Wasn’t this a closed meeting?

UMNO Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin speaking at UMNO Training Camp in Janda Baik

UMNO Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin speaking at UMNO Training Camp in Janda Baik

A video believed to be recorded at UMNO Training Camp in Janda Baik last week, has now gone viraled in the blogs and social media.

The video shown UMNO Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin suggesting that that the BoD and CEO of 1MDB should be sacked because of the recent developments. Especially the strong rumours about not able meeting its financial commitments.

It is a very courageous call, which reflect that UMNO leaders are about wanting the matter resolved and the same time, improve the public perception that the party is strong on matters of principles. Despite that the call was made only to a select few within the party and not for public consumption.

There are several UMNO leaders at Supreme Council present. It is also believed that the event was a closed door in nature, where only invited leaders and members are present.

If it was a closed door meeting, shouldn’t permission be sought for any recording about the internal party event be made? More than that, should it be aired in for public consumption?

The fact that it first appeared in a Youtube account and blog of a known person who is obsessed about toppling Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, is a demonstration of intent of the postings.

*Updated 2330hrs

UMNO Vice President Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who is the custodian of the program ‘Kris 2314’ which UMNO Deputy President Muhyiddin spoke, said they are looking for the person who shared the video recording.

The Rakyat Post story:

Ahmad Zahid looking for mastermind who shared video of Muhyiddin’s speech

Ahmad Zahid (L) SM AMIN By:
Sm Amin
Umno vice-president and Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is looking for the mastermind behind the sharing of a video taken at the party’s closed door event in Janda Baik. — TRP file pic
KUALA LUMPUR, May 21, 2015:
Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is investigating who was the mastermind behind the sharing of a speech by Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.
The speech was made at a closed meeting with Umno leaders at the Institut Latihan Memperkasakan UMNO (Ilmu) at Janda Baik on Saturday.
The matter was revealed by Umno working secretary Datuk Ab. Rauf Yusuf when contacted by The Rakyat Post.
Rauf said according to Ilmu’s rules, recordings of any programmes at the institute were prohibited.
“I believe Datuk Zahid is conducting investigations regarding the sharing of the video to find the mastermind who recorded and shared the speech.
“According to guidelines set, such training programmes cannot be recorded, what more spread to the public.

“It should not have happened because it was a private training session that was conducted specifically for Umno members.”
In the Janda Baik programme, Muhyiddin had urged Datuk Seri Najib Razak to sack 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s (1MDB) board of directors because they caused the Prime Minister to face the consequences of their actions.
Muhyiddin also urged police to investigate the investment body to avoid negative perceptions that could cause Barisan Nasional to fall in the coming general election.
In a press conference in Thursday, Muhyiddin stressed the statement he made during the speech was merely his personal opinion.
Muhyiddin said the speech was just to give an understanding to political leaders in the party the efforts to resolve issues that arose regarding the investment arm of the Finance Ministry.
“It was my own opinion that I made in a closed meeting in the political course that was conducted by the (Umno) training bureau.
“To me, it is my view for my fellow political leaders so that they better understand that this is not a new issue.
“I have also voiced this outside and what’s important is we find a solution of the matter,” he said at a press conference at the Parliament lobby.

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  1. Truth must be told regardless of any other considerations. UMNO has apparently become a Syiok Sendiri Club.

    All those earlier shows of strong support may not be a true reflection of the actual ground sentiment.

    Toppling a weak and deceitful leader should never be seen as personal. The bigger picture is the state of the nation’s well-being.

    I sincerely believe Tun Dr M asks those tough questions out of genuine concerns for Malaysia and her rakyat.

    • I agree.

      So much has been asked by others as well. But no answers.

    • “weak and deceitful” satu hal. Tapi kalau dia tak mahu ambik tanggung jawab dan jawab berbagai so’alan berkenaan 1MDB, sudah di kira tak iklhas, tak jujur dan tak berwibawa.

      Bukan boleh diamkan saja saperti kes Altantunya. Itu kes nyawa seorang manusia. Pendirian nya kalau dia tak terlibat, mengapa nak jawab tuduhan berbagai pihak. Tapi ini kes RM42 bilion wang rakyat. Bermacam tuduhan termasuk ke atas bini dan anak tiri dia. Sudah tentu tak wajar jika dia berpendirian macam kes Altantuya juga.

      Sudah nampak macam pemimpin yang tidak bertanggung jawab. Padan lah ramai yang nakkan dia letak jawatan atau di gantikan. Hingga nampak dah nyanyok dia bila berkata ha nya seorang saja yang hendakkan dia buat begitu. Lucu.

  2. In the video, a comment by someone in the audience was heard, “Sack the President”. Is that what Umno wants now?

    • The fact that someone shouted those words shows that UMNO members are no longer the meek, always conforming and grinning at whatever cost. Like when Tengku A Rahman gave away Singapore FOC to Lee Kuan Yew.

      Never again. Must never be allowed. Thank God there are those like at the Training Camp in Janda Baik. If they were around in 1965, Singapore might still be in Malaysia. And Malays would have been able to walk tall like at Merdeka.

      We need those who shouted those words at the Training Camp. To ensure checks and balance. Already ISA, EO and RRA, that checked the subversives, the wayward, the seditious and the criminals, were thrown out asunder. The Sedition Act almost went – that which protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution that represent the rights and interests of the Malays. Thank God most of the Ketua Bahagian, the Pemuda and Wanita UMNO called for it to be retained. The likes of that someone who shouted those words must have influenced the Ketua Bahagian etc to speak up for retention of the Act.

      Even since that time there have been those wanting the President be replaced. What more when 1MDB has now become a huge scandal. There must be checks to ensure it does not become a debacle.

      • The “Singapore angle” again?

        Dude – don’t you get tired of rehashing history and trying to turn back the clock?

        Which are futile attempts any which way you look at it.

        The LionsXII just lifted the Malaysia Cup from under our noses and took it back to the “little red dot”.

        Plenty of “semangat” in the Singaporean Malays who form the majority of the LionsXII team! Not forgetting, of course, coach Fandi Ahmad, a true-blue Singaporean.

        Turning back the clock? Dream on, mate.


      • How damn stupid can you be to think that people do not know that nothing can be done about Singapore being out of Malaysia and that what was said was meant for present and future generations to never dare think of doing such a Tengku A Rahman thing otherwise be labelled stupid until eternity.

        Grow up, boy. Your brain size.

        Or you are exploiting the very mention of it to glorify Singapore again – on games this time? What has that got to do with the price of salt in Timbuktu?

        Grow up, boy. Your perspective.

  3. Haha. Look at the photo. The guy holding that Samsung handphone was the one recording the talk. The leaked video’s angle of view was exactly from his side. Now we just need to know who that guy is.

  4. Just like the Segambut Deputy Division head, some bloggers just have no class to publish a video of closed door meeting.

    Closed door meeting is meant to be private and frank. It is easily misinterpreted by outsiders. Thus it has to be private and confidential.

    But some blogger ignore that ethuc in order to be popular and move their rating up.

    • I’m not sure about wanting to be popular and moving their rating up. But the issue has become an open secret now. Despite the closed-door standing instruction at such training sessions, UMNO member(s) still leaked out what transpired there. It must be some strongly felt issues they want the public to know.

      And the Star columnist’s revelations attracted me:

      “(Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri) Adnan looked like he was enjoying it, holding up his hands to applaud.” Even if it’s a personal opinion, the columnist, Joceline Tan, is quite a seasoned observer.

      But Adnan later plugged the unity line – when contacted after the event, Adnan urged everyone not to over-read into the event. He said what happened was “straight, plain talking” as to how to tackle the 1MDB issue.

      “I want to stress this. At no time did he say directly or indirectly that PM needed to resign. He did not imply that he’s capable and ready to take over nor did he state directly or indirectly that PM committed a serious criminal offence.

      “He was merely giving his opinion as to how to go about handling the issue and how to diffuse the situation. The audience accepted his remarks well and with enthusiasm,” he said. The last sentence is rather telling.

    • Meanwhile a former Umno Supreme Council Member and former Deputy Finance Minister Dr Affifuddin Omar said that the support the prime minister has been getting so far is not from grassroots leaders. Largely from Division Leaders, not necessarily those on the ground, including those on committees of the numerous Umno Branches.

      Affifuddin added that in a democratic system, everything must be allowed to operate freely, including the freedom of information where everyone must have fair access to available information. But I think, while party secrets may be limited to a select few, 1MDB involving huge public funds should not.

      I agree with him, “If all Malaysians know what is happening now (especially on the 1MDB), the story will definitely be different.”

  5. Muhyideen doesn’t seem at all perturbed by the contents of the sppech which was made public by other parties, so why should you? In fact he reiterated his stand on the matter and said that what he said in the video was nothing new…

  6. What’s important is the motive in recording what was said and passing it on. To who, doesn’t matter much.

    Must be a disgruntled UMNO member. One in a select few (out of 3.4 million members) invited to the occasion. One who wants to project TS Muhyiddin’s position. One who, in view of that, disagrees with DS Najib’s stand on 1MDB. For, after all, Najib is PM, Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Advisory Board, whatever the functions of such a strange-sounding board may be.

    One who may be among the many wanting Najib replaced. Those who disagree that doing so will damage UMNO. Who believe better late than never. If not, UMNO/BN may lose at PRU14.

  7. Will the recording and public revealing be investigated by the Police? Does it come within the ambit of the Official Secrets Act? The UMNO Executive Secretary himself said, “.. it was a private training session that was conducted specifically for Umno members.”

    Maybe the UMNO Executive Secretary needs to do an investigation. And take action as an internal party matter.

    TS Muhyiddin’s intentions appear to be good. He said, “I told the Prime Minister to sack the board of 1MDB. Throw them away! They are the ones who burdened the Prime Minister with this.” Of course, others, including the Opposition, will read those as political one-upmanship.

    And at Parliament yesterday, Muhyiddin confirmed his remarks to reporters. “Yes, I told the Prime Minister to sack the 1MDB board. There’s nothing new about what I said. I have mentioned it openly before,” he added.

  8. The fact that the video has gone viral in blogs and social media suggests either that the Opposition fellows have exploited it to drive a wedge between the PM and the DPM, or an increasing number of those wanting DS Najib replaced are also exploiting the issue to put pressure on Najib to resign or be replaced.

    It seems that the matter will not die down unless Najib’s political career does. One wonders if sufficient answers will be made available even to the PAC. All told, it’s going to cost UMNO/BN very heavily.

    Najib said he is not going to resign, pointing out that Tun Dr Mahathir stayed on when he got a majority of only 43 votes at one UMNO elections during his time. But no elections that would testify Najb has majority support in the party are due until quite some time yet. By that time there will be those who will argue against replacement because the general elections would then be so near.

    Many have said that the last meeting of the Ketua Bahagian at PWTC was not a poll on Najib’s popularity among them. It was organized by DS Ismail Sabri for Najib to explain issues pertaining to 1MDB. It was Ismail who said that they were satisfied with the explanations yet quite a few have been asking for answers to relevant questions. Two Vice Presidents have given their views, the Ketua Pemuda even asked for Jho Low to be investigated.

    Now TS Muhyiddin repeated in Janda Baik what he has said before – sack the 1MDB BoD for bringing so many problems to the PM. What is flabbergasting is that not much answers were given either by the Management, BoD or Najib all this while. I would be happy to see Najib’s supporters giving valid explanations in here.

    • In Gopeng Najib said: Not the time to ask me to resign

      Does he mean ask him to resign nearer to PRU14?

    • Najib said now was not the time for infighting or calling for people to step down, adding that there were many challenges that needed to be addressed.

      What infighting does he mean? Surely not Muhyiddin’s call for 1MDB BoD be sacked. Is Tun Dr Mahathir “infighting”?

      Is he really addressing the challenges? Why no answers to questions on 1MDB? Until confusion – Ministry of Finance the other day had to say: Najib didn’t lie, we amended the reply.

      • Confusion?

        In his reply in Parliament on March 10, Najib said the 1MDB money from Cayman Islands amounting to RM1.03 billion is now being kept at BSI Bank in Singapore to facilitate its withdrawal because of the strict regulations of Bank Negara if they wish to withdraw in excess of RM50 million.

        In a written reply in Parliament last Thursday, Najib said that what was deposited in Singapore is not cash, but it is in the form of assets.

        Second Finance Minister Husni said later, actually is in the form of unit but declined to elaborate on it.

        Writing in his blog, Dr Mahathir explained that, Najib’s first lie is that there was no cash being remitted by 1MDB, while the second lie is that there is no cash deposited into the account of BSI in Singapore.

        What actually is the truth? Najib doesn’t know the truths, creates confusion and lends himself to further speculation? Yet Muhyiddin was not even asking Najib be removed – the BOD does not include Najib who is Chairman of Board of Advisers (BoA) not BoD.

  9. On an issue as big as 1MDB, a debt as huge as RM42 billion, those who think that TS Muhyiddin’s call for the sacking of the BoD as anything else than an attempt to solve the problem must be squint-eyed or so blindly loyal to DS Najib as to think that it’s an attempt to embarrass the PM.

    Those who fear that UMNO/BN would lose at PRU14 have valid fears. There has been the Chinese tsunami, 51% of the votes went to the Opposition at PRU13, one scandal after another being exploited by the Opposition, a few including 1MDB allegedly involving Rosmah and her son. Yet neither the !MDB staff nor the BoD nor Najib as Finance Minister and PM have been willing to give satisfactory explanations that were asked for endlessly, including by no less than Tun Dr Mahathir.

    Najib’s record of service as PM has not been glowing. Far from it, it has been marred by a number of controversial and disliked policies. He threw out the important tools for the maintenance of law and order, peace and security like ISA, EO, RRA. He almost threw out the Sedition Act so essential for the preservation of the sensitive clauses of the Constitution that represent the rights and interests of the Malays. So much has been said about this by those vote-carrying Malays. These clearly add to the Chinese tsunami loss of UMNO/BN votes.

    So, what is wrong in the revelation of what Muhyiddin said at Janda Baik? Which, after all, he has said it elsewhere before. Najib needs to be replaced in order to ensure UMNO/BN doesn’t lose at PRU14. His GST has been so unpopular that if a poll is done by a reliable polling firm now, it’ll show UMNO/BN will lose at the next election.

    • Without the GST, how will the government balance it’s books?

      Are you suggesting that Malaysia can continue to rack up budget deficits in perpetuity?

      We are not exactly the US where the Federal Reserve can crank up the printing presses and churn out US Dollars that the world will rush to buy.

      Bank Negara can’t keep on printing Ringgit, much as it would like to.

      There’s such a thing as “credibility” in the international financial markets and BN and the government do not want, at any cost, to jeopardise that.

      If you are suggesting a “soak the rich” punitive tax regime, increased corporate taxes and a withdrawal of investment and tax incentives to attract FDI, investors will just head off to other countries where governments are not so feckless and populist.

      • You have been told that where it involves opinions, especially when not supported by facts and reliable sources of information, the opinions of others here are better than yours.

        There are many forms of taxes and whether a tax regime is “punitive” or not on the rich is a matter of opinion. The British government at one time crumbled because of the poll tax. Whether investors will go elsewhere on your so-called unattractive investment terms or not depends on what, how much and how the tax is structured.

        Now among the GST complaints are that the manufacturer collects 6%, the wholesaler collects another 6%, the distributor collects yet another 6%, the the retailer collects yet another 6%, making the total paid by the end user of the same product a whopping 24%.

        See, you have now made me go to Timbuktu when the blog post is about Muhyiddin and 1MDB BoD here in Malaysia. But whack you back for your out-of-topic nonsense I must.

  10. I had thought that Deloitte is a huge international audit firm and it’s audit of 1MDB done by its partner, Ng Yee Hong, was solid.

    Now the following information comes from an Opposition MP accountact (?) but if not true, any reader can point this out here. It is alleged that the local partner got it so wrong by signing off its March 2014 accounts on Nov 5, 2014, without any qualifications when 1MDB was in effect “insolvent”.

    The Deloitte auditors wrote that “the group’s holding of cash and short-term deposits, together with committed funding facilities and net cash flow from operations, are expected to be sufficient to cover its cash flow needs” (page 144). Yet, by the end of the same month of November, 1MDB was forced to repeatedly extend its repayment of a RM2 billion loan that was due. Ananda Krishnan, had to assist in arranging a private loan to finally settle it in February.

    Neither the Management nor the BoD realized or owned up to these? Sure TS Muhyiddin has a strong point in calling for the BoD be sacked.

    • MAS dug itself into a deep hole. Has anyone called for it’s BOD to be sacked, apart from the MAS unions?

      Wasn’t MAS also bailed out with public funds? Has the total amount of these public funds been totaled up and made known to the public?

      There is a lot of hue and cry about 1MDB, and rightly so. Revelations are coming one after other and hopefully the PAC will be able to delve into the nitty gritty of what really happened at the fund.

      Why isn’t there a similar attempt to pinpoint what happened at MAS and who should be held responsible?

      1MDB is an investment fund (whether it is a “sovereign” fund is open to question).

      MAS, on the other hand, is, as people have pointed out, the national airline and flag carrier.

      Malaysians relate more to MAS than to 1MDB.

      • What happened to your thinking capacity this afternoon? Black Monday, eh? But when you offend people on the “Singapore angle” up there, you are looking for trobol, as they say in Manila.

        Now, when people are talking about 1MDB, why the hell must you talk about MAS? In any case, what kind of money is involved in MAS for you to want to treat the problem at the same level as 1MDB?

        Here is a RM42 billion debt, a substantial part of it is Government-guaranteed, man. Just because people “relate more to MAS than to 1MDB”, you must confuse the 1MDB issue further or distract people’s attention from 1MDB which has a much bigger financial implication?

        Have a wider perspective, man.

  11. Hardly any one defends DS Najib here. The one appearing to do so does not provide cogent reasoning, in fact, even tried to divert readers’ attention to MAS, instead of dwelling on the 1MDB issue.

    Still no comments on the BoD sacking suggestion by the powers that be. The two 1MDB CEOs (one past, one current) have not turned up at the PAC hearing, pleading for a month’s time, presumably to check the records and deliberate on what can and cannot be said.

    The fact that even the Ministry of Finance had to “clarify” Najib’s answer in Parliament and that the 2nd Minister of Finance said something else suggest that the 1MDB problems must be so huge that it boggles the mind as to what exactly were done by parties that are directly concerned and not so directly concerned with 1MDB. Billions in Caymen Island at one time, in Singapore at another time – all these make people wonder what kind of hanky panky were actually being done.

    There must be some huge elephants in the 1MDB great hall that the Management and/or the BoD don’t want the public to see. And are members of the public blameable to be thinking that way? Even Deloitte’s 1MDB audit report has been laughed at – with valid reasoning. The coming Auditor General’s report will only be “preliminary” and, in any case, as the Auditor General’s office is a Government department, it will serve only as an “internal audit” or “departmental report”.

    Yes, the buck stops at Najib. He must speak up and explain satisfactorily. Calls for him to resign or be replaced will continue until he does that.

  12. Nampak nya isu nya kapada CEO 1MDB sekarang dan yang lalu memang lah mereka perlu “deliberate on what can and cannot be said.”

    Gamak nya begitu besar masalah nya atau begitu ketara pihak yang terlibat dalam penyelewengan sehingga tak berani sesiapa mengata apa apa selama ini.

    Memang patut rakyat spekulasi ada penyelewengan. Kalau tak, mengapa tak boleh beri penerangan yang memuaskan?

    Tuduhan Sarawak Report dan Euromoney report di Hong Kong itu menggerunkan. Jika tak di jawab dengan memuaskan, Kerajaan UMNO/BN boleh tumbang. Jadi munasabah lah pihak pihak berkenaan minta Najib letak jawatan atau di gantikan.

  13. Rhumatist

    Actually it is karma for Singapore. LKY died before the grand celebrations had time to unfold.

    The PAP govt paid much funds for China Team B to hoist the Singapore flag for various sports namely the Table Tennis. But these highly paid stars returned to China.

    Fandi was not appreciated in the early days. He had to earn his keep in Indonesia and Malaysia.

    All his feedback were dismissed as “noises”. But today he is vindicated. His very young lions defeated goliaths like Terengganu and Kelantan. Both teams had professional import players.

    I would suggest that Fandi gives the FAS 2 tight slaps.

    The born and bred citizens HATE the foreign “talents” who are taking away their jobs. There is a brewing movement against the PAP who had also sidelined the Malay minorities.

    Singapore may also have to CRAWL back to Malaysia begging on her knees simply because of natural water supply not jamban juice.

    Karma is alive and well.

  14. Related to 1MDB is SRC International which it owned, took RM4 billion loan from the Retirement Fund Inc (KWAP), invested RM216 mill in Mongolia, not much was heard about the remaining RM3.81 billion, then SRC was given to Finance Ministry to handle. Looks like another multi-billion Ringgit scandal under the Najib Finance Ministership.

    The Finance Ministry told Parliament SRC had only invested US$60 million (RM216 million) in the Mongolian energy company. SRC’s investment, which was for a 9 per cent stake, is estimated to be worth only US$8.6 million today, representing a loss of US$51.4 million for the firm.

    Even allowing for those, questions have been asked as to where the rest of SRC’s RM3.81 billion went.

    The Finance Ministry has all along been staffed by sensible, responsible and very able PTD Officers. The fact that no satisfactory answers have been given to questions on SRC and 1MDB is really flabbergasting. All sorts of inferences, speculation and accusations can be made and are being made, specially in private conversations. Looks like Najib really has to go. One way or another.

  15. Nazir and his siblings at odds with Najib after PM’s Office’s statement implying Najib had received a huge “inheritance” from their father Tun Abdul Razak. Now Nazir is saying 1MDB’s no-show at the PAC is ‘unacceptable’. Is it an extension of that?

    Yes, Nazir is concerned about investor confidence. But his words against the present and past 1MDB CEO appear to have been strong. He said, “Your company has triggered a national crisis and you can be too busy to face Parliament?”

    Macam tak kisah his brother being the Chairman of the Advisory Board, the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister. Maybe true people say he and his siblings very irritated at Rosmah believed to be the source of the statement implying their father left behind big wealth.

    Najib is back from Japan now but still no response to the suggestion that the BoD or CEO be sacked.

  16. Bank Negara Malaysia kata dah terima laporan dari Monetary Authority of Singapore berkenaan “pelaburan” 1MDB “with” BSI Bank Singapore.

    Tapi tak boleh “share with the public .. will only be extended to enforcement agencies within our jurisdiction,” dia beri tahu sidang akhbar.

    Ada simpan RM1.03 bilion ke tak? Wang tunai ke tak? Rakyat tak tahu, spekulasi le mereka.

    • This is interesting. Especially when in his reply in Parliament on March 10, Najib said the 1MDB money from Cayman Islands amounting to RM1.03 billion is now being kept at BSI Bank in Singapore to facilitate its withdrawal because of the strict regulations of Bank Negara if they wish to withdraw in excess of RM50 million.

      Then said it was in asset form. Then somebody said there were units, not clear what. Nothing heard from the staff or the BoD.

      Would the Task Force set up by the Attorney General go to Bank Negara and get the report, analyse, submit their findings to the AG? Sure one or more of the 3 Task Force Members would. But would there be any further action? Depends … on a number of factors. Najib has the last say.

      If no further action, Muhyiddin’s proposal for sacking of the BoD remains a mere proposal. Each day more UMNO/BN votes for PRU14 would be lost.

  17. UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin has not spoken for the sacking of the BOD. In the case of demanding the retention of the Sedition Act, UMNO youth was rather late in joining the foray. In the case of 1MDB, Khairy started giving his views soon after the Euromoney interview of Jho Low was published. Asking Jho Low be investigated.

    In early March PetroSaudi International issued a statement saying “all the capital invested by 1MDB had been returned with profits.” Was it a loan or an investment? If an investment, it should have been in the form of shares. If so, why was it said ” capital invested .. returned with profits”? Anyway, Khairy then said that PetroSaudi’s statement should have put the allegations against 1MDB to rest.

    But UMNO Youth has not rested. Yesterday Khairy said stern action should be taken on those responsible for the 1MDB fiasco. And he is again asking for Jho Low to be investigated. Knowing full well that a company linked to Jho Low was alleged to have received US$ 900 million (RM3+ billion) from PetroSaudi and he has been linked to Rosmah and Rosmah’s son/ Najib’s step son who became rich quite suddenly. It has been said to be opening a can full of worms.

    TS Muhyiddin has, by large, not been seen as wanting to topple DS Najib by his statements at Janda Baik. Wonder how this wanting-to-be-PM-by-40 Khairy is seen when repeatedly demanding that Jho Low be investigated. True, his demand is very justified. But, the fault with politicians lies not in their outward intent but maybe in their undeclared one.

    • Tony Pua has called for Jho Low to be investigated (early March). Khairy Jamaluddin has also called for it (still doing so yesterday).

      Opposition and Government agree on this matter.

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