AWO as ‘Red Box’ Minister?

AWO as the ‘Red Box’ Minister, to focus on the finance in PM Najib’s transformation agenda

Rumours circulating that Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is relinquishing his post as Minister of Finance and Minister in Prime Minister’s Department (in charge of EPU) Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar will replace him in a Cabinet reshuffle anytime soon.

Wahid who is Fellow Certified Accountant and member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants was the immediate past President of Maybank Group. Before that he was the CEO of Renong Group and Telekom Malaysia.

He has had more than 28 years of hard nose experience in merchant and investment banking, corporate finance, over all and turn around management in infrastructure, telecommunication and commercial banking is thought to be the best candidate to assume this job. His wealth of experience, which include macro economic and economic transformation planning the past two years would be invaluable to propel the nation forward under the stewardship of Prime Minister Najib.

Prime Minister Najib has less than five years to bring up the nation to a level befitting a developed nation status, as per envisaged by Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad when he started the initiative as ‘Vision 2020’ almost a quarter century ago.

He also wanted to reduce the deficit of the Malaysian economy, rationalise and restructure subsidies aimed for the needful lot and address the borrowings.

At the same time, all these initiatives are couple with economic transformation programs to propel the nation into a high value economy and provide more jobs and opportunities, especially in a vast growing younger Malaysian denomination and live up to the challenges of their expectations.

It makes perfect sense to have a full time Finance Minister, who is able to focus on both the strategy and tactical roll outs. The fact that Wahid is apolitical and play the role with utmost professionalism would be a boon for Prime Minister Najib to realise his transformation agenda for Malaysia.

Other names have also been floated around in the Cabinet reshuffle. This include a new Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Deputy Finance and Information and Communication Ministers.

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  1. AWO’s first cost cutting measure must be to close up Pemandu, Talent Corp etc. mengabiskan boreh …

    Dont forget to look into the oppressive legacy on the Malays he left at Maybank.

    • If you want readers to believe what you said about the “oppressive legacy”, you need to say more. Otherwise it sounds like a “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegation”.

  2. Sudah patah baru nak di sambung , well !, some may say better late then never ,but why didn’t made Wahid , the minister in charge earlier ?.

    Bilis sudah menjadi budu ,tak kan mampu menjadi bilis semula . Gajah berlalu kesanya tetap ada.

  3. GERAKAN ETD Najib.aka Najib is not Irreplaceable.
    Najib bukan kebal.
    Sudah sampai masa untuk teruskan GETDN.(Gerakan Estimated Time of Departure Najib).
    Najib is not irreplaceable.
    He is Clueless.
    Since 2008 he liberalised and transformed,hari ini dia marah ,sebab dia sendiri lahir kan information democratisation.
    TDM, You are not alone.
    Rakyat tolak BN sebab ;
    UMNO sudah jauh memyimpang dari aspirasi rakyat dan Najib mementing mengutamakan kepentingan kaum atasan, warga bangsawan,upper class kasta, juga kaum expatriate dan juga pelancong halal dan haram,juga yang di lindungi atas sebab kepentingan luar dugaan .
    Kepimpinan AjibGor Luar jangkaan memingirkan rakyat luar bandar.
    Getah RM1.98 tak dapat beli :
    1.beras 5 %,
    2.Minyak subsidi 2.50,
    4. Ron 95, 1.95,
    5.gula 2.58.
    5.tepung 2.60.
    Masih mahu beli kapal terbang private jet.
    Liberalisasi.Kelainan. Lembab.Longlai.Lambat.
    1M.BR1M KR1M,Kain 1M,Buku 1M.Restoran Menu1M.
    Endless possibilities dan 1000 macam slogan.Najib mekanik Tulin.
    Endless festivals.
    Nak bagi PRC VISA LESS agar Pelancung lain dapat hidangan cina dolls.
    Boros pembelajawan, sanggup naik gaji AP atas dasar nak samakan dengan orang lain macam Singapork..
    Mengutamakan kepentingan PRC, ASEAN dan Singapork,sekolah sekolah cina yang jelas anti dasar kerajaan,mengutamakan liberal kebaratan lebih orang putih dari orang putih.Najib-sapa kata dia jiwa rakyat ?Kalau hidup mewah ?
    Nak pakai kapal terbang baru, nak jumpa ketua negara ASEAN.PRC sudah gasak Malaysia punya pasir untuk buat hegemonony di pulau pulau batu karang.
    Depan mata kita, PRC nak menjadi neo imperialism,.Baik sangat Najib dengan PRC.
    TDM You Are Not Alone.
    #2 arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  4. Tun Dr Mahathir’s push for DS Najib to be replaced is relentless. Particularly on the 1MDB issue for which Najib as Chairman and as Finance Minister has been responsible.

    One wonders if a cabinet reshuffle and the appointment of a well-experienced-in-business and a full-time Finance Minister would placate TDM and those who share his views.

    One notices that TDM’s and Najib’s visions are quite different. TDM’s 2020 is a highly industrialized economy whereas Najib’s vision is a high income nation.

    I support TDM’s views and find matters like the 1MDB affair totally unacceptable. Even if AWO can work wonders if appointed as the new Finance Minister, results are going to take years to be seen by the voters. And PRU14 is just 2 years away.

    • TQVM

      In many ways, we must admit we are in agreement with you.

      However, the solution must be workable despite how the good doctor is very adamant that PM Najib should go immediately.

      Amongst the immediate ‘acid test’ questions are;

      Who is the solution?

      What could and should be done after he (or she) has taken over, which couldn’t be done now?

      Would the solution able to consolidate the party and eventually public support within the two years till next GE as compared to getting the current one (IF he is willing to do a complete overhaul in policies/approach/delivery mode)?

      How many of UMNO MPs and Division Head are actually willing to go with this solution?

      How about Sabah and Sarawak (37% of BN MPs), are they willing to throw their overwhelming support in the new solution? (UMNO minus Sabah, has only 56% of BN MPs).

      Does the replacement actually has a solution, especially within the two short years aka half an electoral term?

      There are more questions on the list. Lets leave them as is, at the moment.

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