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Extending the legacy of growth, to propel the nation forward is a very tall order but it was expected of Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak when he took the reigns of the Federal Government exactly six years ago this week.

Making Malaysia a great nation and realising its full potential as an extension if not value added to work already done the previous three and a half decades is what Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad expects from Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is able to do and deliver.

In twenty two and a third years, Tun Dr. Mahathir challenged odds in the transforming Malaysia. He introduced heavy industries and literally got the wheels in motion for Malaysia to be an automotive producing nation by his third year in office.

Islamic banking was introduced. Trade was multiplied and industrialisation was a big agenda. Infrastructure programs were planned and realised in mega proportions (then in the late eighties), where acts as the catalyst for domestic trade.

In short, everything was big. Really big for Malaysia and in the eyes of most Malaysians, then.

He did not give a toss whether it was popular or not, even by the people. He weighted the odds and went for it. Government owned utility and infrastructure service owners and providers were privatised and corporatised, to improved on efficiency and ability to expand without resting the burden on the government.

“If we need to alleviate the livelihood of the people, we gave them education, created jobs and provided opportunities. We didn’t give them money”, the Doctor who was in the House opposing to BR1M. “If they are really poor, then we help them. Its our responsibility. But not like this!”.

All these sounds about what British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher did, despite being very unpopular when her ballsiness.  Regardless, these bold strategic actions did pay off. British economy grew into into a powerhouse in the late eighties.

Then Malaysia too, had the progressive growth bullish enough to project the nation to be propelled as a developed nation’s status by thirty years time. Launching it in 1991, Tun Dr. Mahathir calls it ‘Vision 2020’.

Tun Dr. Mahathir saw the pace and adreline steaming towards 2020 being dismantled during the bleak leadership of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Despite having a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ of not interfering, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah was the one who broke promised when he cancelled all the projects and programs decided and agreed during Tun Dr. Mahathir’s time.

It was exactly nine years ago this week Tun Dr. Mahathir openly went against PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah. It was because the latter unilaterally cancelled the ‘Scenic Bridge Replacing the Johor Causeway’. This was despite then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in writing didn’t oppose Malaysia’s intention to remove the causeway and replaced it with a bridge on Malaysia’s side of the waters.






Tun Dr. Mahathir expected Prime Minister Najib to reinstate the project and reclaim the ‘face lost’ when PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah cancelled it, which was seen favouring Singapore instead upholding the pride of Malaysia is free to do what we want at our end. However, Prime Minister Najib had a different approach and agenda when dealing with Singapore.

Then multi billion Ringgit burning contention is the 1MDB. The interview with Hamdan Ahmir did see Prime Minister Najib providing answers, However, those aren’t to the questions Tun Dr. Mahathir raised.

“Yes, I watched it”, stating it with his usual smirk.

“All these AG’s (Auditor General) report takes time. Would there be any investigative audit? How long before we get to know all these?”.

We did ask him about his call for Prime Minister Najib to withdraw and pass the baton on to someone else. “What should the new Prime Minister do (for 1MDB)?”.

“Bite the bullet. Even if it breaks his teeth. We will lose some but its alright”.

On politics, Tun Dr. Mahathir opined that despite doing so much and involved is so many programs, Prime Minister Najib faired worse than his predecessor.

“The ‘Sleepy Head’ even did better than him!”.

He stressed that the Chinese are not with Prime Minister Najib. “It would not work (without the Chinese). When the Malays were not with me (during his last election, 10GE November 1999) because of ‘Mata Lebam’ (Anwar Ibrahim’s black eye), the Chinese were all out supporting me. I won more than two third (majority in Dewan Rakyat)”.

“The Malays are divided. The Chinese are not with him. How to win (14GE)?”, the simple analysis. Since the formation of Barisan Nasional (BN) by PM Najib’s late father Tun Abd Razak Hussein in 1973, the latter led BN to win its first at the 4GE. When PM Najib led BN to face his first (13GE), the coalition faired the worst performance of 10 GEs.

“I want to see Malaysia to be great”, the sincere parting words of an old man who did so much for nation building.

Like it or not, this man with a very sharp mind despite of being short of a decade to be a centenarian, in his stride defied unimaginable odds to win in the toughest of all challenges. Economic, political and global.

In the course, he did transform the nation into a different landscape, on all sides. Malaysia was put in global map as a trading nation and also on the global diplomacy arena.

Malaysia was even a nation of impeccable principle when he committed armed forces for the peace keeping role in Bosnia, when the Europeans and Americans were still wishy-washy about it.

It is obvious that Prime Minister Najib could learn from the vast experience, strategic perspective and wisdom of a man who was actually part of his father’s Cabinet after the Great Tun won his only GE after Barisan Nasional was born and the New Economic Plan was introduced.

It is a perfect time to do mid-term review. Some serious restructuring (Cabinet, Khazanah, GLCs, civil service, commissions) must be done and course correction put in place, necessary to move forward. Prime Minister Najib should get Tun Dr. Mahathir actively involved in some of these capacities.

After all, he has proven to be engaged globally for this thoughts and visions. This is on top assuming the position and role of Chairman of the Proton BoD.

Then again, Prime Minister Najib should be the bigger man and work with Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, in the course of nation building to make the Mega Malaysia. It is not quite suffice with  just the proclamation of respect.

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  1. And if Najib goes n the next PM doesnt do as Dr M wants, what then? Are we to assume that our PMs can only survive if he/she pleases Dr M. He chose Najib. Shouldnt he live with his choice n help the latter out instead.

  2. When DS Najib doesn’t want to do what should be done, what can be done?

    I agree with what Tun Dr Mahathir said. Najib’s performance at PRU13 was the worst for BN among all PRUs thus far. He got the Chinese Tsunami. Yet he still wants to placate the Chinese.

    Financial assistance to Chinese schools, some form of recognition to UEC, scholarships to members of the richest community In the country despite they have so many clans and sub-clans associations and all kinds of exclusive business guilds and trade associations with in-built systems of helping the less fortunate, so many millionaires donating so many million Ringgits for scholarships etc until UTAR refused RM30 million donation from a Chinese engineer multi-millionaire a few years ago.

    In the process, Najib alienates many Malays, the community that gave him 88 seats at PRU13. I fear BN will lose at PRU14. I support the call that Najib be replaced.

  3. Tun M wants to see PM go but you want PM do a midterm review.

    Will TDM agree?

  4. HA HA as the Malay proverb says………..

    which means YANG DI KEJAR TU CHINESE VOTES dan

    kaya SUNGGUH peribahasa MELAYU.
    Anyway…. Let’s wait for the next general election.

    • Yang di kejar tuh – let MCA and Gerakan do the kejaring lah. What have they been doing except ride the BN bus with minimal input?

      Seldom hear or read about them whacking the DAP.

      • They sleep with Dap quiet2 one. Obvious laa..sama jer tuh

  5. Spot on rgds the restructuring of glc’s. Start with the big daddy Khazanah. There are some serious failures of governance there. Most are just swept under the carpet..takut nak reveal.

    PM cannot be chairman of Khazanah and MOF minister. The moment issues are raised there, the Khazanah folks run behind the skirt of their Chairman, none other than PM. Siapa nak bersuara macam tu ? All know this will just lead to more BS regarding risk management, governance review, special review…yada yada.. So siapa nak oversee Khazanah, day-to-day.

    Ya, yang kaya CONsultant, bertan2 report, nice words, pictures…yech..tapi nothing is done.

    Just like 1MDB… bila PM dijadikan advisor, Jho Low will drop Ah Jib’s name when it suits him. I’m sure he did..while fondling you know who. on a yacht somewhere.

    Just think. The current Khazanah management has even outlived the current PM, Cabinet Ministers, Menteri Besar and other senior Government Servants. Fikirkan le. MOF and other ministeries dah jadi bawah control depa because they keep the ‘facts’. Orang Govt nak challenge..molopong aja.

    Tail wagging the dog.

    Time for change. The longer you wait, the more mistakes happen. Ramai lagi orang kat Malaysia yang pandai.

  6. Doggie,

    According to Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby, the Prime Minister is “A job which requires no previous experience”.

    Perhaps it is still good advice to get the good doctor to coach Najib. After all, he is a living legend & he was democratically put in office for 22yrs.

    However, I don’t think the Old Man minced his words when he suggested that Najib should quit or Umno bring him down.

    It’s a tricky bit for you to insinuate that Tun M be brought into the team if not the game itself.

    I am not sure how you can get this done

  7. I think the tone of Tun Dr Mahathir’s criticisms against DS Najib in recent times precludes him from being in Najib’s team in whatever capacity. He wants Najib replaced and I support his stand.

    Despite his age, he is physically fit, moves about with agility and with no assistance of any kind, has sharpness and clarity of mind, far from the senility that one bloke mischievously accused him of. I think he is even fit to be PM and would want to do it if UMNO ask him to.

    Otherwise, TS Muhyiddin fits the bill for the PM’s job and passing the baton to him would not cause much fuss as he is UMNO’s No. 2 man. Doing it now is better than when too close to PRU14. There’s is still ample time for recovering lost ground and getting back the confidence of voters eroded in the last several years over 1MDB etc.

    Yes, I agree that “Najib should quit or Umno bring him down.”

  8. It is a moment of anguish to concede about our beloved Tun Mahathir.

    His heroism of polemic is sorting for concussion. He vengeances himself to be prone as being an activist of troubleshooting. I think, he is at his worst, portraying himself as an outdated political ombudsman by depriving his statesmanship.

    At this juncture, his misrepresented profile of current dope whom Mahathir is. The antithesis of his pragmatic mind defers from the pages of his past. Thus his slippery thoughts slips away into the polemic of politics, tak pasal-pasal. The colloquy he projected and amplified representing the echo of other contentious deemed for controversial noises rather than voices.

    It won’t be a detrimental to Najib by leadership. Convincingly as it is, BN is going to gain impulsion toward the next coming general election, despite the chorused environment of dirty politics and with Mahatdir’s hiccups.

    Politically, Najib’s leadership stands firm with its agenda and has been patiently working toward its advantages.

    The premise by which “your political enemy is your friend” so to speak has never been in denial by Umno.

    Despite series of severe political harassment by the oppositions and within Umno veterans themselves, by its observation, Najib and his team is gaining more momentum. Although by perception it seems a bumpy ride for BN but the meeting of minds representing their parties help to make a different in the political landscape, and already been realized by the populace and especially by those once unenlightened liberal-Urbanites.

    Never in the history of Umno, leaders experience with consensus under Najib’s leadership. In addition to that, ‘Hudud as a deterrence’ has somehow pace the way for Muslim mindsets welcoming for a political reconciliation. It is gradually bounded in the making. It would be realized when the mindsets are converted to votes politically because of Umah, a powerful statement for the Malay communities. This sentiment has never been in for TM’s thesaurus.

    Make no mistake, Najib is not a “sitting duck”as perceived and who want to make belief it is.

    To a certain extent, Tun Mahatdir is persistent in broadcasting to move out Najib. It has its perspective impact. It seems to have deceived the Malaysian minds but yet to be realized. TM is still the member of Umno and his 22 years premiership, a former ranking Prime Minister for all Malaysians is self-explanatory.

    I hope the present leaders of BN would be able to manage TM’s perception of Najib, and also TM’s cohorts vested interests especially Daim.

    • I am not sure about your statement “Najib and his team is gaining more momentum.”. Would appreciate it if you provide some facts and arguments to support it.

      • Mahatdir comprehends if Najib stays on, BN will fall. But I speculate BN shall win if Najib stays on with all-embracing momentums along the “politic of numbers”.

  9. I don’t understand why the explanations given to UMNO Youth are not given openly to the public also.

    • I seriously doubt PM Najib shared anything substantive with Pemuda Umno, as compared to what market already talking about.

      Typically Pemuda Umno, behaving like a swarm of wild macaques. What does one expects if the Boss is Beruk Hitam?

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