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 Ex-Petro Saudi executive Xavier Justo arrested by Thai police for extortion

Ex-Petro Saudi executive Xavier Justo arrested by Thai police for extortion

The recent arrest of former Petro Saudi executive Xavier Justo in Thailand and the revelations of privileged information were stolen and passed to Sarawak Report, brought a new light in the entire exercise to demonise 1MDB.

A blogger’s analysis simply straightened the sight of separating the trees from the woods.

The fact is that, Justo admitted to the crime. The London-based Sarawak Report would have a hard time to detach themselves as a benefactor of a white collar crime. Now, the online-instigating-portal is taking the route of deflecting with lame excuses.

Sarawak Report is an online publication created and funded by Neo-Colonialist Jewish NGOs through Open Society Foundation and Global Witness. It is part of the agenda of explicit purpose to systematically instigate ordinary people via the promotion liberalism and universal rights, challenge, provoke and eventual rise against philosophy, ideology, norms and values, culture and tradition and eventually politics and political system.

The sinister end game is to topple governments and create chaos amongst societies and countries.

In this particularly case, to train their guns against Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s administration after the attempts to get Sarawakians and Sabahans topple then Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud and Chief Minister Dato’ Seri Panglima Musa Aman have miserably failed.

Sarawak Report has been systematically building stories to demonise so called ‘dealings’ within 1MDB, as part of the agenda to demonise Prime Minister Najib. The objective is to paint the picture of him being an incompetent leader and who also allowed or ‘endorsed’ mismanagement, embezzlement and shoddy dealings which got 1MDB into deep financial woes.

Coincidentally, the angle that Sarawak Report takes very recently with the arrest of Justo is being echoed by pro-Opposition news portal here, here and here.

The arrest of Justo is expected to get the domino tiles to tumble the other way around. The credibility of Sarawak Report and those who have been echoing the materials published by the London-based online publication with an agenda has now diminished.

Soon, the full understanding of 1MDB shall be made known after the statutory auditors complete their FY2015 work and signed it off, Auditor General complete their findings and Parliamentary PAC gets their opportunity to make the necessary queries.

After all, since Arul Kanda Kandasamy took over the helm of the Federal Government strategic investment corporation as the Group Executive Director in January, bit by bit he has shared information to the public.

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