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The Minister of Finance II Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah went on mainstream media which include national tv to explain on allegations on 1MDB, especially the ‘missing RM42 million’.

Between the loose talk and facts

Between the loose talk and facts

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  1. Give credit where credit is due. Now the Minister provides some explanations, makes some clarifications. If only he had made them much earlier.

    Looks like we still need further explanations and clarifications. E.g what is the inherited debt about, give us some idea of the investments totalling RM15.4 billion, the RM4.5 billion cost of finance etc, what about the issuing of bonds and the fees paid to the consultants.

    Maybe some has been stated before. No harm stating them again now, especially under the present somewhat heightened public interest. Nothing like hearing if from the horse’s mouth – the Minister of Finance II himself. At least we know he represents DS Najib.

  2. The overall total between the claim and the facts is staggering – 14.1 to 41.8 billion.

    There is a discrepancy of 27.7 billion.

  3. Yang di katakan pelaburan di Brazen Sky Investment, Aabar Investment Deposits dan GIL Funds berjumlah RM15.4 billion itu tak boleh ke mereka beri sedikit penerangan apa dia investment itu?

    Aneh pulak nama “Aabar Investment Deposits” itu – deposits untuk mendapat pulangan rendah saperti bank fixed deposit interest sahaja ke? Kalau gitu, lebih baik tak melabur, gunakan wang itu untuk membayar faedah pinjaman yang 1MDB buat, yang tentu lebih tinggi faedah pinjaman nya.

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