The 45 years old lie and still strong

The Emperorissimo of Middle Malaysia Lim Kit Siang has proven to be a consistent and habitual liar, especially on the Chinese Chauvinist DAP progressive contribution and involvement in nation building.

The pro-Answarista news portal story:

DAP supported Razak’s NEP, until it became ‘Umno-putra’ agenda, says Kit Siang


Published: 16 January 2015 9:00 AM
DAP veteran leader Lim Kit Siang says second prime minister Tun Abdul Razak was committed to democracy and the politics of inclusion. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Mukhriz Hazim, January 16, 2015.
Opposition party, the DAP, has always supported the New Economic Policy (NEP) for its objectives on poverty eradication and to restructure society, its veteran leader Lim Kit Siang said.
The pro-Bumiputera policy, however, only became a problem over the years due to the way it was implemented, until it became an “Umno-putra agenda” rather than one to benefit the non-elite Malays, Lim said of the policy created by Malaysia’s second prime minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein.

“As a result, it benefits the Umno cronies and warlords resulting in a disparity of haves and have-nots. This has been confirmed by recent studies,” Lim said in an interview for The Malaysian Insider’s series to commemorate Razak’s 39th death anniversary on January 14, 1976.

The NEP was designed to lift Malays and Bumiputeras out of poverty and close the wealth gap with other races, as well as to dismantle the association of race with economic function.
It came about after the trauma of the May 13, 1969, race riots. Razak, the policy’s architect, became prime minister after the riots.

Lim noted that unlike then, there is now less wealth disparity between the races, but more disparity among people of the same race.

“So the whole NEP, which I have said all along, should be based on needs rather than race or quota. It should be replaced by a needs-based approach,” said the long-time MP.

Lim was first elected to parliament by winning the Kota Melaka seat in 1969. Soon after the riots, however, he was detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for 17 months.

He was released a month after Razak became prime minister.

Lim, currently the Gelang Patah MP, was detained once again under the ISA in 1987 as part of the government’s Ops Lalang crackdown.

Here, he talks about Razak from the view of the opposition, noting the late leader’s commitment to democracy, to the politics of inclusion and to a secular state – the same ideals the DAP espouses.

TMI: What kind of person was Tun Razak to you?

Lim: He was very hardworking, a patrician. He was very serious about his responsibilities. He was not as open and jolly as the Tunku (Malaysia’s first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman) but he was very serious and committed to his responsibilities.

TMI: Can you share some of the memorable things he said, or personal experiences you had with him?

Lim: The only thing that I can remember was (an episode) at the end of the Parliament sitting at the end of November or beginning December of 1975. Those days, the prime minister would have a party for all MPs. It was an almost annual affair at Seri Perdana (the PM’s official residence), which was located near Parliament in those days.

He had a private office there and he was taking calls. Later, he told me (about a call concerning) his son Najib’s (the current prime minister) graduation and how happy he was.

That was my last meeting with him, and later I heard he passed away in London. No one knew about his critical condition.

TMI: What can you recall of him from the time he replaced Tunku Abdul Rahman as prime minister following the May 13, 1969, riots?

Lim: I was in jail at that time (under the ISA). He became the prime minister in September 1970.

I was released on October 1 as part of the process of normalisation and restoration of parliamentary democracy.

TMI: Tun Razak set up the Barisan Nasional (BN) to replace the Alliance. Do you think this formula of one-race parties sharing power in an alliance is still relevant today, or should Malaysia move towards multiracial political parties?

Lim: Definitely. Now you have even greater examples of Umno hegemony and very clearly the voices and views of other BN component parties, although increased to 14, have become even more insignificant, whether you are looking at Peninsular politics or even in Sabah.

There is hardly any room for the views of other component parties to be heard seriously.

The last two general election results show greater acceptance of multiracial politics, of politics that is not race-centred.

One of the reasons for (people’s) rejection of the BN model is because it is basically an Umno hegemony, where one party rules the roost and the others are just there for decorative purposes and to comply, (with) no voice of their own.

Whereas in Pakatan Rakyat, there is a genuine relationship of equals.

Now, coming to the sixth decade of nation building, more Malaysians are becoming more Malaysian-centred and oriented rather than solely concerned about race and religion.

That is why I think there’s this concern about a fallback to this emphasis on race and religion in the last few years and hence, the call for moderation and to be against extremism resonates in the country.

TMI: How do you evaluate Tun Razak’s economic and social integration policies, particularly through the NEP, in the light of the last few decades – has the policy succeeded? What went wrong? What needs to change?

Lim: As far as the NEP is concerned, DAP supports the two prongs of the policy whose overall objective is to bring about national unity. And the two objectives are to eliminate poverty regardless of race and to restructure society so that there is no identification of race with economic function.

These two objectives are noble and we fully support it.

The only problem is over the years, the elimination of poverty has been supplanted by the second objective which is to restructure society, and this has been seen as a Malay agenda rather than a Malaysian agenda, and secondly, even worse, it has been seen as an Umno-putra agenda rather than the Bumiputera agenda.

As a result, it benefits the Umno cronies and warlords resulting in a disparity of haves and have-nots.

This has been confirmed by recent studies; that although you might have a lesser interracial disparity, intra-race disparity has been widened and I think it is a matter of grave concern.

So the whole NEP, which I have said all along, should be based on needs rather than race or quota. It should be replaced by a needs-based approach.

Instead of fostering national unity, the NEP has created greater division, disunity and polarisation. A needs-based approach would be able to deal with problems of racial polarisation.

The time has come for a really serious study of the NEP as recommended by economist (Tan Sri) Kamal Salih.

TMI: What is Tun Razak’s legacy to Malaysia today?

Lim: His commitment to democracy, a commitment to a greater politics of inclusion and the basis of the Federal Constitution as a secular state.

I think these are policies that put Malaysia on the middle path.

He was committed to democracy and the restoration of democracy after the May 13 tragedy.

Setting up BN to replace the Alliance was an acknowledgement of a need for a greater politics of inclusion rather than of exclusion, but it had to be followed through with a full acceptance of multiracialism and not be just a front.

Tun Razak was one of the first three prime ministers (during a) most significant period, 1957 to 1982, where the basis of Malaysia as a multiracial, democratic, secular state (with) Islam as the federal religion, was not in question.

TMI: What do you think of Razak’s son Najib as prime minister? Do you think he lives up to his father’s legacy?

Lim: One big difference between Razak and Najib would be that Razak was very hands on. Najib is very hands off.

Razak is famous for his development policy known as the Red Book and he will personally go and check on programmes and projects. He was very hands on whereas you don’t see Najib doing that, he’s hands off, (going) all over the world. – January 16, 2015.

– See more at:


The pro-communist DAP and Partai Sosialis, who were the primary “subversive elements” in instigating the racial riots which erupted on 13 May 1969, remained to be anti-nation building.

Pro-Communist DAP and Partai Sosialis refused to be part of Tun Razak's National Consultative Council Jan 1970

Pro-Communist DAP and Partai Sosialis refused to be part of Tun Razak’s National Consultative Council Jan 1970

The fact is that the Chinese Chauvinist DAP opted out the national consultative council formed in Jan 1970 by then Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein as a solution to the aftermath of the 13 May 1969 racial riots. The economic disparity between races and geography contributed to the ill feeling which was coupled with incitement and instigation, erupted into clashes in Klang Valley.

It is clear, as presented in the book “The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia: Volume 2, Part 2, From World War II” published by Cambridge University.

It is clear Lim lied about supporting NEP. He and Chinese Chauvinist DAP have been anti-NEP right before it was formed (the refusal for National Consultative Council).

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  1. The Middle Finger to DAP’s Middle Malaysia.

    Nonsense in saying DAP has been pro-NEP. It was DAP which aped PAP when Singapore was in Malaysia 1963-65, coining the so-called Malaysian Malaysia, wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

    They harped on the issue, being ultra kiasu and ungrateful ingrates, having got citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka but not respecting the quid pro quo – the enshrining in the Constitution of the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras from which the NEP was inspired. They became known as anti-Malay and anti-Islam and caused the race rights of 13 May 1969.

    Either Lim the racist old man has become a liar and a cheat at old age or has gone lame and senile not remembering what he and DAP did all these years since their party formation.

    • Haba, Your are absolutely correct. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP did nothing for National Development from 1966 – 2015 after its founding by the retreating PAPs after their ignominous defeat by the Tunku. I remember clearly that the DAP whipped up rallies to oppose the improvemenst to the Puchong-Sungei Buloh and the Cheras Highways. Their record from 1966 – 2015 is clear, very clear. Everytime the BN Government said ‘Yes”. The DAP said,’No.’ and everytime the BN Government said,’No’. The DAP said.’ Yes’. Only the very rich can afford to be so with such words. The legal Government allowances for a single Adun from 1966 to 2015 is worth at least RM 2.7 millions. It is a profitable business to have a brand name in Malaysian or Singaporean politics. Are the DAPs adept at pouring oil on burning political fires ? Or are they serious to co-operate with their Malay cohorts to win Putrajaya ? Or have they a secret agenda since it has an umbilical relationship with the brilliant Ruler’s PAP of the tiny Republic of Singapore which Ultra Communistic Political and Social System as implemented by the Apparatchiks. This political System has gone TOXIC because the citizens want their legally borrowed CPF money returned by the Government

      • “Brilliant” is highly arguable. Chauvinistic and racist is clear. Many Singaporeans migrated because of the Iron Rule in Singapore. No freedom, you criticize the government, you get sued to bankruptcy. At one time the Singapore Parliament had only 2 Opposition MPs, a few became disqualified after being declared bankrupt.

        Imported Chinese from Mainland China such that Singapore became 72% Chinese. Then the former communists from the Mainland started wanting this and that and demonstrating. The locals complained that those people who hardly knew about freedom under scores of years under communist rule were becoming kudong dapat cincin.

      • But I also suspect there is a secret agenda between DAP and PAP. After all, old man Kit Siang is a great admirer of the chauvinistic and racist Lee Kuan Yew. Over-awed by the now-senile old man when Singapore/PAP were in Malaysia 1963-65 and had been aping LKY ever since, even in the “DAP uniform” of white shirts and trousers worn by DAP blokes since party formation.

        Remember, the nasty LKY visited Malaysia and spent a lot of time with DAP leaders even only a few years ago. Ultra kiasu-ness is in their DNA. If the Americans did not send back the Chinese coolies by the shiploads after the Trans-America Railway construction was completed and then introduced the Chinese Exclusion Act banning Chinese from permanent stay in US in the 19th Century, half of the US states may be ruled by Chinese now.

        We must keep on shouting at Tengku A Rahman for giving away Singapore to LKY FOC, so that others wouldn’t dare do such a traitorous act ever again..

  2. […] The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles…. […]

  3. And may be he has forgotten that he and his son were the ones who stepped onto the photos of orang MELAYU.
    I will never forget this episode.
    Very idiotic and animal like characters…. And yet have the cheek to talk about equality.
    A real HARAMJADAH ,

  4. DAP Party Policies

    “Abolition of the division of “bumiputra” and “non-bumiputra” and the implementation of ethnic equality”

    – which can be construed as negating article 153 ??

  5. Kata orang Melayu – madu beracun. Apa sumbangan LKS kepada Malaysia ?

    Berselindung di balik lalang sehelai. Sasaran beliau tentu sahaja “mengabui” anak-anak muda melayu seperti yang rela di peluk, di cium idola penyanyi Korea mereka.

    Begitu lah bila penipuan dan kebathilan di promosi menyanggah realiti atau kebenaran. Teruja ?

    • Well, that concerns the NEP.
      Would also appreciate it if you expose the lie that LKS and DAP ever respect Tun Abdul Razak, especially concerning Kua Kia Soong’s Mei 13 book.

      • Wait, that was supposed to be a reply to the article, instead to the above reply.
        Clicked wrong button.

  6. Ahh, the Great Leader has spoken. Or spinned, to be more exact.
    The word ‘hegemony’, mentioned twice here, reminded me of the communist propaganda machine of yesteryears.
    And, correct me if I am wrong, Razak introduced the Green Book, not the Red Book. The latter was Mao Tse Tung’s pet baby.
    I guess old habits never die.

  7. forgetfulness is a trait in many great politicians. Just like Kit Siang, another greater politician with Kerala roots also is fond of twisting facts when suiting him.

  8. Sir, The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is now desperate for want of a home after its parent PAP has been exposed for being Ultra Communistic with its Political and Social System imposed on its citizens by the Ruler 1959 – 2015 implemented by Apparatchiks. Vide
    , ‘ Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew.’ All the Apparatchiks, the ex-President and the ex-Chief Justice wrote fawningly in a Festschrift to the Boss ! Where is the separation of the powers, the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary ?
    The DAP was founded in 1966 by the retreating PAP after their ignominous defeat by the Tunku, a Malay. Their mischievous clarion cry was ‘Malaysia for Malaysians.’ Now Singaporeans cry,’Singapore for Singaporeans.’ The DAP did nothing apart from twiddling their thumbs and contemplated their navels from 1966 – 2015. And DAP poured more oil into burning fires where and whenever possible. This is their record in National Development. Is the DAP leadership serious to win power for their two Malay cohorts because it failed in the past in 3 easy steps ?
    1. In 1997, if the Honourable Deputy Prime Minister had taken a busman’s holiday with his family, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister. But he listened to his kitchen cabinet which is now stronger with the BN. ONE EASY STEP..
    2. In 2008, if the 32 Aduns had been sorted out BEFORE and NOT AFTER THE 12TH GENERAL ELECTIONS, the Opposition would have won already 2 General Elections. It would have cost them no money.
    3. In 2013, if the Opposition boycotted the 13th General Elections and declared a 100 day fast to death in the 3rd Class Ward of the KLGH, and permitted the BN to win 100% of the seats with 47% of the votes, the World would have been in an uproar. The Opposition would have been in power since May 2013 ! ONE EASY STEP

  9. The Malays was wrong with their peribahasa , “lidah bercabang ” dan cakap beputar-putar , it’s seems now the Chinese are worst ,ebih bercabang dan berputar-putar.

  10. DAP has been known to be

    double-forked tongue
    cakap tak serupa bikin
    racist and chauvinist
    anti-Malay and anti-Islam

    So how to believe the caption

    “DAP supported Razak’s NEP, until it became ‘Umno-putra’ agenda, says Kit Siang”.

    They even tried to accuse Tun A Razak being responsible for the 1969 race riots in order to oust Tengku A Rahman. Pure and complete nonsense.

    They got others to join the Chinese Tsunami merely by spreading, fanning and instigating hate, hate and hate. Against the Malays, against Islam and against the Establishment. The Ultra Kiasu fellers have been anti-establishment even since their ancestors in south China. So they voted the Opposition.

    But things been changing. Anwar due to go to prison, DAP been straining relations with PAS and PAS with PKR and DAP since the Kajang Move and the Selangor MB issue. Hadi had refused to attend the PR top leadership meetings until now.

    • Mereka yang ungkitkan DEB dan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumi Sabah dan Sarawak sehingga mencetuskan pergaduhan kaum 13 Mei 1969 itu.

      Mahukan kesama rataan tapi tak sebutkan di masa yang sama Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumi itu.

      Baca lah Kertas Putih yang di keluarkan berkenaan trajedi 13 Mei 1969 itu.

      Setuju, DAP lidah bercabang, jenis yang bahaya.

  11. Sir, It is time the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP ( De Auditors Party – they love to audit Government accounts ) to stand up and declare openly that it is either FOR OR AGAINST SINGAPORE ! None of this abang adek nonsense which is a white lie as confirmed by the spying on the sexual peccadilloes of full blooded Malaysians by the Singaporean swallows, ducks, journalists, tycoons, academics etc. Vide Wikileaks.

    • They will declare only things that are against BN, bro.

      The rest are all secrets, guarded by their secret societies, thugs and gangster members. In fact, secret societies and gangsterism originated in south China where their forefathers came from.

      Penjahanam punya Cina Bukit pendatang DAP.

      We just assume they have the same chauvinistic and racist intentions as Lee Kuan Yew and PAP that got Singapore thrown out of Malaysia in 1965.

  12. LKS is a hypocrate .He hate Malays and Islam. NEVER NEVER belief him in whatever he says. FULLSTOP.

  13. Hypocrite,

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