The sum of all fears

Some of us were invited to have a private session with Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, about a week after he lashed his critics against Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and openly asked the Sixth Prime Minister to go.

We heard from the Fifth UMNO President’s own mouth on the points he had in his head, considering that he has been complaining   (in private) about the eldest son of the former’s political idol for quite a bit now.

“I cannot be seen as disagreeing with everyone”, a consistent phrase he had reminded us for a few times in our private engagements over more than two years.

 PM Najib's first GE: BN fared worse than 12GE despite UMNO gaining 9MPs more. MCA lost 8MPs where else Dap gained extra 10MPs

PM Najib’s first GE: BN fared worse than 12GE despite UMNO gaining 9 more MPs. MCA lost 8MPs where else DAP gained extra 10MPs

Despite, Tun Dr. Mahathir kept this thoughts to himself threw his relentless support, to ensure BN win big in 13GE. He was out campaigning, as if he was still an active politician.

He was all over Kedah. He was in Johor Bahru. He was in Selangor. He was on stage, to lend Ku Nan’s bid for Putrajaya Parliamentary seat. He even campaigned for unknown Dr. Mazlan Ismail, in his attempt to defeat Anwar Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh.

He also did say that if Prime Minister Najib fared worse than his predecessor, in all fairness, then he should go. Over all, BN did worse in 13GE as compared to 12GE despite wrestling Perak and Kedah back from the Opposition.

At the State Assemblies in 13GE

At the State Assemblies in 13GE. The one time UMNO/BN ‘fixed deposit’ saw the impairment of quarter of DUN seats where else it was a very thin margin in Terengganu and Perak

Particularly in Selangor, where Prime Minister Najib then was BN and UMNO Liaison Chief. UMNO saw the reduction from 21 to 12 ADUNs and BN only manage to scathe with five MPs.

Now, the good doctor penned what he said to us in private for the benefit of all.

We are not sure what is the plan now since UMNO party elections is so far away. What is immediately interesting how this will affect the Permatang Pauh by-election which is coming up around the corner, where it was a perfect opportunity for the people to bury Anwar & Co. for good.

Never the less, it is a situation where the ‘sum of all fears’ for too many people, especially within the party.These are the same people who kept the status quo in late October of 2013, when they could have made a difference.

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  1. Those keeping the status quo in October 2013 – one wonders how much of politik wang taking place at that time. It certainly existed at the time DS Najib tried to show he was making an attempt to reduce it by moving the UMNO Disciplinary Committee that found several prominent members guilty, Khairy Jamaluddin guilty of it yet allowed to stand for Pemuda Chief and won.

    It’s naive to think it was not around in October 2013 or has gone away and will not be around in 2016. I think this is the biggest weakness of UMNO and has led to the present situation, 1MDB unexplained, Najib’s wife’s and son’s jewellery and sudden wealth scandals making more voters bitter, yet DS Ismail Sabri coming out of the UMNO Division Heads last meeting at PWTC saying they have accepted Najib’s explanations. Ditto to UMNO Youth last meeting on it.

    Yet no explanations were given to the public/ voters on questions raised by Tun Dr Mahathir and every day the Opposition is exploiting it to the extent of Lim Kit Siang making “overtures” for TDM to work with Pakatan on the unseating of Najib. There are genuine fears that UMNO will lingkup so long as Najib continues as President and PM.

    So, what do we do now? BD puts up an excellent post above, giving the facts and figures showing Najib’s “worst general elections performance” among all the UMNO Presidents these 60 years. I think we must keep on supporting TDM in getting Najib replaced. It may be too close to PRU14 but the alternative of letting Najib continue is worse. He doesn’t seem to be bothered about explaining the 1MDB RM42 billion debts and its remedial actions, or on explaining such things as his wife having an office in the PMO, using the executive jet and his step son’s connection with Jho Low, or the Jho Low-linked company that allegedly received US$900 million (RM3+ billion) on an 1MDB deal.

  2. Very clear that Tun Dr Mahathir did what he did – campaigning all over the places despite his age, kept asking Najib to tarik diri – because he wants UMNO/BN to win at PRU14. And maybe some day get back the 2/3 majority he had maintained during his time, including winning Selangor and Penang back.

    Yeah, yeah, his detractors saying it’s his vengeance over the crooked bridge, even DS Najib saying so, but it’s all nonsense. And TDM has said it’s not because of the crooked bridge. It’s damn naive of people not seeing his UMNO-winning-elections motive. Never mind his son Mukhriz being interested in becoming UMNO Vice President and PM one day. After all, Khairy even announced publicly (even crazily, as it’s not done in Malay politics) of wanting to be PM by 40, now has a year or two to achieve that!

    I think Najib is being comfortable, and even arrogant, with UMNO Youth support for him, which it was found to be necessary to be declared openly very recently after he explained to them the current situation on the controversial issues. Which, if Najib has nothing to hide, he should explained to the rakyat at large.

    UMNO Youth has lost it’s role as a check and balance inter-faction and intra-party within the UMNO and BN set up. Khairy must have found that being the shortest cut to his PMship-by-40 objective. Or he is still the kind who’d rush to Anwarul Al Juburi bringing an international passport that he could quickly get being then PM Tun Dol’s son-in-law for the just-released-from-prison convict wanting to go overseas purportedly for back pains treatment.

    How come he got elected as Youth Chief? Well, he was found guilty of money politics even before that, there were many news reports of his involvement in big money-making projects, having an office in the infamous “4th Floor” of the PMO during paw-in-law Tun Dol’s tenure, said to have a lot of influence over the decision-making on “privatization” and other projects by the Economic Planning Unit of PM’s Dept. People gravitate towards where power, influence and money lie. But UMNO is getting sicker by the day.


  3. There must be something wrong with UMNO/BN. Despite Tun Mahathir helping to campaign at PRU13, Najib got the worst results compare to past PMs.

    UMNO structurally wrong? Najib’s policies wrong? Despite bending backwards to please the Chinese, he got the Chinese tsunami. Then continued placating the Chinese. Instead of asking MCA and Gerakan to regain their lost seats. Seldom hear MCA and Gerakan hitting DAP.

    I support Tun’s call for Najib to be replaced.

  4. When in Selangor, where Najib then was BN and UMNO Liaison Chief,
    UMNO were reduced from 21 to 12 ADUNs and BN only managed to get 5 MP seats, immediate and final responsibility must be Najib’s.

    The point that Najib got the Chinese tsunami despite bending backwards to the Chinese must be laboured, emphasized and repeated. No doubt MCA was having unity problems at that time but Tun Dr Mahathir would have stepped in and got those warring fellows bite the bullet, close ranks and whack the enemy outside, not within.

    Najib has been accused of being lembik, more than that, too accomodating, appearing unable even to control Rosmah wanting an office in the PMO premises and all sorts of acts that were and still jeered and looked at with strong disdain by the rakyat/ voters.

    Those supporting Najib’s continuing in office now must realize that the situation is dire. No doubt Anwar Al Juburi is in prison and Pakatan Rakyat appears in tatters, but over-confidence or, worse, tdakapathy will make UMNO/BN lose PRU14 by default.

  5. Former Sabah Chief Minister Salleh Said Keruak questions the facts and allegations made by Tun Dr Mahathir. ‘Dr M’s statements not backed by any statistics or details,’ Salleh said.

    Salleh should know that a person like Tun Dr Mahathir does not need to furnish the “statistics and details”. Others usually do that for him. Just like Salleh when he was Chief Minister for a short while. Under such circumstances, it’s a matter of whether one believes them or not.

    But between Tun Dr Mahathir and Salleh, I believe TDM any time.

  6. Salleh said Tun Dr Mahathir’s claim of Najib’s failure to attract Chinese votes was “unfair”. He said the Chinese are “now favouring Najib”. But he also does not provide arguments and statistics, merely stating his opinions.

    He added that in the context of the NEP, the government had the responsibility “in some aspects” to help the Bumiputeras “but at the same time to also be colour-blind and assist the less fortunate non-Bumiputeras.” But he did not point out that those of the richest community in the country had their clan and sub clan associations, business guilds and organizations of all sorts to get help – UTAR even refused RM30 million donation from a Chinese engineer multi-millionaire for scholarships etc 1-2 years ago. Whereas the Bumiputeras have nowhere to go for help like in education, except government scholarships.

    But what is dumbfounding is Salleh’s statement, “It is not correct to say that in spite of what (Najib) is trying to do for the non-Bumiputeras, they still do not support the government.” Did Salleh forget about the Chinese tsunami?

    Such statements nauseate many readers. And make me lose interest in commenting on his other points.

    • Kebanyakan pemimpin yang ada sekarang berkeadaan tidor dalam jaga.

      Mungkin juga yangmelantik mereka-mereka ini.

  7. Not sure if this fellow is looking for an “opportunity .. to bury Anwar & Co. for good” or not, but here is one non-Malay view of what Tun Dr Mahathir – who has been trying to bury Anwar – has been doing in recent times:

    “You’re not alone!” says the heading of an article written by LIM SUE GOAN of Sin Chew Daily. Here are extracts –

    .. for a strong leader who was in power for 22 whole years and still commanding significant influences within his party, Mahathir is most definitely not alone.

    After Siti Norhaliza and Rozita Che Wan have voiced their support for Mahathir, deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin also said, ““Let me assure you, that you are not alone in telling the truth.”

    It is apparent that Mahathir is much feared among Umno leaders. While mainstream Malay and English media only gently criticized Mahathir .. IGP Khalid Abu Bakar has also said there are no seditious elements in Mahathir’s writings.

    If Najib were to step down, his successor will have to kowtow to Mahathir and if Najib were to continue serving as the PM, it is very likely that (he) will carry on with the current conservative direction.

    Political leaders should answer to major issues such as the hudud, instead of trying to evade them. Perhaps this is why many have looked to Mahathir to intervene.

  8. MKini and Malaysia Chronicle were quick to exploit what they claim “a pro-Umno website., previously highly critical of Mahathir .. predicting that the former premier might train his guns on Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor” and yesterday, Tun Dr Mahathir mentioned Rosmah for the first time.

    And they say now MyKMU article wonders if Mahathir would up the ante with Sirul Azhar Umar, the former police commando convicted of murdering Altantuya Shaariibuu.

    “Seeing Mahathir’s inclination to intervene in the murder of Altantuya, including meeting Sirul’s family, it is not impossible that Sirul would be paid to confess about Najib’s involvement in the murder.

    Meanwhile, Mahathir, who met Sirul’s mother to discuss about her son’s plight, said he was not accusing the prime minister of committing a crime but was merely seeking answers.

    If is indeed a pro-Umno website. the change of stand is worthy of note. It shows the increase in those supporting what Tun Dr Mahathir has been saying in recent times.

    • My take is that Najib did not give the murder instruction. It could be someone close to him, someone who is power-crazy.

      • Mine is along similar lines. Not just power crazy, also wealth crazy, botox crazy and nose job crazy.

        But the murderer has a loyalty beyond description. Testimony to the Police excellence in selection of bodyguards for past PM Mahathir and Tun Dol (?), and later Najib.

        Even accepting his fate leading to the gallows. Unless promised help one way or another until he gets away from being hanged. He had that reprieve when the lawyers managed to get him out of prison and got the opportunity to abscond.

        If only we get half that loyalty among the DAP pendatang. Loyalty to the country, I mean. Not to Sun Yat Sen like the Rainbow fellow who officiated the opening of a building named Sun Yat Sen, who has nothing to do with this country except tumpang duduk in Penang when running away from the revolution in China.

      • ray,

        I don,t think many people, would believe Najib had anything to do with that murder ,except those from PR ,who trying to make believe on anything that could gave them political millage .

        The question is ,people would not believe that the two police commando would not have the motive either .

        Why it’s seem that it ended that way , the same thing with TBH death, the government seem willing, with the accusation made by opposition that SPRM had something to do with it. Could the thinking rakyat thake it ,people with right mind wont take it.

        Why let that impression ,continue to hunt’s ?.

  9. Burying Anwar & Co for good at Permatang Pauh –

    PAS Permatang Pauh Division passed a resolution at their AGM attended by about 400 members that PKR must withdraw and apologize for saying they would not support Hudud at the PRK, and must do so before nomination of PKR candidate on 25th April.

    • Because of the PRK, Penang DAP Socialist Youth today announced it was “unfreezing” its ties with the Penang PAS Youth, previously broken because of the Hudud issue.

      But PAS was not at the press conference at all.

      • Would PAS bother? I don’t think so. Even PKR, PAS P. Pauh Division want to hit. What more DAP which been constantly wanting to suppress Hudud.


    • Yg tggl d bandar kena blk kg tanam jagong yg ada,duit blah klr negara.

      Bkn macai najib.

  11. Guys, it’s certainly worth the while to press the link to Tun Mahathir’s blog that Big Dog linked above. Many eye-opening statements he made there. Tun was very frank when writing that post.

    I’ll copy and later comment on a few in here:

    3. This shameful (“crooked bridge”) episode is not enough for me to ask Najib to step down. Najib is the son of Tun Razak, the man responsible for my elevation to Prime Ministership. Partly for that reason and partly because Najib showed good performance when I was PM, I wanted Najib to be PM. And people know I worked hard at it pressuring Abdullah to appoint him as DPM, so that he would become PM, when Abdullah leaves.

    4. But Najib failed in many areas after becoming PM. Apart from the bridge he did not go ahead with the double tracking and electrification of the railway line from J.B. to Padang Besar which had been agreed upon but was dropped by Abdullah. For 14 billion Ringgit we would have this project completed by 2010. Instead, forced by the demand, he sanctioned the continuation of the track from Ipoh to Padang Besar for 12 billion Ringgit. We lost a lot of money.

    Up to paragraph 4, it looks like Najib has been losing a lot of money for the country. Billions here, billions there. But the 1MDB is the biggest amount – RM42 billion debt thus far. That’s huge. The sickening thing is that he has not provided the explanations that Tun asked for and on which I agree.

    • The last 2 paragraphs are very interesting. He said he would explain how Najib lost billions of Ringgit in his next post. I can’t wait to read that –

      21. But when he cannot explain where billions of Ringgits have gone to and his involvement with questionable people in the management of 1MDB, I felt that he is not fit to be the Prime Minister of this country.

      22. I will explain about how he lost billions of Ringgit in my next blog.

      • Are we to assume, then, that every other Prime Minister (starting from Tunku Abdul Rahman) of this country saved “billions of Ringgit” for the benefit of the rakyat?

        Is that the conclusion you have left unstated after your paras 21 and 22 above?

        All those “billions of Ringgit” could have been used to lift the rural poor out of poverty, fix the education system and address the perennial problem of rampant “inequality”. Not to mention getting world class infrastructure into every corner of this country.

        It is fair enough that Tun Dr Mahathir is making the criticisms. He seems to be playing the role of whistleblower with aplomb and considerable relish.

        But what about external perceptions of this country and it’s government?

        Do we want to give our friends and allies the impression that they cannot do business with this country and it’s government because of political “risk factors”? Or, even worse, that they should be “hedging their bets” because nations, like individuals, look out for their own interests first?

        There was a report in a regional paper today about the just concluded World Economic Forum on East Asia conference in Jakarta. The next WEF on East Asia conference will be held in Malaysia.

        At this conference, there was considerable discussion about the Asean Economic Community (AEC) and how it could be moved forward to transform Asean “into a region with free movement of goods and services, investment, skilled labour and freer flow of capital.”

        These are critical times for Malaysia, with the AEC, TPPA, AIIB and the China-led Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road negotiations gathering steam.

        We are all aware of China’s posturing in the South China Sea, the “hardening” of defence policies in India, Japan and South Korea and Malaysia taking over as Asean Chair this year.

        The country needs the best brains and talent at the front and centre of these negotiations to make sure that our views are heard and our interests safeguarded.

        How will all the ongoing politicking in the country help to achieve this?

      • How will your comments in THIS blog help to achieve it? The guy quoted from Tun Dr Mahathir’s blog. 21 and 22 are Tun’s points. You should go there and try to get answers from TDM.

      • “to lift the rural poor out of poverty ..” – you have not seen the poverty eradication measures? Which cave have you been living?

        “fix the education system ..” – what else do you want? All the children of the 23% of the population get places in universities?

        “and address the perennial problem of rampant “inequality” – you want all the children of the community that have been the richest in the country for decades be given scholarships? When they have exclusive clan and sub-clan associations, trade and business guilds that help the less fortunate, so many Chinese millionaires give donations for scholarships etc until UTAR refused a RM30 million donation a few years ago?

        What utter ultra kiasu-ism.To the point of being idiotic, innit?

      • Final point – if you blokes want pendatang-friendly Najib to continue, get the Chinese to vote BN and dump DAP and Pakatun.

        So many Malays want him out because he buttered you all for so long in so many ways, scholarships included, yet you blokes gave him the Chinese tsunami.

  12. Tun Dr Mahathir is going all out to get Najib to resign, they say. I used to quote comments in M’Kini only to hit them back. But this time, it’s different.

    Here are examples:

    – Mahathir raises the issue of ‘lavish’ Rosmah in latest salvo

    – Even though many pundits speculated that former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad would not go down to that level. The trump card is being used, the aspersion on Rosmah.

    This means that the ex-PM is dead serious in his fight with Najib Razak when he uses whatever means, fair or otherwise; and that should worry Najib.

    – All is fair in love and war. And in politics, nothing is sacred anymore. Indeed, Rosmah with many controversial issues linked to her, true or not, will potentially be Najib’s Achilles’ heel.

    – Najib’s siblings have come out into the open to apparently chastise Najib (and his wife Rosmah), who live contrary to the humble ways in which their late father Abdul Razak Hussein had raised them.

    – They even highlighted that their late father had in no way left a fortune for the likes of Rosmah to shop in Paris, London and New York, and the likes of Rosmah’s son, who bought a posh apartment in New York for RM100 million, and even bankrolled a number of Hollywood movies.

    • Would indemnity from prosecution etc help in getting an idiotic leader to resign? If so, someone should broker the deal.

    • Some videos featuring Rosmah’s brother, relatives and kampung folks have been uploaded on youtube.

      What they had to say about her is really worrisome. If their revelations are indeed TRUE, I support Tun Dr Mahathir 200% in his earnest quest to save UMNO and Malaysia from the First couple.

      • Some people believe in kuasa santau. Makan nasi dah kena kelengkang, whatever. Or whatever bomoh punya kuasa..

        Some others say it’s purely holding him by the balls – she knows too many of his secrets.

        Bukan her relatives saja yang komplen. His siblings even had to issue a written statement. Said to be aimed primarily at her, and, ipso facto, at him.

        All told, it’s like kena permanent pukau. Hilang jawatan pun terserah saja le. His consolation is only the endearing calls of Ah Jib Gor. Blocked his eyes and ears from the Chinese tsunami.

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