Was it really necessary?

The invitation by NGO Sukaguam for Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to speak at a scheduled event this morning in PWTC turned ugly when Police advised him not to turn up and when Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad took the rostrum instead, he stopped to continue.

Two wrongs won’t make it right. This morning, there were a little more than two wrongs which made everything as a major embarrassment.

A ‘By invitation only’ event made viralled in the social media. Poor door management. Poor crowd control. Poor security for the facility. Amongst other flaws.

Worse still, it was in the convention centre which had been the symbol and pride of UMNO for the last 30 years.In short, it was another ordinary event with the usual VIPs and probably most of the same recognisable crowd (give and take a fews odd blokes).

The perception and net outcome of this morning’s misfortunate turned of events is far reaching.

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  1. A video showed only ONE man demanded to be allowed into the hall. But two duty officers managed to usher him away.

    What commotion was there? At football matches, more violence have been recorded.

    It is really pathetic to use this MINOR “commotion” as a convenient EXCUSE to cancel Najib’s Q&A session.

    After all the hard work organising this event and making all the attendees come all the way to witness the truth, Najib had to cancel for security reasons??

    The only issue under threat is Najib’s reputation as a Bugis warrior. That has been proven worthless, a fallacy only.

    • Agree with Ray. Some friends who were there said there were no fracas at all. One or two blokes shouted because they wanted to enter the packed hall but prevented. The rest were just waiting for Jibby who never arrived Words got around the event was cancelled. Tun M was then asked to talk and people were attentively listening to him when the police came in to stop him. For a while Msia looked like a police State where even speaking was not allowed. Democracy died momentarily. The event has plunged Jibby into a further image crisis. Malaysians are so livid and making jokes about Jibby at the same time. Whatever trust and confidence in PM if Msia no.6 , it there are any left, died at 9am.5 June 2015. He talked big about his blood lineage, like as if people care when we have in our era Mark Zuckerberg and fb blood and JK Rowling with the Harry Potter blood. So? So what about trying to self glorify himself but cant even turn up for an event. What was he afraid of ? The only right thing for him to do now is to be s man and resign from the august post of PM of Malaysia.

      • Also agree with postgrad.

        The IGP often explains Police actions the wisdom of which many people wonder about. As they have all the facts, let’s wait for the IGP’s statement explaining the nature and the instances of the “security threat.”

      • Yes, wait for IGP’s statement (hopefully he will issue) to see Najib’s no-show is justified or not.

        But I also agree on the need for Najib to resign on the mishandling of 1MDB and on many other issues he created that may lead to UMNO/BN’s demise.

      • Ahmad Zahid told reporters, “The police had received early reports that there would be some negative incidents ..”

        The IGP would explain the matter at a press conference later, he added.

        Hope the IGP would explain the nature of the reports, what kind of sources, how reliable they were, what kind of incidents and how they would make it dangerous for Najib to attend the Q&A.

        True. the IGP has a big responsibility to protect the PM. But the PM has a big responsibility to attend the Q&A. It should be: the IGP “advises”, the PM decides.

    • I also agree with ray.

  2. the organiser when interviewed by rtm’s spm,mentioned the event was opened to anyone.

    mkini also quoted him inviting mahathir to come and joined the dialogue.

    the no show by najib is regrettable…

    • There were photos showing people seeing TDM at his office before he showed up at the event. Presumably representing one or more of the many NGOs who organized the Q&A. Surely they would have requested TDM to attend.

      The issue of invitation did not arise. TDM had mentioned it in the past as one of his usual quips.

    • Agreed, invitation not an issue.

      “The media agencies – print, online and even bloggers – are invited as we all share the common mission of bringing truth to the people,” – Khairul Anwar Rahmat, Malaysian Volunteer Lawyers Association (SukaGuam) chairman, The Star.

  3. hahahahaha rupanya PM Malaysia ni penakut orangnya… berani kerana benar..

    • Kot tak pasti mcm mana nak jawab.

      Banyak sangat hal, banyak sangat so’alan.

  4. Childish!

    Shame on everyone. ALL present and about to attend are UMNO. They now presented themselves to the world as thugs and barbarians!

    • The only thug n barbarian is that one guy who shouted woiii, woiii, woiii prob been paid to start,a commotion. Jgn nak salahkan semua pulak. Mcm tak sekolah.

      • Ditto on the words “Mcm tak sekolah”.

      • If only 1-2 guys behaving like that and Najib was advised on such facts, it does not justify Najib not turning up.

  5. Setelah apa yang saya lihat di PWTC, tak tergamak saya nak sokong UMNO bawah Najib.

    • Ini yang saya takut – di PRU14 nanti lingkup.

  6. Saya tidak nampak siapa pun penakut. PM di arah polis untuk tidak hadir. Kalau PM tidak hormat arahan penguatkuasa undang2, adakah itu contoh yang baik? Dakwaan PM penakut agak keterlaluan. Cukup2 lah spekulasi. Fitnah itu lebih teruk daripada membunuh. Berdiri atas fakta.

    • Kita takkan nampak orang penakut sebab dia sorok diri
      Tapi saya nampak ada orang tua berani menyampaikan isi hati
      Alhamdulillah kita dikurniakan orang begini
      Malang sekali kalau pemimpin berjuang untuk diri sendiri

    • 1MDB, ada dia hormat dgn rakan2 se Kabinet? Cabinet Ministers were kept in the dark for so long. He thinks Ministry of Finance is his private company? When it comes to Jibby, dont mention about ‘ dia hormat itu dan ini…’ Kerajaan pimpinan Najib tiada barakah. Tak berkat sebab banyak putar sana, putar sini.

    • AHMAD,

      PM tak boleh “di arah” dek Polis. Dia boss besau. Ha nya boleh “di-nasihat.”

      Pahal pun, PM boleh menilai sendiri “security threat” berdasarkan fakta fakta yang Polis ada, dan nilaikan betapa penting nya dia hadzir di Q&A itu dalam keadaan riuh rendah hal 1MDB sekarang.

      Bila KPN keluarkan kenyataan memberi fakta fakta security threat itu (di harap akan di buat nya), kita boleh lihat munasabah tidak nya PM buat keputusan tak hadzir, ada “spekulasi ..fitnah” ke apakebende nya tau tidak,

  7. Correction * Whatever trust and confidence in Malaysia PM no.6, if there are any left…*

  8. Najib wanted to come becoz it was an event for him to engage. But the police told him not to.

    He did exactly that.

    Instead, Tun Dr Mahathir took his place. Despite that the event was for Najib and Tun Dr Mahathir as a gentleman admitted he “Wasn’t invited to the event”. So it goes, in a few minutes into the speech, the police also asked him to stop.

    And he stopped and went of.

    Both listened and obeyed the police. What is the problem then?

    Do we know more than the information available with the police?

    What’s now?

    Tun Dr Mahathir will allow if not entertain any provocation to use the police as the bogeyman, in the excuse to hit more against Najib?

    • You guys have no feel for the pulse of the people and the nation. Ordinary people and the nation are with Tun M. Malaysians are fed up of being led in a merrydance in the 1 MDB issue. The country is not about the survival of Najib and his politics, you know. The country is about 26 million people who want a transparent and competent govt . The economy of the country is experiencing hard times with ordinary people hit so badly.by gst induced high cost of living and retail sales are falling because people have not enough moneh to buy. Please lah..who is managing the country now? The leader is too busy campaigning for survival even tinkering with autonomy for Sarawak. Dia sorang ada kuasa nak bagi autonomi pada Sarawak? Sejak bila? See how,reckless leader can be.

    • Bentayan

      Did anyone really get hurt? Were there guns, parangs discovered? Were gunshots fired? Who are the trouble-makers? What motive to kill Najib? Wasn’t he allowed to roam freely all over the country to arrogantly claim he is a Bugis warrior?

      Anyway, Najib needs to recruit WORLD class public relations experts to clean all the sh*t surrounding him.

      Tun Dr M, a 90 year old man has the GUTS to stay and face the threatening situation. Nothing dangerous happened. In fact when Tun was finally allowed to speak, he is STILL very convincing unlike Arul, Husni and Najib himself.

      This Nothing2Hide has backfired. It has now been officially termed Nothing2Show. Whatever Bugis blood/tel*q he had – is now frozen and kept under tight security by the IGP.

      And of course the organiser will be BLAMED – as expected.

      • Najib was reported to employ a British communications expert. During Tony Blair’s time, such people were called “spin doctors”.

        But Najib’s British expert may not spin. Just advise Najib to “keep quiet, the truth will prevail”. The old “British gentleman” style!

        Hence the long, protracted wait for the truth. It has instead become very messy.

        Najib should instead employ Russian experts. They can do all kinds of sh*t cleaning.

    • Kg. Bentayan,

      Najib needs not just follow what the Police say. He has discretion as he is the ultimate boss, administratively. Question is: did he exercise any discretion, did he attach the necessary importance on explaining the Q&A.

      After all, the Police have been handling really rowdy crowds and on the streets like during Bersih 2.0 involving over-turning Police cars etc.

      Tun Dr Mhathir did the very gentlemanly and law-respecting citizen thing – acknowledge he no longer has power, followed Police “advice”, stopped talking, asked permission to talk to the press, did so a few minutes, then left.

      Do we know more than the information the police has? We don’t. So we request the Police to tell us. It’s not an ISIS matter, so there should be no secret about what actually happened.

      I don’t understand your last sentence. If you are implying Tun Dr Mahathir will condone use of provocation as an excuse for the police to stop the event, you have to show proof or provide arguments that he will condone.

      I agree with the opinion that since Najib is very proud of his warrior blood, he should inform the Police to arrange additional security if necessary and attend the Q&A.

  9. Security issues? Hahahaha. So even he is scare of security issues. Living with ghosts is he? Malaysia is peaceful. We are a peaceful lot. Don’t use security issues as excuses. Not like he is giving talk on the road side. Takde peragut la kat mana dia sepatutnya berucap dan berbicara dengan NGOs. Teloq takde la tu. Now wanna hide behind that Khalid twit. Pahlawan apa? Pondan. Memang patut BN kalah PRU14

    • UMNO/BN tak patut kalah di PRU14. Najib patut. Dalam UMNO.

      • Sabelom PRU14.

  10. I am ordinary Malaysian. I want Mahathir investigated.

    • Shoe emm

      Are you paid in USD or ringgit? Maybe in precious UNITS.

      • Hahaha, ray, nice pun. Some may think I’m using the Malay word “pun”. So. a little explanation: pun is a play on words.

        Yes, Shoe em, you kena bagi sikit explanation lah, why you want TDM investigated, what aspects, etc. Ordinary Malaysians need to justify what they say so that ada better understanding all round.

  11. The event was in a closed hall at PWTC and Jalan TAR or something. It should be easy for the police to control the crowd. I don’t have the slightest doubt that the instruction came for someone higher up and the IGP just followed the order. Pity the IGP. He’s being made a scapegoat, just like Husni and many more to come.

    • ..not Jalan TAR…
      ..instruction came from…

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