“Bi-lingual, over educated, self centred, professional ball carriers!”

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  1. I take it that Harvard MBAs and Oxbridge grads aren’t exactly on your list of role models for young Malaysians?

    How else would you define “bi-lingual”, “over educated” and “self centred”?

    Seems to me that those types are increasingly common in a free market capitalist economy.

    • What “seems” to you need not be “seem” to others.

      And what makes you think that the “bi-lingual”, “over educated” and “self centred” are Harvard MBAs and Oxbridge grads? DAP blokes “graduated” from Chung Hua High School think they are like that, even worse sometimes. Making “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations” all the time.

      The role models for young Malaysians must be those who respect and abide by the Constitution and the laws of the country fully, Mista. No two-way about it. Where there are differences of opinion on the Constitution, those who determine which are correct must be the Judges of the Apex Court, not the so-called “constitutional law experts” like the one carrying Anwar’s balls.

    • Dey Macha!

      Don’t you realise these two are Kelings? And what are the usual traits about typical Kelings?

      When they tell a story, it’s full of:

      1. Exaggeration
      2. Theatrics
      3. Ball polishing
      4. Discriminate lesser even amongst their own
      5. Last but least, cow-dung!

      In many of their own sub-communities, even passing SPM or getting minimal principles in STPM is already “Over educated”. Let alone having a degree, which include external LL.B from London.

      Even within their own culture and social structure, they divide and rule and ‘unionise’ themselves.

      That’s why so few of them could cause so much ruckus, out of nothing!

  2. I must say those who descended from South Asian subcontinent hv an impeccable record of survival, considering that they are a minority amongst minorities.

    They are now the KSN, KSP, DG of EPU on top of two cabinet ministers. This isn’t the first time the KSP is an Indian. One time, one of them became the Central Bank governor.

    In contrast, even most of the banks are Chinese owned and managed, none of them has ever been made the governor.

    Now even the strategic goverment high end investment corp and master developer 1MDB is headed by one of them.

    So is the FGV, which is the custodian principal business entity of over 112,000 Felda settlers, who are the Malays.

    At strategic level, Khazanah is full of them.

    The most annoying mega scale entrepreneur is one of them although he tried so hard to be an Anglophile.

    These are the reality check. QED!

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