The Agenda

The Jews do rule the world by proxy. The have strategically controlled and placed their own minders in many industries including banking, capital and debt markets, trade and even media.

First they controlled the philosophers and political ideologists, as far back as the Victorian era. At the same time, many of the industrialists and government leaders were already under their indirect but strategic command and control.

These people brought upon the notion of universal values such as human rights, freedom of speech and expression and promoted individualism and concept such as pluralism.

These notions are being extrapolated for ordinary people to challenge everything in their system, which include traditional values, philosophies and traditions in the argument for liberal thinking and individualism. Even values previously which bound society through faith are not spared.

Then they started to introduce people’s revolution via extended universal values such as transparency, open society and liberal movements. They promoted the idea to challenge the convention for the lame excuse in the benefit of individualism, despite it was constituted through the process of democracy.

They created channels via organisations Global Witness and Open Society.

The intention was to invoke the catalyst of controversy and contention, with the end ill-intent to destabilise. Whether the attack is intended against a leader, corporation, government, society or even an entire nation and/or ethnic group, it does not matter.

Global Witness attack against Taib Mahmud when he was the Sarawak Chief Minister

Global Witness attack against Taib Mahmud when he was the Sarawak Chief Minister

It used to be through the charisma of personalities, comprehensive use of media and slick influence created through market ripples. Now, its the extensive and intensity of the social media.

They hype to create the propaganda where it was ‘fashionable’ to follow and support their path, even it was based on falsehood.

Governments were toppled. Nations crumbled. Societies destabilised. Countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria and Egypt were either almost destroyed or paralysed.

All these were properly funded.

Sarawak Report attack on Sabah Chief Minister

Sarawak Report attack on Sabah Chief Minister

They fabricated materials which were presented as ‘evidence’ and created a hype over it. As in the principle where Nazi Chief Propagandist Josef Goebbels placed his bets on, “If a lie is repeated over and over again, it becomes the truth”.

These are the people who are behind London-based organisations such as Sarawak Report. They fabricated on attacks against Chief Ministers of Sarawak and Sabah, all in the sordid excuse of “Corruption and abuse of power which resulted of serious environmental issues attributed to over-logging”.

Now that they have created footing especially in the minds of Malaysians, through the extensive utilisation of new and social media, they have moved onto something more strategic and started on to 1MDB.

Sarawak Report structured agenda. Note the consistent stories, lined on the right

Sarawak Report structured agenda. Note the consistent stories, lined on the right

Since they started early, they have the strategic advantage of ‘First impression, lasts’. The Sarawak Report has since about four years advantage to poison the minds of many Malaysians that some are amiss and abuse, negligence and cover ups caused RM billions are lost at the behest of tax payers’ sovereign wealth.

Doubts created will the used to cast even bigger distrust against the government which is empower by the majority and have proven to serve the nation’s interests, in continuity ever since Malaysians gained the power of democracy.

They have now found their minions in Malaysia in the form and substance of pro-Opposition personalities, who are behind NGOs such as Global Witness Director of C4 for Malaysia.

Never even for a blink of an eye to be misguided by any of the channels of the Jews’ strategic ‘Agenda’ to continue to thrive on their rule by the division they created, especially through well crafted and scripted propaganda and amplified falsehood.

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  1. This is why the Jewish is a smarter race than the Arabs and Muslim in general who onky use religion as an excuse to threaten the non believer with violence.

    • Whoever gave you that idea, Mister?

      “Muslim in general who only use religion as an excuse to threaten the non believer with violence”? Would you justify that statement? Explain the words “in general”.

      Tell us if you are not grateful to the Malaysian Police arresting the IS supporters and sympathisers in this country from time to time.

      And you don’t even know that the Jews and the Arabs belong to the same race – they are often referred to as cousins. Only that the Jews been migrating all over the places since ancient times, practising the much dreaded occupation of usury i.e lending money at exorbitant interest rates, like the Ah Longs in Malaysia.

      They have been hated and disliked all over the world, 6 million of them killed by Hitler and the Nazis during World War II. People have even used the words “the Jews of the East”, not grateful for what they have got, but let’s not go into that.

      • Well, the smart people get other people to fight for them. The stupid people blow themselves up and still suffered.

      • But you are not smart at all, are you? You don’t answer any of the points raised at you.

        Instead, you make more generalized statements. Idiotic, aren’t you?

        You should read the history of China and see how they, then the largest and most populous country in the world, suffered at the hands of the Mongols which conquered and ruled them for nearly 100 years, the Manchus which ruled them for several hundred years until the 20th century, the Westerners which imposed what were called “the unequal treaties” – Hong Kong was returned to China by the British only in 1990, Mister.

        Ever read about China suffering under communist Mao Zedong for decades, regarded by the West as a pariah country until only 1-2 decades ago?

      • Neither did u address the main point raised by loogl, mr halim. Instead U choose to deride him with unnecessary insults, further assertifying what he said in his original post. I can see no connection between what he said and UR childish replies. Or U like other Muslims, followers of a purportedly caring n loving religion, is blind to what is actually goin on behind d facade of a sharing and caring community that treats people of different faiths as unequal?

  2. If 1MDB conducted its business transparently, using government civil servants, rather than those dubious personalities, nobody could allege, instigate or create “doubts that will be used to cast even bigger distrust against the government”.

  3. If 1MDB were to conduct its businesses transparently, using government civil servants, rather than those dubious entities or personalities, nobody could allege, instigate or create “doubts that will be used to cast even bigger distrust against the government”.

    • I support what you say.

      But I also say the Orang Putih one-woman show Sarawak Report blog has very bad intentions, also can’t be trusted and believed fully.

      • Why not sue them for telling lies.

      • Suing is a civil matter. Najib’s government wants to show liberalism, did not even license news portals when Singapore did. So now, he is facing the brunt of the attack on 1MDB.

        Arresting the Mat Salleh woman may be tricky. Because 1MDB people have not come out with explanations, difficult for the authorities to tell which are the truth, which are defamatory and which are not.

      • If that’s the case, we will have to wait till BN lost GE14, with Najib at the helm. Auditor General and PAC report would most probably still not concluded, by then. Lim kit Siang or Pakatan will free that Rear Admiral aka Al-Juburi and everybody would know what become of our beloved PM and his wife. Tun Dr.M and his sons would also be investigated to know how they got their wealth.
        For all I know, authorities in China would blindfold those who absconded public’s fund, in-front of a firing squad.

  4. While the rockhard head honcho and the brick still remain in elegant silence , BD had to join in the fray to defend the emperor. So the rumours of RM 8m coming from the molehole and where it trickles down to was true after all.

  5. The Jews are like what the blog post described above because they are “ultra kiasu”. A Chinese term meaning never want to lose, never want to be left out, like those menacing around the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea and those in the DAP in this country,

    A term first highlighted in its use when describing the endless rivalry and clan fights among the Hokkiens, Hakkas and Cantonese in Singapore many decades ago. Earlier on, the clan fights in Penang where many Chinese first settled in this country involved many deaths among them. In the 1860s / 1870s, the Ghee Hins and the Hai Sans fought one another over tin mining operations in Larut, caused the Larut Wars I,II,III&IV, leading to British intervention, the Pangkor Treaty of 1874 and British colonization of this country. Damn.

    The term “ultra kiasu” incorporates elements of extreme selfishness, shrewdness, cunningness (as distinct from being intelligent), dogged determination, being inhumane, utter lack of consideration for the rights and well being of others,

    Examples of those among the Jews and the Zionists (the politically motivated Jews) are: traditionally so unwavering, unsympathetic and hell bent in getting their often-no-license loans repaid that they use the Jewish mafia to do so, like the Ah Longs use the thugs and gangsters over here, throwing paints on house doors and cars, even threats on life. George Soros didn’t care one bit the suffering of business people and the ordinary citizens affected by the Asian Financial Crisis caused by the deliberate foreign exchange speculation by him and his gang.

  6. The hate for the Jews had existed since ancient times. About 500 years ago, the renowned English playwright, William Shakespeare, wrote the play, “The Merchant of Venice” where a Jewish merchant went to court demanding “a pound of flesh” of the borrower who could not repay his loan. That play had been played in theatres in England and read by people elsewhere for hundreds of years.

    Even now, there are people who don’t have sympathy for the 6 million Jews killed by Hitler during World War II, some even calling it as mere Jewish propaganda to gain sympathy for their own ends. That’s what Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his predecessors have been doing all this while. Saying Saddam Hussein wanted to pulverize them, and getting stupid George W Bush to bomb Iraq.

    Now saying they are the underdogs, claiming Iran wants to annihilate them, trying like crazy to get US not allow Iran any chance to produce nuclear weapons. Yet the bloody Zionist Israel has been having nuclear weapons, built with a used nuclear reactor sent by the US not long after they unilaterally declared independence creating the state of Israel on Palestine land many decades ago. Sympathizing the 6 million killed by Hitler and no country to call their own.

    But the Jews and the Zionists have their duds, cheats and killing fellow Jews (at least financially) among themselves, too. The Jew Bernard Madoff made off with US$50 billion of fellow Jews’ money in a huge Ponzi or Pyramid selling scheme scandal in US some years ago.

    They may rule parts of the world by proxy. But not all-encompassing. They will not, so long as we keep shouting at them and drawing attention to others. Never mind the bloke who comes in here saying mere shouting has no effect. That’s merely his opinion. Our opinions are way better than his.

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