Crossing the liberium

Unless their understanding of matters pertaining to Islam is deep and wholesome, then liberal Malay-Muslims should be more intelligent in their sordid quest to win in arguments instead of using mockery and cynicism.

It is very low to bring irrelevant issues like socio-economic standing in an attempt to be thought-provoking challenging the wisdom and duty to implement what is all along Islam’s principle and philosophy of justice and recourse against crime.

Failed politician Zaid Ibrahim’s statement, reported by the oldest English daily:

Lazy, stupid’ Malaysians turning to religious laws, says Zaid

Thursday March 19, 2015
07:29 PM GMT+8

KUALA LUMPUR, March 19 — Former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim chided Malaysians today for becoming a “lazy, stupid and greedy” nation that is now prepared to let religious laws govern life.

Comparing Malaysia with his recent experience in neighbouring Vietnam, Zaid said this penchant for an easy fix has made Malaysians fascinated with religious laws that they think can somehow be a perfect panacea for the country’s many problems.

“We have had no such periods of difficulty and life was never that hard for us… This benign state of affairs, however, has proven to be a curse because it has made us lazy, stupid and greedy!” the former law minister wrote in his blog.

According to Zaid, Malaysians live in a world of fantasy, believing that the country’s wealth will never run out and political leaders never need to be held accountable.

“Lately, we have even become too lazy to think of all our problems, and we can’t be bothered to contemplate the potentially painful solutions we need to fix them,” said Zaid.

“We want easy answers for everything, which explains our newfound fascination for God’s laws. We want religious laws to regulate our lives and believe that, somehow, using God’s laws will make everything perfect.”

Zaid claimed that this fantasy manifested itself, among others, in the Malays’ purported belief that holy men should be their leaders, and moral policing would lead to honourable and corruption-free lives.

“We fantasise that moralising is government business, and to gratify ourselves with a sense of power we believe that others are always less perfect than we are,” he added.

“We think it’s harmless to divide and rule the people as we have done since Independence, and that we can dispense with having national unity or a national identity.”

The Kelantan state legislative assembly today passed amendments to the Shariah Criminal Code II 1993 to pave the way for the controversial implementation of hudud laws in the state.

Zaid is a staunch critic of hudud, with his column in English daily The Star today warning PAS that voters will punish it in the next general election for its insistence on pushing through its hudud plans in Kelantan.

The former Kota Baru MP also said that the Islamist party is desperate to remain relevant among voters, particularly in Kelantan, following the demise of the party’s spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat who wielded great influence in the Pakatan Rakyat ally.

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Zaid, Aisyah and the like-minded Malay-Muslim liberals should be mindful that the Hudud Enactment which passed unanimously yesterday was tabled as a bill, debated and voted just like any law within any of the legislative chamber in Malaysia.

Or for that matter, it is the same process adopted by any Commonwealth nation which upholds the practice of democracy and Westminster-styled Parliamentary system.

What ever their hang ups against it, it was supposed to be brought into the forum in the augur house by any of the Kelantan Assembly representatives.

In reality, that did not happen. Either they did not try or could not get any of the Kelantan State Assembly YBs to voice it up when the bill was tabled and debated. Even the one who represented PKR, a party which supposedly carry the liberals’ aspiration of their interpretation of ‘justice’.

It is obvious liberals do not respect the principles of democracy, like how they falsely represent themselves to champion the vox populi.

They conveniently use their ‘for principles of democracy’ when it serves their intent and purpose. However, when democratically elected Kelantan State Assembly representatives unanimously voted for the Hudud Enactment Bill, they throw below the belt potshots.

How can the liberals be taken seriously when they behave like uneducated, under-loved, poorly brought up and intolerable spoilt-social-misfits, whenever their aspirations are crossed. Worse still, by the wish of the majority.

This is a trait of nothing but political anarchists.

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  1. Bottoms up ! What do you expect ?

  2. Add the name of anarchist outsyed in same cage with zaid ibrahim friend…

    His writings are only to critic, spin fact and manipulative argument. Nothing positive come out of him. The only thing he knows is to destroy, typical of any wahabi and deviant sect.

    Qualify as ahli neraka

  3. Zaid was talking about himself when saying “lazy, stupid and greedy”.

    He got scholarship (if he had studied at MARA College, he wasn’t rajin and smart enough to get into University after school during his time, did he?) until he passed law, Then he got so much UMNO and Government law businesses, became very rich, then greedy.

    Got a Cabinet Minister’s post but resigned, don’t know what other kind of greed he had, until even the party that he formed, KITA, didn’t want him to lead.

  4. […] it was passed, many reacted in very childish mannerism although they proclaim to champion the many universal values but being stupid about things and […]

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