Whose job is it to advocate the understanding of the consumption tax?

The UMNO Information Chief and Deputy Minister of Finance Ahmad Hj Maslan

The UMNO Information Chief and Deputy Minister of Finance Ahmad Hj Maslan

The test of the pudding is in the eating. No matter how it is being presented or the story behind it, the true acceptance of the food is in the acceptance in the mouth and eventually, as it slides down the throat.

Pro-Anwarista news portal story:

Now, Ahmad Maslan tells Dr M, critics to learn about GST


Published: 29 April 2015 3:44 PM

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan has hit out at former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, asking him to check the Customs website to learn more about the GST. – The Malaysian Insider pic, April 29, 2015.
Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan has hit out at former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, asking him to check the Customs website to learn more about the GST. – The Malaysian Insider pic, April 29, 2015.
Datuk Ahmad Maslan today told his critics including former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to learn about the goods and services tax (GST).

The deputy finance minister, who has been criticised several times over his remarks on the tax, also hit out at Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin and academician Associate Professor Datuk Dr Mohamad Agus Yusof.

The duo had earlier this week criticised Ahmad Maslan for saying that Dr Mahathir did not understand the GST.

Dr Mahathir had also been calling for the GST to be scrapped.
“Dr Asri and Dr Agus don’t understand the GST, just like Dr Mahathir. That is all I can say.

“I hope those who advise and report to Dr Mahathir will give him the right picture. Don’t give him wrong information,” he told reporters at a press conference at the Communication and Multimedia Ministry media centre on Permatang Pauh.

“‘Kesian orang tua tu’ (pity the old man),” he told reporters at a press conference at the Barisan Nasional media centre in Permatang Pauh.

Ahmad Maslan said the GST had brought tax rates down, such as for individual income and corporate taxes.

He said if Dr Mahathir, Asri and Agus knew about that, he believed they would also support the GST.

“So for Dr Agus and Dr Asri, I recommend you learn more about the GST before you call me stupid and so on,” he said.

When asked if he wanted them to take lessons from him, he replied: “Not necessary. It is enough for them to check the website that explains how GST works.”

Ahmad Maslan had recently remarked that Dr Mahathir, who is a strong critic against the implementation of the GST and even suggested that it should be scrapped, did not understand the tax.

The remark drew criticisms from Asri, who posted on his Facebook that he now wondered whether a fool could be appointed to the Cabinet.

“If someone whom the majority of Malaysians perceive as ‘less intelligent’ (to avoid using the word stupid) because of his statements on GST, says that Tun Dr M, who is famous for his intellect, does not understand GST, then is the person who made that statement wiser than Tun Dr M?

“It got me thinking, in Islamic jurisprudence, a person who is safih (stupid or less intelligent) should not be allowed to manage wealth, even that of his own. So the question is, can people under this category be given the authority to manage the country’s affairs, which affect the people?

“Can the less intelligent be given important posts such as that of minister and the like?” Asri wrote in a Facebook post, without mentioning Ahmad Maslan.

Agus also posted a sarcastic statement against Ahmad Maslan on his Facebook page, suggesting that the latter and Dr Mahathir engage in a debate to determine which of them did not understand the GST.

“When Datuk Ahmad Maslan said Tun Dr Mahathir does not understand GST, I think both should have an open debate. I want to see who understands better.

“What I am sure about is GST doesn’t reduce prices of goods as claimed by Datuk Ahmad Maslan. So which of the two is the one who really doesn’t understand?” he posted.

This morning, quoting party sources, Astro Awani reported that “several Umno leaders had warned the deputy finance minister against highlighting GST issues”, especially after he was criticised on social media for his earlier statements on the new consumption tax.

However, this afternoon, Ahmad Maslan denied any such gag order, telling reporters, “I was not told by the leadership to stop talking about the tax. If I stop talking about GST, then the opposition wins.” – April 29, 2015.

– See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/now-ahmad-maslan-tells-dr-m-critics-to-go-learn-about-gst#sthash.ldUG50L6.dpuf


The endless banter which criss-cross online media and social network alerts simply adds the confusion into oblivion, at the expense of a new law of the exchequer, enforceable by the authority of the Parliament.

It is not withstanding the fact that it too sparingly the rather harsh humility which many finds as a novelty which amplify the stupidity and inadequacy of those who are tasked to do it.

Nevermind the endless banter who is smarter than who or the other way around. The crux of the matter the introduction and process to educate and make the general public understand on the new consumption tax, which is supposed to correct the chain of goods and sale tax previously introduced better and fairer.

Needless to mention that the GST would improve the coffer of the nation’s Treasury by probably RM15-16 billion per annum and the program to reschedule the targeted subsidy could be on the way, for a fairer delivery in Prime Minister Najib’s administration to just the equilibrium of wealth.

In essence and practice, it failed. There are hugely more percentage of people who are confused by it rather than willing to stand by Prime Minister Najib as one of the mechanism of his transformation plan.

It is obvious that the man who has been tasked on the dual role and responsibility on this as the Chief Propaganda for UMNO and Deputy Minister of Finance, failed miserably.

Both in the aspects of understanding and acceptance of the consumption tax and a material for political boon.

We are not sure how many people is willing to have it further in their throats, let alone can either stomach these clowning of a job which is supposed to be very serious.

Taxation is an accounting interpretation of a law which is as certain as mortality. Telling the story of it and making common people understand has turned out to be somewhat divine otherwise. From the books of the Lords of Court Jesters, that is.

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  1. Three Drs. against one Datuk Lan 3.85.

    Ahjibgor’s camp is getting jittery. Ahjibgor himself sounds desperate as he claims to be performing above par.

    Despite the apparent strong support from UMNO/BN for ahjibgor, the masses are not placated.

    UMNO has metamorphosised into the KELAB SYIOK SENDIRI.

    • Even parts of UMNO are not placated. Like Cheras Umno Division Chief Syed Ali. He has just said he is tired of waiting for investigators to haul up businessman Jho Low in the probe on 1MDB finances.

      He complained there has been little news on the progress of investigations. “We (have been) waiting from early March, and there is not even a whimper on the investigations by the task force, which was set up to investigate 1MDB,” he said on the division’s official blog.

      He said although Low keeps denying involvement in 1MDB, there are now exposes alleging that billions of ringgit originating from 1MDB found their way into bank accounts controlled by Low.

      Low did not deny the veracity of the emails leaked by Sarawak Report, he said.

  2. Maybe someone else should take this to task and explain it better to the people. Someone in the calibre like KJ can help. He has the brain and influence to get the message cross.

    Ahmad Maslan failed miserably. And I think he should voluntary resign.

  3. Wellknown Asri and Agus are on the same platform. They’re no doubt, pro pembangkang. We don’t expect any good behaviors from them though.

    While Ahmad Maslan playing stooges with GST that supposed to be his baby, too. Why the foul answers, now and then ? This lavish style man, the way we look at him, non other than “melepas batok di tangga” – similar case that “menteri ayam” did. If you know the meaning.

    On contrary, Tun M will never agreed on GST and BR1M ! Frankly, did Tun M really make fool of himself or just his overzealous attemps to oust Najib?

    Finally, everybody has their own agendas… Again, they neglect the rakyat !

    • Tun Dr M only has the rakyat and Malaysia’s interest at heart. If Najib is so innocent why can’t he just reply to all Tun’s queries.

      And in the same style, both Najib and Rosmah should sue everyone who is questioning them.

      Whatever Tun has said and has to say is CONVINCING unlike Najib whose presentation style suits a struggling poet more than an inspirational leader.


      • Agree fully.

      • Agree fully, too. Don’t let UMNO go on a free fall down the cess pool. The syok sendiri syndrome is killing UMNO from within and helping to strengthen the positions of the oppositions at the same time.

  4. I have never taken Asri’s views seriously. I would always look for other sources of the same issue so I can form my own opinion. But in this case I agree with him. It is not totally about Mahathir but also from my encounters with people who complain about GST.

    In Maslan’s perfect world, the 10% abolished SST replaced with the 6% GST will result in a reduction of price. Well, Maslan should face the reality that the world is not perfect. In the real world, the consumers are always screwed.

    Here’s what I found out about GST system (correct me if I’m wrong) – a sundry shop which earns less than RM100K is not obliged to register for GST and hence cannot charge GST to its customers. But since the sundry shop is the final consumer in that GST retail chain, the shop has to pay GST to its supplier. The shop cannot claim the 6% from the government as it is not registered, so that’s 6% that will eat into its profit. There’s no way he is going to cut his profit, so he increases his prices. The customer does not pay GST but still compensates the shopowner by paying higher prices. End result, customer is screwed into paying extra either in the form of GST or higher prices and in some cases both.

  5. I fear UMNO/BN will go down the drain at PRU14. I’ll be among the saddest in this country. Never before. I shudder at the thought of the Pakatoons running this country. Even without Anwar Al Juburi.

    In UK in the past, the party in power lost the elections because of the poll tax. Tax is never a popular thing. Especially when it’s confusing. And those in the business of explaining are not doing their thing.

    The voters’ perception of Najib and UMNO/BN is steadily worsening:

    1. GST – inadequate explanation, prices increasing
    2. 1MDB – RM42 billion debt, hardly any explanation on RM27 billion
    3. Rosmah and her ways. Never before. A PM’s wife behaving like her, worsening Najib’s image
    4. Her son’s sudden wealth, buying RM100 mill property in New York, Jho Low, who features quite a lot in adverse reports regarding 1MDB, admits knowing Rosmah and being close to her son, Jho said to be linked to a company receiving US$900 (RM3+ billion) from a relatively unknown Middle Eastern company having dealings with 1MDB
    5. Najib not explaining, despite repeatedly asked by Tun Dr Mahathir, giving voters the impression he has things to hide
    6. Exploitation of the above by the Opposition, every day, until PRU14

    Ahmad Maslan cannot be blamed much. He is merely a cog in the wheel. It used to be the Ministry of Information and the national news agency Bernama’s job to get explanations like on GST reach the rakyat. Ahmad is only the UMNO Information Chief. If Najib or his staff won’t explain about 1MDB, Ahmad can only open his mouth wide agape.

    All told, if Najib is not replaced, no amount of promoting by Ahmad, the party Info Chief, can get the majority of voters think well of UMNO/BN at PRU14.

    • Ahmad Maslan is an unfortunate frontman tasked to explain highly technical concepts contained in GST. Not surprised by that because the numero uno appointed one of the weakest cabinet in the history of Malaya/Malaysia. And first in the history of governance in Malaysia where the PM’s wife has an office in the PM’s office. From which budget does maintenance of that outfit comes from? Another first in the history of governance in Malaysia where foreign advisors are appointed to run the country and greenhorn officers not from civil service are placed in an outfit called Pemandu. All these draw tax payers money to pay their salaries and perks. Wasteful , lavish and the country is doing worse than before 2009. Transformation could have been done without foreign advisors and pseudo civil service. The PM could have from the outset brought onboard all the local experts, the rakyat, the civil service , the PTDs to be contributors and implementers of the transformation plans. It would be realistic. Because who else know best about the strengths and weaknesses of Malaysia if not the Malaysians themselves. Why bring in matsallehs to formulate policies and run the country. In future, such appointments must get theapproval of parliament and fully endorsed by the Cabinet. Foreigners have no right to be in the high circle of policy formulation for any nation .

      • Since PM has created this precedence, Pakatan PM if they win the next GE can also appoint foreigners to be advisors and formulators of policies to govern Malaysia. Tak me aniaya negara, bsngsa dan rakyat?

      • * correction : ‘ tak ke aniaya negara, bangsa dan rakyat, ‘

      • I agree with the opinion that Najib could not get satisfactory “Transformation” done by the Civil Service, the PTD in particular. Because his policies and attitude towards affirmative action for the Malays, the majority but disadvantaged in the country, were a huge break from the past.

        His Dasar Baru Ekonomi had muted the NEP in its first draft and was not made prominent in the final draft. Places in public educational institutions and scholarships for members of the richest community in the county – whose multi-millionaires donated so much until UTAR rejected RM30 million donation some time before PRU13 – hit hard on the minds of the civil servants who have been accustomed to Malay and Bumiputera-friendly policies since Tun A Razak. So the son, Najib, had even to choose an officer junior to a few others to be Chief Secretary to the Government hoping to whip up the Transformation agenda, but thereby disheartening the seniority-based PTD some more in the process.

        So, PEMANDU and all sorts of consultants were brought in. Creating havoc to the established system of government administration. Zeal and earnestness in promoting Najib’s policies naturally diminished. They just did what “has to done”, not necessarily more. Then came 1MDB, RM42 billion debt, Rosmah and her son (not even Najib’s son) featuring in the news scandals related to 1MDB.

        So how to expect Ahmad Maslan to explain things away. Yes, he could explain to the UNO Divison Heads. Ismail Sabri announced after the PWTC meeting that they support Najib. The disgruntled ones said most of them have “vested interests” and had to do so. So said one who is on the Divisional Committee. But outside UMNO, Ahmad Maslan and others have unenviable tasks to perform.

      • Najib does not appear worried, with Pemuda UMNO and Wanita UMNO support. He may be good an showing a “tak takut” disposition in public appearances. But only God knows how he really feels inside, at times like reading about his 4 brothers issuing a signed statement disputing Tun A Razak’s legacy of wealth that was alluded to by the PMO when attempting to explain his step son’s (Rosmah’s son’s) sudden wealth.

        The “guilty of politik wang” Khairi Jamaludin etc carried Najib on their shoulders at a subsequent meeting at PWTC, too. Khairi must have found that fitting with his declared ambition of becoming PM by 40 – only 1-2 years away. Shahrizat now must have been at least cheesed off at the apparent no help, freezing of bank accounts and prosecuting her husband and sons regarding the NFC loan scandal.

        But they say in politics there are no permanent enemies. Only those who exploit and be exploited to the maximum. I would like to see maximum exploitation by those who matter to get Najib replaced. I support Tun Dr Mahathir.

        Ahmad Maslan has even appeared as melatah. Asking Tun Dr Mahathir to learn about GST. The old man was born, educated, got a medical degree long before you were born, Ahmad. And he was a PM for 22 years, for God’s sake – maybe he understands GST better than you, poor chap.

      • Eexactly. Najib’s policy is a break from the past.But who authorise him to break from the past. He might as well join Pakatan. As Ptesident UMNO he is entrusted to spearhead perjuangan UMNO, not change course. He doesn’t own UMNO. Tun M is right, this guy must step down. He is pursuing a crooked agenda not in line with UMNO struggles and aspiration. He is in the wrong political party.

    • Kelam kabut, kelam kabut. Or is it kilang kabut. The mobile prepaid phone GST may involve the kilang also. Or maybe just Najib’s kilang.

      Najib today had to direct Communications and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery to personally handle the prepaid reloads issue from now on. It has made consumers upset for being charged the GST. Looks like Ahmad Shabery is in charge of of information, not Ahmad Maslan.

      And Najib used Facebook and Twitter to direct Ahmad Shabery. Why doesn’t he use email – less embarrassing to his Ministers? Like they don’t know their responsibilities. Ahmad Shabery and Ahmad Maslan appeared to be at odds with each other over the price of mobile prepaid reload cards.

      Don’t they discuss the implementation of these things among the Ministers concerned. Or among the Officers of the Ministries concerned. Is it, again, because of confusion due to the presence of consultants, PEMANDU and whoever else Najib appoints to administer this country, on top of the PTD?

      • Why change the name Information Ministry to Communication … Ministry? Until not clear who is in charge of disseminating information.

        Nak nama bergaye, ye?

        Ha kau, padan muke.

    • It has been pointed out that since implementation of the consumption tax on April 1, confusion arose over the price of prepaid reloads. Consumes complained and there were indications that it would go back to pre-GST rates from May 1.

      Ahmad tweeted yesterday that the April 3 Cabinet decision overrode any other decision on the prepaid reloads issue, and that telcos should know about this.

      His tweet included a link to an Utusan Online news article referring to the Cabinet’s decision that there would be no price hike on reloads on prepaid cards despite being levied GST.

      However, Shabery said yesterday that it was impossible for telcos to revert the price as of today due to the need to do a reconfiguration process. He said, “Prepaid reloads also involve payments made through banks and electronic payment methods besides involving as many as 30,000 agents across the country … a change in software and systems needs to be done to ensure that it runs smoothly.”

    • So, the kilang will also kabut? Is it that many have gone blur in Najib’s set up, including the Minister, the Deputy Minister? Or everybody confused as to who is responsible over specific matters – PEMANDU, the consultants, the PTD Ministry Secretary General, the Technocrat Information Department Director General, or whoever else Najib has appointed into the Government Administration?

      Yes, looks like they didn’t have meetings before implementing new policies to ensure their smooth running. Is it the diminishing zeal and earnestness of the Government Officers as a result of being demoralized by such things as Najib disregarding the all-important tradition of seniority and lead by the PTD which, since British colonial times, had performed excellently. They know their stuff, they advise Ministers what to do, organize meetings for smooth implementation of new policies, etc.

      And Kilang kabut happens only during Najib’s time. PEMANDU, anyone?

      • Najib’s subordinates just need to proclaim “We stand with you” while hoisting the “I love PM” banners.

        The stronger ones can carry him on their shoulders. Some of them also vowed to protect little rosie, even if imprisoned.

        After which – all will be FORGIVEN.

      • Haha…it is really amusing when followers begin following a leader blindly. I love PM ala US Presidential campaign is as good as over. The govt should pay attention to how angry and unhappy the rakyat have become. The name consumption tax itself sounds evil, since people are being taxed for wanting to consume items that are a nnecessity. In terms of prosperity, Malaysians have regressed. The question is why ? What are the policies that have let the people down? Rectify them.instead of propping up and praising UMNO Leader. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Accountability and transparency are the badge of honour of any good governance.

  6. Telling Dr M, critics, to learn about GST? It’s not as easy as learning about road tax, issit?

    Anyway, is not the job of the gomen to explain? And explaining is not just yak yak yak. People use TV shows, comedies, satires and all to explain.

    Get the popular media, especially TV, to explain lah. Make the explanation interesting to watch or listen to. And don’t get nincompoops to read boring scripts. Use your imagination, devise ways to make the explanations interesting, man.

  7. If TDM can understand forex and money market operations better than ordinary bank officers,I don’t believe he don’t understand GST.

  8. The timing of the GST implementation is disastrous. It’s at the worst of times, in the midst of the 1MDB fisaco – it’s a fiaso until and unless DS Najib provides satisfactory explanations, and I don’t think the Auditor General’s report will explain in depth where the RM27 billion went.

    No indication when the AuG’s report will be ready anyway, just like when the task force which includes the Police and the AG staff will act on Jho Low, like lamented by the Umno Cheras Division.

    The Communication and Multimedia Ministry may eventually be able to get the “so many things configured” and the prepaid mobile phone topping up prices sorted out and explained, but not the 1MDB.

    Najib got booed in Sarawak in front of thousands yesterday and I don’t remember if any other PM has been booed in the past. Many of those at the rally were accusing that the huge sums collected each day under the GST is meant to cover the RM42 billion 1MDB debt.

    If he says he is not worried and will not be distracted by his detractors, he must be having such a thick skin that dignified and self-respecting politicians are not made of. Many politicians are thick skinned? Maybe so – the stupid bastard George W Bush was one, though he was so stupid that he didn’t realize his skin was as thick as a swine’s.

    • This First couple even wore “thick” skins resembling the Madagascar HIPPO and ZEBRA.

      The skins came in musky brown, and black and white stripes.

      Heil Marty and Gloria!!

  9. With all the above facts and arguments, and Tun Dr Mahathir’s relentless and stinging comments, Najib appears likely to cause the demise of UMNO/BN power at PRU14.

    If and when that happens, the blame must go to Najib for his intransigence. He doesn’t listen to the views of UMNO grassroots and UMNO supporters and sympathisers. The 156 UMNO Division Heads (out of 191) that turned up at PWTC under Ismail Sabri’s effort were not “grassroot” UMNO members.

    Division Heads have been called “Warlords” and, like in Afghanistan and the troubled borders of Pakistan, mostly they sit in their large compounds and comfortable office rooms, supported and protected by the rank and file and quite oblivious to the actual feelings of Pak Mat, Pokdo, Seman and si Kittol in their areas. Yes, si Kittol who may have some sympathies with the Opposition like PKR and PAS, easily persuaded or pushed to vote others at PRU14.

    Ahmad Maslan, who is also a Deputy Minister, has time to deal with only the Ketua Bahagian and Ketua Cawangan. There are hundreds of them already. It’s the Ketua Cawangan and Ketua Bahagian who have the time to explain to the grassroot UMNO members, their supporters and sympathisers. But when most of them are said to have “vested interests”, they will just keep quiet when they disagree or see things not right like the 1MDB and the confusing GST, leaving the UMNO grassroot members, supporters and sympathizers largely to their own devices, frustration and resentment.

    Don’t blame Tun Dr Mahathir and us vocal UMNO supporters when UMNO/BN loses at PRU14. It’s Najib. He’s in charge of his own and UMNO’s destiny. No other views matter to him.

    • Najib Razak is acting more like an emperor than a prime minister, says a former Umno minister, adding to the chorus of voices urging him to step down.


      • PM who is style over substance. He has no vision, he cant talk without a prepared text, he plays safe by pushing all dirt and shit to his cabinet colleagues to resolve like passing the pre paid gst issue to Shabery Cheek using twitter. Hasnt he any respect for other cabinet colleagues who are also MPs like him. He thinks he is a President like Obama elected by millions of voters. Sorry to say he is not. Cant he see he is the most unpopular politician in Malaysia, right now?

    • Najib said he won’t entertain baseless allegations. But TDM does not make allegations. Merely asks explanations.

      On 1MDB, maybe Najib cannot explain. For reasons known only to him. So, Ahmad Maslan could try to explain only GST. Even that the poor fellow and Ahmad Sabri got told a few things via FB/ Tweeter.

      What’s the phrase – Not all is well .. or ..All is not well in the …

      • It was reported as “an uncharacteristic, tersely-worded directive to the minister on Twitter, (from) the Prime Minister ..”

        Najib then added that only the minister (Ahmad Shabery) may make any announcement on the matter.

        Like a startled underling, Ahmad Shabery sprang to attention, tweeted a reply to Najib: “Yes sir. I will meet with all parties to get the best (decision) for the rakyat and country.”

        He then scheduled a meeting last night with the telcos to thrash out the matter, the outcome not known.

        But why didn’t he think of doing that before? Not sure whose responsibilities? Kan sudah banyak malu, after much conflicting announcements by the different agencies involved in the matter.

        His subordinates like the Ministry Secretary General, the Information Director General, the MCMC CEO, the National News Agency Bernama boss never brought these things to his attention? Never proposed actions/ meetings to sort these out until Najib had to tersely Twitter him? Did they say Najib put duds into his Cabinet? Habis lah UMNO/BN like that.

  10. It’s now clear that explaining GST is Ahmad Shabery’s job, and good old Ahmad Maslan said he is willing to go on explaining GST even if stones are thrown at him. But when do we get to know the results of Shabery’s meeting with the telcos re the mobile phone refill cost?

    Agree that imposing tax is a very serious matter. The first British Resident to Perak after the Panglor Treaty of 1874 and the start of colonial rule in Perak, JWW Birch, was kerissed/ speared to death along the bank of the Perak River at Pasir Salak when his men were pinning notices on coconut trees starting the imposition of cukai.

    Now Najib imposing unpopular cukai when people see prises of goods rising and 1MDB debts reaching RM42 billion, unexplained. And Najib’s scandalous-lifestyle wife and step-son in US buying a RM100 mill property with sudden wealth, explained as Najib’s “legacy of wealth” which was seriously disputed (siged statement) by his siblings.

    Yet no response to the allegations in Sarawak Report, and to the Euromoney Report in Hong Kong which angered UMNO Youth Head Khairy Jamaludin into demanding an investigation on businessman Joh Low, linked to a company receiving US$900 (over RM3 billion) from the Middle East company having dealings with 1MDB. And the UMNO Cheras Division has followed it up, shouting on that, in an interview by the opposition so-called news portal, as claimed by them.

    Since Najib is not willing to entertain “unfounded allegations” on 1MDB (though Tun Dr Mahathir appeared to be mainly asking questions), there’s nothing Ahmad Maslan can do except hog on the GST explanations. For want of anything better from Najib and his cabinet, perhaps we should let Ahmad Maslan carry on – after all, as Deputy Finance Minister, it is also his business to speak about GST. And we wait for bigger explosions that’ll make Najib throw in the towel.

  11. Najib has proven to give in, an indication that he might throw the towel if strong enough pressure.

    Remember the Sedition Act? He wanted to throw it away but UMNO Divisions, UMNO Youth and UMNO Wanita voiced out against it and he announced that the Act will continue.

    Not all the 156 UMNO Divisions that Ismail Sabri managed to get to attend the PWTC meeting fully agreed with Najib’s explanations. Syed Ali, Head, Cheras UMNO Division, is clear proof. Khairi himself sounds probing or wanting to clear the air when calling for Jho Low to be investigated.

    Maybe more will speak up as we go on.

  12. Mat Maslan, Mat Maslan…. poor bugger is trying too hard to look clever.

    Dulu kita ada cerita Lebai Malang dan Pak Pandir, Kini kita ada kisah berikut pula untuk memberi gambaran yang cukup baik tentang keadaan semasa:

    Satu hari Najib bertanya kepada Tun M, “Tun, macam mana ya Tun mentadbir negara dan kerajaan dengan sangat efisien dan cemerlang? Ada apa-apa tips atau formula Tun boleh bagi dekat saya?”.

    Tun pun menjawab, “Perkara yang pertama dan yang amat-amat penting sekali ialah sebagai seorang PM, kita mestilah dikelilingi oleh orang-orang yang bijak dan boleh diharap”.

    Najib ternganga, kemudian bertanya, “Tapi bagaimana nak tahu orang yang berada di sekeliling kita itu benar-benar bijak dan boleh diharap?”

    Tun menghirup kopi dan kemudian berkata, “Oh, itu senang saja. Hanya tanyakan mereka satu soalan teka-teki dan minta mereka menjawabnya dengan tepat”. Tun menekan butang intercom. “Minta Tun Daim masuk ke bilik saya sekarang, thank you”.

    Selang beberapa minit Tun Daim pun berjalan masuk ke dalam bilik dan berkata, “Ya Tun, anything?”.

    Tun M tersenyum dan berkata, “Tolong jawab soalan saya ini, Daim. Ibu dan ayah kamu ada seorang anak. Dia bukan abang kamu dan bukan juga kakak kamu. Dan bukan juga adik kamu. Siapakah dia?” .

    Dengan pantas Tun Daim menjawab, “Jawapannya ‘dia’ itu sudah pastilah saya, Tun”.

    “Yaa! bagus. Tepat sekali jawapannya. You memang bijak Daim, that’s why I have you in my cabinet “, kata Tun M.

    Najib pun balik ke pejabatnya lalu memanggil salah seorang penasihatnya iaitu Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Ahmad Maslan. Najib kemudian menanyakan soalan yang sama kepada Ahmad Maslan. “Maslan Kamu jawab soalan ini. Ibu dan ayah kamu ada seorang anak. Dia bukan abang dan juga bukan kakak kamu. Adik kamu pun bukan. Siapakah dia?”.

    Setelah berfikir beberapa ketika, beliau pun bekata “Saya tak pasti, boss. Boss bagi saya masa kejap saya find out.” Ahmad Maslan pun terus pergi menemui penasihat-penasihat dan SU-SU nya termasuklah beberapa orang rakan dari PEMANDU yang CGPA nya lebih dari 3.85, tapi seorang pun tak dapat memberikan jawapan. Akhirnya ketika beliau berada di dalam tandas di Parlimen, dia terdengar suara orang menyanyi dari dalam tandas sebelah dan dia sangat kenal suara tersebut. Itu suara Mukhriz. Seboleh-bolehnya Ahmad Maslan tidak mahu bertanya kepada Mukhiz, kerana segan dia baru sahaja hentam Tun pasal GST minggu lepas, tetapi dek kerana terdesak, Ahmad Maslan pun bertanya juga pada Mukhriz..

    “Bro, boleh tak you tolong jawab soalan ni untuk saya, Boss tanyalah. Soalannya begini; Ibu dan ayah awak ada seorang anak dan dia bukan abang atau kakak awak. Adik awak pun bukan. Siapakah dia?”.

    Mukhriz pun dengan selamba menjawab, “Senang ja tu… Jawapannya ‘dia’ itu ialah saya”.

    Ahmad Maslan tersenyum lebar , dan berkata “Terima kasih Bro, by the way you tolonglah educate your father sikit”. Sempat lagi Ahmad Maslan ambil pot shot kat Tun.. Kemudian dia pun bergegas pergi ke pejabat Najib. “Boss, saya dah buat sedikit kajian dan consult my former lecturer di Victoria Uni, Wellington, New Zealand. Dah dapat dah jawapan teka teki bos tu..”, kata Ahmad Maslan dengan trade mark senyum berlagaknya.

    “So, apa jawapannya? Siapa dia?” tanya Najib.

    Ahmad Maslan dengan bangganya menjawab, “Bukan abang dan bukan kakak saya dan juga bukan adik saya..Jadi dia ialah Mukhriz lah, boss!”

    Najib pun menggelengkan kepala.. Maslan, Maslan.. What was I thinking when I make you deputy Minister?? Najib berkata dengan kesalnya. Ahmad Maslan pun terkejut lalu bertanya “Salah ke boss? so siapa di “Dia” tu? Kali ni Najib betul-betul hilang coolnya lalu dia pun menjerit; “Come on la Maslan, its so simple, soalan mudah macam tu pun kau tak boleh jawab! patutlah rakyat marah, Useless!”.

    Ahmad Maslan yang masih terkejut beruk pun memberanikan diri bertanya sekali lagi, “Boss, kalau bukan Mukhriz, apa jawapan yang betul boss?”.

    Najib pun dengan confidentnya menjawab, “Jawapannya ialah Tun Daim la, bodoh…”

    • Hahaha hohoho hihihi

  13. Tun Dr Mahathir has suggested the GST be scrapped. Some people have said 1MDB has accumulated so much debt that GST will bring in huge revenues to strengthen the government finances.

    If so, not likely for GST will be scrapped. Ahmad Maslan will labour to explain as Deputy Minister of Finance. Ahmad Shabery will lead as the Communication and Multi Media Minister. But, with so much criticism against GST and 1MDB, will Ahmad Shabery and Ahmad Maslan succeed? Will Najib get away unscathed over the scandalous 1MDB and the unpopular GST?

    I doubt so. More than being unscathed, he might even be replaced. A lot depends on the UMNO Division Heads. The Sedition Act was retained because the Division Heads took the initiative to voice their opinions. Started by one Division Head who was also a Minister, very concerned about Malay rights and privileges that UMNO is sworn to protect and promote, and being enshrined in the Constitution, is protected by the Sedition Act. The ball went rolling until UMNO Youth found it prudent/ good politic to join in the bandwagon. UMNO Wanita followed suit.

    Will it happen again? A strong possibility. Out of the 156 Division Heads (total 191) that attended the Ismail Sabri-organized PWTC meeting, there must be quite a few feeling not fully satisfied with Najib’s closed-door explanations, like the Cheras UMNO Division. As has been pointed out, even UMNO Youth Head Khairy has weighed in on the 1MDB, though his target appears to be Jho Low.

    This time the concern is the very survival of UMNO/BN at PRU14. Khairy may have shouldered Najib with other Youth leaders. But one wonders if his demand for Jho Low to be investigated is not aimed at opening the can full of worms to suit his PM-by-40 ambition.

  14. People must be smart! You add 6% to what you purchase, then you can go home tell your wife and children that you have just been given a big favor by the government (of which this genius A.M. Is a member)for having purchased goods at a cheaper rate. Wow!!!

  15. Utusan Melayu is reported to be suggesting Attorney General to retire. On health grounds (he has been on sick leave a bit) and his “contract” (is he really on contract?) is about to expire.

    Some Opposition “news portals”/ blogs trying to put it to UMNO/ certain sectors of the Establishment not happy over his performance in such things as the 1MDB Task Force, the Altantuya case, the Anwar case.

    Any truths to those? Any one read any development on the 1MDB Task Force?

  16. Poor Ahmad Maslan, now his personal website ahmadmaslan.com has been defaced by unidentified hackers.

    The hackers appear to be leaving a message for Najib, lashing out at GST,1MDB, PTPTN loans, POTA, and his daughter’s recent wedding celebrations.

    Ahmad got it because he appeared as the government’s “chief GST defender”. If Najib is still around and wins PRU14, he should make Ahmad a full Minister. No? Awwww, give Ahmad a chance. Many in Najib’s cabinet are about the same calibre.

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