christian crusaders triumphed over Muslims in the Middle Ages. Nearly 1,300 years ago Charles Martel turned back the Islamic invasion at Tours

    2. This time, although there was much talk of war in Paris this week, no one has actually called it a war of religion.

    3. “France does not have a problem with Islam. France has a problem with radicalism,”

    4. Because France colonised Muslim countries, particularly Algeria, it has ended up with the largest Muslim population in Europe, estimated at five million. More citizens have joined the jihad in Syria from France than from any other European country

    5. France stayed out of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and only timidly joined in the war in Afghanistan, but it is now fighting fundamentalist Islam in northern Iraq and across the Sahel region of Africa.

    6. At present 8,000 French soldiers are deployed abroad, including 800 in the Iraq theatre and 3,000 in the Sahel. Only the US has more soldiers outside its territory.

    7. The rise of Islamic State, the extremist group that took over much of northern Iraq and Syria last year, is a direct consequence of Washington’s 2003 invasion of Iraq and of its decision not to intervene in the Syrian civil war. The attack on Charlie Hebdo brought the Middle East war to Paris.

    So, it’s the Middle East War brought to Paris, the Irishtimes.com say.

    • The Associated Press ✔ @AP

      MORE: Al-Qaida member in Yemen says group directed attack on French magazine “as revenge”: http://apne.ws/1DtMhXC
      5:08 AM – 10 Jan 2015

      Al-Qaida member in Yemen says group directed Paris attack
      CAIRO (AP) — Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula directed the attack against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris “as revenge for the honor” of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, a member of the…

    • Bougrab, the girlfriend of the French cartoonist, said. “I loved his courage in denouncing radical Islam. It’s true that we were different: he was a communist. I’m a [conservative] UMP militant.”

      No mention if he is a Jew.

  7. “The Jerusalem Post – Israel News” said among the cartoonists shot dead was a Jewish caricaturist, Georges Wolinski, “known for his cynical and at times vulgar style.”

    Richard Kenigsman, a well-known Jewish caricaturist and painter from Brussels said, “It’s clear that this was a planned attack against Wolinski and the other cartoon artists.” He cited an attack and multiple threats against Charlie Hebdo since 2006 for publishing caricatures deemed offensive to Islam. Police had guarded the Hebdo office regularly since 2011, when the offices were firebombed.

    Stephane Charbonnier, the magazine’s editor in chief and one of those killed, had been under police protection for years because of death threats resulting from his caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, including one showing him being decapitated by Muslim fanatics for being an infidel.

    Those shot dead in the Paris kosher deli attack included four Jews.

    Yes, taking “the democratic principle of freedom of expression to the extreme end .. to criticise and insult Islam and .. Prophet Muhammad SAW” is not tolerable by Muslims. Muslims are not known to have made fun of other religions, their Prophets or founders.

  8. It’s all because of the Bush. Idiot George W Bush.

    Far-fetched? Nope. The stupid fella got goaded by the Israeli Lobby (that has “unmatched power”, said a Harvard and a Chicago University professors writing jointly on it) to bomb Iraq and started the devastating war that lingers on, to an extent, until to day. And now the brother, Jeb Bush, is being slated to stand for the next US Presidency. What a bush, the US.

    And they will all glorify Israel, go get photographed at the Jewish wailing wall behind the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to get endorsement from Jewish voters, campaign financiers, strategists and planners, and the chorus blokes in the US, all the way from the Primaries right through the Elections proper.

    And read the many reports, analyses, comments and reviews pointing to the Hebdo killing being imported from or inspired by those events and people in the Middle East.

    Defending the killing? Nope. Just leading to the problem being cause and effect, action and reaction, existed since time immemorial. The hatred of the Jews perhaps began since the day they left their cousins, the Arabs (they come from the same family, traceable to Abraham) thousands of years ago.

    And everywhere they went, they were hated because of their dreaded occupation – usury i.e lending money at exhorbitant interest rates and, as William Shakespeare wrote in the play “The Merchant of Venice”, even demanded a pound of flesh from the merchant who could not repay his loan. Ultra kiasu, like the kind that exists in Malaysia, called Ah Longs, who’d use thugs and gangsters instead of the courts to get their money back.

    The Jews are disliked in France, in England, and in Germany where Hitler killed 6 million of their kind some 60 years ago. Yes, dislike and hate are personal matters, but let’s avoid killing, shall we.

    • And yet Israel is surviving till this day. And doing quite well too.

      I suppose that’s why the Arabs (of the Sunni persuasion) are reasonably tolerant of Israel’s policies in the Middle East. As opposed to the same Arabs’ lukewarm support for the PLO and Hamas.

      Isn’t ironic that Shi’ite Iran and it’s proxies have emerged as the biggest opponents of Israel in the Middle East?

      The same Shi’ites that Malaysia and other Sunni Muslim-majority countries have outlawed (or is that too strong a word)?

      • You sure you got your Arithmetic correct?

        When you count, do count and read properly the laws on Islam in this country. All told, the position has been that Shi’ah Islam is not allowed here since after the time we had a Constitution in the country. And that even world-wide, Sunni accounts for 85% while Syi’ah only 15% of the Muslim population of the world.

        You don’t sound a Muslim. You sound a bloody trouble maker trying to drive a wedge between the major Muslim factions of the world – Sunni and Syi’ah. And your mind so small as not to realize that it doth not matter whether Syi’ah or Sunni so long long as Muslims wallop the descendants of the blokes who unilaterally declared the state of Israel on Palestine land.

        So what now if PLO and Hamas unilaterally declare a state of Palestine? Cannot? Double standards?

        Why don’t you try shove your methist into Anwar Al Juburi’s you know what, or up into yours, then ask Al Juburi to re-inforce it?

      • I have to say that you sound stupid when saying that Israel survives to this day.

        You dunno that the Israeli Lobby (in rudimentary form at that time) twisted the arm of Harry Truman to announce US recognition of the just-unilaterally declared state of Israel? And later to send a used reactor to Israel for the production of nuclear bombs?

        And since Pakistan managed to produce nuclear bombs, Israel been shivering and jumping up and down like monkeys all over the place including pulling George W Bush by the ear to bomb Israel on grounds of WMD not found until now? And goading US and others to keep lifting Iran’s skirt to see if any uranium down there, and got farted and shitted from time to time?

        You heard the saying when you meet a snake and a ……, you whack the …….. first?

      • Haba

        I suppose that accounts for the continued support in the US?

        Note I said “continued”. Not just in the the US administration, but also in the US Congress and among the majority of Americans.

        I don’t suppose you want to ask the Americans to choose between Israel and the Muslim world in general, do you? Or in the West generally?

        That would shove a you-know-what in your arguments?

        And why should Israel fear Pakistan (which is a state in disarray) when it is good buddies with India (especially with the rightwing Modi government that is suspicious of Pakistan (since the Mumbai attack and subsequent incidents) and of the Muslim agenda?

        And why would China act as a counterweight when it is also good friends with Israel and when it has it’s own Muslim terrorists to deal with?

        Sometimes geopolitics gives you a swift kick in your pants.

        Unfortunately the PLO and Hamas haven’t realised it. As yet. But they will be forced to come to the negotiating table.

      • What r u trying to get at, atheist? Who r u speaking for, pray tell. You anti-Muslims, pro-Zionist Israel, pro-Syi’ah, an American “running dog” though Vietnam War is no more, a China apologist or what? What so-called geopolitics do you favour?

        Ok, Israel survives, doing well by your calculations, continued support in US, bla bla. So what r u aiming at? We Muslims cannot speak up against any one ridiculing our religion? What religion r u, u wanna tell?

        R u Malaysian, u wanna support Israel like Anwar Al Juburi? If so, come out clean and say so. Then we’ll try to understand your thinking and, where we don’t accept it, we’ll whack you. Verbally, that is. We wont blast any religion, but we sure can hit at any one trying to put our religion down. However pally you may be with Israel, US etc.

        And btw, why r u mentioning China when no one did in the past comments? You got beef with them? Or from them?

        See, when not sure, I ask questions.

      • Not nearly good enough, Haba.

        Why don’t you answer the questions I raised, for starters?

        And I’d be interested to know which version of geopolitics you are referring to.

        Maybe it’s the one where Malaysia says that it can’t be friends with the US because of the US’s unstinting support for Israel.

        Would any Malaysian government dare to do that?

        See, that’s geopolitics 101!

      • “geopolitics 101”

        wahhh is that your 10-year series with complete answers for ah beng kia??

  9. Extra special for Rheumatist

    Quote: “And doing quite WELL too”. Well well well, the retard is back. I assume you meant “doing well” in terms of material wealth?

    How about doing excellent in terms of spiritual well-being?

    “Although Israel, US and a few other countries readily say Hamas is a terrorist organisation, it must be remembered that Hamas was the DEMOCRATICALLY elected government of GAZA, after Israel destabilised the government of Yasser Arafat.

    Around New Year 2009 Israel killed 400 children and 900 adults in Gaza. This was because some people in Gaza had fired simple rockets into Israel. Throughout 2008, prior to the Israeli atrocities, those rockets had not killed anyone in Israel.

    How many children and how many adult Palestinians have the Israelis killed this time? Up to 22nd Aug 2014

    The Israelis are killing Palestinians faster than the killings can be REPORTED, so I have not been able to update the deaths.

    2,070+ Palestinians killed
    315, Children, two thirds under 12 years, including 4 children killed 16 July.

    166 Women, and 35+ Elderly people killed.
    9,000 injured, of whom 80% are civilians.
    At least 2,655+ HOMES in Gaza have been totally or severely damaged.

    Which is the terrorist state, Israel or Gaza?”


    • Whoops, this keeps getting better and better!

      How many Iraqis were the victims of Saddam Hussein’s genocidal policies against his own countrymen and women? How many died under torture in Saddam’s prisons? Go ahead, count the numbers.

      How many Libyans did Gaddafi’s forces and intelligence apparatus kill in Libya?

      How many Iranians died in the chaos after the Shah was deposed?

      How many Afghans have been killed by the Taliban and their sympathisers in Afghanistan?

      How many Pakistanis have been killed in Pakistan by the Pakistan Taliban and it’s offshoots

      Even in Indonesia – is the Indonesian government warning against threats from militant Muslims and jihadi movements than from Christians?

      Add up the numbers of Muslims who have been killed by fellow-Muslims. Compare that against the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces and the number of Israelis who have been killed by Palestinian freedom fighters.

      If you are regurgitating statistics, then let us have the complete picture.

      If that doesn’t conflict with your intellectual one-sidedness, that is.

      • Hahahahaha

        You MUST provide answers dol, not more questions to support your weak and faltering argument.

        The point in case is your assertion that Israel is doing well.


  10. Any one doubting Israel fearing Pakistan having nuclear bombs should know that Ehud Barak, one-time Israeli PM, then Minister of Defence, was reported having waited for days for a chance meeting with then Pakistani President Musharraf at a Paris Hotel. Musharraf spent some time there on the way for a conference in Switzerland. There were the 1-2 odd news reports about that by those who had contacts with the Intelligence community at that time.

    Of course, when a Pakistani newspaper got wind of it, they dug it and reported that the meeting actually took place but that Mubarak was fearing the nuclear bombs falling into the wrong hands with the rise of terrorism that took the life of Benazir Bhuto a little earlier -.


    But many people knew Benazir’s death was political and might not have been pure terrorism. Like Malaysia, Pakistan has no diplomatic relations with Israel and Barak wanted to get some assurance that Pakistan, with nuclear weapons, has no ill intentions against Israel.

    Musharraf dismissed Barak’s concern by saying that they have a foolproof system that ensures the detonating of the bombs cannot be done by any ding, dong and dung. Lucky that Musharraf did not take offence by what may be interpreted as Mubarak’s nosy-ness and an attempt at undermining the Pakistan government’s integrity.

    Muslim-Jewish enmity has been going on for thousands of years. So was Christian-Jewish enmity. Roman Emperor Titus wiped out the Jews and burnt their temples to the ground in 90 AD. And Emperor Hadrian did it again some time later. So, now we try the best we can to live harmoniously and, when we see mocking of Islam and killings like in Paris, we denounce those and tread carefully not to exacerbate the situation. And we certainly don’t need nasty fellas trying to demean Islam and Islamic countries by unnecessarily glorifying Israel, furthering the Sunni-Shi’ah divide and even trying to bring China into the picture.

    • “unnecessarily glorifying Israel”?

      I don’t need to do that. There are plenty of others who are only too willing to do so.

      And if you are talking about a fait accompli, Israel is there, right smack in Middle East region.

      You may not like that, you don’t have to like that, but that doesn’t detract from the reality.

      And why “the Sunni-Shi’ah divide” be furthered when it is a fact that Hamas and Hezbollah are the ones confronting Israel?

      Are any of the major Sunni powers in the Middle East interested in confronting Israel? Saudi Arabia? Jordan? Turkey? The UAE? Iraq? Egypt? Libya? Carve a crescent covering Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and count how many are actively opposing Israel, and how many of them are begging the US to stay involved in the region?

      Like I said, geopolitical realities can give you a nasty kick in the pants.

      • Rheumatist dude

        We all think that you are kicking yourself in your pants. Hee hee. No amount of bombastic words will detract us from the fact that you are inconsistent with the issue at hand.

        You “sound” like someone who has paid lots of money to get paper qualifications. String of tutors left and right 24/7/365.

        But dearie that costly tuition will never CREATE true and genuine intelligence in you.

        Eat your heart out.

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