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 Ex-Petro Saudi executive Xavier Justo arrested by Thai police for extortion

Ex-Petro Saudi executive Xavier Justo arrested by Thai police for extortion

The recent arrest of former Petro Saudi executive Xavier Justo in Thailand and the revelations of privileged information were stolen and passed to Sarawak Report, brought a new light in the entire exercise to demonise 1MDB.

A blogger’s analysis simply straightened the sight of separating the trees from the woods.

The fact is that, Justo admitted to the crime. The London-based Sarawak Report would have a hard time to detach themselves as a benefactor of a white collar crime. Now, the online-instigating-portal is taking the route of deflecting with lame excuses.

Sarawak Report is an online publication created and funded by Neo-Colonialist Jewish NGOs through Open Society Foundation and Global Witness. It is part of the agenda of explicit purpose to systematically instigate ordinary people via the promotion liberalism and universal rights, challenge, provoke and eventual rise against philosophy, ideology, norms and values, culture and tradition and eventually politics and political system.

The sinister end game is to topple governments and create chaos amongst societies and countries.

In this particularly case, to train their guns against Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s administration after the attempts to get Sarawakians and Sabahans topple then Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud and Chief Minister Dato’ Seri Panglima Musa Aman have miserably failed.

Sarawak Report has been systematically building stories to demonise so called ‘dealings’ within 1MDB, as part of the agenda to demonise Prime Minister Najib. The objective is to paint the picture of him being an incompetent leader and who also allowed or ‘endorsed’ mismanagement, embezzlement and shoddy dealings which got 1MDB into deep financial woes.

Coincidentally, the angle that Sarawak Report takes very recently with the arrest of Justo is being echoed by pro-Opposition news portal here, here and here.

The arrest of Justo is expected to get the domino tiles to tumble the other way around. The credibility of Sarawak Report and those who have been echoing the materials published by the London-based online publication with an agenda has now diminished.

Soon, the full understanding of 1MDB shall be made known after the statutory auditors complete their FY2015 work and signed it off, Auditor General complete their findings and Parliamentary PAC gets their opportunity to make the necessary queries.

After all, since Arul Kanda Kandasamy took over the helm of the Federal Government strategic investment corporation as the Group Executive Director in January, bit by bit he has shared information to the public.

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  1. Quote: “bit by bit he has shared information to the public”

    Too little too late. That is the crux of the 1MDB problem. Arul’s absence for the PAC meeting already cemented the fact that 1MDB’s officials are arrogant and seemingly “untouchable”.

    #Nothing2Hide has since claimed its first victim – Johor Umno Youth vice chief Khairul Anwar Rahmat’s move to quit all party posts.

    Let’s put aside SR and Justo. No one is really interested in this two entities. The perception is that this latest development is merely a diversionary tactic.

    Questions asked by Tun Dr Mahathir have not been ADEQUATELY answered. Pathetic and lame attempts by Najib, Arul and Husni formed the basis of the people’s erosion of trust in Najib.

    Millions of court proceedings against SR and Justo will NEVER whitewash the 1MDB scandal.

  2. It is not about XAJ. I don’t think because XAJ, 1MDB has massive debt amounting RM42b. Neither XAJ the culprit who made our PM flip flop on the cash, paper assets turn units?
    Do not deviate our focus on 1MDB with the detain of XAJ. Too many lies and flip flop as well as excuses, the rakyat won’t buy that idea anymore. TRX land purchase by TH still unresolved. The TH Chairman had said that will let go the land after getting the advice from PM. Got ready buyer to purchase. At the end, nothing happen. Really BS.

  3. I’m quite open to the idea that Open Society/ George Soros “created and funded” Sarawak Report and I do believe that Soros is part of the Zionist Grand Design to weaken Muslim and Muslim-led governments of the world.

    But I have not seen the proof of the “SR-funding” yet, so I have some reservations. Just like I have reservations on 1MDB. Whatever information revealed following Justo’s arrest has not cleared 1MDB from its many weaknesses as perceived by the public.

    Right or wrong, the perception has been embedded in the minds of voters, a lot because of no response to the questions raised by various parties for a long time.

    The fact that 1MDB dismissed its auditors and had had a change of auditors a few times (even after only a few months) adds to the questions already put out. And this information is not from SR but from the 1MDB Chairman.

    I wish to goodness that the 1MDB issue is resolved satisfactorily. And fast.

    • Correction:

      “from the 1MDB Chairman” should be “from the PAC Chairman”.

    • Ketua Odit Negara Tan Sri Ambrin Buang kata Jabatan Odit Megara sudah tetapkan mesyuarat dengan PAC dalam bulan Julai untuk Laporan Permulaan nya berkenaan 1MDB.

      Rasa nya tak boleh selesai isu itu. Sekurang kurang nya sampai PAC dah dapat Laporan Akhir. Tak tahu bila.

  4. Errr… Just because they are funded by the neo-cons, they had to be wrong and Najib or 1mdb can do no wrong at all? Is that the logic?

    If najib or 1mdb had such wrong doings, can we expect exposures from Utusan or NST???

    But the most important thing about Justo case, where are the specific details to vindicate Najib & 1mdb? This is just spinning by PMO .

    It does not address the key billion ringgit issues?
    The alleged doctored emails does not change any facts on 1mdb dubious dealings, transaction procedures or balance sheets.

    This is just a little breathing space for Najib. Reality should kick back soon enough. So take a deep breath & “show me the moneh!!!”

  5. Apart from what appears in Justo’s computer and hard drive, a lot depends on what Justo said or will say. Presumably Justo is being interrogated by the Thai Police and RMP will get a copy of the record. And the Thai Police have good means of making criminals confess.

    But any attempt to get Justo repatriated to Malaysia? Are there grounds for him to be repatriated here? SR used his info and SR committed the offence here.

    Any existing arrangement for repatriation between Malaysia and Thailand? I suppose he will be a good witness for any court case taken against SR.

  6. Now maybe we’ll be getting somewhere –

    Malaysia seeks Thai permission to question Justo

    Bernama reported that PDRM will meet the Thai deputy police chief on Thursday to discuss permission to interrogate Justo.

    IGP said PDRM had previously made an application for permission to interrogate Justo “before any action was taken on him.” Well done, boss. Try to get him before the bloke disappears to a country we hardly have relations with.

    “We are closely in contact with the Thai authorities, but we have to wait first for them to complete their investigation on the subject,” he told a media conference at Bukit Aman, here today.

  7. we also appear to be moving somewhere when “Najib explained theUS$4.71b guarantee for 1MDB rescue – if what the Oppo Hippo so-called news portal says is correct.

    The reporting made it appear as if the reply was in response to Tony
    Pua asking, “Why did the government give another USD4.71 billion of guarantee for 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) to raise the amount from International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC)?”

    And, as usual, the ultra kiasus will exploit and exploit the issue to get the voters dislike the Government and clap the Opposition. He then pointed out that “Govt’s 1MDB debt burden is a staggering RM36.2 billion”. Giving the figures of

    [1] US$1b + US$209.65 mil + US$3.5b = US$4.71b
    [2] RM5.8b + RM11.25b + RM0.54b + RM0.95b + RM17.7b = RM36.2b

    Note that this is not propagating the Opposition’s arguments but asking to know what’s right and what’s wrong of the Opposition claims and urging the Government to provide the real figures so that the voters understand them satisfactorily.

  8. If we did no wrong ,no one will be able to say that what we did are wrong .
    Blaming others for our wrongdoing does not make the wrong is right ,you had to prove that what you did is right .

  9. The Dep Home Mnister said, “The government will not clamp down on the media to silence speculation on issues such as the 1MDB.” So, people may speculate? Maybe after DS Najib got the Supreme Council to agree to postpone party elections by 18 months? Well …

    He said, “I don’t think the government has the power to stop media from what they want to say.” Really? Of course it’s the Government’s prerogative – “The government is not going to clamp down on the media. That is the promise by the government,” he said, according to Bernama.

    And the IGP was also present at the event. The IGP said the police “might” investigate TheEdge and the Sarawak Report further over their articles on 1MDB. “If there is a necessity, we will call up anybody for that matter (for investigation),” he said. Last week, the Home Minister was reported saying that TheEdge and its owner Tong Kooi Ong must be held responsible for publishing inaccurate reports and false information on 1MDB.

    So the saga continues. With Najib continuing as PM until PRU14 and the state of affairs of the country as it is, if not worse, I fear UMNO/BN will lose power. I shudder at the thought of the Opposition in power.

  10. “The credibility of Sarawak Report and those who have been echoing the materials published by the London-based online publication with an agenda has now diminished.”

    I don’t think so. Not in the eyes of the Opposition and their supporters. Remember, they won 51% of the votes at PRU13 – which they claimed to be 52%, some even ridiculously claiming 53%!

    And every day the 1MDB issue is not satisfactorily explained away, more voters get into their sway.

    There is nothing much more to do now other than asking more and more questions. After all, even speculations are ok, according to the Dep Home Minister.

    Among the most perplexing questions are:

    – which aspects of the Sarawak Report have some semblance of truth (note that Justo was “selective” and “edited” the data, no mention of leaking only “untruths, lies and deceits”

    – will the Auditor General’s Preliminary Report address the reasons for the 1MDB changing auditors (including the sudden ones and why) beyond just saying it’s their prerogative to do so. Note that this is a 100% MoF-owned company and the interest of the rakyat is at stake

    – where exactly is the money and in what form, including the lot in Cayman Islands/ BSI, in cash/ units

    – the basis of the loan to PSI, the fairness of the deal with PSI, the rates, the valuation of assets, the payments to subsidiary companies etc

    – is there not room for, and are there not traces, if not evidence of, hanky panky. Note that this is he most often asked question in the entire saga.

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