Populus hic locutus

The people have spoken. In Rompin and Permatang Pauh. Strong messages relayed, though in both locality are quite not the same.

First it was Rompin. BN saw its majority reduced from 15,144 votes over PAS’s in 13GE to only 8,895 votes two days ago. The votes for PAS’s candidates did not change and the reduction for votes for BN’s candidate correspond to the lesser turn out.

Then it was Permatang Pauh. PKR saw the reduction of majority of votes obtained over BN’s from 11,721 in 13GE to 8,841 yesterday.

Percentage wise, in Rompin BN’s majority reduced by 41.26% on a turn out which is lowered by 13% as compared to PKR’s 24.57% of a lowered turn out of 20%.

First of all, it is easy to generalise that both are by-elections and the common people are very tired of over politicking. After all, it is a by-election to many and some chose to not take it seriously.

In a constituency of a BN strong hold aka ‘fixed deposit’, the lowering of majority is very substantial and something to be alarmed about. Issues such as confusion arisen from the introduction of GST is top of the list.

Of course, politics is about perception. Many of the issues being speculated and exaggerated from mouth to mouth in everyday social interaction such as at the place of work or the local coffee shop in many ways sink into the minds of voters.

Probably the popularity of Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak isn’t what many what to think where it actually is. Especially, the aggregated stories about his family’s lifestyle which is coupled with the compounded faux pas of Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers especially in very sensitive issues such as price hike of everyday goods and GST.

The unanswered issues in 1MDB as being highlighted by Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad which drew in more attention and speculations, evolved further. The matter moved upwards into the ‘scandalous range’ became more complicated a day before the Permatang Pauh polls, when Tabung Haji’s acquisition in one of the parcels with the Tun Razak Exchange became viral on social media.

The ‘dynasty’ of Anwar & Co. in Permatang Pauh for the thirty fourth year now did not actually take effect. However the more interested analysis in that by-election is that the working relationship between the three Opposition parties.

It is now proven in Permatang Pauh that PKR and DAP no longer is heavily reliant on PAS’s voters, sympathisers nor their election machinery, to win in an election.

This is a landmark theory proven especially after the year long stiff internal struggle within PAS between the orthodox ‘golongan ulama‘ and the more radical ‘Young Turks’, who are actually minions of Anwar Ibrahim.

Officially, PAS is at arms with PKR and DAP on very stinging fundamental issue of Hudud.

The recent slightly more than a year ‘Kajang Move’ on the play of the Kajang by-election designed to help then Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in his final leg of the Sodomy II case and the removal of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as MB Selangor did not augur well on the PAS-PKR relationship.

UMNO should really pay attention on this development within the (un)holy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-enstraged-backstabbing-bed-fellows and strategically use the opportunity.

Many lessons learned from this two by-election. Especially taking into the consideration of factors such as the introduction of GST, 1MDB scandals, Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s attacks on Prime Minister Najib and other usual political punts.

What is most important are the leaders willing to seriously take notes in all these and learnt something?

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  1. It all depends on DS Najib. The other leaders, at whatever level, want to protect their vested interests. All kinds of vested interests. Including just being in the same herd. It’s called the herd mentality.

    But occasionally a few leaders dare to speak up. Like Shahidan Kassim, member of the Supreme Council, who first spoke for retention of the Sedition Act to protect the rights and interests of the Malays as spelled out and envisaged in the Constitution – on Islam, the Ketuanan Melayu via Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, the Malay Special Position, all of which are threatened if the Sedition Act was removed.

    Najib didn’t seem to care much about these when deciding to discard the Act in 2012. Thanks to Shahidan, his words caught on until most of the 191 UMNO Divisions also spoke against removal of the Act. UMNO Youth jumped on the bandwagon. So did Wanita UMNO. And Najib reversed his decision.

    Yes, the leaders are willing to seriously take note of the reduced majority in Rompin and the inability to make a major inroad into Permatang Pauh despite the Pakatan Rakyat being in helter skelter situation. But the question is: how many are willing to take action. There are the Ismail Sabri type, jumping to round up the horses trying to rein all of them in. But not all ended up dancing around in the ranch.

    A few like Syed Ali, Head of the Cheras Division, dared to speak up against philandering 1MDB, albeit in oblique fashion, ostensibly aiming at Jho Low. So did UMNO Youth Khairy Jamaludin. But this guilty-of money-politics, wanna-be-PM-by-40 guy is difficult to fathom. Snubbed by Najib wiith no post after getting the Youth Head post, he got excited when the bossman finally made him a Minister. Yet one wonders what is his real intention when demanding action be taken against Jho Low.

    Would more of them take action after learning lessons from Rompin and PP? We’ll see. .

    • Shahidan Kassim is a hero. If not for him, Sedition Act gone already.

      And the Pakatun already questioning the sensitive articles of the Constitution that are protected by the Sedition Act.

    • Would Jho Low be investigated? That will open the can full of worms. So, don’t hope. The idiots among the powers that be will see to it that it won’t.

      The AG set up a Task Force to investigate 1MDB. Now there is speculative talk that he will not continue to be AG. Health reasons, that kind of thing.

  2. Tabung Haji’s acquisition of the Tun Razak Exchange land became viral on social media. Umno vice-president DS Shafie Apdal has urged the government “to seriously look into the issue pertaining to LTH purchase of land from 1MDB.”

    Interesting that he said it publicly. Maybe reacting to the fact that his/ his Ministry’s views concerning the MARA Mathematics student (see previous blog) was shot down by bossman Najib publicly, told no public money be spent on helping the possibly mentally ill student. Like Ahmad Shabery, Minister of Communication, was curtly told to handle the GST involving mobile phone prepaid cost publicly via social media. Me driving a wedge? If so, must have learnt lessons from Pakatan Rakyat, folks – we are on the subject of learning lessons, aren’t we.

    Shafie Apdal said, “I have already commented before this on the seriousness of this issue if the responsible people involved fail to answer on the questions raised.” Agree with him fully, “The government’s credibility will be challenged if we fail to deal with the speculations involving LTH,” he said. And he said those in a press statement.

    The mode of communication among the higher ups in Najib’s Government varies greatly from the past, isn’t it. Must be the lessons learnt from the foreign “expert” consultants in PEMANDU etc that Najib employed. Never before done. Gone is this thing called raising issues discreetly, or going through the proper channels. Don’t blame the underlings – they learnt it from the bossman. The situation, in Latin, is horriblis?

    But Shafie Apdal is right. People are talking all sorts and hell of a lot against Najib, 1MDB and the Establishment. LTH CEO had to lodge a Police report against LTH’s purchase of “two plots of land at 1MDB’s Tun Razak Exchange project for RM700 million.” He confirmed purchase of only one plot and at RM188.5 million. He also denied that LTH had acquired Signature Tower, adding that the leaked proposal papers cannot be considered as evidence of final decisions made by LTH. But such leaking indicates the popularity of the UMNO Youth man chairman Datuk Abdul Azeez, the distaste over 1MDB, and of Najib as PM and having ultimate responsibility over it.

    • Correction:

      the popularity of the UMNO Youth man chairman Datuk Abdul Azeez –

      should have been disdain over ..

    • Shafie Apdal is not Vice-President of UMNO for nothing. They voted him because he has substance.

      He is not cousin to Najib or anything like that.

      • The cousin to Najib now joins in the foray. He doesn’t want to look like a stupid cousin. Maybe he read the comments here, hehe.

        “We should not just wait for the outcome of the auditor-general’s investigation,” Hishammuddin said.

        He also urged 1MDB appoint another independent international auditor to “check, verify and reveal to the public the value of assets and liabilities of the company, as well as the status of its investment portfolio and its cash flow”. But Hisham, pls ensure it’s a reputable and leading international audit firm.

        He further said, “The audit firm should also conduct a forensic audit of all 1MDB transactions since its inception, to help 1MDB answer all issues that are being raised.

        Finally, he said if 1MDB had done any wrongdoing, legal action should be initiated against it.

  3. Interesting the revelations that top Tabung Haji bosses, CEO Tan Sri Ismee Ismail, Deputy CEO Dato’ Johan Abdullah, LTH investment panel member Tan Sri Abdul Samad Alias and LTH director Tan Sri Irwan Siregar, all happen to also hold top positions in the third-party vendor to the land deal, 1MDB.

    Tan Sri Ismee is a director of 1MDB, Dato’ Johan is chairman of a 1MDB subsidiary, while both Tan Sri Abdul Samad and Tan Sri Irwan Siregar sit on the 1MDB advisory board.

    All in the family. Literally, for Anwarul Al Juburi and PKR. Figuratively, for Najib, 1MDB and Tabung Haji.

    Taking lessons, anyone? GE14 is not far away.

    • How stupid this Tabung Haji Chairman Abdul Azeez and his advisor. He said Tabung Haji will be selling the parcel of land it purchased from 1MDB, “acting on the advice of the Prime Minster ..to end the controversy that has made headlines the past few days.”

      They don’t get it, do they? The issue was not to do any hanky panky or conflict of interest deals, and when it’s done, don’t talk about making RM5 million profit from it but nothing mentioned or no explanation about the possible conflict of interest, etc.

      • He made it a point to say it was “advice, and not instructions”. Received from Najib on Saturday morning. Wonder what other “advice” he and others been getting from Najib on 1MDB.

  4. If they don’t take lessons and/or act on them, I fear the silent majority will vote the other way. In UK elections the other day, they say the silent majority was the reason for the totally unexpected, poll-defying election results. They didn’t speak up during the polls, and all the polls went wrong with the election results.

    Lucky for the Conservatives which the polls said would end up neck-to neck with the Labour Party, they trashed the Jew-led Labour Party into getting about 100 seats less than what they got. The silent majority stuck with those who practice traditional politics.

    In Malaysia the Opposition that was previously led by the Jew-loving Anwarul Al Juburi was not lucky, got majority in votes (51+%) but not the majority of seats in Parliament. Anwar ended up languishing in jail but can still cause considerable damage as his poor, long suffering wife got voted into Parliament, and the ultra kiasu/ Jew of the East DAP Advisor has proposed her to be the Opposition Leader.

    Can the silent majority in Malaysia continue to be trusted to vote the party in power? Not sure if the party in power are practising traditional politics any more. ISA, EO, RRA thrown out, Sedition Act nearly chucked away, NEP muted away, financing Chinese schools and scholarships to the richest community in the country holding sway – what can I say?

    Yet the Chinese tsunami was in Najib’s way. And I hear nothing, I read nothing big about Najib making the MCA and Gerakan work hard and pay. Surely they can’t just ride the bus FOC to Putrajaya all the way. Not just learning lessons from Rompin and PP, but learning from the entire GE13 goofs and gaffaws will make more people happy and gay. But, please, not gay in the Anwarul Al Juburi way.

    • Jew-led Labour Party? What are you trying to imply?

      Note that the Conservative government in the UK has excellent relations with Israel. As too the British establishment and most of the British public (“the silent majority “, to use your words). And the latter has suspicions about Islam and Muslims.

      There is considerable media freedom in the UK, including rambunctious tabloids. Freedom of religion, too, even if the Anglican Church (Church of England) is the “official church”

      So, what parallels do you draw between the UK and Malaysia?

      It’s not “what can I say?”. It’s what works in the modern world where young people have short attention spans, are online 24/7 and trust social media more than mainstream media.

      Helen Ang commented in her blog that the Opposition seems to be way ahead of the BN in adapting to the cyber world and the social media ecosphere.

      And the demographics in Malaysia are pointing inexorably to the rise of young and better-educated voters who get their information primarily from the Internet.

      Make of that what you will.

      • Sure will make what I will.

        Are you stupid? Asking what I imply? I didn’t imply, I plainly said “Jew-led Labour Party”. What’s wrong in saying that? You a Jew? An ultra kiasu DAP or Jew of the East?

        And what has that got to do with “UK has excellent relations with Israel”? You didn’t read that even the British pointed out that Ed Miliband is a Jew? Otherwise, how would I know that? And UK has no freedom of speech for their people to say those? Read the Mail of UK – they have no love lost for Ed Miliband and the Labour Party.

        The British public (“the silent majority “) .. has suspicions about Islam and Muslims? Says who? Says you? Who the hell cares what you say when it’s not supported by facts and reliable sources of information. I insist that my opinion is always better than yours, haha, You wanna run a survey? A poll, like all those polls in UK that went wrong on the British election results?

      • You said, “Freedom of religion, too, even if the Anglican Church (Church of England) is the “official church”. What do you mean saying “even if” and the “is the official church”?

        As far as England is concerned, there is no such thing as “even if”, do you undrestand that? If you try to defend the Jews of England, why shouldn’t I defend the Church of England Christians there?

        Don’t like the Church of England that Henry VIII started because the Catholic Pope in Rome didn’t allow him to marry a divorcee or somebody a few hundred years ago?

        You a Catholic? Or one of those Evangelicals? Have a name like Joseph that they say Lim Guan Eng has but not using it? No harm me asking, innit? For general knowledge and in order to know your mentality.

        You not rubbing the Anglicans’ sensitivities saying those that you said of them?

      • So, what do you plan to do and what can you do about the “parallels you draw between the UK and Malaysia”? You are not young? You don’t hog on your hand phone, checking on Internet news, social media posts etc every so often?

        How old are you? You don’t have short attention spans? How come you hardly put out facts and figures to support your opinion in here? Don’t remember the facts and figures and the reliable sources of information? Just wild allegation that “the British public (“the silent majority “) .. has suspicions about Islam and Muslims”?

      • Good that you like Helen Ang’s blog. And Big Dog’s blog here. But how many agree that “the Opposition seems to be way ahead of the BN in adapting to the cyber world and the social media ecosphere”? You use the word “seem”, eh? Remember, my opinion is always better than yours where no facts and figures from reliable sources are given.

        You don’t realize that the DAP Red Bean kind of buggers are a shit lot of cyber world and social media “practitioners” who invariably make the usual “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”? What “way ahead of BN” like that?

        Of course you don’t realize it because you are one. Example: you allege “the British public (“the silent majority “) .. has suspicions about Islam and Muslims.” That’s a “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegation” innit?

        Welcome with your non-Singapore glorifying views, free country here anybody can say his piece in peace, but remember, where no facts, figures and reliable sources of information are provided, my opinions are always better than yours, ok? Haba Haba.

      • PS:

        But, where your views are mainstream, no hint of contradicting in spirit and intent the Constitution and the laws enacted pursuant to it, no need to provide facts, figures and reliable sources of information.

        Just in case the DAP Red Bean blokes read this, I wanna assure readers that the above statement is not an attempt to bribe you into stating mainstream views, haha.

  5. Is it true what Malaysian Insider says that DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin said in Milan yesterday that he was not able to defend the government and party when people asked about 1MDB because he did not know enough to explain?

    The so-called news portal is known for twisting and spinning and have been sued, 5 of their Editors even arrested and charged by the Police.

    Googling it only produced the MI report. Maybe he did say he did not know enough but MI added the words he was not able to defend the Government.

    No explanation but more controversy now – Tabung Haji buying 1MDB land and selling it again in 2 weeks time. UMNO/BN will suffer if they don’t learn from Rompin and Permatang Pauh and Najib continues holding power.

  6. Ni semua kerja mengarut la. Why does the PM support 1MDB to profit RM100m+ but TH to only profit RM5m?

  7. Reduction in vote majorities will continue surely and steadily until PRU14 when UMNO/BN may totally lose power. The GST is hugely unpopular. They are talking about it everywhere. Not just in the media, also on the streets and at the coffee shops.

    The kampong people don’t understand it but simply know that prices of goods are going up and up and now additional payments called GST. A grass cutter who usually does not express political views yesterday said “UMNO bodoh buat GST”.

    And one scandal after another seems to come out. The 1MDB is a huge, ugly and despicable monster. It touches the nerves of even simple-minded kampong and low-income Malays in the towns and suburbs when Tabung Haji is involved in what is perceived as propping up the 1MDB monstrous losses. Practically all of such Malays save money in Tabung Haji.

    UMNO leaders at various levels really need to take action to stop the downward trend in its image and popularity. It would need drastic actions which may include a change in leadership. 1MDB has become cancerous now and panicky kilang-kabut reactions to people’s grouses expressed in the media etc worsen UMNO’s image. Buying land at RM180 million and selling it back in 2 weeks time make people laugh, angry, despise and condemn the Tabing Haji jokers and whoever “advised” them to do it.

  8. I’m not an UMNO member but have always been supporting UMNO/ BN and cannot find any other alternative. No other party but UMNO/BN can rule this country reasonably well and look after the rights and interests of the Malays in line with the intent and the spirit of the Constitution.

    DAP would blatantly question Malay rights and interests enshrined in the Constitution the moment the Sedition Act is removed. That will cause chaos and disorder. That’s why I was greatly relieved when UMNO heroes spoke out and got Najib to reverse his stupid decision on removing the Sedition Act. And I wish I know how to write a passionate plea for those UMNO heroes and for more of them to come out now to take drastic measures to arrest the downward slide in UMNO’s image and popularity. I want to see UMNO/BN win at PRU14.

    I now see more confusion and irritants over GST. While UMNO Youth Head Khairy speaks about making the rakyat understand GST, the Johore State Government decides on “absorbing GST immediately”. I simply don’t understand this. Isn’t the GST meant for the whole country? Isn’t the Johor Government an UMNO/BN Government? Why are they acting differently? Is Najib unable to control or influence them? Isn’t that a clear sign of insubordination of UMNO/BN leadership at the Federal level? Is that a protest at Najib’s leadership? Is that a cue to other UMNO leaders to do so?

    I would be happy if any one who understands the above would write in. I note that they said the Exco meeting made the decision on May 7 after the Johor Ruler delivered his opening speech in the State Assembly. And that the State Government had decided a long time ago to absorb GST on government services, and had conveyed the matter to the Federal Minister concerned. Yes, it’s on government services but how much will they be and will the State Government pay the amount concerned to the Federal Treasury? And why make such a decision unless it’s to embarrass, weaken and eventually oust Najib as UMNO leader.

  9. The Johor MB didn’t say anything but his Exco member said it. The Kedah MB said in support of what his father Tun Dr Mahathir said.

    The 2nd highest ranking UMNO Vice-President Shafie Afdal said it. The third highest ranking Vice-President, Najib’s cousin, Hishamudin, said it. The one who became Vice-President by virtue of his post as UMNO Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaludin, also said it.

    There must be many UMNO Division Chiefs who have said it. Syed Ali, the Cheras UMNO Divison Chief used his Division website to say it.
    A list could be prepared of those who have said it.

    And the UMNO Secretary General, Tengku Adnan, retorted, “Why fuss” about the UMNO Division Chiefs most recent meeting at PWTC last week or so. Arrogant, yet in adversity. Why behave like that? Just explain lah, be humble a bit. People sure want to know what the meeting is all about. If secret, just say so. No need to show arrogance. Your votes at both Rompin and Permatang Pauh already declining, man.

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