Contra voluntatemque maioris

It is obvious the liberals is grossly disrespectful of the aspiration and the will of majority, despite through democratic means and obtaining unanimous support from an augur house of a legislative chamber.

The pro-Anwarista story:

Hudud laws will signal Malaysia has abandoned moderation, says G25

Published: 25 March 2015 12:52 PM

Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin is the spokesperson for the group of eminent Malays. The group says that no state in Malaysia can currently satisfy the pre-conditions needed before implementing hudud law. – The Malaysian Insider pic, March 14, 2015.

Malaysia will send a signal to the world that it has abandoned moderation should the PAS-led Kelantan government be allowed to enforce hudud in the state, said the G25, a group of retired high-ranking Malay civil servants who want a rational discourse on Islam.

The group said Malaysia would be seen as a country governed by religious laws that were subjected to the interpretation of clerics, and urged Putrajaya to protect the Federal Constitution as the country’s supreme law.

“Since Independence, this country has chosen the path of moderation. The prime minister has continued to steer the government along this path and has launched the Global Movement of Moderates to show to the world that the country is committed to the principle of moderation.

“The imposition of PAS’s hudud laws will signify to the world that Malaysia has abandoned the moderate path. We will be seen as a country governed by religious laws which are subjected to the vagaries of interpretation of the ulama who are also fallible human beings,” G25 said in a statement.
The group said that a multiracial country with an open economy like Malaysia could not afford to alter the secular character of its Constitution to allow for the implementation of PAS’s hudud enactment.

G25 added that it supported Dr Chandra Muzaffar’s view that the Federal Constitution was not un-Islamic, and said any attempt to amend the Constitution to allow hudud’s implementation would violate the Malaysia Agreement.

It also raised doubts as to whether Kelantan’s hudud law, as detailed in the Kelantan Shariah Criminal Code (11) Enactment, 1993 (Amendment 2015) would succeed in upholding justice, given the diversity of juristic interpretations of the law.

G25 added that the Kelantan government was pushing for hudud without even having met the conditions required for its implementation, as outlined by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Chairman of the World Union of Muslim Scholars.

Al-Qaradawi had said that a society must ensure the economic needs of the people were met, employment opportunities were provided for all, and poverty was eradicated before hudud could be enforced, said G25.

“In light of the above elucidation by Sheikh Qaradawi, can any state in Malaysia claim to have satisfied the pre-conditions in order to allow for the implementation of Hudud?” said G25.

The group also cited Islamic scholar Professor Hashim Kamali, who analysed PAS’s original 1993 enactment and found that it “failed to be reflective either of the balanced outlook of the Quran or of the social conditions and realities of contemporary Malaysian society”.

Hashim, who heads the Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS), also said, “the Hudud Bill exhibited no attempt to exercise Ijtihad (creative thought) over new issues such that would fulfil the ideals of justice and to encourage the development of a judicious social policy.”

G25 said that a perusal of the 2015 hudud enactment revealed it continued to emphasise punishment rather than repentance and rehabilitation as espoused in the Quran.

“Many other prominent Muslim scholars such as S.A.A. Maududi, Salim el-Awa, Muhamad al-Ghazali, Mustafa al-Zarqa and Cherif Bassiouni have opined that the application of hudud as an isolated case without providing the necessary context and environment is not only unrealistic, but is more likely to induce the opposite result and frustrate, rather than satisfy, the Islamic vision of justice and fair play.

“In addition, they emphasise that the Hadith, as recorded in Sahih Al-Bukhari, and which is also a legal maxim, provides that Hudud must be suspended in doubtful situations,” said G25.

PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang is seeking to table a private member’s bill in Parliament during the current sitting ending April 9, which, if passed, would allow the Kelantan government to enforce hudud in the state.

The bill is to amend the Shariah Courts Act (Criminal Jurisdiction) 1965, which limits the power of the Shariah courts to a maximum penalty of RM5,000 in fine, three years’ jail and six strokes of the rotan.

An amendment is required in this law to enable Kelantan to carry out hudud law, after the state assembly on Thursday unanimously passed the Shariah Criminal Code II Enactment 1993 (Amendment 2015).

If tabled in Parliament, Hadi’s private member’s bill only needs the support of 112 MPs, or a simple majority, for it to be passed if the full house of 222 MPs are sitting.

Barisan Nasional (BN) has yet to issue an official statement in support of hudud, while BN Back Benchers Club chief Tan Sri Shahrir Samad said the 87 Muslim Umno MPs and 10 Muslim PBB MPs may vote based on their conscience.

However, Umno MP Datuk Nur Jazlan has already stated he will not support the enforcement of hudud, while Padang Rengas MP Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz became the first minister from the party to dismiss attempts to implement hudud in Malaysia, saying such talk was “stupid” as it could never legally happen.

De facto law minister Nancy Shukri yesterday, similarly dismissed the chance of hudud being implemented in Kelantan, saying the private member’s bill on the issue will not get a single vote from Sarawak lawmakers in Parliament. – March 25, 2015.


It is an utter shameful statement by former Ambassador Noor Farida Ariffin representing the so-called ’eminent educated and liberal Malays’ G-25, when such opinion are put forth publicly.

It is doubtful that these really exclusive club of has-been Malays tried to properly present their case on Hudud to any of the 45 Kelantan State Assemblymen before it was tabled, debated and voted last week. Hudud was not something that came out of the blue but instead was given a lot of hype, even through mainstream media well ahead before last week.

That would be the proper ‘moderate persons’ manner of addressing an issue, especially when it was brought before a legislative chamber to be tabled, debated and later decided by members voting the Bill.

Instead, they did not and now they resort to attack the unanimous decision by Kelantan State Assembly which such statements.

Uninamous decision by the Kelantan State Assembly means that all 45 Yang Berhormats agreed and voted with the Bill. During the debate, none of the State Assemblymen who are democratically elected by the people of Kelantan on 8 May 2013 13GE spoke against it.

It is regretful that Noor Farida who served the nation in the field of international diplomacy and trained professionally to hold decorum resorted to invoking personal opinion against a lawful decision undertaken by a State Assembly, just because it didn’t go her way.

If persons like her refused to address any issue the proper way through proper channel which include engagement before a draft was even tabled in a legislative chamber, she should claim to be ‘moderate’. Probably ‘spoilt’ is more appropriate, if not ‘radical’.

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  1. G25 is representing only 25 people. So dont act like youre speaking for the majority even if you claim to be eminent Malays.

    • Correction – 26 people.

      They got one other to join them after that, hehe.

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t it under her watch that Malaysia lost Batu Putih to Singapore?

      What a load of crap!

      • Maybe she has a complex. To join a political party like DAP that fights Hudud, she probably fears they will just ignore her.

        If she is smart and clever, she’d not have contributed to the loss of Pulau Batu Putih – the Foreign Ministry had a major role in getting the facts, the historical records etc, work that she was said to be in charge of at that time.

        We need to pooh pooh her and group for barking the wrong tree. To get moderation, they ought to be shouting at DAP and those breaking laws out on the streets.

  2. re, (Noor Faridah) since independent this country has chosen a path of moderation ,

    We has seen what the result of it , being moderate has make the other ‘ naik kepala’.

    • Dia orang tak nampak the others “naik kepala”.

      Mata juling kot.

  3. PAS had governed Kelantan for decades and yet never implemented Hudud until Pakatan Rakyat came along.

    Perhaps the infighting is the factor that propelled this agenda to pacify their faithful followers.

    • I’ve read the opinion expressed elsewhere a few times – that Hudud came out to the forefront because of DAP.

      DAP provoked PAS and they reacted to the extent of tabling a Private Member’s Bill.

      That PAS cannot be seen by their members and supporters to be cowed down by DAP.

  4. What I fail to understand is: why pick on Hudud? Why not labour on the myriad of extremist words and deeds uttered and carried out endlessly by those not respecting and abiding by the Constitution of the country for many decades, like those that led to the race riots on 13 May 1969?

    Why not try to drum into the minds of those ungrateful ingrates who, having got citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka, did not and many still do not respect its quid pro quo – the Special Position of the Malays that was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak on the formation of Malaysia.

    It’s utterly disgusting these so-called 25 eminent Malays. Started by a former Ambassador and comprising others who are used to cocktails and dinner parties where alcohol drinking are common. Do they have a vested interest in not wanting Hudud to whack the alcohol drinking blokes?

    Or they are just seeking publicity, trying to fill their time during retirement? I’d say to them: Good trying to make your time useful, but bark on the right trees, for Heaven’s sake.

  5. Come on woman, ex-Ambassador, what is your measure of moderation, pray tell. American values? Do you not realize that in the US they can kill anybody on the streets, even school children doing it in schools? Almost everybody can own guns there.

    That some one quoted the FBI figures of hundreds killed across the US every month, many unreported. That the former CNN anchor of “Piers Morgan Live” programme mentioned a figure of 1 million people killed during a period that escaped my mind right now – all because of the no gun-ownership control.

    And the British national Pierce Morgan himself was sacked, his programme dropped, because he campaigned for gun control in US.

    And you, Madam ex-Ambassador, do not think that is a form of extremism that badly needs moderation? You think only developing countries need to suck up to the values of the developed countries? Have you heard of Tun Dr Mahathir saying we must have dignity? Or maruah?

    And yet we do things according to laws in this country. Our laws, our values. Have you read Article 3 of the Constitution – very high on the Constitution agenda – that Islam is the religion of the country? And Hudud is Islam, is mentioned in the Qur’an, never mind whether the detailed laws for Malaysia are conceived by PAS or not.

    Instead of wanking Hudud, you people should try to get the anti-national elements, the ungrateful ingrates like the DAP blokes to value their FOC citizenship and to respect and live by the Constitution of the country fully, will you?

    • It’s ironic that you should castigate the US thus.

      Maybe the US is no exemplar of virtue, but it’s the best resource that we have to preserve peace and stability in the region.

      Let us not delude ourselves that we have the military, technology and financial resources to take on China if it wants to establish suzerainty over the South China Sea.

      But with Japan and India boosting their defence budgets, anything is possible if we ally ourselves with the right horse/s.

      All of the above is not germane to this thread.

      The question of hudud is relevant for all Malaysians.

      The Singapore Straits Times reported today “Malay rulers rejected hudud proposal”.

      To quote from the report by the paper’s Malaysia correspondent:

      “A move to introduce the Islamic penal code or hudud in Kelantan is proving to be much harder than first envisaged, as it has run into resistance from Malaysia’s respected Council of Rulers.

      “As a result of the rebuff by the nine-member council earlier this month, Kelantan had to go about using a Private Member’s Bill to try and introduce changes to a federal law that are necessary if hudud is to take effect in the state.

      “The proposal was put to the rulers’ council by Jakim,….,after discussions between representatives of Umno and PAS in an unusual joint effort between Malaysia’s ruling party and the Islamist opposition party, which runs Kelantan.

      “The agreement was thrashed out at a little-known hudud technical committee set up last year to promote the implementation of the criminal code in the state.

      “But the rulers’ council rejected it on March 11 when it was put forward to them by Jakim, as the rulers felt it encroached on their constitutional authority as heads of religion in their respective states.

      “”The rulers wanted to know why the states were not put in charge of Islamic issues and felt Jakim, a federal body, was taking away their power,” a source told the Straits Times…..

      “After the royal rebuff, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang submitted a Private Member’s Bill on March 18 in an attempt to get the federal law changed.

      “PAS central working committee member Khalid Samad told The Straits Times that some party leaders were told in a meeting that the Council of Rulers’ rejection of Jakim’s proposal was why the Umno-led government decided against bringing the Bill to Parliament.

      “”Because the federal government couldn’t bring it, they want us to bring it, promising they will give us the support. But I am sceptical they will support the Bill because they will not want to lose favour with the Council of Rulers,” the PAS MP said…..”

      • When first reading your comment, I noted you were not glorifying Singapore. I thought maybe because Lee Kuan Yew is dead. No sooner than thought, I saw you mention Singapore Straits Times. Maybe that still tells you are a Singaporean lost in a Malaysian blog.

        You sound ok this time. Acknowledging US role in preserving peace and stability in the region. And the potential Chinese menace in the South China Sea.

        But what you copy pasted from Straits Times on Hudud, I don’t even care to read. I just assume it as Opposition propaganda.

  6. The G25 might be happy reading a UM lecturer saying

    “Besides being unconstitutional, Hudud laws can never be implemented in the country or even in the Kelantan state as the amendment to the Bill would need a two-third majority for it to be passed.”

    But look at this fellow using the word “never”, as reported by astroawani. That’s loose tongue, isn’t it, unbecoming of a lecturer. It’s not impossible that UMNO/BN on their own or maybe even with PAS will get a 2/3 majority in Parliament in time to come. Or that the Hudud laws as proposed by PAS be fine-tuned such that the non-Malay component members of BN agree on it.

    So, how to believe what “the law expert Prof Gurdial Singh Nijar” said? And what the hell is a “law expert”? An expert is one who specialises in specific branches of the subject. Called “Constitutional Law Expert” and the like. Those words must be astroawani’s. So, how to believe in astroawani?

  7. Perhaps these eminent 25 should tackle the vernacular schools issue. They could study the constitutional wording to ascertain if indeed the constitution provided for schools to use foreign languages as medium of instruction.

    While it is clear that the pendatangs have rights to study their mother tongues, it is quite a different matter to use the mother tongues to teach other subjects.

    This issue is more pressing than Hudud laws which will ONLY affect Muslims in Kelantan – quite a contained area.

    Vernacular schools have the inherent hazard of polarising Malaysians based on their ethnic origins. As can be seen clearly as recent as on Monday 23 March 2015, the chinese newspapers featured PROMINENTLY on front pages the death of a tyrannical politician – the twin of DAP.

    On the same day these papers did NOT prioritise the grand event where Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar was crowned the fifth sultan of modern Johor.

    This proves the existence of different compasses embodying the major ethnic groups in Malaysia. Vernacular schools have the potential hazard of blocking nationalism which affects EVERY Malaysian.

    • Agree with you fully on the vernacular schools issue.

      But these 25 or so people just don’t see the need for unity based on Single Stream education. They cannot fathom the need for a cohesive, united Malaysian nation with everybody able to speak BM, mixing freely with others, no more the Chinese New Villages mentality where they are cooped up among themselves only, 58 years after getting citizenship but saying, “Wa tak tau ciakap Mulayu lorr.” Yet we don’t even expect them to use local names, wear local dresses etc like happen in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

      And the self-isolationism perpetrated by the Chinese schools using Mandarin as the medium of instruction. Lured to look elsewhere by DAP Lim Guan Eng officiating the opening of a building named after Sun Yat Sen who had nothing to do with this country except tumpang duduk when running away from the tumultuous revolution in China long ago. Not encouraging loyalty and patriotism to this country but towards Sun Yat Sen and maybe China or Taiwan. Damn.

      It’s such a shame that that group of 25 comprising of former Ambassadors and high ranking civil servants not realising all these. But instead bark at Hudud. Utterly shameful.

      • Yes Haba

        It is utterly shameful that the Bangladeshis who are not even citizens CAN speak Bahasa Malaysia like born and bred Malaysians.

      • Perhaps this could be a political strategy to camouflage the ‘pendatang asing tanpa izin’.

      • No, I don’t think so, bro.

        I wonder if those ex-Ambassadors have a proper or deep insight into the problems besetting the country since Merdeka, especially after the race riots of 1969. They may have lost touch with the real goings on in the country – they certainly don’t talk with or hear the rumblings, anxieties and dissatisfaction among the ordinary people, knowing only from what they read. Some not getting a home posting for 5-6 years at a stretch.

        I hope to God that they don’t think the locals started the riots instead of the Cina Bukit pendatang DAP and the like-minded.

        That the CB pendatang have been so negative and not responsive in their attitude towards national integration and unity has even made many of us favour the ‘pendatang asing tanpa izin’. Especially those who can master BM fast and blend with the locals in other respects including religion. The many inter-marriages bear this out, though bringing problems of documenting their offspring.

      • You can do that with English also.

        And score a good job with a MNC while you are about it!

        Is fluency in BM a sine qua non for economic and social progress and for “nation building”?

        Why talk about “mixing freely with others”, using BM as the sole medium of communication, when race and religion are equally divisive issues in this country?

        Or are you saying that everyone should shut up and play along under a veneer of superficial bonhomie and cordiality?

      • Rithmatist,

        Half of what you say I don’t understand. I have copied and kept somewhere the phrase I read here and there – “intoxicated with the exuberance of your own verbosity”.

        Wat u meaning one, talk “sine qua non .. veneer of superficial bonhomie and cordiality”? Who u trying to impress? Maybe that has been the problem with you fellas .. either talk DAP-ish or or “high falutin’ language (spelling correct?). So we end up whacking you each time you come out.

        I don’t expect you to be good in BM. Lu kong simik arr?

      • A quickie for the Rithmatist idiotie –

        If you have no regard for the Constitution Article 152 on BM, you don’t respect the Constitution. If you think only of material benefits like jobs with MNC, you are ultra kiasu, disregarding the fact that even outwardly homogeneous-looking China itself uses Mandarin as the official language for the unity of their vast country, enforcing the use of it on the errant southern Chinese who demonstrated against it in Canton and Hong Kong 1-2 years ago.

        If you want to trample on BM, you don’t respect the Constitution, of this country and, if your are a Malaysian or resident in Malaysia, you should take a tongkang back to China, like your ancestors came here in the past.

        Aren’t you damn stupid acknowledging that “race and religion are equally divisive issues in this country” yet ask “Why talk about “mixing freely with others”, using BM as the sole medium of communication”?

        You should thank your lucky stars that I said it’d be a quickie. Imagine what it’d be if it was a lengthie.

    • The same Sultan Ibrahim of Johor was shown in a photo in The Singapore Straits Times today, “accompanied by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, paying his last respects to Mr Lee (Kuan Yew) at Parliament House yesterday”.

      The Sultan’s Consort is also in the same photo.

      The Singapore Business Times reported that Sultan Ibrahim was accompanied by his family.

      The Singapore ST also reported that the Sultan of Kelantan also paid his last respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew yesterday.

      It’s a pity that you used the words “tyrannical politician” to describe Lee Kuan Yew.

      There are many Malaysians who don’t subscribe to that view.

      • Oh yeah? And who might that be?

        Cina Bukit pendatang DAPs? Ungrateful ingrate ultra kiasus? Those who clapped stealthily when Tengku A Rahman so-called kicked LKY and Singapore out of Malaysia in 1965?

        The bloke had caused so much nuisance when Singapore was in Malaysia that old man Tengku could not tolerate it, went to England and came back announcing to “kick” Singapore out of Malaysia.

        The man LKY agreed for Singapore to join Malaysia as he saw the chance to be PM of a much bigger political entity than the island state of Singapore. He was rather shocked that Tengku kicked him out.

        You won’t even write his virtues to counter the words “tyrannical politician”. You don’t know of any? Or he doesn’t have any?

      • Quote: “There are many Malaysians who don’t subscribe to that view.”

        Yo rhumatist, care to provide your list. Any idiot can claim anything.

  8. What so emminent about noor farida.

    She was the one that presented the fake picture of pulau batu putih at the hague and embarassed the country.

    She was part of the team together with another liberal gani 4 tahil that caused us to lose an island situated right smark next to our shore.

    Eminent my foot!!

    • Oooooo, she’s a case of trying to recover lost ground?

      Or lost island?


  9. Poor rhumatist

    The quality of your debate is “trashy” compared to the others here. Sometimes we wonder what is your motive posting nonsensical comments.

    Perhaps you are paid for each comment and if so, your paymaster should sack you and recruit another worthy one, someone much more persuasive.

    • Here is probably another complex stricken bloke. Because of the quality of the debate here, he tries to butt in, including with verbose language, maybe intended to confuse readers.

      But his views are definitely not mainstream, more like the Constitution not-respecting DAP. Always glorifying Singapore and putting Malaysia down makes him a pariah. I see him trashed each time he comes in here.

      Good that he comes in because he does provide a punching bag for the many ever willing to counter him in here.

  10. She should just stick to the merit of the argument. Instead she had to resort to scare tactics and demonization.

    So much for being “eminent” person.

    • Former Ambassadors are not necessarily eminent. John Mallot, former US Ambassador to Malaysia, a friend of Anwarul Al Juburi, is not. Criticising Malaysia’s “archaic laws”, “freedom-curtailing” Sedition Act and such nonsensical talk. Not respecting the internal affairs of this country, anti-sodomy laws that are in line with the position of Islam in the Constitution, writing a petition to the White House basically against a decision of the highest court in the land. What a nuisance of a bloke.

      He should be shouting against the ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay and the hugely freedom-curtailing Patriot Act enacted just 10 years ago. Strangely, even Al Juburi does not appear to trust the US fully. When paranoid about his safety, he ran to the Turkish Embassy instead.

      When resorting to “scare tactics and demonization”, the former Malaysian Ambassador probably forgot about tact and diplomacy. She criticized PAS’ Hudud. She might get thrown Winston Churchill’s definition of tact – “the art of telling people to go to hell in ways that make them look forward to the journey”. She appears looking forward to the journey she takes. Though the group has not even got the requested appointment to see the PM, if I remember correctly.

  11. The G25 is perhaps tolerable for their dissenting views. But they are obnoxious for their blinkered views.

    Yes, it’s blinkered when they don’t see and shout out against other forms of non-moderation. In fact, the DAP has been one of extremism since party formation.

    The DAP had picked up from the Singapore PAP the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan concocted by the now dead Lee Kuan Yew when Singapore was in Malaysia 1963-65. A nasty, mischievous, chauvinist and racist slogan. It wants equality without recognizing the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Enshrined in Article 153 of the Constitution as a quid pro quo for the citizenship right of the non-Malays agreed to by the Malays when negotiating for independence from the British colonialists.

    They wanted citizenship right but wanted more and more endlessly. Even tried to encroach the right of the Malays and the Bumiputeras. Because scholarships, for example, are not unlimited in supply and giving them those meant reducing the number for the Malays and the Bumiputeras, long-acknowledged as the economically disadvantaged lot in this country. When the Chinese have been the richest community for decades and so many of their millionaires donated funds for scholarship etc for disadvantaged Chinese children until UTAR refused a RM30 million donation from a Chinese engineer millionaire a few years ago.

    That’s non-moderation or extremism of one kind that the G25 has not seen or commented against.


  12. (Continuation)

    The DAP slogan “Malaysian Malaysia” that has been walloped, banged, bashed and abused by others endlessly has been muted, but not abandoned by the DAP. At one time they thought of changing it to “Middle Malaysia”, but they were shown the “Middle Finger”.

    The concept is in fact pursued endlessly by them until now. In the process of calling for that, they criticized anything and everything that they think is not “equality” – Malay dominance in the civil service, the Police, the Amed Forces, etc.

    But Malay dominance it has to be. Even just by simple logic alone – the Malays are the majority of the population of the country. Yet, after the race riots of 1969 and before the New Economic Policy was launched in 1971, there were only 2-5% Malays among the professionals – doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, etc – in the country. Now there are so many doctors that about 20% are reported in the media not getting housemanship posts (recognized professional training) at the government hospitals – presumably Malays, as there are still a high percentage of non-Malays in the professional fields. Like among the accountants – the Malays are only 30% when they are about 60% of the population.

    And the DAP keep propaganda-ing against the Malay-dominated Government, GLCs, etc. And, very evident at the PRU13 elections campaign, their so-called Red Bean Army have been resorting to very rude, highly racist and seditious insults against the BN, spreading hate and vitriol so much that the DAP has been seen to be anti-Malay and anti-Islam extremists again. Like their behaviour that caused the 13 May 1969 race riots. The G25 should in fact be reading the White Paper on the race riots again and again and watch properly to see such words and deeds being repeated now And get their guns on the proper targets.

  13. […] was the Hudud Enactment, unanimously passed by the Kelantan State Assembly. Even learned ones refuse to deploy proper methods and processes despite the hype surrounding then the propose Bill, which had so huge traction through […]

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