Blogger gone ‘Goblok’?

Datuk Rocky's post about Zam leaving SOPO blogging

Datuk Rocky’s post about Zam leaving SOPO blogging

Ex-Chief Editor of a major daily and Information Minister-turned-SOPO blogger  Tan Sri Zainuddin “Zam” Maidin calls it quits after his breakfast with another Ex-Minister and an appointment with an Ex-Prime Minister were highlighted in a not so politically-correct way.

It is ashamed for Tan Sri Zam to be very slighted, when the push comes to shove. After all, he was not a newbie to the political game.

Something from the archive:

Eight years ago, Zam called SOPO bloggers as "Goblok"

Eight years ago, Zam called SOPO bloggers as “Goblok”

One time during the dark ages of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tenure, Zam called bloggers as “Goblok”. That was not really nice since back then those he was referring as “Goblok” were once his peers in journalism including Dato’ A. Kadir Jasin (his fellow breakfast-mate seen in this photo).

Also, he was the member of Cabinet in-charge of journos.

Zam has now complained about him being talked about town as part of Tun Daim’s posse, which itself has a negative connotation to some people. That was not the best of luck since by his own admission, that was his first breakfast engagement with the one-time ‘Maestro of (Capital) Market’.

The fact is that Zam would probably need to check when did many people started talking about this “Breakfast” and viralised the story (including the photo). Perhaps, there was a specific point when the photo was consciously made public via a certain Facebook and Instagram account.

Zam should realise the personalities he would enjoy the company with. Harmless meals could go-blogs.

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