Separating the trees from the wood

Media organisations which are indirectly acting on behalf of personalities in sordid attempts to riddicule the heightened attacks against controversies such as the ‘1MDB scandals’ ought to be able to separate the battles they wish their ‘enemies’ to be drawn into.

In the aggressiveness of Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s strong criticism and eventually evolved to attacks in the past 10 weeks which demanded Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to resign, the retaliation is somewhat amateurish if not childish.

TV3 trained its guns at Proton, for defaulting on the Teksi 1 Malaysia (TEKS1M) program and poor quality Proton Sagas. The anguish of taxi drivers is being harped for four nights in a row.

Prime Minister Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak endorsement of the Proton Exora as the Teksi 1 Malaysia

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak endorsement of the Proton Exora as the Teksi 1 Malaysia

It is because Tun Dr. Mahathir last year came into Proton Board of Directors (BoD) as the Chairman.

The TV3 story is an attempt of a sinister agenda in nature, to indirectly rubbish Tun Dr, Mahathir who incepted Perusahan Otomobil Nasional as the national car project more than thirty years ago and still is very fond of the idea to make Malaysia an automobile producing nation.

These prime time reports failed to highlight the complete information to the few points as contentious, in which being presented otherwise as a propaganda to condemn Proton.

Good times. The endorse for Proton Saga. Today, TV3 says many taxi drivers are angry with this model

Good times. The endorse for Proton Saga. Today, TV3 says many taxi drivers are angry with this model

One, taxi drivers face problems getting their warranties void and Proton dishonouring them. The other is the delay in the delivery of Proton Exora as part of Federal Government via SPAD program of the introduction of  Teksi 1 Malaysia.

These Proton cars were delivered with Campro engines. Most of the taxi drivers converted them to be NGV-enabled, so that they can save on fuel bill since for a long time government disallowed for the increase in fare for taxis even though operation costs escalate.

What the TV3 story failed to allow Proton to explain is that the warranty void arisen from the tempering with the engine.

The late delivery of Proton Exora is because ‘initial instructions’ was about to supply high-specs taxi (to match the ones that is being used as TX4 in London etc.) but taxi operators refuse to pay for the increased in price and prefer the lower-specs instead. There is other contentious issue of SPAD has been seen as lacklustre in playing the role to ensure that the financing of these Proton Exoras is made easier for operators and drivers.

President Jokowi being showcased with Proton latest indigenous product Iriz by Chairman Tun Dr. Mahathir at Proton plant in Shah Alam

President Jokowi being showcased with Proton latest indigenous product Iriz by Chairman Tun Dr. Mahathir at Proton plant in Shah Alam, accompanied by senior Cabinet Minister Dato’ Sri Mustapha Mohamad and Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamid

This is highly inconsistent and bent towards politically inproductive since in the recent inaugural visit by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Proton was showcased as one of the industry that is Malaysia’s pride.

Those who are responsible to issue ‘instructions’ for TV3 to do this must also stop and in which ever ways start to realise that there are multiple times more happy Proton users and loyalists from the four million produced and sold in past thirty years as compared to the disgruntled ones. Slighting them in any way and degree would inevitably jeopardise confidence or even support towards Prime Minister Najib and his administration. Certainly even more than the imagination of gaining political mileage otherwise.

Its baffling to even think that media professionals and experienced journos are able to be cowed by political-king-maker wannabes for something which could only be viewed as such a childish lame political prank.

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  1. is it Najib is dumb or his bunch of advisors just pure dumber.

    • Well done, Big Dog. You have put out a bloody good piece, whacking (to borrow a “Ministerial word”) and wanking those trying to demean or even sabotage our national car enterprise. Your effort is highly constructive and responsible. Defending and promoting the symbol of our national pride.

      Tiada ma’af bagi depa at TV3. Irresponsible, unthinking, shallow minded, and bastardly whoever is responsible for the anti-Proton TV programme. For example, airing the complaint about warranty without mentioning the engine tinkering re the NGV enabling.

      I totally support the comment below that TV3 should be boycotted. They don’t deserve our support at all. They are anti-national in this instance. There have been other instances where they have not been as responsible as expected.

      • Singapore has taxis with CRDi engines that use high-spec diesel (Euro 4 or 5) from manufacturers such as Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Toyota.

        They don’t have to mess around with “unauthorised” engine conversions since they are getting taxis with standard engines direct from the car manufacturers, complete with warranty.

        Is the Singapore public any less well-served in terms of taxi coverage and availability than, say, commuters in KL/greater KL, JB/greater JB or Penang?

        The shortcomings of the Malaysian taxi system have been documented elsewhere.

        How much of that is due to the quality of the taxis supplied to the system?

      • Rheumatist,

        You back in here talking about Singapore again?

        You should be comparing Singapore with Papua New Guinea which became independent much later than Singapore but has more freedom than the Singapore system of Big Brother on the Wall that Lee Kuan Yew imposed for decades, rigid rules and regulations, you get listened in even when making iove in your bedroom, those not following his wishes got sued, opposition Parliamentarians got sued to bankruptcy until one time there were only 2 opposition MPs in the whole of Singapore Parliament. Under that system, Singapore should be perfect. Yet it’s far from it.

        Or you should compare Singapore with Russia. You do not realize that Singapore has so many weaknesses because you inhale the fart of Singapore leaders so much that to you everything is perfect there.

        This time you try to degrade the Malaysian taxi system and glorify the Singapore one. When people in this blog are talking about the Malaysian national car, the pride of the country (which Singapore doesn’t have anyway), you want to try and one-up Singapore over Malaysia? Are you mad? Go see the Psychiatrist and come back here only after you have taken psychotic pills as prescribed.

  2. If those powers-that-be and spinmasters at JPM/PMO think their vile attacks and media onslaught against TDM and Proton are going to make the people hate TDM and endear Najib to the people, they had better think again hard.
    Sadly, the PM and his Mrs will soon be the most hated couple in the land at the rate they are going.

  3. Proton the best….i have been using proton wira since 1976and still using now…sa2309t in keningau….still good

    • Good of you to say so, mate.

      Long live Proton. Down with those who are against it.

    • Ye..adik saya masih guna proton wiranya. Dulu saya,pandu honda city ada juga,masaalahnya. Tak sampai beberapa bulan. Recall. Spare partsnya,pon mahal. Saya,letgo dan sekarang pandu saga flux 1.6. Nak cuba kreta msia. Cute n I love n proud of it.

      • Sedap dengor komen yang memberangsangkan tuh.

        Dulu ramai bukan Melayu puak pembangkang atau Cina tsunami yang konon nya jijik dengan Proton. Tapi kebelakangan ini ramai pulak depa pakai Proton. Terutama nya bila Proton buat strateji jualan ambil kereta apa pun dengan harga RM5,000 jika beli Proton Saga 1.3.

        Sebuah majallah motoring di Australia amat puji Proton itu. Begitu ekonomi penggunaan nya, paling minima keperluan nya di servis, kata nya.

  4. If these people think that by demonising Proton, they will win the war, they will sadly mistaken. Childish and amaateurish attempts like this will definitely backfire. Already the public are disgusted and Astro has come out with another dimension to the scene created by TV3.

    I, for one, and many of my friends have already decided not to tune on to TV3 anymore. I do hope many moree will follow. A drastic fall in ratings will teach these stupidos a lesson they will not quickly forget. I sympathise with the staff who have been made to follow orders from up high.

    • Good idea. Support not tuning to TV3.

  5. Hitting at proton is the most stupid ting to do , just like Tian Chua was telling that ,the Lahat Datu ,incidence are UMNO doing.

    Destroying what the nation had build , is very strange move by Najib camps ,is more like the opposition move ,which put Putrajaya first above the nation

    Is Najib gong to be the same ?.

    • I think Tian Chua is among the most hated. He is like DAP, spreading hate, hate and hate. But the result is that he got hated.

  6. People not buying proton any more. Quality declining. After sales bad. Marketing poor. Do better job. Its no more government owned.

    • Oh yeah? Says who? Says you? And who are you?

      Scathing statements against Proton yet not one iota of proof, justification or even explanation.

      Irresponsible bloke, are you?

      • Dunno, mate.

        What’s Proton’s market share in the other Asean countries? In Indonesia? Singapore? Thailand? 3 of the Asean “Big 4”?

        Let’s see the stats….

      • Read my comment to you above.

        You question Proton quality and popularity and ask people to provide the facts and figures to support your opinion?

        Again, are you mad? Go see the Psychiatrist, d’ya hear?

  7. Najib advisers are bent to destroy Malay unity not TDM legacy.

  8. Exora tougher n safer than Alza.

  9. Kayu hulu kapak …

  10. I tot Kj and kalimullah was wood during Pak Lah time, but need to change to tunggul when comes to Najib final days

  11. BD,

    I can’t help it but to be baffled why TV3, a creature under Media Prima whose ‘controlling’ shareholders comprises of EPF, MOF Inc, KWAP and PNB, gone rabidly bashing Proton for very trivial issues which is easily explained.

    It could only be deducted as indirect lame political assassination against Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    TV3 viewers must also be reminded that Proton is actually a ‘bail out’ by DRB Hicom from Khazanah. And Tun Dr. Mahathir came out of retirement to accept a corporate job just to make sure Proton is nurtured back to glory.

    Khazanah has been proven to systematically kill Proton, since the days when Azlan Hashim was the Chairman. Probably those immature or amateur TV3 journos and their bosses continue to build lop-sided stories about “Poor quality Proton cars as taxis”, care enough to research the ‘treachery’ about hiving off MV Agusta for a mere €1.00!

    Don’t let those who stood by and for Proton rise again TV3 and later government, for this gutter politics.

    PM Najib already facing confidence by Selangor voters for the ‘sacrificial slaughtering’ of MAS. This catalyst to the inadvertent slow death of Proton would compound on that irrecoverable political calamity for BN in Selangor.

    Lets not be reminded that PM Najib has not admitted responsibility and accountability for assuming the BN Selangor Chairman during 13GE which saw BN’s ADUN slide from 21 to 12 in a single stroke.

    Maybe Media Prima bosses should be reminded that Selangor, where Proton was born and still reside, happens to be the most wealthiest and industrious stats in the Federation.

    • If it is a case of “immature or amateur TV3 journos and their bosses continue to build lop-sided stories about “Poor quality Proton cars as taxis”, it is not so bad – it’s just plain stupidity, shallow mindedness, hamsat and really useless bums stuffing the place.

      But it could be 1-2 really bad characters, who have gone up the ladder purely out of blind loyalty to the ultimate boss who Tun Dr Mahathir asks to resign or be replaced as PM. Characters who fear loss of jobs or being sidelined if the ultimate boss is no more around.

      If that is the case, damn them. In the protection of their periuk nasi or cushy job, they appear prepared to run the national car project down. One would not mind it if they get run down by a Proton car sometime.

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