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Deceptive champions of democracy masquerading as United States of America and the founder of Westminster-styled Constitutional Monarchy, United Kingdom should be ashamed of their “concerned” remarks upon the Federal Court unanimous decision to uphold Court of Appeal judgment of incarcerating Permatang Pauh MP Anwar Ibrahim.

Pro-Anwarista news portal:

US, UK concerned with Anwar’s sodomy verdict

Published: 11 February 2015 12:17 AM
The United States and the United Kingdom have both expressed concern over the Federal Court’s decision to uphold PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction for sodomy.

In separate statements, officials from both countries said that Anwar’s case raises questions about the independence and fairness of Malaysia’s judiciary, and the country’s rule of law.

“The United States is deeply disappointed with Mr Anwar’s conviction following a government appeal of the original verdict finding him not guilty,” said Bernadette Meehan, a spokesperson of the US National Security Council.

“The decision to prosecute Mr Anwar and the conduct of his trial have raised a number of serious concerns about rule of law and the fairness of the judicial system in Malaysia,” Meehan said in a statement emailed from PKR’s communication’s secretariat.
“These concerns are compounded by the government’s intent to expand its sedition law, which Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Najib Razak had pledged to repeal, to prosecute government critics.”

Meanwhile the UK’s Minister for Asia, Hugo Swire also said that he was deeply concerned by Anwar’s imprisonment.

“His case raises worrying questions about the independence of the judiciary and rule of law in Malaysia. As such, we have consistently raised our concerns with the Malaysian government,” said Swire in a statement emailed to The Malaysian Insider.

Anwar starts his five-year jail term today after the Federal Court quashed his appeal against a conviction of sodomising former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan in 2008.

Meehan said National Security Advisor Susan Rice had met with Malaysian opposition leaders in April 2014, where the latter delivered a message from the US President on human rights.

Meehan said the message was that countries who uphold the human rights of all their citizens – regardless of their political affiliation, ethnicity, race, religion or sexual orientation – are ultimately more prosperous and more stable.

“The United States and Malaysia have built a strong ‘comprehensive partnership’, and we remain committed to expanding our cooperation on shared economic and security challenges affecting our countries’ interests in Asia and globally.

“In that context, we urge the Government of Malaysia to apply the rule of law fairly, transparently, and apolitically in order to promote confidence in Malaysia’s democracy, judiciary, and economy.”

Swire also said the UK encouraged Malaysia to recognise the importance of international confidence in its judicial system and to restore trust in its commitment to human rights.

“Malaysia is an important partner and friend to the UK. We continue to believe that the integrity of the rule of law is a key part of its success, as are the values of moderation and tolerance.” – February 11, 2015.


There are clear mockery on the principles deceptively they stood for and propagate throughout the world.

First of all, this is about the rule of law and buggery is still an offensive act of crime under the Section 377B of the Penal Code. It is the same criminal law in Singapore and most of the Commonwealth nations (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Maldives and Jamaica. It is also the model for similar laws that remain in force in Bhutan, Brunei, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Tuvalu, Samoa, Malawi, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Ghana, The Gambia, Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia).

Second, this case had been about a private citizen (Mohd. Saiful Bukari Azlan) who made the complaint to the Police that he was buggered by Anwar, on 28 June 2008. The Police and chemist investigated and Attorney General found that the evidence had merit to charge Anwar in a criminal court.

Third, the merits of the case which include the samples of semen (taken from Saiful’s anus) and DNA (taken from items in the Police lock-up) were rightfully obtained and permissible to be adduced in the court. Apparently, they belong to Anwar.

Fourth, Anwar had his day in court. It is a damming fact that he did not use the provision to speak from the witness box under oath to prove his innocence. Instead he used it as his political soap-box, to perpetuate his morbidly dying drama of being a political victim.

Fifth, the courts are independent because against popular believe, the High Court Judge let Anwar off. Of course in March 2014, the five-man bench Court of Appeal disagreed with the January 2012 Kuala Lumpur High Court decision.

Sixth, the advanced and more sophisticated of society in the US and Britain need not view the case as ‘politically motivated’ but instead should view Anwar’s incarceration as ‘justice served’ for a case which was exactly about ‘An employer sexually harassing and manipulated a subordinate’.

Seventh, Anwar never did repent despite he was found guilty for buggering his wife’s driver Azizan Abdul Razak in a Kuala Lumpur High Court on 8 August 2000 and the Court of Appeal upheld the decision. Closely looking at the Federal Court judgment on 2 September 2004, one could note that the judges did believe that the act of buggery did happen. It is just that the technicalities of ascertaining the precise time made the Apex Court judges to allow Anwar to walk away as a free man.


“The testimonies of one Dr. Mohd Fadzil and one Tun Haniff and the conduct of the first Appellant (ie Anwar) confirmed the appellants’ involvement in homosexual activities. However such evidence did not corroborate Azizan’s story that the appellants sodomised him on the date, time and place specified in the charge.”

Additionally, the majority also held:

“even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved that the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt.”

Anwar did sin and all these seven points proven that he did. The United States and Britain must do better, if they want to be respected for the principles they stood for.

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  1. I do hope gov in the future will have the similar enthusiasm and determination against sexual crime by bringing in top lawyers.

  2. How many “buggery” (aka “sodomy”) cases have been prosecuted in the Singapore courts?

    While the law is on the statute books in Singapore, it has not been rigorously policed or enforced.

    I think, if I remember right, that there have been a number of statements in Singapore about this issue. The Singapore government’s position is that the Singapore society is essentially conservative and there is no widespread support for a change in the law as it stands.

    But there is an active and vocal LGBT movement in the city-state and the annual “Pink Dot” celebration is reasonably well-attended without any heavy-handed policing. And in spite of vocal protests from a well-organised evangelical Christian community.

    So, in Singapore, it’s basically “agreeing to disagree” about this issue.

    Note also that foreigners working in Singapore on Work Permits or Employment Passes are not monitored with regard to their sexual orientations, LGBT or otherwise.

    As for the other countries you mentioned, they are not exactly paragons of human rights and freedom of speech, are they, nor are they up there amongst the world’s most open and competitive economies, are they?

    As for the US, it is big enough (being a superpower and all that) to say what it wants and bugger (pun intended) the consequences and repercussions.

    So, most probably, Wisma Putra might invite the US Ambassador to Malaysia over a pleasant chat over cappuccinos and cookies. Maybe a proforma protest or two, for the sake of appearances.

    But reading the riot act to the US?

    I think that the Malaysian government knows exactly what liberties it can take with the US before the blowback takes place.

    • Haiya rheumatist

      Why bring in the red dot forever?

      The pale skins have no moral grounds to preach to Malaysia UNLESS Guantanamo Bay prison is closed down for good.

      And white skins must provide legal representation to all prisoners who deserve a fair trial in the name of human rights.

      As for red dot their judiciary system is not high on the list of human rights advocates.

      So keep your textbook knowledge to yourself.

      P.S. You may want to read up on the Patriot Act.

    • This rheumatic bloke always buggers Malaysia and at the same time ups Singapore. He refuses to state whether he is Singaporean so that we can understand him and deal with him appropriately. So now we up his behind any which way we like.

      This time, instead of commenting on the merits and demerits of the Al Juburi verdict or on the validity of the US and UK “concerns”, he went straight to saying Singapore does not use the sodomy law. He must be licking Singapore bal.s so much that he put that in here when that has nothing to do with Malaysia.

      But most distasteful and abominable of all about this bloke is that he does not appreciate the fact that Malaysia is a Muslim country and the Constitution states that Islam is the religion of the country.
      And Islam does not tolerate sodomy.

      And as usual, again he belittles Malaysia while glorifying the super power US, implying we have to swallow the American spits every time. Talking about US blowback, we should get hold of him by the collar, drag him to Sg Buluh prison, make him do a blowjob on Anwar. A really mischievous and nasty thinking bastard.

  3. Quote: “The United States and Britain must do better, if they want to be respected for the principles they stood for.”

    USA progressed on the back of Black slavery, the killings of Red Indians and the snatching of these original people’s lands.

    Britain has a history of gunboat diplomacy – reaping wealth off colonised lands through the ravaging of natural resources.

    So I wonder what principles they stood for? That might is right?

    • Nak tambah – sedap juga dengor yang ini –

      Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah took Washington to task for its hard stance against the court verdict, saying it was better off minding its own backyard.

  4. Let the dogs bark, as always. After all, they can bugger the whole world and no one protests or can protest effectively. Just look at how they allow the Israelis to bugger the Palestinians. Buggery is in fact a Western pastime. They only express “concern” when others are deemed to be imitating them.

  5. US and UK should simply be told off to mind their own business, to stare their own laws and practices like the the detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay and the heavily freedom-curtailing Patriot Act in US, and the tightening of their Police detention rules and regulations in UK with the increasing lawlessness and terrorist threats in recent times.

    And they should be told in no uncertain terms that they must respect our laws that have been designed to protect the rights and interests of our own people. Nations exist to just do that – protect the rights and interests of their own people, be they in Eskimoland, Timbuktu, Pittsburgh or Middlesex, Essex, Wessex and Sussex where there is a lot of sex.

    Why the bloody hell do they want to criticize our laws and our application of those laws? Clearly, our national interests vary from theirs. Our Constitution and the circumstances in the drafting or our Constitution most definitely vary from theirs. And our Constitution was, in fact, drafted by the bloody British some 60 years ago.

    FO them if they now want to imply that the position of Islam as the religion of the country is misplaced or if our Judges cannot send blokes like Anwarul Al Juburi to prison – again and again. After all, our laws and the administration of our justice system were patterned after theirs. They trying to say they can, we cannot?

    What “serious concerns about rule of law and the fairness of the judicial system in Malaysia ..”? Who are they to say our system is not fair? And what “compounded by the government’s intent to expand its sedition law” are they talking about? Nonsense. Shove into their faces the US Patriot Act to digest the extent of curbing freedom of movement etc in their own country. These bloody bastaks.

    Damn them and have a good day, folks.

    • Don’t they realize that Anwar had his success in Court? Don’t they know that Anwar won the Appeal? Wasn’t that clear proof of fairness of our judiciary?

      Are they saying that the prosecution cannot appeal in our courts? And the Judges cannot see merit in the prosecution’s case at the Federal court?

      Saying “we urge the Government of Malaysia to apply the rule of law fairly, transparently, and apolitically ,,.” implies we are not doing those. The British Swire fellow does not justify that. Saying “UK encouraged Malaysia to recognise the importance of international confidence in its judicial system and to restore trust in its commitment to human rights” means we we don’t? I support the call to FO them.

  6. I don’t think those American and British commenters have the full facts or have the time to go through all the court proceedings. They are worse than armchair critics. Even the Malaysian Bar Council says nonsense in parts of their statement issued on Anwar’s case.

    The Council President Leong said Anwar was not charged under Section 377C of the Penal Code for forced sodomy or sodomy rape. But isn’t that the discretion of the AG? How stupid can the Council be.

    Leong said there was also the question of why Saiful, who was alleged to have been a participant in the act of sodomy, was not charged for abetment. Didn’t he read the Judges’ finding that Saiful was coerced or forced into the act? How can there be abetment under the circumstances? Is this Bar Council real?

    Yet the Leong fellow said the Council had not studied the Federal Court’s written grounds of judgment. But why the hell make stupid comments like on abetment?

    And saying “the decision of the Federal Court has come as a surprise to many” also applies to the many who had expected a 10-15 years prison sentence for this 2nd Sodomy act he was found guilty of.

  7. “.. Meehan said in a statement emailed from PKR’s communication’s secretariat.” Why “from PKR’s communication’s secretariat.”?

    “..said Swire in a statement emailed to The Malaysian Insider.”

    Did the MI email them for comments? Did they identify the Anwar-sympathisers and email only them for comments? Is the Meehan woman the regular “spokesperson”? I’ve never heard those names before.

    Is this a part of the Anwar propaganda team machination, designed to twist, spin and slant the news as usual?

  8. Bar council does not behave in a professionally legal manner. They are very political in actions and speech.

    • Bar Council should be turned into a political party. All Bersih followers become their supporters.

      A new Bar Council be formed. One which is transparent in their Council elections, ample notices sent, more members allowed to count votes, those who complained bout it during the past elections be appointed.

  9. Good that the think tank, Institute of Strategic Analysis & Policy Research (INSAP), attacks former US envoy John Mallot’s Free Anwar Petition. “Foreign countries should not interfere in the domestic matters in our country or attempt to sway the independence of our Judiciary,” they said.

    The Mallot bloke certainly breached diplomatic protocol in openly expressing support for Anwarul Al Juburi and criticising the Malaysian Government. He launched a petition on the website of the White House urging the American government to place the release of Anwar as its main policy for bilateral relations between Malaysia and the US.

    Wonder if he has the same sexual inclination as Al Juburi. He is a crude fellow, not likely to have been a career diplomat but a “political appointee” who was rewarded with the post for some contribution towards the Presidential election campaign or such. This is common practice in US.

    The crudeness of such political appointees included that of Joseph Kennedy, the father of President John F Kennedy, who was made Ambassador to UK, exploiting the diplomatic privilege of tax exemption by shipping out huge consignments of Scotch whiskey from UK, according to one film documentary.

    When he interferes in the affairs of this country, one associates John Mallot with maggot.

  10. Have a good morning joke, folks –

    The self-styled “Raja Bomoh” (shaman king) Datuk Ibrahim Mat Zin was videoed performing rituals warding off evil spirits for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at the Sungai Buloh prison “in a bid to ward off four evil spirits sent by Anwar’s enemies.”

    At Kuala Lumpur International Airport in March last year, he performed comedic rituals to determine the fate of passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, drawing the ire of the public who felt he had caused Malaysia to become a laughing stock.

    Btw, is he a real “Datuk”? If so, the awards of the title have gone beyond limits – lesser known actors, singers, even so-called celebrity cooks, comedians and now a bomoh.

  11. And why would Switzerland take Anwar’s conviction to the next UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, as said by a Swiss government spokesperson yesterday?

    Wanting to be seen doing something more than just hosting the meeting? Is there a hidden motive?

    Switzerland has been known to be a neutral country for so long, including during the last 2 world wars.

    They don’t have much resources, their economy supported a lot by foreigners parking money obtained from dubious sources in their banks’ “numbered accounts”. Did Anwar park his RM3 billion amassed during his Finance Ministership (see former Bank Negara Official Murad M Noor’s Statutory Declaration) there?

  12. What in the world is the Economist talking about when saying Anwar’s imprisonment “is detrimental to Malaysia as a weakened opposition reduces Umno’s motivation to reform”? This London-based business magazine is not that clever, is it?

    Who cares if UMNO does not reform e.g asking the party President to retain the Sedition Act which protects UMNO/ Malay interests. And why should they care?

    And what’s wrong if UMNO becomes “ever more beholden to Malay-nationalist forces”? You bloody British created problems to this country by bringing the “coolies” in to work the tin mines and rubber estates and making UMNO agree to citizenship for the pendatang, many of whom, like the DAP, are ungrateful ingrates, causing the race riots of 1969. And now you want to talk about “beholden to Malay nationalist forces”? Skewed thinking, are you?

    What Anwar “could at least credibly lead a coalition that bridges Malaysia’s ethnic divides”? Don’t you realize that the man has no principles and dangerous to have as a leader? Once leading a firebrand Muslim Youth Movement, picked up to join UMNO and groomed by Tun Dr Mahathir until he became Deputy PM, yet could not wait his turn and tried to topple TDM.

    As an Opposition Leader, he even betrayed his own race, denying the Ketuanan Melayu as reflected in the relevant Articles of the Constitution and talked about ketuanan rakyat instead. He betrayed his own country by bad-mouthing Malaysia every where he went overseas and arranged for the Neocons, Jews and Zionists of the powerful Israeli Lobby to fund NGOs that would help the Zionist objective of weakening Muslim-led governments in the world.

    Anwar would sell any race whenever it suits his political purposes and you bloody British say he could “lead a coalition that bridges Malaysia’s ethnic divides”? Nonsense.

    • Anwar is basically an overpaid actor doing his bidding by his foreign employers. He never did anything positive for Malaysia besides all those destructive street protests.

      Yes, Switzerland is a haven for illicit money. Australian govt is accused of practising genocide and crimes against humanity with past government policies that removed thousands of Aboriginal children from their families. USA has Gitmo where prisoners were deprived of free and fair trials.

      We see this “interference” as hypocritical DOUBLE standards.

  13. Gubahan lagu dari A R Azmi


    Menang nasib, Gua tidak baik,
    Lima tahun, jadi bodoh campur cerdik,
    Sial Hakim, kamu semua pelik,
    Kena tonjol, bola tergolek-golek

    Gua tak salah, Hakim kata salah,
    Jadi semua serba salah

    Kerja Hakim, kerja didapur
    Cekek kedarah, bertabur-tabur
    Keputusan buat, Gua jadi hancur,
    Gua yang kena, Gur dikubur

    Gua tak salah, Hakim kata salah
    Jadi semua serba salah

    Peguam ujah, Hakim sedar-tidor,
    Didengar ramai, otak kendur,
    Adil tak adil, semuanya kabur,
    Salahkah Gua, Gua Raja Jubur

    Gua tak salah, Hakim kata salah
    Jadi semua serba salah

    Gua masuh jail, Gua berleteh,
    Datang Si Puteh, kopi kata teh,
    Puteh sokong, Gua yang letih,
    Gua tak takut, jail banyak kuih

    Gua tak salah, Hakim kata salah,
    Orang Puteh pun serba salah

  14. However, the hot topic is about Anwar, one can’t resist to pen down the thoughts.

    If I may, and never mind, people who can’t handle the truth unless you speak to them with a mirror. These foreign medias, they are a bunch of flicks, anyway. They don’t understand the meaning of ‘jamban’, is illegal when poked in Malaysia.

    Anwar is indeed ‘the man’ who unthinkable that he is the X-factor that glued the coalition together…..having Pas to work with Dap politically. My observation, he is a traitor to the Nation’s multicultural existence since the fall of Melaka Sultanate.

    Anwar has veered away from the teaching of Islam and has been colonized in thinking that the penal code 337(A), carnal intercourse against the order of nature is, ‘immoral’.

    Anwar was freed from jail in 2004. Since then, he is densly backed into active politics, holding a post of the leader of the opposition. A dynamic political leader who understands the machination of power.

    An incredible orator of persuasiveness whose campaign premise is based on his created conspiracy motion of political abhorrence. He coins the meaning of so-called reformation, abuse of power, corruption and justice to dubiety. As such, Anwar’s created perceptions manage to exploit and derail in sentiment to shore up dubiousness into anti establishment of the current Government.

    For decades, Anwar, he is the man of many. He who made believed to have lead the coalition to near Putrajaya. His attribution has been politically remarkable.

    Now, Anwar is dumped into prison cell again, too soon PKR is going into state of oblivion. PKR is probably alive and well, but it would be possible that the coalition or collusion engage into serious collision. You can bet, only time will tell in spite of the popular votes gained 52%. As for now, it is assumed more, as claimed by Anwar of 60%. Unbelievable! in fact, ridiculous! as though the Government has done nothing good to inspire its voters for more than last 6 years.

    Of course, Anwar do believe that he is still innocent. Under the law, sodomy is illegal and punishable. He knew it well, but now he is caught again in his sodomy act. Don’t forget, Shiful himself is the main testimony of witnesses, thus justice prevails.

    In Anwar case, it has nothing to do with politics. Many couldn’t care less, if he is sent to jail. After all, it is about his wrong doings against the stipulated law which amount to morally erratic and being perceived ‘jelly’ for a leader who is in waiting to be next “Muslim” Prime Minister.

    However, the pertinent issues here is, could Anwar leads the coalition while he is in prison? It is worth mentioning who is going to be the next leader to replace Anwar, as the leader of the opposition?

    Patah tumbuh hilang berganti, could Yang Bahagia Wan Azizah, Yang Soleh Nural, Yang Setia Kawan Azmin and Amat Becok Rafizi to lead the coalition to victory before the next general election?

    I really wonder of one expression of sympathy drew donation for sodomizing or jailed because of Shiful being sodomized. It seems Anwar has gained sympathy, strengthening the coalition because the turned 25 to 35 angry young men and women are in against the current Administration and its leadership.

    My goodness gracious! it sounds which, as if the bunch of our Youngers are ignorant and naives. Adakah mereka itu, tak kenal apa itu Kaca dan Permata?

    Collectively, I wish he is jailed for good. Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore because the country is disunited by disreputable leadership.

    Sad to say, the epidemic of ‘Malaise Syndrome (Anwar’s)’ has broad impact on the mindsets, are more envident among the highly “educated” young urbanites.

    • the “25 to 35 angry young men and women are in against the current Administration and its leadership” –

      Not many, really. There are far more joining UMNO Youth and Puteri than PKR and PAS Youth. Even the Chinese who may be thought of as the Alvin Tan bastard type, a considerable number do join or are supporting MCA and Gerakan Youth.

      The kind taught or influenced by their ungrateful ingrate parents or relatives since small would have gotten fired up by the cakap tak serupa bikin US and UK blokes, high on theories of freedom of all sorts, low on its practice like shown by enacting the US Patriot Act. Still, the DAP “perpetually” angry young men “Cina Bukit” are not that many in the overall total of that sector of the population.

      We simply need to hit them verbally all the time.

      • We tell them the facts of history – that generation dislike history and protested History being made compulsory in schools – and explain to them the Constitution, manners, adab, sopan and santun and, when they persist to be ultra kiasu, ungrateful ingrate, biadap and kurang ajar, we whack them in non-seditious ways.

  15. These foreigners, including Reuters, want to talk about Malaysia but they can’t even spell our PM’s name . How to believe what they say? –

    “Anwar Ebrahim back in jail but problems mount for Malaysian PM Najeeb Razzak

    PM’s party will now face the fallout of polarisation ..

    Reuters Published: 14:50 February 15, 2015 Gulf News”

  16. If at all Najib wants to intervene it would be to his advantage to let Anwar go free. Doing so will put him in the good books of US and England for his drive towards Malaysia DEVELOPE status,dont you think.He has been working so hard for this disregarding everyyhing else. even the people who put him in the office.

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