Vox Populi Versus Curia Regis

HRH Tunku Makhota Johor's statement on the last minute cancellation to appear at Sukaguam's event in PWTC on 5 June 2015. Pix taken from Astoawani.com

HRH Tunku Makhota Johor’s statement on the last minute cancellation to appear at Sukaguam’s event in PWTC on 5 June 2015. Pix taken from Astoawani.com

A Ruler has been warned for HRH’s blunt scathing remark meant for the Prime Minister, when the latter heeded the advice of the Police for last minute cancellation of a disquiet event to engage several NGOs last week.

The Star story:

Published: Saturday June 13, 2015 MYT 3:02:00 PM
Updated: Saturday June 13, 2015 MYT 3:16:40 PM

Stay out of politics or get whacked, Nazri tells TMJ

PETALING JAYA: The Crown Prince of Johor has been told to stay out of politics if he wishes to remain above the law.

“He should keep out of politics because otherwise, he will be subject to the same rule and we will whack him,” said Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

The Tourism and Culture minister was referring to a scathing remark by Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim last week against Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for not attending a tell-all public forum.

“Rulers and royal families are above the law. If you want to be a politician then say so, so we can hit you back for what you say.

“But if you hold an important post, as a royalty in a state and start saying things, if we hit you back, don’t get angry,” he told reporters after officiating an event in Universiti Malaya, Saturday.

Nazri added that the royalty should keep out of politics because “we are the ones protecting the royalty”.

On June 5, Tunku Ismail posted on Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page, saying:

“How can you have a dialogue called Nothing2Hide featuring a person who has everything to hide? obviously he won’t show up”.

The remarks were aimed at Najib for not showing up at the Nothing2Hide dialogue at Putra World Trade Centre last week.

The event was called off by Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar citing “security and safety reasons.”


The Prime Minister is answerable to the people. There are proper forums for the Prime Minister, who is appointed as the Head of Government by His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong in fulfilling the Westminister-styled Constitutional Monarchy democracy, to address the concerns of the people.

One of it is the Parliament.

Engaging the people via events such as live debates whether in an auditorium or televised, or dialogue sessions with NGOs and invited personalities, like last week’s Sukaguam event in PWTC is a privilege rather than a right.

The Prime Minister is compelled to heed advice from Chiefs of agencies responsible for security and defense even if it would immediately cause unpopularity, dissatisfaction or even wrong connotation.

This include HRH Tunku Mahkota Johor’s message, which was made available on social media for only a few hours before it was taken off-line.

It is wrong for a Ruler to express his personal opinion in a snide quip openly through public domain, especially it would compound to the public dissatisfaction towards the Prime Minister and government of the day.

The Ruler must know that he ought to properly choose  where and how to address this thoughts, even with the intention to tell off the government.

That is only proper because HRH is bound by the system where he has a role to play and he cannot conveniently wear different hats to fit his whims and fancies, especially when the spirit, nature and manner the messages that he is uttering would have profound political and confidence effect.

HRH Sultan of Johor handing over a personal donation of RM1million to Chief Minister of Sabah Musa Aman for the recent Kinabalu Earthquake Tragedy

HRH Sultan of Johor handing over a personal donation of RM1million to Chief Minister of Sabah Musa Aman for the recent Kinabalu Earthquake Tragedy

A Ruler is expected to uphold the confidence for the government which was elected by and for the people. This include leading or setting examples for the people to emulate, in assistance when a calamity or tragedy has fallen.

It is imperative for the confidence remain intact as the policy and machinery which ensure their entire administrative and commercial system is managed and driven by the democratically elected political masters.

This right to inequivocably uphold public confidence is part of the  raison d’être  of the immunity provision accorded to HRH Rulers as Constitutional Heads.

The Minister is right if any of HRHs prefer to relinquish this honour and role and instead ‘toil with the soil’ on political matters, then they must be prepared for the repercussion of being an ordinary politician.

As the cliche’ goes, ‘Politics is dirty’.

Probably members of the ruling houses may not want to be reminded of the skeletons in their closet and how politics could manifest facts in the manipulated and amplified fashion that it stays on in the peoples’ mind, for a long time.

The true test is to face the people when the people have the ‘immunity’ to exercise their right, such as in an election. Then one would truly know the actual feeling of the people towards oneself.

Is the game afoot?

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  1. Lately the quality of Najib’s defenders’ comments are embarrassingly idiotic. Surely expressing the rakyat’s concerns are simply in line with the constitutional Freedom of Speech and Fair Comment.

    Why must this loudmouth perceive it as political interference?

    Is UMNO so insulated from any wrongdoings? Is there a blanket protection for barking dogs?

    Such empty arrogance is fast becoming the trademark of Najib’s administration.

  2. Punyalah tak sedar diri. Perangai awak tu betulkan dulu. Just because youre so protected and are free to beat up others, dont think you can just shoot your mouth. Your supporters are only in Johor.

    • Dipetik dari APANAMA …..

      “Politik yang menghalalkan pengkhianatan, pembohongan dan rompakan khazanah negara mesti ditentang habis-habisan.”

  3. An intolerable loudmouth Vs an incurable show off.

    One has been an MP for the past twenty years. The other a ruler (not really a ruler lah! Just one-in-waiting) when the much loved rakyat’s ruler died five years ago.

    Both are thought to be ‘without clean hands’. Both have skeletons in their closets, which include lifestyle which doesn’t actually correspond to the values of the rakyat they represent.

    What is sad is that it doesn’t hv to come to this. They shouldn’t be exchanging these unproductive challenges out in the open, being amplified by media and social network platforms.

    The rakyat would get more confused when every big wigs out to riddicule each other,

    Malaysia is disgressing! That’s the sad part when are supposed to be progressing towards the developed nations’ quarter of the globe.

    • Quote: “They shouldn’t be exchanging these unproductive challenges out in the open, being amplified by media and social network platforms.”

      Why not? People should have the freedom to express. The Crown Prince of Johor was merely speaking in his personal capacity as a rakyat. Did he take any physical action?

      The politics of UMNO is affecting every citizen’s life and he is a concerned rakyat himself.

      If this barking dog gets his way, Malaysia will not achieve developed nation – instead will become North Korea 2.

      P.S. You are also a frequent visitor of this blog, to express your views, no?

  4. What about the Pahang’s Sultan public support of the PM? That’s ok I guess ‘cos it’s for Najib. Expression of love. Hahaha. Other people cannot. No expression whatsoever.

  5. What the hell is happening to this country?

    Aku tengok banyak sangat benda mengarut. Amat membosankan. Mangkin lama, mangkin menjahanamkan.

  6. In this matter I disagree with Tun Dr Mahathir. The Tengku Mahkota is not an ordinary citizen. He is royalty. With an official title. Unless he is talking on behalf of the state i.e the government – which is not likely – the law on the acts and responsibilities of members of the royalty in their personal capacities applies.

    And any comment on what the Tengku Mahkota said by the Federal Government should be done in a well-drafted language, issued by the Prime Minister’s Department. Perhaps drafted by the Chief Secretary to the Government who is also designated as Cabinet Secretary. He can easily engage the services of a senior diplomat in the Foreign Ministry, if necessary.

    Certainly not by the man who has been called “having a foot in his mouth”. Who has been talking like that in the past. Who has irked many people. Who should be removed from the cabinet. If not, the cabinet maker should be. And in this respect I agree with TDM.

  7. Where no code of law may be broken, code of normal behaviour should be addressed.

    There’s the code of social behaviour (otherwise referred to as “the norms of society”), the code of business behaviour (where criticisms appear even after questionable audit reports are produced), etc. In the US now, supposedly the most liberal and free country in the world, rampant racial profiling and random killing appear to be on the rise.

    If social and business “misbehaviour” are allowed to go on unchecked, leadership by example not amply demonstrated to the public at large, society degenerates, almost everybody barking everywhere, like when the Sedition Act was about to to be discarded.

    He who allows such things to go unchecked, even wanting to discard the Sedition Act, in the name of freedom, so-called liberalism, votes, whatever, needs to be checked, replaced where necessary.

  8. Bring it on….pm started it.just answer the fooking questions.

  9. bila Mahathir tegur dikatanya apa keistimewaan mahathir sebagai rakyat biasa
    bila TMJ tegur, di katanya pulak Istana jangan campur hal politik.
    the fact is mereka bercakap mewakili rakyat
    yang kecewa dengan pemimpin yang menyalahgunakan amanah dan kuasa yg diperolehi melalui umno.

    So Nazri, cakap jangan berbelit macam ular.

    kau tunggu lah bila rakyat bercakap melalui kertas undi.

  10. The problems in this country stem from the multi-racial nature of our population composition. Race based political parties do not cause the problems. But raced based political parties that don’t respect the Constitution, namely the DAP, do.

    They are anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969. They tried to get others to their cause by spreading hate – against things Malay and things Islam. The Government, the Police, the Army etc that have Malay dominance, they hate. Hudud they hate, calling it PAS’ Hudud although Hudud, mentioned in the Qur’an, is the Muslim God’s law. They managed to get the Chinese to hate and caused the Chinese tsunami at PRU13.

    Having got the worst election results among all the Prime Ministers in the past, DS Najib continues to try and get the Chinese votes but by playing to the demands of the Chinese, aided by the frustrated Malays led by Anwarul Al Juburi. Mismanagment of 1MDB etc get exploited to the maximum. Under these circumstances, uncalled for comments by the royalty with an official position compound the problems further.

    What do we do under the circumstances? We have to keep on shouting against the wrongs, irrespective of the positions held by those who commit them. So long as not against the Sedition Act and other relevant laws. A titled royalty not staying above politics is wrong. Warning him like a gangster is wrong. The PM letting things be, instead of asking for an audience with the Sultan to discuss and sort out the matter is wrong. The moment the DAP touches on this and sounding racial or anti-royalty, it’ll be wrong. So, we harp on these to lessen the compounding problems, shall we?

  11. before tweets/instagrams/blogs/whatsapp and whatever coming, the palace voice has been through the official channels, and i assume much muted too.

    so today we need to adapt to the new realities.

    tmj certainly is savvy like any man his age. nazri is just nazri. talk first, think later. past his sell-by date. kanser orang melayu.

    but tmj made his point. a good one too. i bet nazri will be licking tmj’s boots if the message was othwerwise. then nazri will ‘whack’ tun pulak.

    jantan, konon.

  12. Well Najib started this game.
    He PROUDLY announced to the whole world.
    So the 13 million question is: “Where was UMNO’s loudmouth on the 17 April 2015?”.

    KUALA LUMPUR – The Sultan of Pahang has THROWN his weight behind Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, whose image has suffered a battering lately, urging his people not to “criticise without knowing the real issue”.

    Published on Apr 17, 2015 8:27 AM


    • Is this a CLASSIC case of the infamous DOUBLE standards.

    • Now it’s getting more and more complicated. Compounded. Whatever.

      Two houses of the royal families are now involved. On different sides of the divide. Look what you have done, PM Najib.

      Many people think it’s all because no answers to questions raised from the beginning. By the time it gets to PAC hearing, the Auditor General’s preliminary report, the explanations given by the past and present 1MDB CEOs, more questions will come out.

      So, why not some kind of a White Paper on 1MDB? Too demanding to ask? But the alternative they say is your resignation. Or replacement by UMNO.

      • DS Najib was reported telling UMNO Division Heads at a closed door briefing on 11th Malaysia Plan that 1MDB will be solved by year end at the latest. That’s half a year away.

        1MDB has been described as “the single biggest controversy dogging his government, with revelations of financial misdeeds, dubious transactions and investments, and its mountain of debt amounting to RM42 billion.”

        Is it fair to say that they must have been so dubious that they are not easy to explain all this while? Despite having 1MDB staff and Ministry of Finance senior officers who otherwise could do the explaining quite easily.

    • “criticise without knowing the real issue”?

      But aren’t people asking, more than criticizing?

  13. With news headings like the following, wonder where all these will lead to –

    Johor Crown Prince’s wordless video speaks volumes

    Nazri ‘not bothered’ by prince’s ‘come on’ video

    Whack me face to face, Nazri dares netizens

    • dengan orang padang rengas boleh la Nazri gula gulakan atau gertak.
      dengan bini muda kena jeling terus senyap. standard politician dumno

  14. Kalau Raja yg nak tegur tu macam Sultan Perak atau YDP Agong, lainlah jugak. Terpelajar, berpengetahuan meluas dan mendalam, molek pekerti, dihormati rakyat kerana kematangan dan ketertiban kata, gaya, perbuatan dan peradaban.

    Ini tidak.

    Dah la buas, kasar, garang, menunjuk nunjuk dan adakala umpama samseng. Belum kisah kisah balaci baginda lagi.

    Ini bukannya pekerti dan adab seorang Raja.

    Raja perlu menjadi contoh dari segala segi dan sekiranya ada cacat cela, ianya tidak diketahui umum.

    Namun Raja ini tanpa segan silu menunjukkan perbuatan dan pekerti yg negatif, disamping adab yg songsang kepada masyarakat. Walaupun baginda sedar masyarakat memandang.

    Sekarang ni masa dah berubah. Raja perlu sedar dan insaf kedudukan istimewa mereka datang dgn tanggung jawab dan ketertiban, termasuk protokol.

    Hak mereka bersuara dibatasi dengan kedudukan ini. Jika mereka memilih utk mengenepikan hak dan kedudukan istimewa ini atas selera dan kesenangan mereka, maka mungkin rakyat akan bertindak utk menentukan hak itu dinafi dan ditarik balik dan kekal sedemikian.

    Macam yg berlaku di Nepal, Iran dan banyak negara maju lain.

    • Betul tu. Jugak Sultan Selangor.

    • Sultan hanya boleh memuji pahlawan Najib sahaja dan ini dibenarkan didalam protokol mereka.

      • atong

        Bukan setakat memuji aje, malah Sultan Pahang memberi isyarat MENYOKONG sipendekar keturunan Bugis.

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