Separation of doors and brief cases

Separate doors to No. 10 and No. 11 Downing Street, Whitehall

After the two years after earning his own mandate, it is time that Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak do a Cabinet reshuffle and appoint a full time ‘Red Box Minister’, in the effort to move on further and quicker.

It makes sense because Prime Minister Najib hold be giving a lot of focus to his job as the Head of Federal Government and Chairman of Barisan Nasional (BN), which is the ruling party. Moreover, in his tour around the nation, the people came in droves to demonstrate their support for him.

Sarawak gives Najib their full support

Posted on 4 June 2015 – 04:49pm Last updated on 4 June 2015 – 09:57pm

KUCHING: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak appears to have, during his two-day visit to the state, fortified his position with firm commitment of support from Sarawak. Sarawak appears to be the latest state after Sabah and Perlis to voice full support for him and the Barisan Nasional (BN).

“Just now, the Sarawak Chief Minister (Tan Sri Adenan Satem) said to me, ‘You are not alone,’ and I responded with, ‘I’m glad that I’m not alone’,” Najib told a crowd at the leader-meets-people session, #sarawakfornajib, at Stadium Perpaduan here today.

“Tonight, my wife and I can sleep soundly … we feel relieved as it is clear that Sarawak BN so sincerely supports me. I can read people’s hearts,” he said. “This is my era as PM (prime minister). Should I step down just because someone demands it? I was chosen by whom? The people, and not just the Malayan people (Peninsular Malaysians). The people of Sarawak also chose me as ‘Apai Besar’ (prime minister).

“I want to ask Sarawak people … whether they still want me as PM or not?” he asked, to thunderous cheering and a one-word response of “Nak” (want) from the crowd.

“My spirit will not be broken, the blood (flowing) in me is no ordinary blood. Sometimes, I may be seen as diplomatic, but the warrior spirit is there in me. Do not underestimate me, I will continue to fight, and I believe Sarawak BN is with me,” he said.

Najib vowed to continue lead the nation and continue the struggle to fulfil several agendas, stressing that the most important thing is to make Malaysia a developed country. Meanwhile, Najib said he is in talks with Adenan on how devolution of power can be implemented in Sarawak.

“All these years, most of the power is held by the federal departments and decisions are made in Putrajaya. It is time for the power to be transferred to the Sarawak state government departments.” On Adenan’s request for additional oil and gas royalty, Najib said he will review the application.

“If possible, I want to give (additional royalty) to Sarawak so that the oil and gas sector can bring more wealth to the state.” Najib said since becoming prime minister five years ago, he had approved on the spot, over RM1 billion in development allocations for Sarawak, including for the Pan Borneo Highway. Adenan, who spoke earlier, said Sarawak fully supports the leadership of Najib after looking at his sincerity in helping to bring development to Sarawak.

“We in Sarawak know the meaning of being grateful to those who have helped. We support him (Najib) because it is the right thing to do.”

“He is under siege left and right by those who are ungrateful in the peninsula, including those in Umno itself, who do not know how to be thankful, but only know how to stab in the back.

We in Sarawak are sincere. If we say we support you, we do,” he said. – Bernama


It is only fair that Prime Minister Najib reciprocate all these overwhelming support, with providing more attention as a Chief Executive and prime political leader.

He received equally thundering support in Sabah, Johor and Perak, in this round of meeting-the-rakyat sessions, ever since Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad openly criticise him almost two months ago.

The most damning complaint about Prime Minister Najib is his former boss’s charge on the 1MDB scandal of a sum of RM42 billion, which was presented between “Disappeared”, “Loss” and “Irrecoverable debts”.

The breakdown of the RM42 billion debt, which Tun Dr. Mahathir harped on

The breakdown of the RM42 billion debt, which Tun Dr. Mahathir harped on

Yesterday, 1MDB Group Executive Director Arul Kanda Kandasamy briefly broken down where the RM42 billion resides.

Moving forward, what Prime Minister Najib is a full time Minister of Finance. It is a simple reason because  there are so much work needed to be done and settled quickly, namely:

1. Plan, drive, supervise and monitor the Federal Government spending and the national economy

2.Plan, drive, supervise and monitor the Federal Government role and interaction with State Governments

3. Execute plans with regards to the GTP, EPP and BEEP programs

4. Ensure the success of Malaysia arriving to the deadline of Vision 2020 and there on, move forward

5. Ensure the robustness and resilience of the economy

6. Execute plans with regards to the 13GE manifesto

7. Restructure, plan, drive, supervise and monitor Khazanah Group of GLCs

8. Restructure, plan, drive, supervise and monitor 1MDB Group of conglomerates

9. Build and strengthen the national reserve

10. Build and strengthen the capital and financial markets, especially on Islamic and Syariah compliant sector

Prime Minister Najib should also consider that the Minister of Finance should also be the spokesman to represent the Federal Government, which  through Ministry of Finance is the only shareholder of the strategic investment corporation 1MDB. The contentious overtone already painted the corporation, all the deals and personalities involved are of undesirable connotation.

Addressing this problem alone requires a fresh personality as the Minister of Finance.Especially the requirement to stand and face the media, analysts, investors and industry over so often, as the TRX, Bandar Malaysia and Edra Energy progresses and grow.

It is almost impossible that Prime Minister Najib could continue to play this challenging role, on top of the deliverables as a Prime Minister. Even with a Second Minister of Finance, it would not be as effective and productive as having a full time ‘Red Box Minister’.

A full time ‘Red Box Minister’, with the relevant industry, corporate restructuring and governance exposure and experience on top of illustrious track record to fill in the shoes of the man (or woman) with the tall order of deliverables. Needless to add, he (or she) preferably posses the co-operation of the professionals (public and private sectors alike),  confidence of the market, trust of the rakyat as well as free from any baggages.

It is probably the most courageous decision he makes in the past six years as the Sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is a combination of perfect timing as well as strategically advantageous, for the government and party.

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MOF II answers


The Minister of Finance II Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah went on mainstream media which include national tv to explain on allegations on 1MDB, especially the ‘missing RM42 million’.

Between the loose talk and facts

Between the loose talk and facts

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Witching the hunt

Since self-exiled-blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s contentious piece about last week’s Cabinet meeting where PM Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s soft and simple ultimatum for those who are not supportive of the 1MDB recovery plan should leave, the guns are now trained at Dato’ Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal.

Pro-Anwarista newsportal Malaysiakini story:

7:57AM Jun 2, 2015
By Adrian Wong

Analyst: Shafie Apdal should man up and quit

9 4 0 6

Rural and Regional Development Minister Mohd Shafie Apdal should be the first to resign from Najib Abdul Razak’s cabinet, for refusing to admit collective responsibility in the 1MDB debacle, an analyst says.

Political scientist Wong Chin Huat said shirking collective responsibility was even worse than being a “loyal lackey”.

“It is part of your job to assume responsibility. (Now) you want the wages and all the perks, but disclaim responsibility. You should simply resign if you have any sense of shame.

“If you disagree with the prime minister, then leave the cabinet. Use your resolve to force the Najib to eventually to face the music,” Wong (photo) said.

He said this when asked to comment on Najib’s ultimatum to his cabinet colleagues to quit if they cannot agree with his handling of the 1MDB.

On Monday, Shafie said he and his cabinet colleagues have been “responsible” and have raised the 1MDB issue numerous times.

Thus, he said, the cabinet cannot be collectively responsible for 1MDB’s problems.

1MDB is Najib’s brainchild, envisioned as a sovereign wealth fund to propel Malaysia forward. However, it has raked up a debt of RM42 billion, in just six years since its inception.

DPM playing on wrong court

Wong said Shafie lacked the “ethics of a lackey”, unlike Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan, who has gone all out to defend Najib.

“Ahmad Maslan (photo) is clear-cut a lackey of Najib. He just follows orders, he is not living up to the standard of a minister.

“But if you (Shafie) want to stay as a minister, you have to assume collective responsibility. You should defend your boss to the end,” Wong said.

Apart from Shafie, Wong said Najib’s message was also likely aimed at his deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin, who has been critical of Putrajaya’s handling of 1MDB at a closed-door Umno meeting.

Muhyiddin said the 1MDB board, which was appointed by Najib, should be sacked.

Wong said Muhyiddin had thus abandoned the cabinet’s principle of consensus and was thus “playing badminton on a football field”.

“1MDB is the sovereign state fund. So why did Muhyiddin raise this outside, rather than during the cabinet meeting? Did he talk about this in the cabinet? If he did, shouldn’t he state his stand?” Wong asked.

Call may not be directed at Shafie

Meanwhile, Merdeka Center programme director Ibrahim Suffian also agreed that, based on the principle of collective responsibility, cabinet members who differ with the prime minister should vacate their posts.

“What Najib said is fair. He appointed the cabinet and if the members are in disagreement with him, they should leave cabinet,” Ibrahim said.

However, Ibrahim (photo) holds the view that Najib’s message was to urge his opponents to leave and was not specifically directed at Shafie or Muhyiddin.

As for Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) CEO Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Najib was “absolutely correct” in expecting his cabinet members to bear collective responsibility.

“Shafie is wrong. The cabinet is collectively responsible. If Shafie does not agree with that, he is in the wrong system,” Wan Saiful told Malaysiakini.

The fact that there are several ministers telling different things to the public about 1MDB has become a “joke” and they should instead channel their ideas to Najib during cabinet meetings, he added.


This is because as a Cabinet Minister, Shafie has been seen as adding injury to the salt in part of his political soundbite.

The Star story:

Published: Friday May 8, 2015 MYT 10:01:00 PM
Updated: Friday May 8, 2015 MYT 10:05:42 PM

Govt’s credibility at stake over 1MDB issue, says Shafie Apdal

PETALING JAYA: Public concerns over Lembaga Tabung Haji’s purchase of land from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) should be addressed so that people will not lose confidence in the Government, said Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal.

Shafie, who is Rural and Regional Development Minister, said the Government’s credibility might be questioned if the matter was not handled well.

“I urge that this issue is looked upon seriously so that the public who have invested in Tabung Haji will not lose confidence,” Shafie said in a statement on Friday.

He said that he has previously made known his reservations on the issues related to 1MDB.

“In the past, I have stated that the 1MDB issue needs to be taken seriously by answering every question (that the public has) in detail, as the matter is not just a source of worry for me but the public as well,” he said.

He added that the seriousness of the matter is now compounded with the purchase of 1MDB’s land by Tabung Haji, a fund management agency.


He should have instead brought comfort to the people and stand with the Prime Minister Najib on the 1MDB issues brought forth in the most ridiculed fashion, especially when elements of fabrication and lies are being amplified.

After all as the Minister in-charge of Rural Development, Shafie must know about the many “CSR programs” that 1MDB brought through various bodies within the strategic investment corporation such as Yayasan 1MDB, to alleviate the people in rural areas. Most in Sarawak and some in Sabah.

Sarawak Report structured agenda. Note the consistent stories, lined on the right

Sarawak Report structured agenda. Note the consistent stories, lined on the right

At the various attempts of London-based-Jewish-sponsored media Sarawak Report tried to demonise then Chief Minister Pehin Seri Tan Sri Taib Mahmud and now 1MDB, it never really caught on amongst Sarawakians.

It is for simple reason that Sarawakians, especially  in the rural and deep interiors saw and felt their lifestyle being improved from the various “CSR programs” that have been brought by 1MDB on the fast-track scheme to their doorsteps. Mostly on basic infrastructure, communication and education.

Sabahans are very resolved on 1MDB too. They see that 1MDB is going to into high stakes strategic investments. One of the benefits of this would be part of Federal Government’s continuous and sustainable initiatives to alleviate quality of life for the folks in the rural and deep interiors and they would not support any attempt to ‘Kill the goose which laid the golden egg’.

Shafie may have the Ministry with him but he is not highly effective in delivery of improvement of quality of life to the rural and deep interiors. Particularly those who are from Sabah.

Sarawak Report attack on Sabah Chief Minister

Sarawak Report attack on Sabah Chief Minister

It is almost clear that the UMNO Vice President who hails from Sabah, is dyssynchronous with the rest of UMNO leaders from the state which adore Prime Minister Najib. The very least, the principle of ‘Collective Responsibility’ for Shafie is being put to the test here.

It seems for Shafie, he has trained his own guns to onto his ownself and at the pace, he probably might be strapped on the stakes.

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