Power to the people

It is sublime when one amongst peers enabled by law to increase one’s pay. Especially the pay rise is 75% from the current salary and over all, an increased package of 39%.


MPs give themselves RM4,500 pay raise

Published: 10 April 2015 7:53 AM

According to a report by Bernama, the bill to hike the salaries and allowances of members of Parliament was deferred to the current sitting of Parliament from the previous.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, when tabling the bill for second reading, said the amendments were made due to current factors which were challenging to the members of Parliament.

“In addition, the duty of the members of Parliament is getting heavier in carrying out the high hopes of the people, and this will boost the spirit of the elected representatives to work with more commitment and dedication,” he said.
The bill provides for the monthly salary of a member of Parliament to be raised to RM16,000 from RM11,500, members of the Dewan Negara from RM7,000 to RM11,000, Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker and Dewan Negara Deputy president from RM16,000 to RM22,000 and Dewan Rakyat Speaker and Dewan Negara president from RM20,000 to RM31,000.

Currently, members of Parliament receive a basic pay of RM6,508.59 a month besides a monthly allowance of RM5,000 for entertainment, driver’s pay, travel and handphone bill.

They are also paid a meeting allowance of RM200 a day when attending Parliamentary sittings and a daily allowance of RM150 to attend meetings with government agencies.

On November 27 last year, the Dewan postponed the bill after no agreement was achieved on the matters discussed. – Bernama, April 10, 2015


The new package for MPs brought their salary equivalent to JUSA B/C officers in civil service. This scale is not withstanding the claims that the MPs are allowed to make, by attending Parliament.

It is not reflective to the frugal lifestyle which the rakyat have to endure in the midst of rising cost of living.

Taking into consideration that MPs volunteer to offer themselves as candidates in GEs, it is interesting the “first amongst equals” have the democratic power to reward themselves. This is not withstanding the consideration that a pay rise indexed to market growth.


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  1. They might be trying to justify it by saying they want to lead by example. They increase their own salaries to encourage employers to increase their employees’ salaries.

    But how about the poor kampong folks, the petty traders and small businesses? Who are going to increase their incomes by 50% whatever? Oil palm and vegetable prices increase by that much? In the process, those who do not get income increases continue to suffer.

    Increases there should be. But by reasonable amounts. Soon the BRIM500 will become pittance. Would the Government then increase it two fold and such? Is that the way to get to high-income-nation status?

    At one time what the MPs and ADUNs got were called merely “allowances”. Politics were supposed to be a vocation, not an occupation. Only those with the means engaged in politics and became MPs. But as time went by, crooks, cheats and liars became politicians all over the world. In Malaysia, there was even one bloke who shot and murdered his opponent. Google it to read it.

    But let’s continue to hope and pray we get the honest, sincere and dedicated politicians voted in by the rakyat. And weed out the ones sleeping even in the august debating chambers of Parliament. One is being discussed in one anti-DAP blog right now.

  2. Khalid Ibrahim. Blame should go to PKR Khalid Ibrahim, former MB Selangor, for starting the unreasonable increase in Wakil Rakyats’ allowances or salaries. And to those others who followed him in making unreasonable increases. They should use some acceptable benchmarks and tell us which one la.

    Crazy Khalid. He even raised his own salary higher than that of the Prime Minister of the country. And those of the Selangor Exco members and ordinary ADUNs raised by hefty amounts. Making people think he saved the RM3 billion in Selangor state coffers only to increase his and his colleagues’ salaries, instead of spending them on projects for the rakyat.

    And a few other states have followed. Now Parliament. It used to be 6%-10% salary increases. Now 15%-20% tak boleh ka? So much talk about billions involved in 1MDB, so got carried away with huge increases for MPs ka? Of course the Opposition MPs didn’t make much noise, did they?

    So much disconcerting news on developments in the country in recent times that one wonders what’s happening to this country. The rich get richer, the poor poorer. Sure they get poorer even if their income remain static – because harga barang naik. Was it the renown English playwright William Shakespeare who wrote “All is not well in the state of Den….”?

  3. Assessing the role they perform, the functions they carry out, the duties they execute, the responsibilities they carry –

    They are called lawmakers but the laws are not drafted by them – by the Parliamentary draftsmen in the AG Chambers. They don’t execute policies and are not responsible for millions of Ringgit on development projects executed by the bureaucrats and the technocrats.

    Sorry to say, but they merely argue, raise their hands to the Ayes and the Nays when called for at voting times. And bring the complaints of the constituents to the bureaucrats and technocrats for which they don’t work fixed hours. And for which they are glorified with the title Yang Berhormat. But are they equivalent to JUSA B or C in terms of monthly financial rewards?

    Just asking.

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