Rationalising the 1MDB conundrum

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  1. Wanting to avoid boring readers here, I will not say much this time.

    I’m after answers to questions on how the money was spent, the nature of particular 1MDB business deals, justification on the rates and amounts paid, etc.

    Which none in the Wawancara knows or says. And I have serious doubts that those will come out from the Auditor General’s Interim Report or the PAC hearing, which is not open to the press.

    • Clarification:

      Not “boring readers here”, but “boring the readers in here..”

  2. No wonder Nothing2hide mess up. That Dato Khairul is an idiot.

  3. Long on preliminaries, short on substance. Like addressing a kampong crowd, must mention all the Makciks, Pakciks, Makjis and Pakjis. Many must have switched off the video after just a short while.

    None of them appears to have come prepared. Especially the moderator. He should have listed out the important points people have been asking and asked the speakers to address one set each. Like is it enough to rely on the audited accounts, if so why need the Auditor General’s report and the PAC hearing. Instead he gave each one 5 minutes to speak.

    Then opened the discussion to the floor. What the …. If this was aimed at helping Najib on the 1MDB issue, it didn’t at all.

  4. More hanky panky …

    After The New York Times, now Wall Street Journal.


    • Cant wait for parpu to reply to the nyt and wsj. Should be gold

      • Do You actually Bother to Read that Idiot’s Crap?!

    • parpukari is my guilty pleasure *smirk* happy reading Cik Ketam

    • Let me get the WSJ article right

      Genting sold IPP to 1mdb. Its plantation or foundation donated money to a foundation. Rest are speculation.

      So what najib is chairman of board of advisory of 1mdb and 1msia foundation. The due process is not just him but many others and layers of decision makers and making.

      If charged in court, a lawyer just admitted to the bar can defend PM and win.

      It would take judges in the court of public opinion to sentense najib to prison but such judges are ill equipped on matter of law and common sense.

      Makes for scool leaver reporter headline

  5. Conundrum It Is….Big Question is, Where is It Going? Now that It has Caught the Attention of International Media!

    • Propose a no-confidence motion or a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak?

      • In Parliament? Too risky. It’ll involve a general election.

        In the party? Some one has to tabulate likely support from the 190 Umno divisions.Those that spoke for retention of the Sedition Act are good indicators.

        I think TDM and his group have that list. Not far-fetched to think that they have been working on it. Not a criminal act. Only a matter of timing.

      • Ismail Sabri got about 140 Umno division heads to the PWTC meeting after which he said they were satisfied with Najib’s explanations on 1MDB.

        No all did. The few who dared speak out after that included the Cheras Umno Division head.

        45 division heads did not attend – Johor and Sabah. Block voting under these circumstances? Not likely.

        Majority required to carry the motion – 70 to 90?

      • Why did Kadir Jassin say if BN loses at PRU14, the Malays won’t gain, won’t lose? Preparing the minds of the Malays? If so, for what?

  6. Tidak ada gunanya kalau kita cuba menganalisa 1MDB sebagai sebuah entiti perniagaan.
    Ini kerana niat dan nawaitu 1MDB ditubuhkan oleh Najib dan perencananya adalah untuk
    mencuri duit sebanyak mungkin.

    Ahmad Husni begitu bersahaja memberi penjelasan yang tipikal dari seorang penjenayah
    kulit putih. Memberi contoh CSR berapa ratus juta sebagai kebaikan 1MDB sedangkan
    duit CSR pun duit curi dari Tabung Haji atau pinjaman..muahaha..mana ada untung?

    Alasan alasan ekonomi adalah digubal sebegitu rupa seperti satu Sting sehingga orang
    ramai tertipu dan menjadi konfius sedangkan pada hakikatnya 8.5 billion tunai jatuh ke tangan
    Ananda Krishnan. 2.3 bilion jatuh ketangan Tokey Judi Genting, 1.4 billion jatuh ke tangan Cina P Pinang beli tanah, 5 billion kepada Ambank dan Goldman Sachs.

    Perkasa atau Majalies Ekonomi Melayu sepatutnya menyaman untuk membatalkan pembelian IPP kerana ianya menguntungkan bukan Melayu. Satu tindakan oleh Presiden UMNO yang merupakan pengkhianatan kepada
    ahli UMNO dan orang Melayu.

    Pencurian 770 juta duit Tabung Haji untuk membayar pembelian ini adalah satu lagi perbuatan jenayah
    yang tidak boleh dimaafkan.

    700 JUTA nombor keramat Najib Razak.
    SEbaik saja dapat menjadi Presiden UMNO, Najib arah Felda beli Naza TTDI 700 juta.
    E&O beli syarikat 700 juta.
    TAbung Haji beli tanah Melayu dari 1MDB 770 juta.
    Minggu lepas FGV beli tanah di Indonesia 700 juta.
    Senang kira… Sikit lagi nak sampai 1000 juta, satu bilion nanti nampak banyak sangat.
    1MDB curi duit orang Melayu di Tabung Haji untuk bayar 25 billion IPP dari Hindu Anada, Cina Genting beli tanah 1.4 billion dari Cina P. Pinang.

    1MDB adalah jenayah terancang. Tidak ada izin untuk kewujudan 1MDB.

    Semua yang terlibat mesti dipenjarakan, macam Yin Luck di Thailand atau Morsi,
    tiada yang lepas dari undang undang.

    Mereka yang perlu dipenjarakan.
    Ahmad husni
    Irwan Srigar
    Arul Kanda
    Goh Tong
    Wak Lodin
    Semua pengarah dan CIO 1MDB.
    Jamil Khir
    Azeez Rahim
    Siapa yang curi duit Melayu dan Tanah Melayu.

  7. Wish I can say some nice things about 1MDB and DS Najib.

    But when so much has been said against 1MDB and he and the staff have not given satisfactory – in fact even gave inconsistent – answers, difficult to speak for them.

    Najib’s mistake was not nipping the problem in the bud – providing answers as soon as Tun Dr Mahathir started to ask questions. Not doing so has spawned speculations, allegations and accusations, more than there were in the Sarawak Report and the Euromoney Jho Low interview in Hong Kong.

    Even UMNO Youth Head Khairy Jamaluddin started asking for Jho Low to be investigated. Whatever his motive may be, that want-to-be-PM-by-40 young man. Knowing full well that Jho Low is known to Najib and Rosmah and very close to Rosmah’s son Rezal Aziz, who quite suddenly became a multi-millionaire during the period concerned.

  8. “….It and other charities linked to the government spent millions of dollars before the voting in Penang, a northern state that was an important election battleground. Mr. Najib visited Penang during the campaign and announced that Yayasan Rakyat 1Malaysia would donate two million ringgit (about $660,000 at the time) to two local schools. These schools serve Chinese communities that are not a poor demographic, but whose support would be crucial to win voting in the area….” – WSJ

    Sekolah di kampung-kampung yang sokong UMNO/BN tak diberi layanan seistimewa ini pun. Ahjibgor why? What do you get in return?

    When Tun M said Najib told him “Cash is King”, it didn’t downed on me this is what he meant. (http://www.msn.com/en-my/news/national/malaysias-leader-threatened-by-fund-controversy/ar-AAbOaoj?ocid=iehp)

    Unfortunately cash did not make him king. At the rate things are going and if so proven, that same cash will likely turn him into fugitive from justice.

    • Yes, there is a new angle brought out now –

      Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the prime minister has likely refused to resign because he fears being hauled to court for “criminal” charges … Najib has committed many offences – Malay Mail online

      • Trade immunity with resigning?

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