Siapa dalam Dewan (Rakyat) ini nak suarakan suara mangsa?

The banter in Dewan Rakyat yesterday between BN phalanx MP Azalina Othman Said and compulsive lying PKR VP Nurul Izzah Anwar.

The pioneer Puteri UMNO Head also asked the Lembah Pantai MP, who is eldest daughter of Opposition Leader and Sodomy Convict Anwar Ibrahim to plead her father to repent for his sins and despicable crime.

The Penggerang MP also sternly pointed in her address to the augur house that the PKR leader shouldn’t be politicising the case which was unanimously decided by the Apex Court and attacking the sanctity of the Federal Court and Judiciary.

Nurul Izzah used the immunity as an MP in the Dewan Rakyat to voraciously attack the Judiciary being lackey to political masters.

She also used the opportunity as the MP and an elected representative to utilise the address to thank His Majesty Seri Paduka Yang DiPertuan Agong and the immunity privilege to continue her father’s dead political agenda based on a forgone lost public support, sugarcoating lies on top of series of lies.

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  1. Imuniti yg ada tidak seluas atau sebebas sampai boleh menghina Raja2, Institusi Kahakiman dan beberapa perkara lain. Jelas Ahli Parlimen Pantai dibiarkan menyampai maklumat palsu, Fakta diolah bertujuan menimbul kekeliruan. Ia lebih mirip kpd hasutaan menghala ke arah kebencian.

    Tidakah berupaya saoarang Speaker Dewan mencelah dan menjelaskan bentuk peruntukan2 larangan yg ada. Juga sepatutnya ahli2 parlimen Barisan boleh stage a walkout. Nampanya Barisan kini kehilangan taring, walaupun menyedari bahawa AP Pantai membaca text isi kandungan kekecewaan dan serangan saorang banduan. Ini nyata satu kelakuan yg keji. Saya kira keadaan sudah pun berjaya dikucarkacirkan oleh pembangkang dan ini adalah peringkat terburuk yg pernah berlaku didlm dunia.

    Saya percaya kemusnahan Malaysia tidak berjaya diserang dari luar. Ia bermula dari dalamam. Parlimen umpamanya, mengikut segala rentak demokrasi dan human rights barat, yg dimanupulasikan secara terang2an kini berjaya diserapi dgn wakil2 yg tidak berkualiti negarawan/ statement akan tetapi disisi dgn individu2 berkredibiiti yg meragukan.

  2. Aaaaaaah, good, “Dewan Rakyat Larang Nurul Izzah Wakili Anwar”. Been waiting a long time to hear that. So much hype by the Oppo Hippos since before the opening of Parliament. How heartening to hear that.

    Heck, they know that that was not possible, simply won’t be allowed. But they just want to make hoo hah. Confuse the public. Drum in their evil propaganda. Especially when asking for the release of Anwarul Al Juburi. Going to the extent of getting the stupid (not a defamatory word said a High Court Judge recently) former US Ambassador to Malaysia John Mallot to write a petition to the White House.

    Not respecting the laws of this country. Misleading the public to think that it was even possible. In the process try to show that the Establishment is unreasonable. Having failed to get Anwar allowed to attend Parliament, she asked to be allowed to represent her father. She is making fun of our Parliamentary rules and procedures. My God, if Pakatan ever gets to Putrajaya (God forbid) they’ll turn this country into a banana republic.

    Good of BN MP Azalina to whack her. And whacked her hard, too. More, please. Any time.

  3. The voters must quickly and perhaps violently wake up to smell the rotting stench of a political carcass of the deadish failed-wannabe and now a sexual-deviant convict.

    ‘Reformasi’, Adil, KeAdilan, Parti KeAdilan Nasional and now Parti KeAdilan Rakyat was from day one (2 Sept 1998) is all about his morbid greed to ascend as the PM.

    It was nothing and never about the rakyat and/or the feeble interpretation of ‘justice’ in any form, context or even spirit.

    In fact the rakyat, their imagination, perception, idealism and hope of ‘Justice’ was all along manipulated and deceived, being mobilised towards meeting Anwar the Sodomy Convict’s objectives.

    Nurul Izzah was talking about how they manipulated the rakyat, system and wind of politics, to meet the desires of Anwar.

    This is the reality. They are not MPs to fight for the rakyat or ensure betters laws exist.

  4. We must always remember that the woman Nurul Izzah did say once before that if not for her father in prison, “we all would have been living overseas.” That’s a key indicator of the loyalty of the woman, and indeed of the family, towards this country.

    The father Anwar was asked by the press when in London why he did not abscond, ask for asylum and escape from his final Sodomy II trial. Whatever his reply was, the fact that he came back and faced the trial meant he still hopes for

    1. being freed from prison by international pressure brought to bear on Malaysia (which is utterly nonsense), and/ or

    2. even if not freed, he thinks he still can become PM although he would be 72 years old when released after completing the full term. In his mind must be the fact that, his arch enemy, Tun Dr Mahathir is still mentally sharp and physically strong at nearly 90 years old.

    Well, Anwar forgot the fact that, while TDM exercises by riding horses and the like, he exercises by riding handsome young men’s backs.

    The daughter Nurul Izzah is pitiful in some ways. Lost the father to prison, lost the husband to divorce that she herself applied for. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But she herself provides Hell with the fury by her antics and nasty behaviour in Parliament, etc .

  5. “Menjual diri mereka kepada syaitan” actually applies APTLY to this dysfunctional family.

    Anwar and family could have fled overseas before being convicted but he knows he will be rendered a has-been – a nobody simply because his usefulness is in Malaysia where he can wreck havoc and bring down UMNO.

    And once overseas there will be no free-flowing income for this keluarga rosak. Anwar’s target is mainly the Malay Muslim population. So to prove his “innocence” to this target group, all he needs to do is to “angkat sumpah laknat” just like his victim Saiful Bukhari.

    But of course he would not dare and we all know why.

  6. Apa lah Nurul Izzah nih, dah jadi macam orang DAP, nak eksploitasi apa sahaja untuk memburukkan pihak Kerajaan.

    4 orang Polis datang ke rumah nya dengan senyap senyap, dia hebohkan masa dia dalam perjalanan ke Kota Bharu bahawa Polis cari dia walau pun dia sudah katakan dia akan pergi beri kenyataan berkenaan demo KitaLawan itu di IPD Dang Wangi pada 16 Mac.

    Dia tak ada sebut bahawa dia sendiri yang berhubung dengan Polis di masa demo KitaLawan dahulu, ha nya mengatakan dia ada “love letter” dari Polis dan sudah buat temu janji 16 Mac itu.

    Entah dia di beri tahu dek Ibupejabat PKR dan tarikh “temujanji” itu di kelirukan. Maka apa salah nya dia bertanya Polis apa yang mereka mahu, tidak membuat Tweet yang cuba menunjukkan Polis tidak berpatutan. Apa jenis MP begitu? Apa perasaan tanggongjawab nya?

    Kalau dia di reman di Balai Polis beberapa hari pun, saya setuju. Saperti yang telah di buat kpd Nik Nazmi, Ketua Pemuda PKR yang mengelolakan demo KitaLawan itu.

  7. Mdm nurul buat begini dlm parlimen nampak dia berani. Tak sedar kah org yang tidak meyokong anda sekeluarga sudah semakin geram. It is,all about she n her families nothing n nobody else matters not even her religion n country.

    • It’s called desperado. Hope she doesn’t go bonkers. Papa in prison, hubby sudah buang, post-divorce depression may set in, now Police going after her for KitaLawan activity, love life gone, if got bofreng, cannot be lovey lovey because always in the public eye. And Azlina hantam dia kaw kaw.

  8. Mengarut. Amat mengarut. Mengatakan bapak nya di mangsakan dengan penuduhan dan ke tidak adilan. Ber”vigil” yang bukan cara atau adat Melayu langsung. Berdemo jalanan secara haram. Dll.

    Mengenepikan undang undang. Mencabar Polis. Tak pedulikan Peaceful Assembly Act. Di beri amaran, tapi lakukan juga. Langgar undang undang. Sudah menjadi macam penjahat dan gengster. Nurul Izzah ketua nya. Sebagai Naib Presiden PKR. Bersama berdemo.

    Amat wajar sekali Polis cari dia di rumah nya. Urusan Polis membenteras mereka melanggar undang undang bukan boleh ikut sesuai masa mreka. Buat salah, Polis boleh tangkap bila bila masa. Atas kesesuaian masa Polis. Masih nak cabar Polis. Tweet yang Polis nak menunjuk kekerasan konon. Apa jenis manusia nih? Anak banduan Anwar Al Juburi. Bapak yang juga melanggar undang undang. Tersumbat di penjara lagi padah nya.

    Saya mahu lihat anak nya juga di penjarakan. Sabit kesalahan mana mana undang undang yang di cabul nya, tangkap, sumbatkan ke lokap, heret ke Mahkamah, kenakan tuduhan, bicarakan dan sumbatkan dia di penjara. Saya senang hati bahawa KPN tegas, sekarang sudah 6 benda Allah berdemo KitaLawan di tangkap. Biar mereka lawan di Mahkamah.

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