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Writer of the letter and Fourth Prime Minister and the dotting wife

The banter between Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak on several strategic issues, gets different perception from different people which include professionals below thirties.

7:54AM Apr 14, 2015
By Goh Wei Liang

I believe

I believe Dr Mahathir Mohamad had noble intentions when he raised a few questions publicly to the prime minister. At his age, what else could he possibly want? Dr Mahathir spent three decades of his life in government (22 years as PM) and continued to give advice on issues even after his retirement. He only wants what is best for the party and the soil that we stand on today – Malaysia.

I believe the prime minister still has the highest level of respect for Dr Mahathir, judging from his tone and angle during the Soal Jawab. The sacrifices and contributions Dr Mahathir made in developing unity and growing our economy throughout his years as prime minister are engraved in the hearts and memories of many of us. He gave the good years of his life to this country.

I believe Dr Mahathir’s questions on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) were fair. Many are confused with what’s happening. But the confusion stem from the complexity of the topic (money markets and corporate finance are dry topics to many) and further complicated by the many statements out there. There have been too many contradicting statements including those from the Treasury and 1MDB CEO.

Let’s not forget the fact that people also read Sarawak Report and The Edge’s stories on this topic. I wonder why the government or Treasury hasn’t setup a 1MDB Taskforce (Comms) just like we always do with other issues. If we are gonna talk, shouldn’t we have just one source, one voice and one storyline with solid facts?

I believe that the RM50 billion assets and RM42 billion liabilities are on the table as audited. But we must understand also that 1MDB is losing money with these assets and investments. Soon, the net assets will become net liabilities if we do not restructure not just the debt but also the subsidiaries and the operating procedures soon enough. We cannot depend only on monetising some of the ‘idle’ assets quickly, such as Tun Razak Exchange.

We must never forget those companies and transactions that cause 1MDB to be in the red. Otherwise, profits from TRX will just end up covering the losses elsewhere. I know we have the expertise in government, Treasury and other investment arms to help turn around this into a success and I believe we can.

I believe the prime minister has taken bold steps and was being transparent in his actions on 1MDB. He made the right move when he ordered the auditor-general to verify 1MDB accounts after which the report will be passed on to the Public Accounts Committee which comprises of opposition leaders like Tony Pua. Let’s be fair and honest here. Did you expect the prime minister to make this move? Surely not if you think he has something to hide.

Whatever reasons or explanation the prime minister gives on 1MDB will never be accepted by critics now. As supporters of the government, the party and as concerned citizens, we should wait for the auditor-general’s report on 1MDB before we comment further.

Table audit on 1MDB fast

I believe we should applaud the prime minister when he agreed with Umno Youth’s request that the audit should be thorough and completed as soon as possible. This is the single, most credible piece of document that could answer all questions out there, hopefully, and we must have it on the table fast.

I believe the Economic Planning Unit of both the federal and state government of Johor should come out publicly to share and explain the cost benefit analysis for the proposed crooked bridge (within the borders of Malaysia). The government can afford a bridge but the benefits must far outweigh the costs for anyone to invest in it. Besides environmental and legal issues, of course. Surely someone has done some studies on this project, no?

We have heard the argument that the bridge will allow ships of certain sizes to pass the Straits of Johor and it could boost the shipment volume in Tanjung Pelepas, Pasir Gudang and perhaps Kuantan. But there might be other issues and challenges that we don’t know and the agencies should not leave the prime minister in the shooting range. Speak up!

I believe the prime minister when he said that he did not order anyone to kill Altantuya and he has never met or known her. Swearing on the Quran is not a small matter. It is a grave and heinous sin if the truth is otherwise. And there is not a shred of evidence which links the victim to the prime minister. The closest we have seen was the doctored photo by an opposition leader.

I believe Dr Mahathir still cares for the prime minister and perhaps wanted to see a different side of him. The prime minister and Barisan Nasional must enter into the combative mode – attack and not backpedal to defend ourselves all the time. We must make a stand on policies and key issues, make it loud and clear. We need to focus on the details in whatever we do and whenever we communicate.

After all, in this age of digital and social media where information flows freely and perception is key in politics, we should be detailed, fast, strong and articulate or risk falling behind.

I believe with Dr Mahathir’s vast experience in politics and government, if both could still work with each other, Barisan Nasional will be at its strongest when that happens.

GOH WEI LIANG is a senior analyst at a government agency. He blogs at


This is a letter published in Malaysiakini by a young man who grew up and benefitted from the nation building and growth during Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s tenure. He has since looked up on the Statesman.

Mr. Goh is an economics graduate from Australia and crunch up numbers, for the purpose of measuring up and strategic planning in Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s transformation plan and agenda.

Mr. Goh’s letter makes most sense as compared to all the “We fully support the leadership of Prime Minister and UMNO President Najib” calls, almost daily events now being featured by mainstream media especially tv stations.

It is a good time for UMNO leaders to wise up quickly and learn something from young Mr. Goh.

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  1. GERAKAN ETD Najib.aka Najib is not Irreplaceable.
    Sudah sampai masa untuk teruskan GETDN.(gerakan estimated time of Departure Najib).
    Cukup lah dengan lakonan lakonan pelakon pelakon tambahan.
    Mesti daftar NGO.
    Semua mesti ikut undang undang.
    Pemimpin dan pelapis ramai.
    Blogger pun ramai. Syarat Aliff BA TA.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  2. Based on my experience In the private sector you buy when prices are low and sell when prices are high. In the Public Sector you as a senior analyst tell us what happens. Thank you

  3. Not the “crooked bridge” again!

    I thought that this subject was done, dusted and closed.

    Now, it is being dragged up again.

    And the alleged “kow tow-ing” to Singapore – are we back to the infamous “abang-adek” relationship again, the ones that Singaporeans showed the finger to?

    When will Tun Dr Mahathir wise up to the fact that Singapore is a sovereign, independent nation, and that it doesn’t roll over every time the good Doc says “boo”?

    So, if the “little red dot” can’t be bullied, go after easier and juicier targets.

    Cue 1MDB, entrance stage left.


    • You do realize that the crooked bridge in question is on our part of the causeway and doesn’t interfere with Singapore’s sovereignty and independence, right?

      • I believe that the matter was a lot more complicated than that.

        Read what the Singapore Straits Times published on May 29, 2008 – “Full statement by Tan Sri Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak, Ambassador-at-large in Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s decision not to proceed with demolishing the country’s half of the Causeway and replacing it with a half-bridge” (http:/

        If I remember right, Singapore invoked the principles of international law, especially ITLOS, on this matter, and said that Malaysia could not proceed unilaterally.

        I also think, if I remember right, that the Malaysian Attorney-General at the time did issue a legal opinion on the issue. This can be easily checked.

      • Rithmatist,

        I’ll respect what the AG says on the matter.

        Until you remember right and state what he said exactly, I’ll go by common sense that the matter could be negotiated, even linked to co-operation on the supply of water by Malaysia.

    • Hey retard K

      The SCENIC bridge was brought up by AhJibGor not Tun Dr M. Get your facts right before displaying your blatant ignorance.

      So ok red dot is a sovereign nation – why must knuckle-duster lee kuan yew appeal to Tun not to demolish coz Woody Goh loves the causeway.

      And remember when the water agreement expires – as sovereign nations, the price will be prevailing MARKET rates – no abang adek okay?

      As of today little red dot is on its knees begging and prostating at India, China, US and Australia. The dead man must have realised to be abang adek with MALAYSIA is far easier.

      Meanwhile red dot citizens including yourself and rhumatist can continue enjoying jamban juice.

      • Hahaha, the dead man and jamban juice. Thanks ray for providing us some break from these highly serious discussions on matters of national importance.

        Wd talk to you all again when having more time – hope BD wd keep this post up until folks have exhausted their comments.

      • Really? Then why is Johor continuing to buy (treated) water from Singapore? Isn’t Johor self-sufficient in terms of supplies of treated water?

        And the Singapore government has gone on record as saying that the republic will be completely self-sufficient for water supplies when the second water agreement with Malaysia runs out.

        And desalinated water and Newater hasn’t deterred MNCs and foreigners from investing and living in Singapore. More than Malaysia for sure..hahaha.

        I am sure that the hundreds of companies from India, China, US and Australia (let’s not forget Japan, the UK and Germany) who have set up shop in Singapore (often to service the region from regional HQs in the republic) must be tickled pink by the “prostrations” of the “little red dot”. Maybe Malaysia is not “prostrating” itself enough…..hahaha.

      • Rhumatist

        These foreigners drink imported water. Carol Cheng from Hong Kong shuddered at the thought of drinking jamban juice.

        How many years can jamban juice sustain Singaporeans before health-related diseases creep in slowly but steadily?

      • Can give links to reliable sources stating “Johor continuing to buy (treated) water from Singapore”?

        Sounds like arm twisting or duping for Johor to be doing that. Or part of some deal where Johor had benefited doing so. Maybe part of the water agreement where a portion of the treated water is piped back. If so, then it’s twisting and spinning by Rheumatist.

        If not from Johor, Singapoe consumes water that is “treated”, not “desalinated”. Desalination is a very expensive process. Not so for simple treatment. Like they do of water in the Thames River which takes in sewage water from all the drains etc. Making the British say drinking water from the pipes in London and the Thames Valley is like drinking sewage. And they drink mineral water instead.

        Singapore “treats” water from the rivers that take in water from the sewage treatment plants and from all the drains on the island? That’s not desalination. Desalination is processing real sea water that is salty which requires a lot of power to discard the brine. Kuwait does it as a by product of their aluminium smelter plant. They can afford it because oil is relatively cheap there.

        Have some sewage-treatment-plants treated water in Singapore, any one? Ray has said it – jamban juice.

      • @ray 10:11

        Don’t be in such a hurry to score supposed points.

        Yes, Najib did raise the issue of the “crooked bridge” in his TV interview, but Dr M is diverting attention away from the fact that the “crooked bridge” saw the light of day during the latter’s administration. He was the one who kept pushing it, even after Badawi took over as PM.

        As for the other points you raised – get them right. Go and Google Tan Sri Ahmad Fuzi’s statement in May 2008 and see the full picture that he laid out in exhaustive detail.

        Did anyone in the Malaysian government at the time contest Singapore’s position that international law did not allow Malaysia to act unilaterally with regard to the Causeway? Was expert legal advice sought, both domestically and externally?

        And why don’t you mention the “trade offs” that Malaysia and Singapore were negotiating at that time – including the supply of sand and Singapore Air Force access to Malaysian air space?

        Too inconvenient?

      • If “Malaysia buys water from Singapore” under the water agreement, it must be to help Singapore, the little red dot neighbour who then pays less for the water from Johor as it pumps back some that it has treated.

        But of course, these ultra kiasus like Rheumatist will exploit it; instead of saying thank you, they try to make it appear as a favour by the red dotty. Indonesian President Habibie did not use the words “red dot” on Singapore for nothing. It’s disdain for the likes of Rheumatist.

        And the term “ultra kiasu” was coined by the Hokkiens in Singapore in the endless fight with the Hakkas or some other clan in the early history of the pendatang in this area.

      • Rheumatist 15:47,

        Why are you people always in the habit of alleging things and asking people to find the proofs for you? That ain’t smart, innit? Btw, the High Court has recently ruled the word stupid is not defamatory. But I won’t rub it on you.

        Kamon, man, you wanna make a point, you jolly well google it and state the points you wanna make, but don’t be lazy and ask readers to google and prove your point for you.That’s cheating and lowly tactic to say the least.

        DAP Red Bean kind, ha?

      • Yo rhumatist

        Firstly no one else here is keen to score points except scholars with paper qualifications ONLY. We just want to share information.

        You really need to list all your so-called facts to convince readers here. Provide links too.

        Ahjibgor is sly by raising the Scenic bridge issue to imply that TDM is being personal is his queries over 1MBD.

        He is telling people that TDM is still sore. That is a sure sign of Ahjibgor’s weakness.

        The causeway will only be demolished halfway so why should tiny red dot DICTATE what should or should not be done. Basically the demolishing of the causeway will affect PSA heavily and forms the root fear of knuckle-duster harry lee.

        Supply of sand and airspace issue SHOWS clearly how dependent teeny weeny red dot is on her larger neighbour.

        Which is the sore point of that dead old man. He died worrying about his unnatural legacy. Well, the skeletons are already dancing in the closets impatiently trying to lunge out to be welcomed by singkies.

  4. No Julius Caesar, no Marcus Brutus and no “lean and hungry” Cassius – not even a stabbing – therefore no sarcastic interpretation of the word “noble” is applicable to the exhortations for explanations by the powers that be on important issues that have plagued the country for some time already.

    But why the “satisfactory” explanations were given only to Pemuda UMNO and in close quarters? Why the same explanations could not be given to the public, if the calls for transparency are to be heeded and if there is nothing to hide.

    Investments, by their very nature, are not all of them profitable. Tun Dr Mahathir made huge foreign exchange losses trying to shore up the Ringgit when attacked by the Zionist Jew speculator George Soros but Tun admitted it, owned it up, explained it, and the public accepted it, continued to give him 2/3 majority until he handed the baton to Tun Dol.

    Now the man often associated with the 1MDB huge losses, Jho Low, is furious, claiming he has been made use of by UMNO as a scape goat. And the Ketua Pemuda having happily announced that all questions were answered the previous day, demanded that the 33 year-old Paris Hilton-partying billionaire “Chinaman” (a word he often refers to himself) be investigated.

    Yes, to the “We fully support the leadership of Prime Minister and UMNO President Najib” calls, there must be the “We want satisfactory and fully transparent explanations in public” calls.

    • “There have been too many contradicting statements including those from the Treasury and 1MDB CEO,” said the writer. Yes, wonder why the Ministry of Finance has not set up a 1MDB Taskforce, speak one voice and one storyline with solid facts.

      And are there not 2 Ministers plus Deputy Ministers there?

  5. The writer is sincere in his belief that Tun Dr Mahathir has noble intentions in raising questions on those issues. I agree with him.

    The sum involved in the 1MDB issue is enormous and it involves public funds. Nothing short of a full investigation as demanded by the Ketua Pemuda on Jho Low. The full investigation should be on the entire 1MDB affair. DS Najib has to show that he has nothing to hide and takes full responsibility for the dealings of 1MDB of which he is the Chairman and for the role of the Ministry of Finance of which he is the Minister..

    Because of the lack of satisfactory explanations, there have since come out all sorts of unhealthy speculations. Including connections with the young billionaire Jho Lo, DS Rosmah and her son’s real estate “junkets” in the US, etc.

    The investigations need to be thorough and carried out by those not only with qualifications but also a lot of experience and clout to be able to dig the relevant records and know where the money actually went. Less than that, the public will not be satisfied and the issue will not be put to rest.

    It needs to be remembered that the public is not like UMNO Youth – it has no vested interest in seeing Najib is saved, if 1MDB is suspected and turns out to be a debacle of huge proportions. The public includes very many UMNO supporters who agree with Tun Dr Mahathir’s concern that UMNO/BN must be saved . UMNO/BN may lose PRU14 if such issues are not satisfactorily addressed. 1MDB will otherwise become the biggest stinking skunk carcass dragged around during PRU14 election campaign.

    • Di Kedah ada jenis yang kata “We fully support the leadership of Prime Minister and UMNO President Najib” tuh. Dah tu dok kata MB Dato Mukhriz patut letak jawatan kalau tak sokong DS Najib.

      Ini jenis yang tak sedaq betapa susah nya nak dapat kalahkan PAS di Kedah di PRU13. Walau pun PAS dah mula pecah akibat tindak tanduk Pakrolrazi sabelom itu.

      Kot manusia anti-Mukhriz nih nak jadi macam Pahrolrazi yang hilang jawatan Exco dan la ni PASMA apa pun tarak.

      Ini bukan isu nak gulingkan Najib. Ini isu nak tentukan UMNO jangan lingkup di PRU14.

  6. Ministers have collective responsibility to support Najib, says Khairy –
    The Sun Daily.

    That he has to say it is telling.

  7. It seems to me that the biggest issue raised by Tun Dr Mahathir is 1MDB. And the biggest question regarding 1MDB is Jho Low’s role and Najib’s family’s connections, if any.

    Jho has admitted a long friendship since school days with Najib’s step son, Riza Aziz, the Hollywood movie producer and real estate buyer. And he has not denied a close relationship with Rosmah convincingly, saying “I mean, I know the stepson well, but I’m not sure I would agree that I am the wife’s best friend.”

    The Euromoney report says “Malaysians from all sides urging his prosecution for alleged fraud and money laundering over his dealings with a scandalised sovereign fund”. He has denied them and Minister Khairy has demanded that he be fully investigated.

    Jho says he doesn’t fear arrest on return to Malaysia. “The biggest concern is people fabricating documents. I’ve no proof, there’s so much innuendo.” He has family properties in Penang but sounds sick of the Opposition rule there and one doubts if he would return under these circumstances. Resident in Hong Kong, it’s not certain that Malaysia could get Interpol to assist in any investigation in that “one country two systems” former British colony. Quite tricky this case.

  8. Jho was definitely involved in 1MDB when in 2009 the Finance Ministry took over the Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA) that he, then a 20-something MBA graduate from Wharton, had set up with the royal family to channel the oil royalties.

    Khazanah Nasional Berhad had been set up during Tun Dr Mahathir’s time to harness the country’s key assets. But 1MDB was different –
    it started out with problems. There was holdover debt. The assets injected into 1MDB were unremarkable, land holdings at Kuala Lumpur’s fist international airport that yielded nothing, and a handful of ageing power stations in need of upgrading.

    There has not been much actual cash flow, 1MDB has quickly accumulated debt now calculated at around US$12 billion, some of it from a US$3 billion state-guaranteed 2013 bond issued on very generous terms, led by Goldman Sachs, which was said to have made as much as US$300 million (over RM1 billion) in fees from that deal alone.

    Jho admitted he was involved in TIA. He denied being “the main guy involved” and tried to push blame on “the other five guys – the other TIA board members”. And that the TIA advisers – Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Boston Consulting and McKinsey also had responsibilities. He detests “this accusation that I profited from Goldman’s fees.”

    • Anybody here knows the details on the deal involving Low, 1MDB and the Petro Saudi International that brought around US$900 million “into a Low-connected company”?

      That’s well over RM3 billion and the interest on that since 2009/ 2010 must be huge. This must be investigated.

  9. Thus far I don’t see Tun Dr Mahathir’s asking for explanations as ignoble or as attempts to create trouble.

    Whether one likes it or not, unless one has evidence to the contrary, one has to note that shortly after Euromoney met Jho, the anti-Establishment Sarawak Report (a blog run by an English woman) published an email dated December 19, 2009 purportedly from Jho to two Petro Saudi officials, Patrick Mahony and Tarek Obaid, saying that 1MDB chief investment officer Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil “will work with you”.

    Of course this suggests that Jho’s influence was much greater than he claims and suggests he has an important role to play in 1MDB. And he is not answering questions on that directly, denigrating his home country instead. He said the situation is such that neither he nor his family can do business in Malaysia.

    “I choose not to just because anything and everything is going to be spun and become politicised. There is a perception that I share close links to the prime minister.” Again, he is not denying that convincingly, saying, “I’m not sure what has happened in recent times indicates that.” Implying that the close links existed at least before that.

    Agreed. A full investigation on Jho Low and 1MDB is in order.

    • The legal tangles, should the authorities decide to investigate Mr Low, are going to be very complicated. Starting with the fact that he appears to be resident in Hong Kong and that there may not be any extradition agreements between Malaysia and Hong Kong or China.

      The cross-border complexities are considerable and could involve the legal systems and courts of Malaysia and Hong Kong for starters.

      The Malaysian investigation team won’t have carte blanche to do their investigations in Hong Kong, Singapore or the US and would have to seek the cooperation of their counterparts in these countries.

      Plus Mr Low, if he is actually as wealthy as he is reported to be, can afford to employ the best legal talent to represent him.

      I am sure that the Malaysian authorities are already seeking legal advice on the matter.

      • No country has carte blanche right to do their Police investigations in another country as it involves the rights and freedom of individuals of that country concerned.

        That’s why there is Interpol. And the Police of one country from time to time has needs for information on suspected or actual criminals resident in another country. Surely they work on reciprocal basis. Especially where it concerns a Malaysian citizen resident abroad.

        Hong Kong is a part of China since 1990. But China has announced the “one country two systems” principle for Hong Kong and attempts to streamline the administrative system of the island with that of the mainland may not have covered the very much British system adopted by the Hong Kong Police for a hundred years in the past.

  10. The fact that the RM50 billion assets exceed the RM42 billion liabilities does not absolve 1MDB from very serious and penetrating probes.

    1MDB may end up in a loss of assets and it must be investigated thoroughly, remedial actions recommended and steps taken by the Government to reduce the debts, make profits and finally turn it around.

    It’s not enough just to say the accounts have been audited. As all sorts of doubts have been cast, there must be forensic auditing, with the objective and specific terms of reference of finding any hanky panky any where in its business dealings. The auditors must given full access to the files and any other kinds of records, and provided all the explanations they may require. No hiding under the Official Secrets Act.

    The auditors must be totally independent and not connected with those TIA or 1MDB financial advisers like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Boston Consulting and McKinsey. They must of course be chosen from among reputable international accounting firms.

    I agree with the opinion that an audit by the Auditor General should be treated just as an “internal audit” as it is, in fact, a government department, and such an audit is not sufficient to put the matter to rest.

  11. Low obviously want to “kenen” any responsibility he may have to the PM. He asked pointedly, “Are you telling me the Prime Minister doesn’t make his own decisions? That the Ministry, the Minister of Finance, who is the Prime Minister – and there are only two to three people in the Finance Ministry that sign off on shareholder resolutions under law – that none of them… that they just signed without evaluating it?”

    More than that, he adds scathing remarks – “Did the people supposed to be responsible for decision-making (at 1MDB) suddenly decide to absolve all their responsibilities and then create this PR campaign with me as the focus of it? Based on the Euromoney report, he is clearly attacking PM Najib.

    • But how reliable is The Sarawak Report? It wrote about a deal done in 2009-2010 between Low, 1MDB and a little-known Middle East-based oil exploration company called Petro Saudi International. Under that deal, around US$900 million went into a Low-connected company.

      And how true are the “leaked emails”? One of them mentioned Low’s instructions to the company’s representatives to deal with a specific and designated 1MDB Officer.

      If reliable and true, Low appears as an ungrateful ingrate out to save his own skin, biting the hand that fed him. Remember, the likes of Rafizi would not hesitate to leak such emails. And I haven’t read any outright denials on the existence of the emails and the US900 million. Not even by Jho Low in the Euromoney report. Low should be investigated.

  12. The root problem is that AhJibGor delegates his decison-making to others.

    The suspected involvement of family members in his official administration is also a potential time-bomb.

    Til today no one dares to question the setuo of FLOM department that utilises taxpayers funds to equip Rosmah with all her needs to do WHAT??

    • He delegates or not, the buck stops at him. As Chairman of 1MDB and as Minister of Finance, he is responsible. He has to explain fully and take the necessary actions that can stop people talking about this well before PRU14.

      • Which is why the PM should never be the Finance Minister also. Holding two powerful portfolios lends itself to potential abuse if the leadership is weak.

        Only a weak leader goes around demanding show of support. His “I love PM” banners should be put up in every sycophant’s homes.

  13. KJ really behaves like a trojan horse. Talks like a debater but performance zero. Red card.

    Sports results going downhill. Shabery Cheek surpasses this Oxford boy anytime.

  14. The “enemies” responsible for blowing DS Najib’s family members and the 1MDB into controversies of huge proportions are varied and wide-ranging.

    They include the anti-Sarawak-in-Malaysia British woman lawyer who ran the blog called The Sarawak Report, those who leaked 1MDB-connected emails to her and others, the New York Times which carried reports on the high-end property buying by the Hollywood film producer Riza Aziz whose sources of sudden wealth were questioned.

    The fact that Riza is DS Najib’s step son and that his mother DS Rosmah, who is Najib’s wife, went to US quite a few times during the period concerned attracted the always news-hungry media. But, because of Jewish ownership and control of the NYT, some imaginative minds even stretch it to a collusion of Jews and Zionists of the powerful Israeli Lobby out to weaken Muslim-led governments of the world. Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters of course clap their hands, happy to link those to his “beneficial” connections with such Jews and Zionists.

    It now appears that not only Najib’s tenure as PM but also UMNO/BN’s continued rule after PRU14 hangs on the balance of a satisfactory resolution of these issues. Tun Dr Mahathir has weighed in pretty heavily. The support of the 156 (out of 191) UMNO Divisions that met under DS Ismail Sabri’s initiative and UMNO Youth’s support for Najib on these matters have not appeared convincing. A day after declaring that support, Khairy called for an investigation on Jho Low – an investigation that may well cover the affairs of 1MDB. Good if it does.

  15. Low has given “a series of carefully orchestrated interviews” with Hong Kong-based newspaper South China Morning Post and television news channel CNBC. On top of the devastating one he gave the Euromoney reporter that UMNO Youth Khairy reacted to by calling for an investigation on Low.

    DS Najib’s image, that of his family, and of the Malaysian Government is being trodden in the process. Both locally and internationally. Still no full explanations, no positive actions beyond saying 1MDB accounts have been audited and will next be audited by the Auditor General and nothing further is heard of the investigating committee set up by the Attorney General.

    And the Parliamentary Accounts Committee appears to have jumped on the bandwagon. The Chairman appears jumpy, eager for action, wanting to conduct its own investigations even before the Auditor General’s audit. Wonder how “diligent” that committee will be on their job when started, especially considering the fact that DAP Tony Pua is on it.

    Looks like it’ll be a year or two before a full audit and investigations are completed. By then PRU14 is at the door. And the RM42 billion debts might have soared. Would there be another UMNO Division Heads meeting conducted like the one arranged by DS Ismail Sabri? Or calls by them for Najib to resign, echoing that of Tun Dr Mahathir. Last time they did so concerning retention of the Sedition Act, Najib heeded the calls.

    • The prime minister has made subsequent statements saying his wealth derives from inheritance.

      That has raised the ire of Najib’s brothers, who say there were no “legacy family assets” and that any claim to the contrary is an insult at their father, Tun Abdul Razak, the country’s second prime minister and a man known for his parsimony with government funds.

      • Thanks v much for the link, ray. I missed that one. It’s very revealing. What’s said in there are mostly, if not all, plausible. Consistent with what I have heard, though some parts of the report I was not aware of – disgusted with and never read anything to do with Kini, so I missed what Nazir wrote in there, too.

        I certainly have comments to add. After sorting a few things out on what’s to be done for the day.

  16. Here are my comments based on the report (hereafter referred to as “the sentinel”):

    The statement by Najib’s four brothers must be aimed at Rosmah – the report mentions the rift in the family growing for months over a variety of issues, many of which related to Rosmah. And done with or without consultation with Najib. The brothers’ statement was a reaction to that by the PM’s Office stating, “neither any money spent on travel, nor any jewelry purchases, nor the alleged contents of any safes are unusual for a person of the prime minister’s position, responsibilities and legacy family assets.” It does imply that beloved Tun A Razak must have been corrupt, leaving behind a huge inheritance, Najib getting a vast sum after being divided with his four siblings.

    Those could be Rosmah’s words or ideas. Najib’s subsequent statements that his wealth derives from inheritance must have been made under influence or duress. It’s simply not sensible for him to be doing that under normal circumstances. Duress can be related to very sensitive family secrets.

    Rosmah is a very determined and fixated woman. Known to be always not taking no for an answer, and what she wants, she gets. Word has it that when she first met then Pahang MB Najib and started playing tennis together at the Hyatt Kuantan tennis courts, she betted that she would marry Najib not long after. Marry she did. Happily ever after? Sure she would be if the 1MDB scandal doesn’t involve her. Or the investigations, forensic audit etc don’t shoot arrows (to use Jho Low’s words) at her. And Najib.

  17. The sentinel quotes one source with close connections to the family saying Rosmah will not allow Najib to meet with his brothers unless she is present, and that they are not allowed to talk with Najib outside of her earshot.

    These are highly plausible. It’s the character of the woman. A lot has been said of dominance in her relationships but suffice to say that the hold she has on Najib must be so strong that Najib tolerated those and did more. That hold could be more than just love. It affects national interests. The sentinel says Rosmah is believed to have convinced Najib to initiate 1MDB. The Euromoney report spoke about the links between her and Jho Low, which the latter denied as being close – unconvincingly, as said by some. And Najib allowed her to meddle in 1MDB from her FLOM office in PMO?

    The family sources saying that Najib refused to attend the graduation of his daughter by his first wife possibly due to Rosmah’s objection, despite being urged to do so by the brother, is also plausible. Najib’s mother, Tun Rahah, instead brought her granddaughter to Najib’s office together with a photographer so that the newly certified lawyer could have her photo taken with her father in her court robes.

    Tun Rahah has been privately quoted having expressed unexpected views about Najib’s then candidacy as PM. But let this be an innuendo, no details given. Suffice to say that Rosmah’s role was not excluded in Rahah’s forming such views. Looks like a lot of Najib’s troubles stems from Rosmah.

    • Yes Haba

      This video is a good study in Rosmah’s body language.

      • Txs ray. Very undignified and utter shame that stupid act in an august function. She must be a sick woman to be doing that.

        The other clips – terrible, terrible, terrible. The relatives talking. They must know what they are talking about. Not the usual Opposition propaganda.

        Looks like I missed a lot not surfing Youtube in the past.

        God is great. Satu masa nanti Rosmah akan terima balasan Tuhan.

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