Rolling out the ‘3L’ program

Former Opposition Leader and now sodomy and sexual deviant convict Anwar Ibrahim’s petition for a Royal Pardon has failed. So it is time to capitalise this opportunity and make the best of it.

The Malay Mail online story:

Anwar denied royal pardon, say lawyers

Wednesday April 1, 2015
10:01 AM GMT+8


KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 — Malaysia has rejected a petition seeking a royal pardon for jailed opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is serving a five-year prison term for sodomy, his lawyers said today.

The petition was filed by Anwar’s family in February after his sentence was upheld by Malaysia’s highest court. There was no immediate comment about the ruling from Malaysia’s government.

Anwar, who once posed the greatest threat to Malaysia’s long-ruling coalition, was found guilty of sodomising a former aide, a charge that he said was a politically motivated attempt to end his career.

He was head of a three-party opposition alliance that made stunning gains in the 2013 election, which for the first time raised the prospect of a genuine challenge to the coalition that has ruled Malaysia since independence in 1957.

Anwar was the ruling party’s rising star in the 1990s until he fell out with then prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. His family and political party have voiced concern about his health and conditions in prison since his sentence was upheld. — Reuters

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Anwar’s political career will end here too.After this, the Director General of Prisons probably would write to the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat and His Excellency would do what is provided in the Federal Constitution; declare Permatang Pauh Parliamentary seat vacant.

The Star story:

Published: Friday March 27, 2015 MYT 10:25:00 AM
Updated: Friday March 27, 2015 MYT 2:56:43 PM

Anwar no longer Permatang Pauh MP, says lawyer


KUALA LUMPUR: Senior federal counsel Amarjeet Singh says the petition for a royal pardon over Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy conviction by his family has been disposed, and he is no longer Permatang Pauh MP.

“Our stand is a decision has been made. The Constitution has spoken for itself,” Amarjeet said to reporters.

However, Anwar’s lawyers N. Surendran, Latheefa Koya and Dr Dheeraj Bhar said the decision by the Pardons Board was not confirmed and would only be made known in the Appellate and Special Powers Court here on Wednesday.

The decision was conveyed to Anwar’s lawyers in the form of an affidavit issued by Datuk Nursiah Arshad, the Prime Minister’s Department legal affairs director-general, who is also part of the Pardons Board secretariat.

Amarjeet said the applicants had asked for the delay in announcing the decision in order to convey it to Anwar first.

Surendran confirmed that neither Anwar nor his family was informed of the decision, which was made Thursday.


He then will inform the Election Commission Chairman and the EEC would convene to decide on the by-election for the rakyat of the said constituency to be given their right, for an MP to be elected and represent them in Parliament.

PKR is facing disintegration. Along with it, the Opposition loose coalition of (un)holy-marriage-of-(in)conveniences-between-back-stabbing-strange-bedfellows would disintegrate too.

The cracks are very clear when DAP CEC issued a statement that they no longer want to work with PAS President Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang, because of Hudud. Hadi is not an Opposition Leader without experience or contribution. He was one time the Opposition Leader in Parliament (11th Parliament Nov 1999-Apr 2004).

The best to do now is salvage whatever reminiscence of Anwar’s political tracks and make it satirical.

Probably someone could make a bit of money, as Anwar’s bizarre political legacy could be preserved so that more especially younger Malaysians could have the opportunity what he did and how he tried to burn the nation down, for his quest for power and hoodwink people for his in-despicable lust and sexual addiction.

The Prisons Department could provide one corner within any of the prisons complex and do a showcase centre about Anwar Ibrahim’s life; a fiery student leader, ISA detainee, admission into UMNO, won the 6GE and given a post as a Deputy Minister, toppling UMNO Youth Chief and eventually toppling UMNO Deputy President and taking over as Deputy Prime Minister with Minister of Finance job.

During these times, Anwar had several despicable sexual habits of buggering up men, adulteration with married women and fornication.

He was exposed by the Special Branch of the Royal Malaysian Police in 1993 but then Prime Minitser Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was not convinced enough until 2 September 1998 when he was summarily sack from all Cabinet posts. A day later, UMNO Supreme Council sacked him as a party member.

He riled up the people with voracious and malignant lies about Dr. Mahathir, his closes Cabinet colleagues, IGP, AG and eventually the entire Federal Government system and got too many to rise against the system in a massive mobstreet-styled demonstration, known as ‘Reformasi’.

‘Reformasi’ later became transformed as a political party, KeAdilan and PKN later combined with the Partai Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia to become Parti KeAdilan Rakyat as we know today.

The showcase centre would serve as a facility to exhibit the chronology of Anwar’s life; as an anarchist, political animal and sexual deviant. Artifacts and video footages would be displayed. Most of all, at the end of the showcase, visitors are allowed to view Anwar’s lifestyle as a sodomy convict through looking glasses.

This special program, which would we opened to public should be called as ‘Lawat, Libur, Liwat’ of the ‘3L’ program. The number of visitors admitted in day should be limited because Anwar is an old man (68 years old). Hence, the hours that visitors are allowed to have a peek at him through the glass (probably during his reading, feeding or political pantomimes) should be limited to probably 4-5 hours a day only.

It is in a way a living monument for the nation to honour Anwar as a failed politician, citizen, family head and probably someone who is supposed to embrace the teaching of God.

Most of all, Malaysians could benefit from the entire end-to-end big picture truth and watch for themselves a sick man who for a few times almost became the Prime Minister. After all, Anwar Ibrahim was an addict of attention even though how negative it was and he would enjoy meeting five thousand new faces every weekend and public holidays, if not everyday.

The mini gift shop at the end of this facility could provide jobs and activities for thousands of inmates of the Malaysian prison system, via the cottage industry program.

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  1. Ya

    Malaysia now has a live exhibit entitled “The 2-legged Chameleon”.

  2. Sunggoh lawak. Saya sokong penoh program 3L ni.
    Saya cadangkan buat patong lilin Al-Juburi tengah meliwat.

  3. Sorry, I disagree. (Melayu punya politeness,beradab, sopan santun apekebende nye, nak disagree pun kata sorry, tak macam jenis ultra kiasu saperti DAP, aysik eksploit, eksploit, ejsploit tak habis habis).

    No, tak payah bikin apa apa special programme for Al Juburi, Al Liwati. Biar dia mati katak kesorangan di penjara atau salepas nya. Tak guna satu sen pun punya manusia. Merosakkan bangsa, menjahanamkan negara. Nak buang “archaic laws” konon, sebab nak memuaskan nafsu dia nakkan kuasa, nakkan sex rambang dsbnya.

    Biar generasi akan datang tak kenalkan dia. Kalau kenal pun, biar hanya setakat dia sebagai hantu syaitan di negara ini. Mengarut nakkan perhubungan diplomatik dengan Yahudi Zionost Israel. Dah tu, nak pertahankan keselamatan Israel pulak. Biarkan Arab Palestin merana di perli dan di buli dek Zionis Israel tak habis habisan. Chehh.

  4. “Anwar’s political career will end here too” –

    I wonder what he’ll think when he reads these sentences written in Malaysia Chronicle –

    “A NEW COALITION IS MORE LIKELY: DAP’s future lies with BN?

    “Kit Siang .. knows that the DAP cannot attain power without a Malay-majority party in Pakatan Rakyat .. PKR is mostly composed of Malay members, it lacks the heartland appeal PAS has

    “But with the Islamist party hell-bent on getting its way, consequences be damned, it has become a liability, the main contributor to the possible disintegration of Pakatan Rakyat. .. it is no wonder that Kit Siang is now looking for a new way forward for DAP, even if it means going to bed with his decades-long political rivals (BN).”

    My opinion? Biar Anwar di penjara merekut, biar DAP jadi bangkai busuk. No working together with them. With PAS maybe.

  5. Let’s trumpet it out near and far that Pakatan Rakyat is disintegratig. In more ways than one. PAS gone their separate ways. PKR too busy to try and get Anwar out of prison. All the legal avenues have been exhausted. Yet Rafizi talked about it in such strange ways that IGP asked whether he wanted to break Anwar out of prison.

    And Lim Kit Siang has spoken about a new coalition. That made people asked if he meant wanting DAP to work together with BN. Sounds utter desperation. And we must drive the wedge further, deeper and wider.

    DAP has been the greatest culprit of divisive politics. Since before the race riots of 1969. Exploited to the full by Anwar. Yet so desperate that they wanted Anwar as PM candidate. Whereas PAS wants Hadi. They refuse to discuss the PM candidacy until after the general elections. Hoping that they will get the most seats among the 3 parties. Now made fun of by Lim Kit Siang. Who said that PAS will be trounced at PRU14.

    What will happen to Anwar? Plain and simple, he’ll languish in prison 5 years. The more Rafizi and others make noise, the more they are disliked and frowned upon. Not respecting the legal process, wasting everybody’s time and disturbing the peace on the streets.

  6. Who in his right mind would expect Anwar to get royal pardon? It’s just not logical, not sensible.

    The Attorney General even engaged a well experienced and expert criminal lawyer to prosecute the case at the Federal Court Level. It’s crazy to expect he would recommend a royal pardon. The AG is a member of the Pardons Board and the Board has to read a report and recommendation by the AG when it meets on any pardon application.

    So, focus should now be on PRK Permatang Pauh. Anwar’s younger daughter as PKR candidate? Would the voters there have any regard for her? Or kesiankan kat Al Juburi and vote her in?

  7. Yes, let’s make fun of him, demonise him and whatever else that will make others not follow his ways.

    Let’s also figure out what he does in prison and what he’ll do when coming out after 5 years. We need to try and ensure he’ll not carry on with his antics politically and sexually after prison.

    First, we call for the Prison authorities not to give him any special treatment. He must be treated like any other criminal. Putting him in a cell at the Prison hospital wing with a sit-down toilet already appears suspect. The Prison officers responsible for that decision must not have any political inclinations, especially not having PR sympathies. So must the specialist doctor(s) attending to his back pains.

    It’s extremely unfair if Anwar gets to stay in an air-conditioned cell when other criminals don’t. The Prison authorities must call for a Panel of doctors to check his medical condition and return him to the normal cell when his back ache is not life threatening. The key word is “life threatening”. Otherwise, people with asthma also deserve air-conditioned cells – they suffer due to humidity, frequently changing weather conditions. There must not be any “VIP inmate” in any prison.

  8. When coming out of prison after 5 years, Anwar can still be a nuisance. The 5 years of prison life would not change him, especially if life is comfortable to him there compared to the other criminals.

    At 73 years old, he would still be active politically. Especially if his party, PKR, is still active. Therefore, everything possible to put down PKR in these 5 years must be done. Anwar must never be allowed to cause much damage to bangsa and negara any more.

    PR is indeed disintegrating now. PKR even appears very much to its own – DAP did not even join the KitaLawan street demonstrations and not interested in the “Free Anwar” campaign, probably having written him off and started looking for a new coalition.

    So, UMNO/BN must exploit this situation to the full. Drive the wedge to the maximum so that PR is broken to smithereens. Drive the wedge also among the PKR factions fully so that they get weakened and fight one another to their death. Azizah has not spoken much as she can see the husband to take instructions only once a month (nobody thinks she is able to lead on her own), the Prison authorities should not allow Azmin to see Anwar “to consult the Selangor Economic Adviser” and be able to claim to lead based on Anwar’s wishes – Anwar, after all, is indeed a convict and a prison inmate (a mockery if Azmin does so),

    Rafizi The Sec General and Nazmi the Youth Head are being closely watched by the Police as they have been arrested pending court cases. These 2 have been Anwar’s running dogs and they must be boo boo-ed frequently for not respecting the Federal Court’s decision, organizing illegal street demonstrations hampering traffic and those nak cari makan along roads they pass through.

    • Yes, DAP has written Anwar Al Juburi off. Lim Kit Siang has even named a few others as potential PM under a new coalition.

  9. “Anwar .. would enjoy meeting five thousand new faces every weekend and public holidays, if not everyday.”

    He also enjoys IMAGINING there are so many people following him on street demos where he took part. 200,000 he said were present at Bersih 2.0 when the Police estimated it 25,000 – and the Police has decades of experience in estimating crowds

    25,000 he said were present at his 505 Padang Merbok demo after losing PRU13. The Police estimated it at just 5,000.

  10. As of now only Rafizi believes Anwar is still Permatang Pauh MP. Until Speaker of Parliament announces otherwise, he said. Sounds like blind loyalty of a kind.

    Others have been talking about candidates for PRK Permatang Pauh. Including DAP – Zairil saying it’s PKR prerogative, appearing to still want PR unity. Despite Tokong Lim having trashed Hadi and Papa Lim already appearing to have abandoned Anwar and the Anwar-led coalition by proposing a new coalition with other names as potential PM other than Anwar.

    Tokong Lim telling all DAP MPs and ADUNs to stay in Penang, meeting old folks, when PKR KitaLawan rally first started some time back. Clearly implying why bother about PKR. When so many in PKR relentlessly think out, plan and execute plans to get Anwar out of prison and risk arrest, DAP abandons Anwar, did not even ask their members to support Kita Lawan, it must be sickening, heart wrenching and ear-piercing for Rafizi and Anwar’s family to hear and see.

    And so Pakatan Rakyat is on its way to doom. They can’t even agree on who to replace Anwar as Parliamentary Opposition Leader. Kit Siang favouring Nurul Izzah, over the mother who is party President. PAS will never agree to women to lead, like in the Selangor Menteri Besar candidacy recently. Only those diehard Anwaristas in PAS still claiming PR “masih kukuh” in Harakah and the like. And, I must tell you, this situation I like.

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