The ripple that avalanched

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Academician Daddy should not be complaining about the adverse reactions towards his daughter’s Aisyah Tajudin below the belt stunt, because probably he was indirectly part of the problem.

The Malay Mail story:

After threats to BFM presenter, father asks what has become of Malaysia

Friday March 20, 2015
08:32 PM GMT+8



KUALA LUMPUR, March 20 — The father of a radio presenter who was harassed over a video critical of hudud today asked if Malaysia remained a safe place to reside if simply expressing opposing views attracted such threats as rape and even death.

Noting that most of the threats appeared to originate from Malays, Professor Dr Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi asked how such a culture of hostility came to exist, questioning if it is rooted in the flaws of the country’s leadership or education.

“Is this country safe for our children to live in? If a simple point of view is raised against such an issue as hudud or even such an issue as democracy and clean elections can produce outbursts of murder, rape and burning people alive, what does it say about our country, its citizens and our leadership? Where did this culture come from?” Mohamad Tajudin said in letter published by news portal The Malaysian Insider.

“I have noticed that the ones making threats of this nature come from mostly Malays who I assume are Muslim. Where did we, as a nation go wrong in educating these Malays? What are we teaching in our secondary schools? More importantly are our public universities producing people of such culture?”

He expressed hope that none of those who issued the threats were products of Malaysia’s public universities, else they reflected poorly on vice-chancellors of such institutions.

“Yes, they are passable engineers and architects but are they barely passable Malaysian citizens, or passable Muslims or worse are they even passable human beings with a humane conscience? ‘Apa sudah jadi?’” he added.

Despite his anger over the incident Mohamad Tajudin said he was prepared to forgive Aisyah’s detractors, claiming that it was the society that created those blinded by rage.

Aisyah received the threats on various online platforms after a video titled “Hudud Isi Periuk Nasi? [Kupas] (Does hudud fill our rice bowls?)” was uploaded on the business radio station’s website and YouTube channel yesterday.

In it, she points out that even as Kelantan is attempting to implement hudud, the east coast state is facing other problems like its homeless flood victims, as well as increasing drug and divorce cases.

Users also urged the authorities to take action against Aisyah, accusing her of insulting Islam.

BFM later removed the video and apologised for any offence caused.

Kelantan, administered by Islamist party PAS, passed amendments to the Shariah Criminal Code II 1993 yesterday in a bid to enforce hudud law in the state ― despite fierce opposition from its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) allies, the DAP and PKR.

PAS is expected to table private members’ bills in Parliament to remove legal roadblocks in the implementation of the Islamic penal code that punishes apostasy with the death penalty and theft with the amputation of limbs.

– See more at:


It is obvious that Tajudin as an academician failed to impart the concept of ‘respecting others’, especially when this democratic right is made via the legal process of democracy.

It is unsure that as someone who is supposed to be learned, he should have stressed the fact that the bill was tabled, debated and voted by all Kelantan State Assembly representatives.

Tajudin of all should be very aware that globally of late, making a mockery if not making insulting statements out of something adherence in Islam received very adverse reaction.

It may not be universally acceptable but then again, why stir the storm by make these statements which knowingly will definitely draw anger if not physical reaction even by certain quarters. Even as a parody.

Tajudin is trying to rationalise that it is alright to slight and insult an enactment which was unanimously passed by Kelantan State Assembly, without the consequence of Newton’s third law?

Those who desire a ‘Moderate World By and With Muslims’ must also practice ‘moderation’ towards the majority Muslims.

If any of them are trying to be funny with all these values they try to impose onto others, then they must make extra effort to understand the values, principles and philosophy if not interpretation of faith on what these Muslim majority have been holding onto close to their hearts, generations after generations.

Tajudin also must be mindful that in the advancement of communication, ‘small and little talk’ go a long way especially when it is in the public domain. Obviously, it would strike much more nerves that one first imagined that it would provoked.

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  1. Aisyah comes across as a self-righteous liberal. Even though her message of “economy comes first before religion” appeals to most people, it is her “style” of ridiculing hudud that provokes anger through her mocking manner.

    Any critical message must be presented with decorum and respect for all audiences for it to be accepted even if unconvinced.

    I find her irritating especially with the ‘nasi lemak’ stunt.

    • Shoot the messenger and ignore the message?

      Not very “liberal”, is it?

      But oh so very “jihadist” and in keeping with the AQAP/Taliban/ISIS mindset.

      So, it is not ok to “ridicule” hudud, but it is ok to “ridicule” Christians and Christianity?

      That’s a strange dichotomy of thinking.

      Maybe Netanyahu and the US Republicans are on to something….

      And it is definitely not hudud!

      • Tsk tsk tsk rhumatist

        Why do we want to be liberal huh? If your comprehension skills is up to par, you would have understood that the message is well accepted,

        But the attitude inherent in her message is very pathetic. If I had been an ISIS member she would probably be kidnapped by now, Why stop at threats?

        From what goes on in Malaysia can you list the instances when were christians and christianity ridiculed. Do provide factual data not just airy fairy hearsay.

        In fact these evangelists love to interfere in other people’s religious affairs from the Kalimah Allah issue to hudud that affects only Muslims in Kelantan.


        P.S. Danish PM, Jewish Leader Reject Netanyahu’s Aliyah Call

      • Believe the messenger even if the message is about causing further damage to society?

        And what is “liberak” about it?

        And you trying to be subversive, in keeping with communist/ anarchist thinking.

        That’s not even thinking – communists and anarchists never do.

        You wait until Iran gets to build nuclear bombs and you join Setanyahu shivering in the knees day in and day out.

        And you’ll be shitting and purging so much that you won’t have the energy to make fun of Hudud.

  2. The following have been quoted as examples that make people doubt that a Professor father would have said those, or that he sounds a more-clever-than-usual DAP Red Bean or that (unless the media have verified the authenticity of the letter) it was written by a masquerader –

    – Saying, “.. I would like to ask these Vice Chancellors, what kind of Malay Malaysians are you producing?” Sounds a biadap and kurang ajar, not a Professor. A bit seditious, too. He should have been discussing with colleagues and the VCs on what could be done, or even write a letter making suggestions to the Mnistry of Education

    – didn’t even point out the Charlie Hebdo killings in France

    – didn’t whack the radio station which regretted “the personal attacks on Aisyah ..” but didn’t regret the blokes who produced and put out the video

    – Saying, “are we safe to raise our children in this country? If not, should we start looking elsewhere and create a much safer place for our children to have a future?” Not caring much for this country, ungrateful for the scholarships he must have got to reach PhD, no sense of loyalty and patriotism, like the common DAP blokes.

    – Saying, “.. have listened to thousands of Youtube ceramah by our so called eminent ustazs and I know that their understanding of Islam is a strong contributor to the kind of comments made ..” A Professor listening to thousands of Youtube ceramah and not cautioning the daughter in casual conversations etc?

    – watching terminator movies. No wonder this country going to the dogs – if a Professor really does that.

    • I am glad you made that clear.

      So, according to your worldview, threatening to burn or rape someone (especially a woman) if that person does something to offend your religious sensitivities is perfectly acceptable?

      Where does burning and raping come in when preaching that Islam is a religion of peace, love and forgiveness?

      And a father protecting his daughter is unacceptable by your lights?

      Perhaps that is why “this country is going to the dogs” (your words, not mine).

      • Poor rhumatist

        You are one confused fella. All this hoohah is political mileage for DAP – the party that thrives on provoking sentiments.

        How would you feel if, let’s say, someone claims loudly that Jesus was not the son of God, he was just another prophet.

        Would you coolly accept this person’s freedom of thought/speech and keep calm as you respect others opinions

        OR would you get enraged that your beliefs have been negated and ridiculed?

      • Worldview? The old Christian teaching that when slapped on one cheek, show the other cheek – do Christians do that any more?

        You expect Muslims to just grin and bear it when taunted with Charlie Hebdo insensitivities and continual insults, and you making fun of Hudud like in your earlier comment?

        You exploit and try to cower people of other religions by picking out the good it teaches and just tell them those when you make fun of them? What kind of upbringing did you have? Or did you have any at all?

        You would protect your daughter even if she is kurang ajar? And the no proper upbringing continues like the descendants of the hill tribes of China, one of whom has been called biadap by his then DAP Vice Chairman, and they referred to as Cina Bukit.

        This country is going to the dogs because of people like you. Not respecting and abiding by the Constitution of this country yet calling yourselves rakyat.

        And you, yes you, often offensive in here, may not even be a citizen of this country. No mention of Singapore this time? Now braver to write offensive comments in Singapore blogs as Lee Kuan Yew is about to breathe his last in Hong Kong? Btw, doesn’t he trust Singapore doctors by seeking treatment in Hong Kong?

  3. The words “the ones making threats of this nature come from mostly Malays who I assume are Muslim”, implies that he is saying there are Malays who are non-Muslims. Nonsense.

    Is he really a Professor? Why no mention which university?

    Isn’t he a Malay and a Muslim? Why say like that? Not sounding a responsible person.

    • Read somewhere.he’s an ex lecturer frm utm skudai.don’t know where he is serving now.

    • This anwar-loving, anti-goverment, anti-establishment, anti-UMNO, University of Edinburgh-educated, professor of architecture, whose education (and also his family’s) was fully sponsored by the goverment, has nothing good to say about the government or the education system. What an irony, because he himself is a product of the system he so despised, and worse still, he is still part and parcel of that same system!
      So go figure.

  4. Peristiwa pada tahun 2012 – Sepasang suami isteri yang memiliki latar belakang akademik tinggi mengambil keputusan menyertai DAP bagi membuktikan parti berkenaan adalah untuk semua rakyat Malaysia.

    Prof Dr Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi bersama isterinya, Norhayati Yusof memilih parti itu untuk menjelaskan bahawa DAP bukanlah untuk bukan Melayu sahaja.

    Mohamad Tajuddin berkata, serangan segelintir pihak terhadap DAP kononnya parti itu anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam mahu ditanganinya secara ilmiah.

  5. kacang lupakan kulit.

    Bapak borek anak Rintik.

    And ye he bites the hand who made him what he is today… Ungrateful lot…

    Need i say more?

  6. Father should ask… What has become of my MUSLIM daughter…..

    • Agree..sendiri pon tidak ajar anak bersopan satun d harapkan apa. Tak kelakar pon. Joke yg terpalit,pada muka sendiri padankan muka. Org2 begini slalunya bila duduk d negara org pijak semut tak mati. Piee laa berhijrah ke luar negara jika rasa nun d sana boleh buat sesuka hati. Bye2.

  7. […] include mocking the administration of Islam such as Hudud Enactment recently Kelantan State […]

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