“Off to the Headmaster’s room, you go!”

Anwarista Tong Kooi Ong's paper with an agenda

Anwarista Tong Kooi Ong’s paper with an agenda

One of sodomite-convict Anwar Ibrahim’s staunchest supporter Tong Kooi Ong whose business paper has been instigating against 1MDB by echoing and perpetuating lies from London based Sarawak Group, deemed with the intent to demonise Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, will now be reprimanded.

The Malay Mail Online story:


Home Ministry issues show-cause letter to The Edge over 1MDB coverage


KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — The Home Ministry has issued a show-cause letter to The Edge over what Putrajaya deemed to be unverified news that was published by the business paper on debt-laden 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

An official with the ministry confirmed that the letter was sent to the publication, but did not reveal further details.

“We are in the midst of preparing a statement now and all the details will be there,” said the official when contacted by Malay Mail Online.

The show-cause letter comes a little over a week after Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi declared that the federal government will go after The Edge for publishing what it deems to be unverified news on 1MDB’s aborted joint venture with Petrosaudi International.

Ahmad Zahid said the authorities will investigate the business paper following the arrest of a former PetroSaudi executive believed to be the source of the leaked documents on an abortive US$1.2 billion (RM4.5 billion) 1MDB-PetroSaudi venture from which hundreds of millions were allegedly siphoned out.

The home minister said after receiving a report on the arrest from their Thai counterparts that included forensic analysis of the leaked data, that the Malaysian authorities concluded the documents had been tampered with in a bid to tarnish the joint venture.

“We found from the forensic aspect that the leaked data downloaded by the former executive with malicious intent… to distort facts about the transaction between 1MDB and PetroSaudi and the leaked data was published in Sarawak Report and The Edge.

“And since we are responsible to monitor any publication that gets its licences from [the Home Ministry] so we feel that they will have to bear full responsibility to face any action if they were found to have cherry-picked or were selective or intentionally distorting facts with bad intentions,” Zahid reportedly said.

Zahid also urged the Malaysian Communication Multimedia Commission to investigate and act against Sarawak Report, the whistleblower website that published the alleged leaked email correspondence between 1MDB and PetroSaudi.


The Edge which previously was regarded as a premier business paper has often been talked about as a paper with an agenda. However, in the matters pertaining 1MDB, the connotation and how the stories were skewed is pointing in the direction of the political agenda to topple Prime Minister Najib.

Highlighting with the intention to perpetuate doubt and distrust

Highlighting with the intention to perpetuate doubt and distrust

The paper create doubts, angle the rhetorics and echoing lies and fabricated information to point that something amiss and perhaps irregular is happening and this is condoned by the BoD.

Example is 1MDB statement about the treatment of 1MDB investments in Penang and Selangor yesterday.

The Malay Mail Online story:

The Edge: 1MDB claim of ready buyers for Air Itam, Pulau Indah land reeks of LTH fumble

Wednesday July 1, 2015
09:57 AM GMT+8
KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 ― A local business daily today questioned 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s (1MDB) claim of “significant expressions of interest” in its land parcels in Air Itam and Pulau Indah, equating it to Lembaga Tabung Haji’s (LTH) still-unfulfilled claim that it would pull in profit from a controversial land purchase from 1MDB.

The Edge Financial Daily said in an editorial piece that it is unknown if 1MDB has received actual proposals to buy the two land parcels or if the latter’s executive director, Arul Kanda Kandasamy, was merely announcing that they will name an independent consultant in the next two weeks.

“Is 1MDB saying buyers for the Air Itam and Pulau Indah land will be named within two weeks?” the paper asked.

“Otherwise, can anyone be blamed for thinking that the statement sounds all too similar to the one made by Lembaga Tabung Haji chairman Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim on the ready buyers available for the pilgrims’ fund’s controversial RM188.5 million purchase of the 0.63ha Signature Tower land in the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX)?

“Did Abdul Azeez not say Tabung Haji was expected to make at least RM5 million profits when the land sale competed as early as end-May? The last we checked, a buyer has not been named,” the paper added.

The Edge said the least 1MDB can do is name the consultant that they should have already hired to evaluate the “significant expressions of interest” the state-owned firm claims the two land parcels have received, to lend credence to Arul Kanda’s statement yesterday.

The business daily said this is especially needed in the case of the Air Itam plot, on which 1MDB spent RM1.056 billion for a majority stake in 234 acres of encumbered land from private owners, including from associates of Penang tycoon Tan Sri Lim Gait Tong.

Despite owning most of the land, 1MDB would still need to get the buy in from the estimated 1,200 ground tenants on the Air Itam plot, which could potentially work out to some RM108 million in compensation payment, the paper added.

“Would any third party want to jump into the fray if there is no assurance of a settlement with these ground tenants who are not mere squatters?” The Edge queried.

The paper also raised questions over the status of the 310-acre Pulau Indah land, noting that there has not been any news of 1MDB finalising the RM294.378 million price to buy the plot from Tadmax Resources Bhd.

“The sale was supposed to be completed yesterday, according to Tadmax’s December 16, 2014 statement. At the time of writing, there was no update on whether the deal has been completed,” it said.

Debt-riddled 1MDB announced yesterday it has received “significant” proposals to buy two large parcels of land in Selangor and Penang even as critics question the state-owned investment’s purchase of them.

In a statement, Arul Kanda said the Cabinet had been informed of the company’s intention to “monetise” its land in Pulau Indah, Selangor and Air Itam, Penang through joint ventures or outright sales on February 15 this year.

Arul Kanda added that the company will appoint an independent real estate consultant to review the proposals and will provide an update of the development in the next two weeks.

1MDB’s announcement came after opposition MP Tony Pua questioned the real estate deals, in particular the 310-acre land in Pulau Indah the company bought for RM282 million from Tadmax Resources Bhd, after securing a US$150-million (RM540 million) loan from Export Import (EXIM) Bank.

The DAP MP has suggested that the transaction was a front to bail out troubled government-linked companies, pointing out that Tadmax was formerly known as Wijaya Baru Global Bhd before November 2013, and that Wijaya was known for its involvement in the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal.

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/the-edge-1mdb-claim-of-ready-buyers-for-air-itam-pulau-indah-land-reeks-of#sthash.iovjFjcW.dpuf


Home Ministry and MCMC should also extend the investigation to other media organisation under Tong Kooi Ong’s sty, which include BFM radio station.

The concept of freedom of expression does not tantamount of the liberty to perpetuate lies and cause discomfort and even anguish amongst the general public and compound a distrust against the government.

That is nothing but sinister and such sinister agenda isn’t actually moving the nation forward, even from the perspective of universal values.


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  1. Quote: “liberty to perpetuate lies and cause discomfort and even anguish amongst the general public and compound a distrust against the government”

    This could have been readily resolved if ONLY Najib had attended the much hyped #Nothing2Hide event.

    In the end the organiser had to quit his posts.

  2. Today’s Singapore Straits Times carried a report “Thailand may jail suspect in 1MDB blackmail case” by Tan Hui Yee, the paper’s Thailand Correspondent.

    The report said:

    1. Thai police indicated that Xavier Justo could be jailed in Thailand before he can face trial in other jurisdictions.

    2. The Thai police stressed that they have not been working with any foreign governments on this case.

    3. Justo has not been interrogated by any foreign security official and no foreign government has made a request to do so, despite reports to the contrary.

    4. Deputy Thai national police spokesman Kissana Phathanacharoen: “There has been no official request and no interview whatsoever. We will never allow a foreign authority to work in our own turf.”

    5. Thai police colonel Kornchai Klaykueng, deputy commander of the Crime Suppression Division told the Straits Times that the data-doctoring allegations, even if true, are unlikely to have a bearing on the case against Justo. This is because the charges of attempted extortion and attempted blackmail are related to a meeting Justo had with
    PetroSaudi’s chief executive officer in a Bangkok hotel in 2013.

    6. As per the ST report “Acknowledging the International interest in this case, Col Kornchai stressed that no foreign government had aided Thai police in investigations so far. Thai police acted swiftly on Justo’s case because “we don’t want foreigners to use Thailand as a criminal hub””.

    • Spore Straits Times? Is it being issued with a show-cause letter, too?

      What’s with you? You summarize what the paper says and it’s nothing to do with the blog post. Just to promote the Singapore paper eh?

      Or you are trying to demean the Malaysian IGP hoping PDRM can interrogate Justo? Still, nothing to do with The Edge, Tong or them perpetuating lies and causing discomfort.

  3. “Home ministry issue show-cause letter” .

    Nowadays I has much doubt on everything .

  4. I support pulling by the collar, issuing a show cause letter or even giving a kick in the arse of any paper that’s not being responsible. Particularly one that belongs to and is meant to support the Opposition.

    But on 1MDB, I have my reservation. I have a need to know the answers to those questions raised by various parties. Things have gotten to become so hot now. They might not have been so if explanations were given early in the controversy.

    As I see it now, the one who first started the controversy was the Sarawak Report. They must be dealt with if the evidence is clear that their reports are lies and were published with malice. As to the culpability of others who made use of the information published by the SR, it can be a moot point. But when they belong to and are operated by those in the Opposition, the intention of publishing or re-publishing such information becomes prominent.

    But yes, the Government has the powers to act on the Edge or any newspapers that have been issued licenses to operate. Even if it leads to withdrawing the license and arguing in court, the Government should pursue it to the end. Half measures would get the government exploited. Enough already with the so-called news portals doing it brazenly..

  5. Oppositions or BN, both seem to be displaying the same political culture namely pursuing their own political interests to gain power and position. They then enrich their cronies and dispense favour and rewards. In the heyday of Anwar Ibrahim”s drama and saga, it was easy to throw support behind Tun M and BN. At the present moment all politicians be it Lim Guan Eng,.Najib or Muhyiddin, the peoples interests are not in their hearts. Lim Guan Eng marginalised Malays in Penang,.Muhyiddin just watched the growing hate towards UMNO by the Malays and its once ardent supporters whilst Najib kept churning economic policies and fiscal polivies unfit for a developing nation like Msia where the lower income and the poor are marginalised and received just scraps of the wealth of the nation when subsidies were removed and masses were taxed more. Losing money to the govt is painful because your hard earned income were taken by incompetent govt whose policies have made lives so hard for the people. The 1MDB broke the hearts of the people as it was seen as a betrayal to the integrity and transparency entrusted in the govt by the people. A loss for BN and UMNO in.the next GE will be a good thing. Dont worry if Malays future will be dim or not under Pakatan because UMNO under Najib has badly treated the Malays as a whole and its supporters in particular. UMNO defeat will throw all the arrogant leaders back as layman and Malays probably wont care if they live or die.

    • When it was announced that the UMNO Supreme Council agreed to the deferment of the party elections by 18 months, it looks set that Najib will lead UMNO/BN at PRU14.

      With 1MDB not yet explained away and likely to linger on until then, with GST expected to be another hot issue during the election campaigns, and with the Edge, the Malay Mail and the so-called news portals still having the edge in spinning, twisting and slanting the news, UMNO/BN will lose.

      Very sad when that happens. I have not read convincing opinion pieces stating that it won’t happen. Anwar in prison, DAP pushing PAS out of the coalition and Azizah is a weakling, in no time Lim Kit Siang and Tokong Lim will be pulling the strings in ruling this country.

      It will not appear like Fiji where the party winning the elections was clearly pendatang majority and pendatang led and the military took power. It will be Malay-led – Aizah or whoever – but DAP controlled. Like Muhammad Nizar controlled by the DAP Nga Ngeh clan during the “Menteri Besar sakejap” saga in Perak in 2008.

      • Yes, this is an example of “the so-called news portals still having the edge in spinning, twisting and slanting the news”, that can make UMNO/BN lose in PRU14 –

        7:14AM Jul 2, 2015

        Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has urged the press to stop pitting him against Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz and Putrajaya.

        Tunku Ismail said the matter ought to be put to rest because it will not yield any result, as he has put forth his views and that the ceasefire was also out of respect for the month of Ramadan.

        “But it will be more interesting if a boxing match between Nazri and myself is organised and the proceeds are donated to charity.

        “I AM ONLY JOKING,” Tunku Ismail posted on the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page last night. The emphasis in capital letters is his.

        Tunku Ismail gained immense popularity recently after he criticised Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak for failing to turn up at the “Nothing2Hide” dialogue with NGOs on the 1MDB saga.

        Asked to comment on the matter, Nazri said the royalty should stay out of politics or risk being “whacked”. A war of words then followed between the two parties followed.

        Specifically, spinning, twisting and slanting in

        1. Constantly watching whatever is written in the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page

        2. Publishing a writing the intent of which is not clear

        3. Stating an opinion on the “immense popularity … after he criticised Prime Minister Najib ..”

        4. Pointing out “A war of words then followed between the two parties followed.”

      • The “news portal” is clearly casual in its “reporting” – watch the last sentence

        ““A war of words then followed between the two parties followed.”

        That certainly is a reflection of lack of responsibility on the part of the idiot. Even the English is idiotic.

        Yet Najib allows such “news portals” to operate freely. Whereas Singapore licensed them.

        And UMNO/BN’s unprecedented loss of the “popular votes” at PRU13 was a lot due to such irresponsible “news portals”.

  6. Why can just Najib resign. Sacrifice yourself for better good. Darah mulia kan.

    This continouos spinning and spinning is getting me woozy.

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